Who should Klinsmann call up to the January USMNT camp?

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The tradition of holding a January camp for mostly MLS players looking to break through into the U.S. naitonal team is going to be maintained during the Jurgen Klinsmann era and the German manager will be putting together his first January camp very shortly.

A 2011 MLS season that saw several new faces emerge as strong national team candidates should give Klinsmann plenty of fresh faces to look at as he tries to find reinforcements for his European-based contingent.

Just what sort of veteran presence we will see at the camp remains to be seen, though Klinsmann's mandate that national team players be training as often as possible would suggest he plans on having a player like Landon Donovan in January's camp, assuming Donovan isn't heading somewhere in loan this winter.

What we are likely to see in January is something similar to last January's camp, which was an extremely young group, though this year's projected squad could be considered much stronger than the 2011 camp squad.

So who will Klinsmann call up in January? Here is one projected roster:


GK– Bill Hamid, Sean Johnson, Zac MacMath

D– Sheanon Williams, Zach Loyd, Michael Parkhurst, Tim Ream, Omar Gonzalez, George John, Geoff Cameron, Heath Pearce, Todd Dunivant

M– Landon Donovan, Brek Shea, Freddy Adu, Graham Zusi, Robbie Rogers, Kyle Beckerman, Benny Feilhaber, Mikkel Diskerud, Jeff Larentowicz, Michael Farfan

F– Teal Bunbury, Juan Agudelo, C.J. Sapong, Chris Rolfe


There are plenty of names missing from this list that could have been included, such as Sporting KC defenders Matt Besler and Chance Myers, Real Salt Lake's Nat Borchers and San Jose's Chris Wondolowski just to name a few. This list is the group I can see Klinsmann calling in.

Not all the players are young obviously. Chris Rolfe turns 29 next month, but he's been enjoying a standout season with Aalborg, while Michael Parkhurst, who turns 28 next month, has done very well for Nordsjaelland this past season.

Also consider injuries. Chris Pontius and Brad Davis are not, as far as I know, far enough along in their recovery from injuries to be included in this group. If either or both are healthy, I'd have to think they'd merit strong consideration.

My wild card in this group is clearly Michael Farfan. He wasn't a regular starter for Philadelphia, but he showed some really good form late in the year, and with there being relatively few good wing options, I could certainly see him being a surprising inclusion much the way Eric Alexander was a surprising inclusion in the 2011 January camp.

Keep in mind that European-based and Mexican-based players won't be available since European clubs outside of Scandinavian leagues such as Denmark and Sweden are back in season, while Mexican clubs are already preparing for pre-season by the time January's camp gets underway in Arizona.

What do you think of this group? What names are you glad to see on this list? Who is missing that you would like to see get a look from Klinsmann in January?

Share your thoughts below.

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153 Responses to Who should Klinsmann call up to the January USMNT camp?

  1. RobU says:

    Josh Gatt if his hammy is healed.

  2. Would love to see AJ Delagarza as one of the call ups

  3. ac says:

    Would love to see Sapong in camp….

  4. timbo says:

    I really wish the US had a couple young CB’s that they could call up and begin the transition as the next generation of CB’S before the next world cup!!! Oh wait, they do…… CALL UP OMAR GONZALEZ AND GEORGE JOHN!!!!!!

  5. KP says:

    really? michael farfan, really? as a Union fan I can assure you he is nowhere near ready to play at the international level

  6. baskets says:

    The Big 3 (Gonzalez, John, Cameron) are most deserving. If Ream and Orosco have gotten call-ups, these three have to be included as well. Let’s throw-in A.J. De La Garza as well.

  7. Matt says:

    Omar and Cameron might get their wish.

    Ream might be headed to EPL on loan.

  8. Esteban de la Sexface says:

    Ugh. Not Adu, please. I guess Brad Davis is still hurt, no?

  9. away goals says:

    So a 22 year old kid who’s impressed for the national team in limited minutes recently isn’t worth a call up to a (mostly) reserve camp?

  10. anon says:

    What about Pontius? Is he healthy yet?

    Another option would be Conor O’Brien, a young striker in Denmark.

    Are we all in agreement that Goodson shouldn’t be invited? He’s had his chances and done adequately, but we know what he offers.

    Robbie Rogers might sign for a team in Europe, since he’s a free agent.

  11. anon says:

    And what about Sean Franklin? Is Sheanon Williams a better RB?

  12. Kevin_Amold says:

    Yes. That one goal alone is enough to make me want to see him. I don’t think I’ve seen a yank run at a defender like that in a long time.

  13. bryan says:

    I doubt Pontius is 100%, but it would have been great to see him get a call. I would like to see Kitchen get a call up too.

    As for Goodson, I like him, but I agree. If we didn’t have so many other CBs to take a look at, I would bring him. But since we do, I think having him take up a spot would be useless.

  14. kriskaplani@gmail.com says:


  15. dan says:

    List looks good to me. Maybe a Luis Gil or Perry Kitchen as well?

  16. danny says:

    +1 for Luis Gil.

  17. allouez86 says:

    ahahahahahahahahahaha, you make me laugh;)

  18. Fischy says:


  19. Dennis says:

    Wondolowski has won the MLS Golden boot 2 years in a row. There is no way he should be left out. If nothing else, he is the best finisher and is needed to challenge defenders and make them look bad. That is needed in a camp that among other things aims at evaluating young defenders.

    I thought Sean Franklin looked very solid in the MLS final and in the 3 games in Asia, he clearly has earned it.

    Mike Magee is an intriguing prospect. He scored some very important goals for LA in the playoffs. He is not the most physically imposing player, but he is sneaky and will make defenders look foolish from time-to-time. Also, he seems to enjoy playing so much that is just fun to watch him.

    Brad Davis if he is healthy, he led the league in assists, no way he should be ignored.

    Gonzalez, the MLS defender of the year, is a must call up.

  20. Garfan says:

    Hi h8r

  21. nato says:

    damn Donovan is small.

    Bring in Goodson. He can captain the team

  22. ccb1212 says:

    I thought Tony Beltran had an outstanding year for RSL before he got hurt. I would give him a shot.

  23. nato says:

    Wondolowski is a striker just like Twellman, Wolff and Casey. Decent guys but they can’t play above the level of CONCACAF.

  24. scott says:

    where are Chris Pontius and Brad Davis? i know this is a projected call-up, but still they deserve to be in the conversation…

    (SBI-They’re both hurt.)

  25. Jimmy Dabag says:

    NO WOJO!

  26. go usa says:

    Front row left should be called.

    He’s got a mean game face and knows where his heart is.

  27. SBI Wondo Haters says:

    Chris Wondolowski should be above all of those forwards. What a joke.

    (SBI-Wondolowski has certainly done enough to merit a call. Just not sure Klinsmann actually calls him. We’ll see soon enough.)

  28. SBI Wondo Haters says:

    Twellman 30 caps
    Wolff 52 caps

    Wondo 5 caps

  29. Brian D says:

    Wow…lots of Union players. Other than Adu, MacMath seems the most likely to stick.

  30. baskets says:

    Nah, Gonzalez is 6’5″. Most would look short compared to him.

  31. EA says:

    Wondolowski? Were you in a coma this summer?

  32. Shane says:

    I dont think any player in MLS history has a goals per game ratio that comes anywhere near Twellman. He was in a different league than Wolff, Casey, Wondo. If things had gone differently in his career he was certainly capable of playing above CONCACAF level.

  33. pd says:

    lol.. stikers miss sitters. he’s worth another shot.

    I wanna know why Gomez isn’t on this list?

  34. pd says:

    Williams had a very solid year. Farfan shows promise and could certainly benefit from an extended camp. I don’t think he’ll get capped, but a call up is merited.

  35. Matt says:

    With Ream looking to be taken by West bromwich on loan by Hodgson (dont know if he will be able to get him) the opportunity for the lower level CBs to get a chance will be there.

  36. Peter says:

    Yes your right two big lumbering CB who can’t pass!! Thats right up Bob Bradley’s alley! oh wait wrong coach.

  37. dgoshilla says:

    Great list. Lots of guys on there I really want to see given a shot. Specifically Mix and Zussi.

  38. Bill says:

    Do you see Charlie Davies ever having a role with the Nats again?

  39. mark says:

    I’m excited to see Graham Zusi and Omar Gonzalez get a shot.

    Please no more Robbie Rogers.

    They should pair Landon up top with another forward.

  40. TomG says:

    The guys I really want to see are Mixx and Cameron. Mixx has a unique set of skills in the USMNT pool and I want to see if Cameron could potentially fill the need for a faster, skilled CB.

  41. TomG says:

    Not unless he recovers the speed he lost in the accident.

  42. anon says:

    what about adding kenny cooper and omar salgado to the striker mix? i’d prefer both over wondo.

  43. Bryson says:


  44. Matt says:

    pd, the article mentions that Mexican clubs will be in preseason training by the time camp starts.

  45. sammysounder says:

    Lamar F’n Neagle!

  46. TomG says:

    Personally, I’d rather have younger, development type guys in camp rather than retreads like Cooper and Wondo. Salgado needs to find a team, play some steady minutes, and have some success before he gets called in, no?

  47. TomG says:

    Wondo is a guy whose only tangible skill or tool is a knack for putting the ball in the back of the net, yet in his callups, he’s shown a noticeable knack for missing the back of the net. Even aside from his poor callups, he’s got a lot going against him: 1. lack of great speed or size, 2. lack of technical ability, 3. Age, 4. Competition (Altidore, Sapong, Bunbury are all much younger and more physically and technically gifted).

  48. TomG says:

    I disagree. Kid had 30 caps and it was pretty clear that he just wasn’t big or fast enough to score internationally.

  49. TomG says:

    Twellman scored a lot more than Wondo and Wolff is a poor comp. Wolff had speed and was not a pure striker. He could be split out wide and play midfield. The pool was also not as talented as it is today.

  50. Cairo says:

    How can you leave off a guy who has scored 35 goals in the last two seasons (Wondo)? Not saying he’d make the roster for the full team, but how people rate CJ Sapong’s 5 goal season as more worthy of a call up than Wondo’s 16 goals (on a bad team, no less) is beyond me.

    Would also like to see Marvell Wynne again. Just sayin…

  51. Vic says:

    I’d like to see Donovan given a rest. His season just ended on December 6.

  52. TomG says:

    You’re citing the MLS statbook and awards program which is nice, but it’s not what a manager looks at when trying to determine a roster for these camps. He is primarily looking for young guys who can be developed and one day fit into the USMNT picture. Davis is 30, Magee is 27, Wondo is 28. Omar should get a call, though his playing style doesn’t mesh well with what Klinsi wants from his CBs.

  53. Jumbo says:

    Those kids are almost as tall a Donovan. WHAT A RUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But he is still great.

  54. TomG says:

    This isn’t an awards ceremony. It’s not about being worthy, it’s about developing young talent. You admit that Wondo’s not good enough to make the 1st squad, so what’s the point? Wouldn’t you rather call up a younger guy like Sapong who has the upside to one day be a useful player for the 1st side rather than call up a 28-year-old who is as good as he’ll ever be, yet can’t make the 1st team? The purpose is to win games in Summer 2014, not to win games in January, 2012.

  55. Chris says:

    I was thinking the same thing.

  56. abc says:

    Anyone can impress for 20 minutes at a time. Let him start for his own MLS team first.

  57. Dennis says:

    In my opinion, the most important thing Klinsmann can get out of this camp is identifying the best young defenders. I do not really believe that Wondolowski, Magee or even Davis will figure in the future (2014) for the national team, but they are needed in this camp simply because they are the most dangerous players (with Donavon) available to test the young defenders who must be evaluated.

    Said another way, I am confident any of the young defenders could stop you or me, but they need to prove it against the best talent available in training.

  58. Dennis says:

    Not quite the only talent, he ran the mile in 4:16 at UCLA, he has the endurance to just keep coming at you.

  59. abc says:

    The guys not on Ives’ list that I most want to see in camp:
    Josh Gatt
    Chris Pontius
    Chris Wondolowski (haters: if we’re excluding those who missed sitters in the last year, should we never see Dempsey, Donovan, and Shea again?)

    I see little point in calling up Todd Dunivant and Jeff Larentowicz, they’re never going to be international caliber.
    Michael Farfan is a decent prospect but not at that level yet.

  60. abc says:

    I know right, it’s almost as if height doesn’t matter in a game played mostly on the ground with your feet.

  61. Dennis says:

    You need the best strikers in camp to punish the foolish mistakes young defenders make, else, the defenders all look good. That said, you also need some of the forwards with the speed to expose defenders who are not able to keep up.

  62. abc says:

    If it’s about developing young talent, why would we call in Dunivant, Beckerman, or Larentowicz?

  63. abc says:

    This is a joke, right? Please tell me this is a joke. PLEASE.

  64. abc says:

    Charlie Davis is Adu 2.0: mentioned 1000x more than he should be

  65. Mental Assassin says:

    Bring in Adu..even if he doesnt start consistently (did have some injuries) he can bring something special to the table. These are the camps he needs to be involved in, not some MLS player who cant perform internationally. We already know Adu potentially can, after glimpses of brilliance.

  66. Mental Assassin says:


  67. strider says:

    Sorry Shane, I loved Taylor’s attitude and effort, but he just could not cut it on the international level. He had plenty of opportunities, but just never was able to play above the MLS where he was very good. Its harder to tell with Wondo as he has had fewer chances.

  68. PetedeLA says:

    +1 for Mike Magee.

    I really think he is one of the best finishers in the league.

    I don’t know his goals vs. shots on goal ratio, but I get the feeling it is higher than most.

    And he plays well in clutch situations. We need these guys too!

  69. strider says:

    I think its time to give up on Heath Pearce and would like to see Dunivant get a shot. I also wonder if Franklin could perform at the international level. He’s still fairly young and might develop into a useful player. Zusi is also one of the young players I think deserves a look. It will be interesting to see who Klinsman calls in and how they do with the matches against Panama and Venezuala.

  70. away goals says:

    “Anyone can impress for 20 minutes at a time.”

    Not sure I agree with that. There have been plenty of ‘key’ national team players who rarely if ever put together an impressive 20 minutes.

    He’ll be with U23s this week. If his quality stands out there’s no reason to leave him out of the january camp.

  71. Dune Man says:

    I LOVE having great US players in the USMNT and do wish more could come home…that said….

    Dear Omar
    If being rated as one of the best defenders and even this year being out right called the best defender while playing on the CUP/Shield winner does not get you a call up with a good look in Jan, then pick up the phone and call coach K directly and specifically ask for what it is that is keeping you out (you are not saying you should be picked…but there must be something he is not seeing and he should be fine letting you know). Is it passing, vision, height, strength, speed, some specific “other”? Even if it is “you are just not that good”….just get a reason and ask him if he has any recommendation on where you should go to learn/show that needed skill the most. He loves thinking he has an amazing international network so let him show it even if it is just a point in some direction.

    It doesnt seem like MLS is helping your case any more or helping as much as a fresh start elsewhere might…so do you need to aim everything you have at playing in Mexico, Germany, EPL, Italy, J-league? No need to try to go to a powerhouse team….just get in the league or get with a team he thinks has a coach or style that can bring that out of you and prove yourself there. If it does not work out and you still dont get looks you can say you tried and you can always come back to LA in a few years….and if nothing else you might get paid more outside MLS while you are at it so no harm 😉

  72. Matt says:

    europe doesnt want omar at all. not interested.

    west brom wants to sign tim ream on loan.

  73. Ryan in NY from NC says:

    As long as Benny’s there…I’m fine.

  74. SBI Wondo Haters says:

    he missed one shot in the gold cup… he’s only had 5 caps… he’s a proven scorer unlike sapong and bunbury… they aren’t in the same discussion as Wondo he is light years ahead of them… being a striker is about finishing plain and simple not who is the fastest guy with the best fifa dribbling moves.

  75. SBI Wondo Haters says:

    actually it’s about winning the WC qualifiers in between January 2012 and Summer 2014… something which Wondo can help us do a lot better than Sapong or Bunbury.

    USMNT is for finished products not developing future talent. Prospects develop on their club teams not 2 week little mini sessions with Klinsmann.

  76. DrewV says:

    I would love to see Zusi and Sapong get called up for a USMNT camp.

  77. fish says:


  78. Nick says:

    Ream, Gonzalez, John and Cameron seem like a pretty good bunch.

  79. Lemonhead says:

    How do you expect wondo to get the ball in the net with the service we have if guys who are faster and have fifa dribbling moves can’t even put it in the net.

  80. CrazyJon85 says:

    id love to see drew moor get a camp call up…i think hes earned it… but i agree with the rest: John, Gonzalez, Zusi and Sapong(for no other reason needed than the hope solo song)

  81. footyskillz says:

    First time I’ve seen Sapong mentioned…interesting. Adu should definitely be there.

  82. 22Jokr says:

    Robbie Rogers and Heath Pearce? Mike Magee? Todd Dunivant? Has Bob Bradley hacked the site?

  83. Lil' Zeke says:

    Dude’s flat-out magic on the mike

  84. kevin says:

    KP is right. Michael Farfan and his brother were poor replacements for Jordan Harvey. They were turnover machines.

  85. Lil' Zeke says:

    Sheesh I know, and where are Dietrich and Fish

  86. Lil' Zeke says:

    This strikes me funny

  87. There’s virtually no chance of that. There’s no way Ream will qualify for a work permit in England.

  88. hogatroge says:

    I’m by no means a Wondo hater… I was pulling for him the whole GC, and actually think his positioning and shooting (aside from the missed sitter) weren’t bad. The fact is, a lot of the reasons cited here (regardless of their negative tone) are simply true.

  89. hogatroge says:

    Bedoya’s not in a Scandinavian league anymore. Plus, he’s not getting minutes at Rangers. He’s not even riding the pine, so I think he’s injured.

  90. It’s pretty clear that Landon is NOT a forward for the USMNT.

  91. hogatroge says:

    I’d agree with Gatt and Pontius if they weren’t recovering from injuries. I wouldn’t mind a Wondo call up, but he’s not getting any younger and there are plenty of other forwards to test out. Dunivant is certainly better than the other available LBs in the pool. I personally wouldn’t call Larentowicz, but in his limited minutes against Belgium he was solid. Michael Farfan is too old for any of the youth teams, performed well against high-level European competition (even if it was preseason), and should get a chance now if ever.

  92. hogatroge says:

    I agree. It’s sad that playing at a high-level for a miserable team makes him practically invisible.

  93. It is NOT entirely about developing young talent. It’s also about preparing for qualifying which happens this summer, not in 2014. So you are wrong – it IS about winning games in June of 2012.

  94. Matt says:

    Wondo has technical ability in droves. His finishing is his #1 strength and it is on the level of guys like Landon Donovan. Next people will complain that he doesn’t score enough to get called up. Oh wait…

  95. Matt says:

    wont stop west brom from trying. and they said they will try.

  96. supergrandefilms says:

    Agree. It’s smart to look toward the future.

  97. Steve says:

    Certainly a better defender than Tim Ream…

  98. Bugsy says:

    Ream is a human traffic cone

  99. earl p says:

    Goodson is softer than a baby’s butt

  100. Mix says:

    Bogus..Wondo is on a roll, he deserves a look with the garbage at striker.

  101. Sniff says:

    the unique flopper was awful when he was called up…I was looking forward to him until I saw him play….overhyped.

  102. Syd says:

    Cooper still has the talent, but he need to be in form first.

  103. Cito says:

    All for Beckerman because he serves a role, but Dunivant and Larerento bring limited offensive skills.

  104. True Tivo says:

    Brad Davis

  105. beachbum says:

    well said. I saw many Revs games just to watch him play, and he played well and showed he was possibly in the best shape of his career. that team sucked tho

  106. gigi says:

    Zusi had an awesome year, id be disappointed if he doesn’t get an invite. But like others said, i would like to see Gatt if hes ready to go too, had a good year and it would be cool to get fresh faces on the team. Is Ogunyibi (spellcheck) an american citizen? If so, he is a big centerback, be cool to call him in as well. I wouldn’t mind seeing Gil or Mcbean in either, would be good experience for them.

  107. gigi says:

    I could see dilly duka getting called in as well

  108. broadsthooligans says:

    They were both fillin in for Harvey on defense. They’re both natural mids.

    Marfan looked real good on the attack, and hopefully they pick up a real lb so we can see if Gabe looks as good up the field. I wouldn’t say either is ready for national consideration just yet, but Marfan’s touch is impressive and I wouldn’t be totally surprised to see Klinsmann’s taking a look at him. Although a call-up just yet, even to the january camp, would be a little premature for me.

  109. broadsthooligans says:

    MacMath’s looked good, but Sheannon could really impress. They were outright the two players who impressed me the most for the Union this year. Sheannon could allow Jurgi to rethink the lb situation and move Chandler up to a wing where he’s played for Nurmberg

  110. GW says:

    Wolff had a pretty decent World Cup in 2002.

  111. GW says:

    “Altidore, Sapong, Bunbury are all much younger and more physically and technically gifted”

    None of those factors means they will outscore Wondo. The few games he had under Bradley are not enough of a sample size to rule Wondo out forever.

  112. Modibo says:

    Would love to see rolfe actually make it back to the usmnt.

  113. abc says:

    Isn’t this at the same time as an Olympic team camp? If so, leave him there. If not, call him in.

  114. Gary says:

    Still promoting Omar Gonzalez huh. Shocking!
    Oh people have so much to learn.

  115. gigi says:

    I think its in march, but dont quote me on that. Not to sure.

  116. baskets says:

    He’s still adapting to Rangers football. He’s been making sub appearances the last month or so, not injured to my knowledge. Mo Edu didn’t become a starter until last year (his third season).

  117. baskets says:

    To those questioning why Sapong is on the list and Wondo isn’t (and why Sapong is more likely to receive a call-up):

    They are completely different types of forwards. Wondo is a poacher, someone who waits for the ball to come to him. Personally, he’s really not great with the ball at his feet, isn’t going to make people miss and his speed isn’t great either. But when he does get the ball with space and time, he can rip off a good shot. That’s why his miss in the Gold Cup was so egregious: that’s the shot he is on the field to make.

    Poachers: Wondolowski, Charlie Davies, Juan Agudelo, Herculez Gomez, Edson Buddle

    Sapong is a classic target forward…which is exactly the type of forward Klinsmann has preferred thus far. Sapong has excellent strength, can receive the ball up top and hold on to it until help arrives (Dempsey, Shea, Donovan). Bunbury is basically the same type of player, but he’s also got good ball-handling abilities. SKC plays him just off and behind Sapong, much like the role Dempsey plays for the USMNT (#10). I think Bunbury could develop quite nicely in the target role.

    Targets: Sapong, Jozy Altidore, Teal Bunbury

    I’m not saying Wondolowski is a bad player, he’s just not the player the USMNT is looking for right now. Why do you think Gomez hasn’t been seeing many minutes under Klinsmann, despite being on fine form? Same reason.

    Now, as we saw against Slovenia, the 4-4-2 opened up a lot of attacking. So it’s not out of the question we start seeing more poachers. But in reality, would you rather see Wondolowski over Agudelo, Gomez, or Buddle? Personally I’d love to experiment with Sapong/Bunbury and Agudelo/Gomez.

    I see Wondo as a Josh Wolff-type player, excellent in MLS and serviceable when called up, but not a difference maker.

  118. CplDaniel says:

    Josh Gatt!! YouTube just ain’t cutting it any more! Want to see him on ESPN or FSC already! An attacking winger with his speed? Let’s get a look at him already!

  119. boosted335 says:

    John is lumbering and cant pass?..word?!?

    link to youtube.com

  120. boosted335 says:

    softer than a baby breath even

  121. Edwin in LA says:

    Yup, overall body of work for even the last 2 years, including Ream’s rookie season when everyone was so impressed with his passing skills and were calling him the next starting CB for the US.

    Although I think Sean Franklin should get a look before AJ first. If anything I’m not sure why Ives included both Tim Ream AND Heath Pearce ahead of Sean Franklin & AJ De La Garza, Pearce was hurt towards the end of the season and for most of the middle of the season. I would think it was more of the form Ives holds Pearce to have more than Klinsmann’s assumed picks? Franklin maintained his form, missed about 3 weeks worth of games at the end but they were able to do that and rest him to get him fresh for the playoffs.

    Franklin started all the playoff games, so I’m thinking he’s up for a call up

  122. Edwin in LA says:

    Really you consider Bunbury & Agudelo?

  123. Andrew says:

    Other than Le Toux, Michael Farfan was by far the Union’s most impressive attacking player. He was terrific when actually playing in position and has great technical skills. This isn’t the full team and he deserves a shot in the January camp.

  124. boosted335 says:

    lower level?!? who on that list is at a “lower level” in relation to Ream?

  125. boosted335 says:

    Indeed. I say call em all up and let Klinssman get a look at all of them at the same time.

  126. boosted335 says:

    truth hurts

  127. G in Humboldt says:

    Balboa would be Barney. He was captain for a while, wasn’t he? And of course the mustache.

  128. dan says:

    If he doesn’t pick Gonzo then Klinsmann is off his freaking a$$

  129. swifty says:

    Did u see demps do the exact same thing the next game? That kinda stuff happens sometimes.

  130. Dylan Clark says:

    Sean Franklin and more importantly Josh Gatt. USMNT needs some new lightning, very available in said youngster and Fabian Johnson (anyone see the two assists v Nuremberg?). Tippeligaen is in its winter break. I kno hes been hurt but the experience would be important for him, just to be around the system can’t hurt.

    Good call on Diskerud, I think he should already have been getting caps consistently because we lack strong CAMs and I think hes better than Torres or especially Edu (on the ball, in the attack), but better late than never. And also on Dunivant. Good seasons in MLS should always be rewarded w/ January camp call ups, as long as the player hasn’t hurt his chances previously.

  131. Matt says:

    things said about tim ream that will never be said about omar or cameron.

    He has done very well,” Hodgson said in the Express and Star. “He has made a good impression on everybody and we think he’s going to be a good player.”

    “We would consider a loan, absolutely. It’s to do with New York Red Bulls and the MLS.

    “But I don’t think the MLS can override the clubs so the principal discussion regarding a loan or purchase of Tim Ream would have to be made with the club.

    “Could he play in the Premier League? Yes, I think he could.”

    Ream will now move on to Bolton Wanderers for another training stint on his England tour.

  132. Esteban de la Sexface says:

    @broadsthooligans – bingo. spot on assessment.

  133. Esteban de la Sexface says:

    That’s a good question. As a Union season ticket holder I can say that this past season Sheanon Williams was fantastic. I don’t know if there was a right back in the league who was as consistently excellent as he was.

  134. matt says:

    Gonzo has a good chance of being selected since west brom is working overtime to get tim ream into the top flight of EPL.

  135. matt says:

    why didnt an epl team go after omar? isnt he just THE BEST!!! what is the disconnect with these americans…

  136. Again, working hard and having a realistic chance of doing so are entirely different things. He will never qualify for a work permit and will be back here soon enough.

  137. Jason says:

    I’m a Dallas fan. I liked Cooper, but we’re talking about a guy who couldn’t cut it at Plymouth Argyle

  138. TomG says:

    Have to agree to disagree on this one. Wondo’s a dangerous finisher, yes, but not a fast, strong or technical player. They’ll get more out of trying to stop Agudelo, Bunbury and Sapong b/c their strength, speed and technique is closer to international class than Wondo’s, and you’re also developing young strikers in the process.

  139. TomG says:

    What’s the endgame here, though? Is there any chance he’ll ever be a good international class striker? No. Will he ever be an injury replacement for a USMNT striker? Maybe if none of the young guys develop. Do we want to waste a roster spot and development time on a guy who might become an injury replacement if everything drops exactly right?

  140. TomG says:

    If he has technical ability in droves, why can you only point to finishing as his skill? From what I’ve seen, he can’t run at defenders, he has no turn moves whatsoever, he can’t be a hold-up forward, nor is he a great target forward, he’s not a dynamite ball striker from distance, and his ball skills, in general are not anything special. He makes smart, incisive runs but those runs will often be closed down by the faster, more tactically adept European and South American defenders. Some guys are great on one level but don’t have what it takes to succeed on the next. You find that in every aspect of sports. That’s why the Heisman trophy winner isn’t automatically the #1 pick in the draft every year.

  141. TomG says:

    The idea is not to score a goal or two in meaningless January friendlies, it’s to develop players that might score goals down the road in meaningful tournaments.

  142. TomG says:

    You are probably thinking of someone else. Mixx’s set up of Agudelo was effing spectacular.

  143. MC Pharaoh says:

    No Nate Labrocca??

  144. TomG says:

    Not in January camp, guys. I don’t think you understand the purpose of this camp.

  145. marco says:

    He shouldn’t be looking for immediate first 11 players, but he needs to bring in competition for the 2nd eleven. His first selections were not good enough to be locks.

  146. beachbum says:

    Oh Tom, please.

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  147. boosted335 says:

    what does that have to do with my question?

  148. Wicked1 says:

    I’m gonna focus on 1 player in this post-OMAR GONZALEZ, OMAR GONZALEZ, OMAR GONZALEZ! I don’t understand why he isn’t already in the picture. He’s better than Ream, Orozco Fiscal, and our defense is in no way set. He’s Defender of the year, on the championship team, and has been consistent since he came in the league. He needs to get into the set up, pronto, before he seriously starts considering playing for Mexico. Which would be a disaster :/

  149. GW says:

    The USMNT has never developed a player; the clubs do that. The USMNT just picks them.

    Think about how much time a guy like Bunbury spends with JK and then compare tht to how much time he spends with his club. No contest.

    I doubt Wondo will be called in but his goal scoring knack is something you may not be able to teach other players. If you could JK would have these guys live with him. Every club would hire someone like JK to live with their strikers. There is no magic formula that JK is going to dispense at his camp.

    If the players on your list are going to develop into productive strikers they will do so at their clubs.

    Jozy has been a regular starter for the US for almost two years but his productivity in terms of goals only developed when he got himself a good club situation that allowed him to develop. Hopefully Jozy can carry that success over to the USMNT.

  150. jj says:

    wondo played as well as anyone else on US team – and deserse another shot — where were you this summer, not watching the game…