Impact unveil MLS jersey


The Montreal Impact unveiled their MLS jersey Thursday night, taking the latest step in the run up to their expansion season.

The primary, blue kit comes with matching blue shorts and is a pretty typical MLS shirt — sponsor across the front, team crest by the heart, three stripes down either sleeve and MLS and country flag patches on the sleeves as well. The one unique element to the jersey is a subtle cross made up of fleur-de-lys on the front of the jersey, which pays homage to Quebec's flag. The club's motto, Tous Pour Gagner (all for victory) is emblazoned along the back collar.

"The new team jersey represents not only the identity of the club, but also the city of Montreal and the entire province of Quebec," team president Joey Saputo said at the unveiling ceremony at the Montreal Science Centre.

The team's secondary kit is white, and no third or alternate kit was unveiled during the ceremony.

What's your take on the jersey? Wish it was more adventurous? Do you like it? 

Share your thoughts below.

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53 Responses to Impact unveil MLS jersey

  1. kfly says:

    I like the color- since the Sporks stopped being the Wizards, we really didn’t have a nice bright blue. All the teams with a blue shirt were navy blue, with the exception of Seattle’s away uniform, which I just find to be ugly.

  2. dena says:

    Typical mls boring jersey

  3. Big Chil says:

    Yawn. Another blue jersey in MLS.

  4. Advocate says:

    I like that they didn’t completely rebrand their club, just updated the crest and kits. They are not a brand new club, just new to MLS, and have been the leading franchise from a business perspective in the second division for years. They don’t need a rebrand. It’s not the most flashy thing, but it’s solid.

  5. Sean H says:

    BMO Logo is too large — because of that I would never buy one. Also, it looks like a goalkeeper’s TFC Jersey.

  6. WeatherManNX01 says:

    It may be a bit tame, but of the new jerseys coming out, so far it’s on the better end than some.

    Grade: B

  7. A wise man once says:


  8. I like it. I’m glad they stuck to their guns and got Adidas to add the blue of the Quebec flag to their color arsenal. All the other MLS sides with a blue kit have almost the exact same color Vancouver (away), Chivas (away), Philly (home), New England (home), New York (away), Sporting KC (away).

  9. Shane says:

    Cant wait to boo that jersey and see the other MLS clubs tear them to shreds. The Impact and Marsch have shown what scum they are before they even play their first game

  10. Rory says:

    Looks the same as about one fourth of the high school jersey in the nation with the exception of the BMO patch.

    I really would have thought the French-Canadians would bring a little more flair to the table.

  11. Rory says:

    At least it’s not red.

  12. Ciaran says:

    I quite like it in itself. The thing I find dull about MLS kits is the monochrome thing: the Crew, RSL, NE, LA, DC, SKC, CHI,PU and all 3 Canadian clubs have the same main colour for their shirts and shorts. While Montreal have had their colours for years, can’t help but think it’s generally a little safe and conservative.

  13. Rory says:

    Uhm, what? If their jersey didn’t used to look like this, then why not go all the way and make it look appealing?

  14. Rory says:

    Good point on the navy blue. I had thought that Red was the most overused color but Navy blue definately is.

    Has Adidas discovered purple or yellow yet?

  15. Murphy says:

    the black in the crest doesn’t appear in the jersey. some black trim would have improved it.

    i think they should’ve gone with the inter-like blue/black stripes. its in their crest! why not?

    sometimes adidas seems like they sleepwalk through the design process on some MLS jerseys. portland’s was great last year, why not come up with something more unique for montreal?

  16. Yellow. says:

    RSL has their “victory gold” kit, and the Columbus bananas are obviously yellow…

  17. Kaiser says:

    Thought they should have gone with the blue and black stripes, like the logo. It would have looked a lot like Inter Milan, but they could have figured out a way to get the fluer-dis-whatever in there as well as the club motto.

  18. Timmy says:

    Is there an expiration for the MLS deal with adidas? I’d like to see some variation here. Kit culture is alive and well, let us Yanks have something to sport around too!

  19. Chris says:

    How about something like this:


    link to

  20. Second City says:

    Too many blue jerseys in MLS.

    Really hope clubs/league focuses more on third kits. Home kit or white away kit renders me bored with the lack of creativity.

  21. Second City says:

    Originally, I had thought this was their GK kit, too.

  22. CMac says:

    Houston had every opportunity to protect Ching if he was important to them. He obviously wasn’t.

  23. Gnarls says:

    Surprisingly mundane. I’d rank it in the middle of the last five expansions jerseys.

    1. Whitecaps
    2. Timbers
    3. Montreal
    4. Philly
    5. Seattle

  24. Poo says:

    How can BMO sponsor both Toronto and Montreal. This just seems wrong on their part. I guess its a highest bidder type of thing

  25. jonk says:

    Houston supporter?

  26. Ciaran says:

    Yeah, the original MLS kits were a bit much. Maybe the conservatism is a bit of a backlash against that image. Columbus might look cooler with black shorts, RSL with ‘cobalt’ again. SKC’s is really plain. I dunno. Adidas know what they’re doing I’m sure.

  27. jonk says:

    Why should there be a rule about sponsorship? If some mega corporation offered to sponsor every team in the league for a bajillion dollars you better believe MLS would take it.
    Just be thankful MLS jerseys don’t have more than 1 sponsor.

  28. 2018 or 2019 I believe. But Adidas does more than just the Kits. They support the whole “Generation Adidas” thing which has been important in developing young talent. As more of the clubs ramp up their Academy programs this may become obsolete, but for the time being this is almost more important that the kits for the league.

  29. al17 says:

    Too close to the same colors as Marseille. Too close.

  30. al17 says:

    Are you serious?
    Why wouldn’t BMO = Banque de Montréal not be a sponsor of …I dunno L’Impact de Montreal?
    I think it’s wrong that all teams must wear Adidas but there’s a 100 Million Reasons they are.

  31. Ever watch a Mexican League game? I think everybody down there either has Corona or Bimbo as a shirt sponser. It’s just a commerical I don’t really worry about the sponser thing. My brain just fastforward dvr’s the thing anyway. 😉

  32. I want to see someone come out with a pink and black kit like Palermo or Juventus in Italy. It might be rough getting accepted at first, but think of all the gender clothes marketing you could do with those two colors.

  33. Jamie says:

    These are excruciatingly boring, simple doesn’t have to suck.

  34. GJJ says:

    I like the Fleur de Lis tie-in. A little tribalism in MLS won’t hurt. If I was their fans I would adopt the French pre-revolutionary flag as my flag of choice.

    link to

    Best of luck to them except when they play the Fire.

  35. K-Town says:

    They really need to do a third jersey with the black and blue stipes.

  36. john.q says:

    i like the idea of the fleur de lis making a cross. the worst part about the kit is the white armpit “hooks” a lot of generic adidas kits have those. if they went with a simple execution so the cross is really the only detail it could look pretty classy.

  37. Brad says:

    I would like to see it in person to see the Fleur de Lis before I yawn at this. The subtle effect might be cool in person. I am glad they didn’t add any black to the jersey, would skew it towards San Jose in a way. Now, playing on the silver might have been a nice difference (replace the white areas with silver).

    BUT this is 1000% better than the Crew’s new second color block kits…

  38. mcm says:

    Putting 3 stripes on everything really limits Adidas. I find this jersey an eyesore. I am more of a simple jersey person. The more cuts the worse.

    I think Adidas made the Columbus jersey so all know one else can complain. At least our jerseys aren’t that bad.

  39. Rev up those Revs says:

    Wow, four spaces before Seattle. I always thought five came just after four. You’re just bleeding jealousy everywhere. I need a shower.

  40. joel says:

    dont like it at all

  41. Will-SBI says:

    My tongue-in-cheek comment about Eurosnobs was deleted. Alas. But all jokes aside, I like it.

  42. Will-SBI says:

    The fleur de lis is pretty sweet.

  43. Gnarls says:

    Jealous of the ‘rave green’? You are a funny man. And those aren’t spaces, it’s a vertical ellipsis. I just invented it.

  44. Gnarls says:

    There are a couple gambling websites and sponsor(ed) multiple teams in the PL. Not at all unprecedented.

  45. Joamiq says:

    Aesthetically, not bad. Nothing special, but not a train wreck.

  46. soccerhorn says:

    I can only assume you’re an LA or Portland fan if you hate the Seattle kit so much. I’m an LA fan, but I man enough to admit – the Seattle kit is the best in the MLS.

  47. soccerhorn says:

    This has got to be the most astonishingly boring, downright ugly shirt I have ever seen. I’m pretty sure it was found in a storage locker where a local club team left them after dissolving in 1985. Wow. Do they not have design firms in Montreal?

  48. Kejsare says:

    I’d hate to be team that gets its color scheme for their kits from XBox.

  49. corner apex says:

    Underwhelmed. For all the Impact lead up to their shirt unveiling you’d think it wouldn’t look so plain.

  50. sciroccer says:

    Ya know if I had not yet seen the Crew’s new kit, I would call this the ugliest jeresy yet, but the Crew really blew it with theirs. I guess we know what TFC would look like in blue. AS a RSL supporter I love the spanish colors, HOWEVER I still give a lot of credit to Seattle, and Houston from breaking away from more traditional colors.

  51. Gnarls says:

    Busted. I am an LA fan too, but really I just don’t like neon colors on jerseys.