Must-See Charades: Wayne Rooney

When Wayne Rooney draws "Bend it Like Beckham" in a game of Manchester United charades, it's hard to imagine comedy not ensuing, especially when he brings a past incident involving Sir Alex Ferguson into the game. Enjoy:

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9 Responses to Must-See Charades: Wayne Rooney

  1. ThaDeuce says:

    i don’t get it, anyone care to explain the charade?

  2. Will-yo says:

    This is wonderful!!!!!!! I especially love what SAF says to Rooney. “This is going to cost you”

    This all but confirms the well known but officially unconfirmed reports of the locker room bust up between Becks and SAF.

    Funny too that Rooney pulls his hair back like Becks does all the time.

  3. malkin says:

    IBeckham kicked a shoe that hit sir alex in the head while in the locker room. He wasn’t on Man U much longer.

  4. malkin says:

    Or the other way around actually

  5. ThaDeuce says:


  6. ManicMessiah says:

    I didn’t get what he was trying to do right away, but when he pointed at Ferguson I just cracked up.

    Though it’s pretty hilarious that the things Rooney thinks people will recognize about Beckham are: his number, his hair, and the fact that he had a boot kicked at him.

  7. Joamiq says:

    Ha, I was going to say the same thing. All of those things occurred to him, and never once did he think to try to simulate a Beckham free kick.

  8. malkin says:

    ya my bad

  9. Edwin in LA says:

    I actually never knew about the whole Beckham getting a shoe kicked at him???

    I do agree with Joamig, trying to do a free kick and doing the “curve” or “bending” motion with his hand would of been something more expected than the hair or even 7, hell he hasn’t worn 7 since his 1st few games with England when he got a few more games in for the Euro 08 qualifiers or games after that