Wednesday Kickoff: Agudelo to train with Stuttgart, Turkey axes Hiddink & more


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Juan Agudelo will be the latest MLS-based U.S. men's national team player to get a training stint overseas with a top-level club.

Agudelo will be training with Bundesliga outfit VfB Stuttgart — one of U.S. national team coach Jurgen Klinsmann's former teams — agent Ron Waxman wrote on his official Twitter account. The New York Red Bulls forward just completed a training camp with the U.S. Under-23 national team in Germany, and will evidently remain there for more offseason training.

Agudelo joins FC Dallas winger Brek Shea (Arsenal), D.C. United goalkeeper Bill Hamid (West Brom), Chicago Fire goalkeeper Sean Johnson (Manchester United) and Vancouver Whitecaps forward Omar Salgado (Fulham) as MLS players to have offseason training stints arranged with European clubs thus far.

Here are a few more stories to get your Wednesday going:


After failing to guide Turkey to the Euro 2012 finals next summer, Guus Hiddink has been relieved of his duties as head coach.

Turkey's qualification run ended on Tuesday with a 0-0 draw against Croatia in the second leg of their playoff tie. Croatia took the first leg, 3-0. Turkey finished second in its qualifying group behind Germany and finished two points clear of Belgium.

The well-traveled Hiddink, previously known for getting the most out of his unassuming teams, took over the Turkey job following the 2010 World Cup with stress put on qualifying for the Euro finals.

He has already been linked to Ajax and Chelsea as a potential sporting director for his next role.


Chelsea striker Didier Drogba could play a big role in a title race this year, but it may be happening in Serie A.

AC Milan is reportedly interested in securing Drogba on loan this winter to help make up for the absence of Antonio Cassano, who is out for the next six months after undergoing heart surgery.

Drogba, who himself is out until this weekend after having a procedure on his arm, has hardly been at the forefront of Chelsea's attack this season, playing in just seven games and scoring once. 


If Charlie Jackson becomes a household name in about a decade or so, then Manchester United's scouts deserve some kudos.

Jackson, a 5-year-old child, is set to train with the Premier League giants, who first spotted him two years ago. According to reports, Jackson is a Manchester City fan and was initially "mortified that he was having to train with United, but he seems to be getting over that a bit now" his father said. 


What do you think about Agudelo's training opportunity? Where do you see Hiddink ending up next? Think Drogba would tilt the scales in AC Milan's favor? What do you make of a 5-year-old kid getting looked at by United?

Share your thoughts below.

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53 Responses to Wednesday Kickoff: Agudelo to train with Stuttgart, Turkey axes Hiddink & more

  1. Kris (Vfb!) says:

    That’d be awesome if he impresses and is offered some kind of trial because, man, Vfb needs some forwards!

  2. Annelid Gustator says:

    “What do you make of a 5-year-old kid getting looked at by United?”

    Messed up.

  3. franco says:

    I thought Hamids’ training stint was with West Brom not West Ham?

  4. simpsons beat family guy says:

    shouldn’t that kid be at school? or daycare?

  5. simpsons beat family guy says:

    So glad to hear that our guys are getting trials and training with big clubs. I’m really impressed and HAPPY

  6. RK says:

    It sounds like a publicity stunt that I would expect from a 3rd-tier team.

  7. ChiTownFireFan says:

    So when does Drogba make the move to the MLS?

  8. MensreaJim says:

    He was tearing up the U3 select league a couple of years ago and word spread; so they kept tabs on him, what’s wrong with that?

  9. Modibo says:

    Danke shoen, Klinsy!

    Agudelo’s loan has “Juergen” written all over it. It’s one thing for him to insist on players going out on loan, but it’s another if he can work to make it happen. I don’t think Bradley had the clout or contacts to do the same thing.

  10. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    yeah man, they’ve had him playing up with the U-6s since he was 4. That’s how you know he’s something special.

  11. otergod says:

    He’s just developed faster then the other 5 year olds. When they catch up to him he’ll just be another overhyped kid… 😛

  12. Khan says:

    Any coincidence that mere months after Juergen takes over a half dozen USMNT players and prospects get training stints at top flight teams all over Germany and England where Juergen has a connection?

  13. SilverRey says:

    DC needs to sign him now!!

  14. hogatroge says:

    Agreed. He was spotted by talent scouts at age 3?

    Stop paying scouts to look at THREE YEAR OLDS and maybe you can cut into that club debt!

  15. simpsons beat family guy says:

    Bradley had the clout of Ross Perot whereas Jurgen has the clout of Obama. Klinsmann can hook our boys up especially in Germany

  16. simpsons beat family guy says:

    This just in. Barcelona have made an offer of 3 cups of juice for this kid’s signature. Kid’s mommy is thinking over the offer.

  17. Elliot says:

    What stood out to them? Did he not get bored after 10 minutes and want to do something else?

  18. Alex says:

    Jesus, he’s not going out on loan. Klinsmann probably had something to do with this, yes, but get it right.

  19. Elliot says:

    It’s going to take AT LEAST two cookies to seal the deal.

  20. Conrad says:

    Nothing on Costa Rica beating Spain 2-2?

  21. Khan says:

    How do you beat someone when you draw?

  22. john.q says:

    Dear Hiddink, please come and be RBNY’s coach. Sincerly, Dreamer

  23. DC Josh says:

    Manchester United scouting 3 year olds. Oy vey.

  24. Just sayin says:

    whether or not they’re correct on associating the spell as a loan or not, doesn’t replace the validity this kind of move either wasn’t promoted or wasn’t possible, without Jurgen.

    i’ve said it countless times, JK’s effect on our program will be seen in two tiers: obviously WQ-Qualifying/Results in Brazil and the fruition of the system he’s implementing from top to bottom.

    Argue semantics later of the steps later. Today is all about the reality of steps being taken.

  25. bryan says:


  26. Conrad says:

    It was a joke. For Costa Rica, drawing Spain might as well have been a win. Guess I should have included an emoticon.

  27. Just sayin says:


    connections, ambition & a plan of development do wonders and this is an example.

    big picture thinking will help us for many years to come…

  28. Just sayin says:

    “Does he have Barca DNA, though?” -Xavi

  29. Just sayin says:

    I thought it was hilarious, fwiw.

  30. bryan says:

    glad to hear that about agudelo. i hope they all train hard and learn something while they are there. make a good impression!!!

    drogba may go on loan, but he’s destined for MLS. and i hope it happens by next year.

    when i first read the headline “CHILD TO TRAIN WITH MAN UTD,” I honestly thought it was some teenage phenom i never heard whose last name was Child. but then i kept reading…

  31. skyman says:

    Count me in one who is on the Juan Agudelo bandwagon. His calm, skill, speed, and most of all, PASSING, makes him my favorite US prospect. Can’t wait to see what this young guy can do.

  32. Chan says:

    He picked at the grass better than other kids? Did not sit down when the ball was on the other side of the field? Did not join the bunch grouped around the ball?

  33. somedude says:

    Beckerman/Robbie Rogers training with FC Kaiserslautern

  34. Boomer Sooner Wagon says:

    not sure there’s any room left on the wagon.

    i hear there’s an increasing amount of space on Tim Ream’s bandwagon, though, if you’re looking for a back up.

  35. Chosun says:


  36. bryan says:

    wow. clearly they took to heart what JK said about playing longer than the MLS season.

  37. Modibo says:

    Yep, you’re right about the term I used. Unintentional error. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

    But it still has Klinsy’s fingerprints all over it.

  38. Sticky says:

    *insert Penn State joke here*

  39. Sticky says:

    Hope Solo loan to ABC ends after nine weeks, player returning to US camp.

  40. nato says:

    Barca have agreed to pay 3 cookies for this lad. will his parents drive him to practice?

  41. nato says:

    All of our NT players need to be playing in Europe. Damn I don’t want Beckerman as a starter, but heck

  42. Jeff Fulton says:

    “Jackson, a 5-year-old child, is set to train with the Premier League giants, who first spotted him two years ago. According to reports, Jackson is a Manchester City fan and was initially “mortified that he was having to train with United, but he seems to be getting over that a bit now” his father said. ”

    That sounds like something from

  43. H.P. Drifter says:

    Cap him.

  44. Ryan in NY from NC says:

    Or how long before Jozy Altidore turn into Drogba?

  45. Joamiq says:

    Jokes aside, I actually feel kind of bad for the kid, having his fandom of City broken. Sporting allegiances formed at such young ages are kind of priceless.

  46. TADevil says:

    The scout raved that he was the only player who could put on his shin guards and cleats by himself.

  47. Robin says:

    I BACKE WE TRUST! Lets not be the Chelsea of MLS and fire a coach after 1 bad season

  48. Joamiq says:

    No, we don’t. Calling this a bad season is like calling “So Cold in the D” a bad song. “Bad” doesn’t even begin to describe the levels of ineptitude involved.

    Besides, Hiddink >> Backe, no matter how much you like the latter.

  49. Lorenzo says:

    Agudleo was sniffed at by Atletico Madrid and others. This is not an unoticed player like Bunbury, who still got to train during Bradley’s time.

    Not hard for promising upcoming players who are getting NT time to get to train at a decent club.

  50. Soccer says:

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