Buddle dismissed from Ingolstadt until after winter break

Edson Buddle 1 (Reuters)

If Edson Buddle's absence from FC Ingolstadt's match-day roster this past weekend didn't raise eyebrows, what has transpired since surely will.

According to German outlet Kicker, Ingolstadt manager Tomas Oral has dismissed Buddle from the relegation-threatened team until after the winter break. Oral has not specified why Buddle has been sent on an early holiday break, causing speculation towards Buddle's future with the club.

The dismissal of Buddle, who is currently Ingolstadt's leading goal scorer this season with six goals, means he will not suit up for the club's final game of 2011 against FC Erzgebirge Aue on Friday.

What do you make of this development?

Share your thoughts below.

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69 Responses to Buddle dismissed from Ingolstadt until after winter break

  1. NE Matt says:

    This doesn’t bode well for his standing with the Nats

  2. Khan says:

    Word on the street is that he shanked Jozy to get more time for the USMNT.

  3. Clint says:

    Did he point to his wrist?

  4. KastroLee says:

    Come back to LA Buddle!!!

  5. malkin says:

    hookers and blow

  6. NC Jeff says:

    Another team wants to pick him up after the break, and his current club is just ensuring his health ’til then?

  7. Ali says:

    That would make sense except is team is fighting relegation and he is their top scorer. I would think it has something to do with discipline.

  8. Eddie Johnson says:

    Could be, could be.

    It could be that or perhaps the manager doesn’t like the way he trains his attitude or maybe he wants to try a new system/players as opposed to Buddle

  9. isaf says:

    Shame, this just goes to show that if Buddle goes, they will be relegated.

  10. WK says:

    Sounds to me as if the pressure is getting to the coach. I imagine he’s losing/lost the team at this point if by exiling your best forward is all you can come up with to send a message or motivate the squad.

  11. Gnarls says:

    Keano-Buddle up top? Hello CCL final.

  12. Khan says:

    Jokes aside, this is a highly questionable decision regardless of what Buddle may or may not have done.

    As the coach your job is to win and makes players work together, and in this case avoid relegation. Dismissing your top goal scorer without a stated reason whilst you are in the middle of a relegation battle is a head scratcher.

  13. kpugs says:

    This is not surprising. Buddle sucked his WHOLE CAREER, how did one good season make everyone forget that?

    And did everyone forget his drug suspensions?

    How quickly everyone jumped on the Buddle bandwagon…as if he didn’t exist before his breakout season WHEN HE WAS ALREADY 28 YEARS OLD.

    Honestly…just based on REALITY I’m with the coach on this. He effed up, again, for probably the 12th time in his career. Having one good year in LA doesn’t suddenly make you a different person.

  14. SoccerJohn says:

    I think players whose chances with the USMNT hang by a thread can’t afford to have their relegation-threatened Bundesliga2 teams find them more valuable exiled from the locker room.

  15. Khan says:

    One season with LA?

    He is Ingolstadt’s leading goal scorer this season. That sounds like more than one season to me.

  16. Poo says:

    sounds reasonable, but its hard to predict turnarounds…just look at Beasley, who is now back in the fold

  17. fischy says:

    Hmm… Not a good sign, for sure. Perhaps he will be headed back to MLS. Not that anyone wants a problem child on their roster, but this guy can score. In 2000, there was a now famous trip by DC United through Central America. Appearing for United were two trialists, from lower-level clubs: Dwayne De Rosario and Edson Buddle. DCU didn’t get to sign either player because teams the team was too far down the list to get discovery claims. They finally were able to get De Rosario this year. Maybe Buddle would follow?

  18. Vic says:

    90 goals in 231 MLS games. How in your opinion does a player do that and suck?

  19. timothy says:

    It could also be that he had a family emergency and had to go home. Positive thoughts, people!

  20. Some people, mature later then others. Some reach their prime way too early and fizzle out. Buddle, to me is a late bloomer. Under Bruce he blossomed and became a consistant goal scorer. Plus, it goes to show when you put better then decent player around him he is more then just serviceable. He had that with the galaxy and he has that in germany. He also should have started a game or two in the WC 2010 considering he had what, 3-4 goals in the run up to the cup.

    Edson isn’t a dude who is going to out run you, or take on 3 or 4 defenders on the wing. Edson is a poacher. An oppurtunist. He does have decent touch and very good hold up play with his back to the goal…

    Edson.. Come back where you belong my dude, The G’s. Take a pay cut this season, win a couple of championships and when either keane or beckham leaves, we can restrocture your contract. think about it…

  21. David St. Hubbins says:

    Typical anti-American prejudice that American players have to deal with in Europe.

  22. isaf says:

    Buddle has 6 goals in 14 matches this season and he’s only started half of those. Ingolstadt need him big time

  23. isaf says:

    amazing how quick to jump to this but you may have a point. didn’t Taylor Twellman say of his time in germany that his manager didn’t think Americans were any good and so he never got a run with the first team?

  24. Rodney says:

    Well played, Clint.

  25. sandtrout says:

    I miss Brian Ching as a national team prospect. He was an acquired taste, but man he looked good in the run-up to 2010. He worked, had touch and even some vision. Buddle, not so much.

  26. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    I hope he’s not drinking again. Stay strong, Edson, stay strong…

  27. Starla says:

    Blaming prejudice is the last refuge of the unsuccessful

  28. David St. Hubbins says:

    yeah you’re right I guess all those black players in the negro leagues were just terrible players and couldn’t really hack it in MLB even if they wanted to… they were just blaming their shortcomings all on prejudice

  29. bmnn,m says:

    your boi should have tried to find a club in Europe to play for. he’d have got a shot at the last WC if he had.

  30. MC Pharaoh says:

    Hopefully he leaves. Come back to MLS as a DP or get a contract in a top flight european league….
    I havnt been a fan of the move to Ingoldstadt since day 1.

  31. Gnarls says:

    42 goals with Columbus, 42 goals with LA, and 9 goals in 30 games with Ingolstadt. You’re clueless.

  32. Starla says:

    Somehow players of all different cultures, colors and nationalities manage to make it. But maybe there is a giant conspiracy where UEFA plans to introduce a US-only league?

    /tinfoil hat off

  33. TomG says:

    One of those things that’s impossible to speculate on til we get more info.

  34. Powderhorn Pops says:

    Should be interesting to find out the reality of the situation. The comments(most of them) here really demonstrate the tabloid society we live in – everyone expecting a scandal.

  35. away goals says:

    You see it would be this mat…

    and it would have different conclusions written on it…

    that you could jump to.

  36. loko says:

    There is a whole section of soccernomics on how euro and brazilian nationalities are o vervalued. Coaches feel more secure starting them o ver americans… if they lose with brazilians thats ok but if they lose with americans they get attacked in the media and sacked. A scout also touches on this…. its easier to sell a crap brazilian to a euro club than a brilliant mexican all because of nationality bias.

  37. Heroes season 4 says:

    I blame the Republicans for that

  38. BlueWhiteLion says:

    a kicker article from last week was mentioning that the brand new trainer had gotten his defense straightened out, but wasn’t getting goals. One scorer was out with injury. The only mention of Buddle was that he was not getting good service to take advantage of his strength with headers.

    An article for today just essentially mentions what the sbi article says. They say Buddle has had “conditioning problems” since the beginning of the season.

    Too many lines to read in-between.

  39. Nytshade says:

    You’ve obviously never been to Ingolstadt. :)

  40. Nytshade says:

    Can you say….Troll?!?

  41. timothy says:

    Really? Because most of the major news sources have a liberal view

  42. G? says:

    While I disagree, NO Politics on a soccer blog. People are incoherent enough as it is.

  43. Patricksp71 says:

    Buddle was arrested for DUI in Columbus and he has stated that it was the best thing that happened to him, I am worried that the Culture in Germany is different when it comes to drinking. I just hope he has not started drinking again.

  44. Kenny_B says:

    Just because you get a DUI, doesn’t mean your an alcholic.

  45. jloome says:

    Well, except the part where he publicly admitted he’s an alcoholic and has been treated for it.

  46. Mark says:

    Did portland take the rights to him in an expansion draft and trade them? Who has them now?

  47. Darwin says:

    He’s coming back to Dallas to replace Ferreira.

  48. Darwin says:

    Facts have a liberal bias. Ignorance has a conservative bias. Soccer has neither.

  49. Darwin says:

    oops, wrong thread. Re: Nguyen

  50. Lorenzo says:

    KPugs is not a troll. A NY Metrostars fan I believe. Probably recalls trading Gaven away to get Buddle. And Buddle sucking and being an alcoholic except for that game where he scored 3 nice goals.

    Buddle was a very good forward who couldn’t handle alcohol or being a professonal. He was getting tossed around and maybe hit rock bottom before going to LA.

    Buddle was a rising star before he almost destroyed himself. Arena didn’t craft him, just gave him a good chance to redeem himself.

  51. BBB says:

    First comment dumb. Second comment dumb. Third comment true.

  52. Shawn says:

    Except the Buddle was clearly successful, being pretty much the only consistent goalscorer his team had.

    There’s another possibility I’m considering by reading this: That is, his team has thrown in the towel on staying up, and is cutting wages before their inevitable return to the Regional League.

  53. pd says:

    kpugs = WTF?

  54. pd says:

    are you serious?

  55. Shweazy says:

    dude you are crazy, or must be born yesterday. Buddle never sucked he just underperformed for many years untill he still his game where it could have been a long time ago had he been a hard worker.

  56. abc says:

    Maybe now Herculez Gomez will get a call up?

    I am not a Buddle fan, so although I’m not happy to see this latest problem for him, hopefully it will at least provide an opportunity (for someone who is more deserving anyways, imo).

  57. nic d "the TX 2 Stepper" says:

    First Comment = TRUE – Facts are liberating.
    Second Comment = Possibly
    Third Comment = WTF?

  58. Kpugs is not a troll. He is an original here at Soccer by Ives. Buddle disappointed when he was in New York.

  59. Kejsare says:

    Still has them as far as I know.

  60. Edwin in LA says:

    That would be perfect, I didn’t like Barrett too much last year in the 1st 2 or 3 months, but he started scoring and then got injured, he’d give them good depth to rest Keane 20-30 games every now and then and then rest him for 2012-13 CCL games. And the depth is much needed to play in both of those tournaments and if they want to make a deeper run at the USOC which I hear now will be restructured and more appealing to teams now that Seattle’s made an event out of it.

  61. Edwin in LA says:

    Ching was hurt in the run-up to the World Cup. And the forward that was out of place was Findley. Which means maybe they needed a speedy guy not a slow and often hurt Target Striker like Ching

  62. Edwin in LA says:

    Pretty sure Portland DOES NOT have the rights to Buddle. They have the rights to Robbie Findley, who’s at Nottingham Forest FC in England’s Championship or 2nd division, not Germany’s Bundesliga 2

  63. Edwin in LA says:

    If you mean you aren’t a Buddle fan for the USMNT forward spots, I don’t know why?

    Is not like he’s been given much of a chance?

    He should have started in the World Cup instead of Findley who ended up being subbed out in everyone of his games for sucking and not being able to do anything and blowing what little chances we saw the team create and try to set him up with his speed to have a shot at a 1 on 1.

    Buddle scored vs Australia in the last friendly before the WC. Came close in the little sub minutes he had in the WC, and then a had a few chances in Klinsi’s tenure. This past game vs Slovenia he was great so not sure why you think he may not be good.

    Herculez should of had a chance as well, but maybe he just doesn’t figure into Klinsmann’s chances since the team was having a hard time creating chances and he thrives off of scoring on chances like a classic poacher or set piece scorer…

  64. gandhi says:

    Hello World Club Cup final.

  65. Brian says:

    Wow. You’re effin stupid

  66. bottlcaps says:

    Let’s not forget that Jermaine Jones got the same “treatment” at Schalke 04. He was dismissed fro the 1st team and relegated to (if he wanted to play ) the reserves. He was then loaned out the then manager left, he was brought back and is now starting.

    To many managers in Europe, and not just the Bundesleague, often hope to deflect a teams poor performance from themselves by often “scapegoating” a player by making him an example for his personal or professional foibles.

    It seems petty and pointless, but if Buddle was having personal problems, a good manager would sit him down and help him. Taking a break from the team may be a solution, but it seems like it is a personality issue too.