This Weekend’s Soccer on TV

DempseyArsenal (Reuters Pictures)

New Year's Day will usher in 2012 this weekend, but it will also provide us with a loaded menu of English Premier League matches as most of the league pulls off a two-games-in-three-days marathon over the next three days.

Brad Guzan will look to continue his stellar form for Aston Villa when his team travels to London to take on Chelsea on Saturday. Guzan won't have much time to rest though, as Villa returns to action on Monday with a match against Swansea City.

Clint Dempsey will also be seeing double-duty this New Year's weekend, with Fulham taking on Norwich City on Saturday before tangling with Arsenal in their latest London Derby encounter on Monday.

The weekend's action kicks off today, with Liverpool facing off against Newcastle at Anfield as Andy Carroll takes on his former club.

Here is a rundown of This Weekend's Soccer on TV:



2:45pm- Fox Soccer Channel– Liverpool vs. Newcastle United


7:15am- Fox Soccer Plus– Leicester City vs. Portsmouth

7:45am- ESPN2– Manchester United vs. Blackburn

10am- Fox Soccer Plus– Arsenal vs. Queens Park Rangers

10am-– Bolton vs. Wolves

10am- Fox Soccer Channel– Chelsea vs. Aston Villa

10am-– Norwich City vs. Fulham

10am-– Stoke City vs. Wigan

10am-– Swansea City vs. Tottenham


7:30am- Fox Soccer Plus– West Bromwich Albion vs. Everton

10am- Fox Soccer Channel– Sunderland vs. Manchester City


10am- Fox Soccer Channel– Wolverhampton vs. Chelsea

10am-– Aston Villa vs. Swansea City

10am-– Blackburn vs. Stoke City

10am-– Queens Park Rangers vs. Norwich City

12:30pm- Fox Soccer Channel– Fulham vs. Arsenal

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12 Responses to This Weekend’s Soccer on TV

  1. Citronomics says:

    Look forward to sitting on my bum and watching a few EPL tilts as a warmup to Margaritas and tacos on New Year’s eve. Go Red Dragons, BG and Deuce.

  2. Citronomics says:

    Bellmay with a brace. Well placed free kick evades the Newcastle goalie and defender as they both attempt to block the shot.

  3. Citronomics says:

    Gerrard scores on a quality strike, nutmegging Krul at a sharp angle after being put through. Hope the Red Dragons keep the pressure up and play tidy to get the W.

  4. ManicMessiah says:

    Newcastle have been awful. No one loooking to be available for a pass, everyone looking to pass it back.

    Five minutes left and it looks like they’ll get what they deserved from it.

  5. OC says:

    Newcastle were subpar aside from the one move that resulted in that cheeky Ba flick that would’ve been a wonderful finish had Skrtel not been alive to the danger. By far the most exciting part of that otherwise ‘eh’ match.

  6. whateverman says:

    Dempsey with the hat-trick.

    14 league goals in the 2011 calendar year. Pretty damn impressive if you ask me. Tell me why a bigger club hasn’t called him up. Even if he’s not a 100% starter, I do believe he could start 50% of the time at Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool

  7. Jamie Z. says:

    I love Dempsey, but I don’t think he would crack Tottenham’s loaded midfield. I’d be curious to see what he could do at a big club, for sure, but I also like what he’s got going at Fulham, as well. Fulham supporters may very well look back at him as a bit of a legend, just like McHead.

  8. T says:

    He could definently go to Liverpool or Arsenal, the gunners haven’t looked convincing with their current midfielders.

  9. Excellency says:

    The good thing about playing w//Fulham is that he plays 90 minutes every match.

    Lpool cud definitely use him but they have a busload of similar players. He wouldn’t suit the up and down game of Arsenal. Tottenham wouldn’t change up things when everything is going so well.

    I was hoping Lpool would take him but on reflection I hope he stays at Fulham. They have room for improvement with their current players.

  10. francis8 says:

    If only they could get the manager position stabilized – Clint has played for at least 5 different coaches there – Fulham could be a consistent top 10 club. Al Fayed is a little eccentric but is willing to bring in new players. Hodgson would have been the man to to move this club forward

  11. Taylor says:

    unfortunately, that 7:30 am Everton match will be impossible on New Year’s Day. unless of course you’re still awake at that point


  12. Dan in Wien says:

    Anyone have a ‘net feed for fulham/norwich?