Johnson signs with Puebla


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Eddie Johnson's long wait to find a new club has come to an end.

The American forward has signed with Mexican club Puebla, where he will team with DaMarcus Beasley and play under former Chicago Fire and New York Red Bulls coach Juan Carlos Osorio. The club announced the signing via its official Twitter account.

Johnson, 27, has been out of contract since the end of the last Premier League season, when his term with Fulham expired. He appeared on the verge of inking a deal with MLS over the summer, but the deal fell apart. After announcing his acquisition only to see the deal fall through, the league stated that an agreement had been reached subject to the signing of documents. Johnson's representatives said that negotiations had reached a final stage, but the two parties had never come to a final agreement.

Four months later, Johnson is in position to seek playing time for the first time since April, when he was on loan at Preston North End. 

What do you think of the move?

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34 Responses to Johnson signs with Puebla

  1. papal93 says:

    Thats pretty good

  2. downintexas says:

    BEst of luck Eddie.

    Ives whens the next Q&A session??? Its been awhile


  3. klinny says:

    Maybe his ability to score off field will result in him learning how to hit the back of the net on the field.

  4. 10 says:

    link to

    that’s Clint Dempsey’s stats for Fulham. Tell me those aren’t the best ever for an American in Europe

  5. bryan says:

    cool. get some PT already!

  6. ndjeir4ijnrnr says:

    Eddie, welcome back to North America son. bring your A game. No more NT call ups for you son. Jozy is our top DAWG. Buddle is temporary. Gomez deserves a call up or 5 by now. Agudelo, Bunbury and several other guys are fighting to measure up to them. Just score and make that money and your countrymen proud

  7. ndjeir4ijnrnr says:

    O/T but why wasn’t Goodson called into camp? I know his team is suffering in the standings but they don’t start again til March. anyone knows? Or is this just a truly experimental camp? Goodson knows he’s a first choice CB. I guess Gonzalez, Ream, John and Cameron need to find themselves.

  8. Grant says:

    He’s filming new episodes of house hunters international

  9. CSD says:

    DaMarcus will take good care of him.

  10. ChrisB says:

    Oh yeah…I think I remember this Johnson fella

  11. ndjeir4ijnrnr says:

    i forgot Beasley was there. 3rd club that he’s joined a fellow Yank at. seems he likes to follow his pals

  12. f says:

    guess he’s not avilable for the camp anymore. go get em EJ

  13. fischy says:

    Is Osorio trying to create PueblAmerica? Hope this works out — with good service, EJ can be pretty dangerous. His size and strength will be an asset. Plus, in the Mexican League, he won’t be expected to defend.

  14. Indigo Montoya says:


    V. 2.0!!!

  15. Goalscorer24 says:

    This is a good move for Johnson. I hope he does well.

  16. ndjeir4ijnrnr says:

    I bet he’s making 500 K a year with them. Double what any MLS club would pay him for

  17. Dave S in San Jose says:

    Wait – was CG really on that show?!

  18. FRANK says:

    Any one else making a move overseas like ream , Charlie Davies, gonzo, shea, Robbie Rogers anyone??????

  19. Steve C says:

    I still think he should’ve signed with Portland. It would’ve been boss to see him paired up top with Eddie Johnson.

  20. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Yes. With his wife.

  21. Congratulations Puebla, you now have a star for your track and field team, just don’t let him play on your soccer club! Now that EJs a bit closer we should be able to hear the ball clanking off his boots from this side of the Rio Grande.

  22. geoffholm says:

    good for him. i hope that he finds his form again. he’s still young-ish

  23. ECam says:

    Anywhere he can go and play on a regular basis. Hopefully he can earn a starting spot with Puebla and be able to continue developing into a forward that might catch Klinsmann’s eye.

  24. I'm Eddie Johnson's cousin says:

    EJ is still 28

    He had lots of potential and flopped but hey he was in Europe for the past 4years and did his best.

    He found solid form for a moderate Greek club.

    He still has scored more goals overseas than many American strikers other than Davies and McBride.

    show some RESPECT.

  25. David says:

    Like the comment about the ball clanking off of Eddie’s boot, but I’ve moved on from EJ bashing. There are so many other good targets in MLS and younger ones, too. That’s the thing about infamy. You get your 15 minutes and then move on!

  26. Santos Laguna says:

    The Mexican league allows players to develop more of the touch/control based play that Klinsmann likes to incorporate instead of the Kickball style that guys like Bruce Arena, Sigi Schmidt and Dominic Kinnear have brought from the college soccer world into MLS.

    Beasley has truly turned into a complete midfielder from the “I’m gonna sprint around the wingback” one-dimensional player that limited leagues like the SPL turned him into.

    A lot of it depends on EJ’s commitment, but this could be a good, low pressure situation for him to revive.

  27. abc says:

    lol like he would have been called into camp if he hadn’t signed.

  28. Brent McD says:

    EJ is a CAH (Crecido Ano Hombre)

  29. Stephen says:

    I wish Eddie the best but I am afraid the Mexicans will eat his lunch.

  30. Ski Fast! says:

    It’s really interesting to start seeing some of our players getting signed by clubs south of the border. Even more interesting that we’re talking about some of these players having no cultural ties to Mexico. Is this representative of a growth in respect?

  31. Jake the Snake says:

    Normally forwards don’t defend, unless its the MLS, where there’s 10 outfield players. The whole adding America thing doesnt work in Mexico cause there’s a team called America already…

  32. PetedeLA says:

    Beas just wants customers to buy his left over Mr. T ware.