Corona among 31 called in for combined USA U-23/U-20 training camp

Corona (Getty Images)

Joe Corona will get his chance with the United States after all. 

The Tijuana attacker and one-time Mexican youth international is among 31 players called into a United States Under-23/Under-20 combined training camp by new U-23 coach Caleb Porter.

The players will train in Duisburg, Germany, from Nov. 7-16, with U-20 coach Tab Ramos leading those age players and U.S. Soccer youth technical director Claudio Reyna leading the U-23s while U-23 coach Caleb Porter tends to his responsibilities as University of Akron coach. Recently named U-18 coach Richie Williams will also be part of the coaching staff at the camp.

Here is the combined U-23/U-20 roster for the camp:


GOALKEEPERS – David Bingham (San Jose Earthquakes; Pleasanton, Calif.), Cody Cropper (Ipswich Town; Athens, Ga.), Sean Johnson (Chicago Fire, Lilburn, Ga.), Jon Kempin (Sporting KC; Leawood, Kan.).

DEFENDERS - Gale Agbossoumonde (Eintracht Frankfurt; Syracuse, N.Y.), Anthony Brooks (Hertha Berlin; Berlin, Germany), Sean Cunningham (Molde; Troy, Mich.), Royal-Dominique Fennell (Stuttgarter Kickers; Göppingen, Germany), Greg Garza (Out of Contract; Grapevine, Texas), Perry Kitchen (D.C. United; Indianapolis, Ind.), Will Packwood (Birmingham City; Concord, Mass.), Zarek Valentin (Chivas USA; Lancaster, Pa.), Ethan White (D.C. United; Kensington, Md.) 

MIDFIELDERS - Joe Corona (Club Tijuana; Chula Vista, Calif.), Mixx Diskerud (Stabæk; Oslo, Norway), Dilly Duka (Columbus Crew; Montville, N.J.), Jared Jeffrey (Mainz; Richardson, Texas), Sebastian Lletget (West Ham United; San Francisco, Calif.), Tyrone McCargo (Nürnberg; Nürnberg, Germany), Charles Renken (Hoffenheim; Edwardsville, Ill.), Caleb Stanko (Freiburg: Holly, Mich.), Jose Villarreal (LA Galaxy; Inglewood, Calif.). 

FORWARDS - Terrence Boyd (Borussia Dortmund; Berlin, Germany), Conor Doyle (Derby County; McKinney, Texas), Josh Gatt (Molde; Plymouth, Mich.), Joe Gyau (Hoffenheim; Silver Spring, Md.), Jerome Kiesewetter (Hertha Berlin; Berlin, Germany), Omar Salgado (Vancouver Whitecaps; El Paso, Texas), Tony Taylor (Atlético Clube de Portugal; Jacksonville, Fla.), Bobby Wood (1860 Munich; Irvine, Calif.), Andrew Wooten (Kaiserslautern; Worms, Germany).


"The goal was to put together a comprehensive group of players to further evaluate the pool while building towards Olympic qualifying," Porter said in a U.S. Soccer release. "By having a mix of domestic and overseas-based professionals, we can develop a clearer picture of who can help us in qualifying and hopefully the 2012 Olympic Games."

Other roster notes:

  • Josh Gatt was included for the camp but won't participate on the field because of his recent hamstring injury.
  • Age-eligible senior national team players such as Jozy Altidore, Juan Agudelo and Bill Hamid are not included in this camp and will most likely be part of the team that goes up against France and Slovenia later this month, but they are still under consideration (and are likely shoo-ins) for the Olympics. 
  • Eight MLS players (White, Kitchen, Valentin, Salgado, Duka, Johnson, Kempin and Bingham) will take part in the camp, and more could be added based on how the MLS playoffs unfold.
  • Three players (Agbossoumonde, Diskerud and Johnson) have senior national team caps to their names.
  • Bayern Munich youth product Fabian Huerzeler, who was part of the U.S. U-20 World Cup qualifying team, was not included on the roster.
  • The six players who hail from Germany represent the most from any one area/state. California is next with five players, followed by Texas with four, Michigan with three and Maryland and Georgia with two apiece.


What do you think about the roster? 

Share your thoughts below.

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89 Responses to Corona among 31 called in for combined USA U-23/U-20 training camp

  1. Dakota Sillyman says:

    Some good names. Really exited for this next cycle of young talent.

  2. Freddy says:

    Amazing how many of our youngsters are in Germany at the moment.

  3. Average Joe says:

    Boyd plays for Dortmund

  4. david says:

    No Fabian Hürzeler. Glaring omission. No Freddy Adu even he’s not that old.

  5. NE Matt says:

    wow, this Olympic team is going to be amazin!

  6. NBizz5 says:

    No Zac MacMath?

  7. Dmosho says:

    Because adu is with the senior team

  8. jonk says:

    Well, eventually he will. He finally cracked the first team, now just needs to get on the field.
    But this isn’t Ives’ fault. US Soccer listed him incorrectly.

  9. Jose S. says:

    US Soccer also mentions that other players might be added based on the results of the MLS playoffs.

  10. NBizz5 says:

    Nevermind, probably has something to do with the Union still being in the playoffs.

  11. wilyboy says:

    With so many Germans, no Fabian Hurzeler? Not miffed, but certainly curious.

  12. Andrew says:

    future looks bright

  13. Aquaman says:

    Very excited about this list of players. Have to admit I’m suprised by Renken and Tony Taylor (though I know he’s been scoring quite a bit in Portugal 2nd division). The only one that I can think of that is missing is Fabian Hurzeler but with that midfield, it doesn’t seem like he’ll be missed much.

  14. Jay says:

    Well Adu might have something called the MLS playoffs going on.

  15. ELAC says:

    No Blair Gavin or Ben Zemanksi.

  16. Ne-Dub says:

    What happened to Fabian Huertzeler (or whatever)? Maybe he is u18 but haven’t heard his name in a while.

  17. jonk says:

    Zemanski is too old. Gavin is eligible, though.

  18. Alex says:

    Haven’t seen the name Charles Renken in a while. Hopefully kid can get over his injury troubles. What’s the word on Alex Zahavi? I thought I heard something about his switching allegiance to Israel? All in all, this crop of players looks very promising, especially when you throw in guys like Adu, Altidore, Agudelo, Shea, and Hamid. I’ve already put 10 bucks on us medaling next summer, so this is good stuff.

  19. jonk says:

    He’s been playing with Bayern’s U23 and U19 teams and isn’t on a pro contract yet.

  20. anon says:

    No Alfredo Morales from Hertha Berlin. Wonder if he opted for another country.

  21. Sean says:

    Gil is only 17, depending on RSL’s playoff run, does he get named to camp?

  22. anon says:

    Also no Stefan Jerome who’s playing in the Czech Republic.

  23. MensreaJim says:

    That list of forwards has a lot of promise. Those kids are at good clubs in good leagues; I’m sure someone will turn out (Not to mention the two biggest names that aren’t even on that list).

  24. Jamie says:

    Right, and it also says some players may be added based on results of Playoff games.

  25. Josh says:

    Is there any chance players might be added to the list if their MLS team gets knocked out of the playoffs?

  26. Alex says:

    I heard from someone on Big Soccer that Hurzeler hasn’t filed his switch yet… Not sure how official that is.

    And Adu and other Philly youth players like Okugo and JMac are still in the playoffs so it’s unlikely to see them released

  27. Jamie says:

    Isn’t he 23 already? Might be 24 by the Olympics, and if that is the case I doubt they’d waste an overage spot on him.

  28. Pepe says:

    Might not have that going on for much longer hahah

  29. Dimidri says:

    The large amount of players who were born elsewhere but moved to the US at a relatively young age are representative of the large immigrant population in the US; the German-Americans are representative of something else ubiquitously American-our militaristic foreign policy!

  30. Jamie says:

    It says that in the article…

  31. Alex says:

    Any youth players on an MLS team are unlikely to get released unless their team loses. If they do, then they’ll proably fly over

  32. Alex says:

    Read earlier that he’s looking to play for his father’s home country of Peru.

  33. Dinho says:

    Yep: “More players may be added to the roster based on the results of the upcoming MLS playoff matches.”

  34. Alex says:

    We really need to establish military bases in Brazil, Argentina and some other countries ASAP. I hear the Taliban is growing there. Get on it Obama

  35. Alex says:

    I for one am surprised that Agudelo wasn’t called into this camp. Sure he’s supposedly part of our senior team, but hasn’t Klinsmann stressed players playing at every levell before the seniors? Plus, that camp seems far more suited for someone who isn’t even seeing minutes for his club team.

  36. Edwin in LA says:

    NO thanks, especially after Zemanski hacked one of our league’s best creative offensive players.

    Those guys don’t even start for their team and when they do they often drop off in a very inconsistent basis.

  37. Dinho says:

    Still in the playoffs, buddy. Note that no one still in the playoffs was called in, including Agudelo. He may yet be brought in after tomorrow’s game. :)

  38. Dan says:

    Yep, and I hope he is brought into this camp- a) to give the Herc Gomez’s of the world a shot with the senior team, and b) give him a step back with players his own age for a bit.

  39. SBI Troll From 2010 says:

    Where is Charlie Davies?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  40. James says:

    I hope my Union win tomorrow for sure, but here is who I think/want to be called up from our team anyway: MacMath, Okugo, Jack Mac, Williams.

    Outside shot: Michael Farfan.

    Also, what is the status on Mwanga’s citizenship? I would put him under outside shot as well.

  41. Sean says:

    You people with Hurzeler need to relax. He just turned 18, and just started to play regularly with Bayern’s U23 squad. He’s eligible for the next olympic cycle as well. He’ll get there.

  42. Neruda says:

    That’s a buttload of German-American players. This is good news especially when talking about possible goal scorers at the forward position.

  43. Dinho says:

    Funny (hope it was a joke).

    If not, too old (and not good enough)

  44. Khan says:

    Will it be the Germans who finally bring the scoring touch? Boyd has almost a 1:1 scoring ratio for Dortmund’s reserve squad and he just earned his first senior team call up at age 20.

  45. Dudinho says:

    i concur there might be nukes there too =P

  46. anon says:

    no, he’s 21 and age-eligible.

  47. chris says:

    czech republic? please

  48. biff says:

    Here’s a link is to the home page of the Sportschule Wedau, where the training camp is going to be held. Looks nice. I gotta say, Klinsmann is a genius to come up with this idea.

  49. Answer says:

    Mwanga is not eligible to play for the United States right now.

  50. Answer says:

    A genius for thinking of something that is far from new? Please …

  51. bugs says:

    Will it be simply practice….no games at all?

    they cant even scrimage a german u-23 team?

  52. CR says:

    Boyd plays for Borussia Dortmund. Looks solid, especially up top and in the mid field.

  53. CR says:

    Scratch the Boyd thing. Computer didn’t show the comments until after I made mine.

  54. SBI Troll says:

    Hey I never said that.

  55. Ryan says:

    When did The Boss play for the senior national team?

  56. Louis Z says:

    I believe he did in South Africa friendly

  57. Dominghosa says:

    Renken sighting. Hoo-zah. Go Gyau as well.

  58. Good Jeremy says:

    Wow, lots and LOTS of Germans. Not as many Californians or Texans as I expected.

  59. hogatroge says:

    10 bucks, lol! You don’t sound so confident.

  60. hogatroge says:

    Michael Farfan (and by extension, his brother) are too old to be U23s.

  61. Goalscorer24 says:

    Definetly exciting! I like the German influence.

  62. BrianK says:

    Let me tell you something,…25 years ago it would have unimaginable that the USA would have one,…let alone two youth national team POOLS (!) made up of entirely professional players! And all three coaches (in camp) are former professionals and internationals.

    It is amazing how far we have come!

  63. Dan says:

    I dunno. If it were just a U-23 camp, then I’d be with you. But there are plenty of U-20s who probably won’t be in any serious consideration for 2012, and Hurzeler’s still not there.

  64. CE says:

    knews is his one time switch isnt through yet, idk if he has filled it yet. He vebally committed to the us and germany concurred he is ours. He is a very exciting prospect for the future but he just graduated high school so we have time.

  65. Lawrence says:

    We have to remember, that like out national team, we have a lot of good players, but 24 good players = 11 good players on the field, nothing GREAT. We always get excited about how many we have, but in the end 11 play, and it isn’t how many good players on the bench you have, it is how exceptional is your 11 on the field. Edu, Feilhaber, Torres, Kljestan.. they never became greats. Even Holden and MB also added huge numbers, but in the end we could only put 2 out there, and none were world class (although Holden and MB play at a pretty high level).

    That is why it is important to get the 3 best overage players we can. I say Donovan, Dempsey, and either Guzan, Lichaj, or Bradley.

  66. SD says:

    for these guys under 20 that are eligible for other countries, does olympics and/or olympic qualifying cap tie them?

  67. Tyler says:

    Hurzeler has already filed his switch.

  68. Sean says:

    Right now JA Brooks is probably our highest rated players in Europe at the moment. He wa projected to be starting for Bertha this season but a calf injury kept him out, along with some good play from their CBs. My point is that Hurzeler has only started to consistently play with the Bayern U23s, so there is plenty of time for future call ups.

    Same goes for Boyd who is 18 as well. Playing well for the u23s and scoring bunches. It’s apples to oranges.

  69. nic d "the TX 2 Stepper" says:

    I believe that the Olympic U-23 tourney is an official FIFA event. If they play there is no going back.

  70. CE says:

    .. but it isnt official yet. At least I read this at YA.

  71. gigi says:

    who would i start when all the players are eligible to participate?
    Zack Macmath in goal, Daniel Williams as lb, Gale and Perry kitchen as cb, Chandler at rb Mix at cm, Joe corona at rm, Gyau at LM, Luis gil as an attacking midfielder with Agudelo and Altidore up top.

  72. anon says:

    did you miss the 2006 world cup? they killed us 3-0. it’s a solid league.

  73. Jamie says:

    Aww ok, was unsure.

  74. Cromulent says:

    Always like to hear from someone who thinks we should have lost the Cold War!

  75. Der Kaiser says:

    Dimidri – And contained the Soviet hord from erasing the US and Europe from the face of the earth…which is more American than Apple Pie :-)

  76. Brian says:

    Negative. No cap tying will result of the Olympics or Olympic qualifiers.

  77. Louis Z says:

    You are forgetting we also get 3 over aged players. Most likely a CB and a couple of mids. I believe the U23 golie will do just fine whomever that may be. I just don’t see Williams playing fullback

  78. steveo says:

    funny how the article leads with Joe Corona and NOT one comment about him after all the moaning about losing another player to Mexico, etc… flavor of the month I guess…

  79. TomG says:

    Very excited to see the next wave of U.S. players for the first time (for a lot of them). Many of these overseas kids rarely play for the U-20s b/c of club commitments so we never get to see them. Finally, a big enough tournament to get all of these guys together.

    Gatt is more of a right mid/wing than a forward, from what I understand.

  80. wilyboy says:

    Good point. Although, to be honest, he’s got a task getting in the lineup. Gatt, Diskerud, Gyau, Renken, and Duka are all competition, for sure.

    I hope Porter looks at chemistry closely, because that’s the main thing that could make a roster like this fail.

  81. ACS says:

    A couple other forwards missing like Jann George and Issac Acuna, but with that list of player already called in, it will be tough to get into the lineup

  82. Tom says:

    This would give me wood!

  83. D-Bo says:

    I was going to comment that Germany seems to be the new US developmental system.

  84. Ed says:

    Bobby wood?

  85. christian says:

    we need to stay grounded and remember, names are good on paper..let’s not forget, a lot of these players played in the U-20 Collapse in Guatemala City. Having said that, I’m happy to Lletget, Renken, Gyau, Hatt, Mixx, and a few other names.

  86. Primoone says:

    happy about possibly seeing a Gyau and Renken pairing

    However, no Zahavi, Bijev or Huerzeler…


  87. Primoone says:

    I want to see that paring in the attacking part of the field. HAVOC!