Agbossoumonde passes on MLS move

GaleAgbossoumonde (ISI)

U.S. Under-23 national team defender Gale Agbossoumonde has endured a rough road in his quest for regular playing time since turning pro two years ago. With a recent stint at Eintracht Frankfurt failing to deliver him playing time, Agbossoumonde looked poised for a move to Major League Soccer.

That move will not be happening.

Agbossoumonde, 20, rejected a contract offer from Major League Soccer this week, choosing instead to see out the final year of his current deal with Traffic Sports. He is expected to make a move to play for top NASL side Carolina Railhawks for the upcoming season, with an eye toward a potential move back to Europe as a free agent at the end of the year.

With the Olympics looming this summer, and with Agbossoumonde expected to be a part of the U.S. Olympic team set-up, he could wind up playing himself into a big free agent move to Europe if he shows well at the Olympics.

Final details on the MLS offer made to Agbossoumonde were not made available to SBI,  but it is believed to have been a four-year deal in the salary range of the lower Generation adidas contract offers given to college underclassmen ahead of the 2012 MLS Draft.

Having earned his first and only senior national team cap in November of 2010, Agbossoumonde is one of the best young defensive prospects in the U.S. national team pool, but a lack of regular playing time has slowed his growth as a player and could wind up costing him a chance to star on the Olympic team. As it stands, the centerback options in the Olympic pool are thin and Agbossoumonde should have a chance to earn a regular role, especially if he finds consistent playing time.

That is something the Carolina Railhawks could provide if they can complete a deal for the U.S. youth international.

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113 Responses to Agbossoumonde passes on MLS move

  1. C'mon now says:


  2. iheartubuntu says:

    I just read on ABC news that Becks signed a two year deal with LA galaxy. GO GALAXY!

  3. The Dude says:


  4. vik says:

    actually cmon it is more of a gamble. sign a short contract with the hopes of a big $$$ one later vs a decent contract but one that is 4 yrs.

  5. jonk says:

    Fool. He’s still young enough, and especially as a defender, that he could have signed with MLS and still had plenty of time to go overseas. Not only that, but MLS has been showing more willingness to sell players than in the past.

  6. matt says:

    May not be dumb guys. He needs regular PT to be fit for the Olympics. He probably wouldn’t start anywhere in MLS. A decent showing at the Olympics could easily get him more money and better competition, rather than being trapped in MLS for 3 1/2 years.

  7. Drew says:

    US Soccer shouldn’t bother calling him again. Better to invest limited development slots in players who don’t make one boneheaded decision after another.

  8. theakinet says:


  9. Tony in Quakeland says:

    I mean, come on. It’s hard to say that this is anything other than a fantastically mismanaged career. He would have been far better off agreeing to play in MLS years ago. Then maybe, with playing expereince under his belt, he’d have gone off to Europe with Ream, George and (would have been) Gonzales.

    He should not be thinking of anything other than playing right now

  10. Ricky B. Free says:

    Wow! He hasnt been getting playing time, so he rejects a contract with MLS to go play with NASL. What a dumb·$%.

  11. genom says:

    Excellent gamble. He’d be locked into a less than financially desirable situation and have no control over what team and organization develops him. He would also have no control over a move back to Europe within the next 4 years. He has many contacts in Europe, and many teams have expressed interest in him. Unfortunately for him and the European clubs, he’s binded by a bad contract situation which makes him virtually impossible to buy. Wait one year, have a monster olympics and back to a desirable situation in Europe he goes on a free.

  12. Smooth Jonny says:

    Yeah, I don’t get the dumb comments. Dude gets to keep his Traffic salary and play a year at a level which suits his ability at the moment. Then next year he will have a much larger array of options to choose from when it comes to signing his next deal.

  13. A wise man once says:

    Two years, though?

  14. Lee says:

    Good move. MLS would have sat on his contract and force him into a draft.

  15. A wise man once says:


  16. sdfghjkl says:

    good for him!! dont let mls get their little grubby hands on you… #antimlswageslave

  17. Carl says:

    How many Euro scouts are going to watch NASL games? Second tier US league? They can’t even trust that level of competition.

    Not to mention this guys resume of bouncing around will scare off many clubs. He should have built a solid resume in MLS.

    Agree with the comments that US Soccer should not bother with this guy. Signing with Traffic Sports = not a good idea.

  18. Ricky B. Free says:

    Guess what? He is locked into a situation with his managing team for 1 more year. He hasnt played with a decent team in 3 years.

    When his contract ends with Traffic, he wont be getting contract offers from big teams or decent leagues. He should have gone with a sure thing and played his butt off and then maybe he can go to Europe.

    He will be playing for the Railhawks!! I rather get exposure playing for a team in MLS than the Carolina Railhawks who play in NASL.

  19. genom says:

    My man. I already conceded that he’s locked in for 1 more year. If there’s anything Gale is not short on it is exposure. Under 20’s, teams in Portugal, Sweden, and Germany, and more than likely the Olympics. It’s actually quite the opposite. The contract offers from Europe will come in because they’re familiar with him, like his potential, and over everything he will arrive on a free transfer. Think.

  20. afc says:

    Traffic owns Carolina right? Or helps out a lot financially? Of course Traffic is going to send Gale there rather than MLS.

  21. Rlw2020 says:

    I imagine that 4-year deal and being raffeled off to some random team detered him from signing.. At firsti thought he should be playing in mls but i can see why he would pass..

  22. chris says:

    I would do the same exact thing. I would rather sit on the bench in europe fighting for a starting XI spot earning a EU passport then getting held hostage in MLS on a seven year contract in a league that would rather sign has beens than put any trust in young players. Its a no brainer play for peanuts in a league half filled with incompentent FO and owners or make bank in Europe

  23. chris says:

    Brad Rusin

  24. David says:

    Has Traffic helped the career of any player? I cannot think of one. They even owe Ronaldinho money since they pay a portion of his salary with Flamengo. If they’re not willing to keep the wages current for one of the best players in the world in the last decade, no one should trust them to help their career. I don’t understand how they’re still in business.

  25. afc says:

    Third party ownerships like Traffic are very common in South America

  26. Ricky B. Free says:

    Ooh really!! How many offers from decent teams has he been getting? Did you watch the US vs Guatemala game?

    He will have fewer games to showcase his skills and if he plays like he played vs Guatemala well good luck to him.

    Ream played for 2 years in MLS and it looks like he will be playing in EPL. Why couldnt he learn in MLS then move on. DO you really think that its better to learn from guys in NASL or MLS guys?

  27. T says:

    A NASL player went to Sweden a year ago I believe.

  28. Tyeon says:

    So Tim Ream,Le Toux, Omar gonzalez and others are being sold to higher leagues. Also MLS is bring a lot of young guys up from the youth system. Agbossoumonde will be at a lower europ league. Also MLS is better then half of europe, untill the top 8.

  29. Ricky B. Free says:

    Are you trolling or are these your real ideas? How is he going to make bank in Europe when he cant even keep a spot in a bad european team in a mediocre european league?

    If I am a decent european team I would rather sign a guy who plays in MLS than a guy who plays for the Carolina Railhawks. Its common sense.

    Boss has a lot to learn and if he thinks that he will be signed by a European team to learn, well he needs to look no further than Adu.

  30. EA says:

    I think this is Chapter Three in “Managing Your Soccer Career” by Freddy Adu.

  31. Rex says:

    He needed to suck it up and settle for 3 to 4 years in MLS. The kid really needs some stability.

  32. mouf says:

    Traffic does own the Carolina Railhawks. Interesting that wasnt mentioned, im mean, in some ways, their best interest is his best interest, but there is some situation where they are looking to maximize their profit and it may not be best for him.

  33. genom says:

    Örebro SK offered him a contract, but Traffic’s demands were not met. It’s not about learning in the NASL, it’s about biding his time and not getting locked into a binding MLS contract.

  34. chris says:

    Its not the level of play its the complete lack of regard for the players in MLS. Im not going to play in league that pays so little to be put in allocation lottery and sent to some sh!t run team. Look at what happened to Omar Salgado played like 3 games all season and instead of giving him a shot this year vancouver is stock piling forwards. Same thing in LA, could have slotted Stephens into Junihnos spot but instead they signed an ageing Sarvas who will probaly do nothing

  35. chris says:

    No team has signed him because of Traffic sports

  36. David St. Hubbins says:

    What a waste… continuing to make horrible decisions based on the empty promises of his traffic managers and false hope of catching on with a euro club. Poor kid keeps getting talked into rolling the dice on increasingly longer odds risky gambles.

    A half season with a 2nd division American club is not going to get him in form enough to shine in the Olympics.

    A full season with a 2nd division club and a medicore/poor olympics is not going to get him a legit euro contract or euro playing time.

  37. larry says:

    he doesnt want to go into the stupid out dated allocation process for returning MNT players. (he has 1 or 2 caps)

    he tweeted not that long ago that he wanted to play for RBNY. I bet his agent told him he’s gonna end up in DC or someplace like that if he’ll sign with MLS. Cant blame him

  38. brian I says:

    I think everyone agrees about the mismanagement of his career so far signing with Traffic, but I think it was a good move as well in the long run. We’ve seen MLS help many player’s careers but we’ve also seen them hold many players “hostage” when they are ready to jump over seas.

    To my original point I was making, its a good move because of it being his final year in that terrible contract and as a free agent available on a free transfer it opens up many different options for him. We have seen and heard that teams have been interested but the Traffic situation pretty much scares them off. Now he can go to one of those like a solid Scandinavian team where he can go the charlie davies route and prove himself…While probably making more money then in MLS.

  39. brian I says:

    one more thing to add…before you guys go on scrutinizing all the players for going over seas/Scandinavia for more money and exposure rather then staying in MLS. We forget this is their Career and a short one at that, how many of us wouldn’t take a job offering at least twice the pay in a heartbeat? I’m sure some wouldn’t but a lot of us would.

  40. slyboy says:

    Yes because the rest of his choices have resulted favorably.

  41. Andy says:

    Traffic sports can suck one. They’re the worst.

  42. vik says:

    was it denmark?

  43. slyboy says:

    If you are going to Troll at least get your facts right. Omar played over 13 league games this year and a nice 6 figure salary.

    oh, he is 18 and first pro contract…get real man. stupid troll

  44. Ricky B. Free says:

    So he is just biding his time because he is more than ready to go play in europe and get a starting spot. I didnt know that he was that good, my bad. I am sorry for thinking that he wasnt good enough already.

  45. jimcrist says:

    brad rusin is the former railhawks player who signed with HB Køge in denmark in the middle of the summer causing carolinas wheels to slowly come off.

    dude should be playing in mls, he won’t like the mean things we’ll have to say to him when he visits minnesota.

  46. Ricky B. Free says:

    Keep telling yourself that. This kid is not ready to go fight for a starting spot for a decent euro team.

    He has a lot of learning and maturing to do.

    You havent even watched Sarvas play you Troll. Sarvas will do just fine for the Galaxy.

  47. Daniel says:

    Lets see, sign with MLS get- structured contract that will pay decent money for 4 years while being able to play reserve matches and press for first team minutes with a team who wants you there by using the allocation draft process to grab (not lighlty done on the teams part) or try and go to Europe which you have tried for the past few years and make more money but stagnate your growth even more by jumping from team to team? MLS is better than we give credit for and his contract would be up before he was 25 which would leave atleast 5 to 7 years of playing top football across the pond.

  48. jb says:

    genom is right on. the MLS contract is way too long, especially if he only has one more year to wait. I’m not going to reiterate all the points made above that apparently didnt get thru, but the main thing is the length of the contract. most european teams will not want to pay the transfer fee, especially since MLS is overinflating the value. Therefore he is likely stuck in MLS for 4 yrs. But if he waits 1 yr, then goes on a free, he will have MANY more options, and 3 more years to hit the bigger payday. No brainer.

  49. Tyeon says:

    The league is now sending players to the EPL, if im a young player MLS IS THE BEST OPTION

  50. C'mon now says:

    You really think NASL is his level? He’s supposed to be with our U-23 team. If he can’t hack it in MLS then he has no business being in our national team set-up at that level. Rather than working his way into MLS where he SHOULD get playing time (hence have ANY chance of being in the Olympic roster) then chance it AGAIN on some crappy Scandanavian team after he doesn’t make the roster in the first place.

  51. C'mon now says:

    Nob. Translation: You’re a Nob. How about that?

  52. C'mon now says:

    Thank you.

  53. Bob Schlei says:

    Doesnt matter, hot carl. he will be on a free and can trial with potential suitors. He is not an unknown quantity and the major impediment to his development has been the traffic contract. Once free of that he could conceivably sign with a Belgian, Dutch or Danish [etc] team on a reasonable salary and make his way there. People saying dumb do not in fact appear to be looking at the totality of Gale’s situation. He made a “dumb” decision to go with Trafffic years ago.

  54. jlm says:

    It has more to do with the contract than the team he plays for. Once his current contract is up, options will open up. If he signed a long term deal with MLS, it would be a long time until his options would open up again. Can’t blame the guy.

    How do you know how ready he is to fight for a starting spot? Of course he has a lot of learning and maturing to do. Why does he have to do that on MLS’s terms at this point in his career? If nothing comes about next year in Europe, then he can do his thang in MLS. Odds are that he will have opportunities in Europe though.

  55. abc says:

    I heard “Agbossoumonde” is [some West African language] for “smart career decisions”….

  56. jlm says:

    At least you are looking at it logically and acknowledging both sides of the coin. Both options have risk. The biggest potential reward comes with the option that he is taking. And if it does not work out, he can fall back to the other option one year from now. Question it sure, but how can you blame him or call this move dumb?

  57. jlm says:

    this is a REALLY stupid comment

  58. Jamie says:

    You clearly know nothing about the crap hole that is Traffic Sports.

  59. GSScasual says:

    there are far more games than drafts… if you are going to be sarcastic at least be in the ballpark. in regards to NASL, MLS is lightyears better

  60. Tyler says:

    Disrespectful and uncalled for.

  61. Tyler says:

    As a matter of fact “abc”‘, something tells me your surname’s universal translation is dumba$$

  62. The Imperative Voice says:

    Right, Ibeagha keeps pulling the same thing on the Dynamo for the US U20 and U23 teams, seemingly gambling the next tournament will vault him to an expensive Euro deal. But how are you going to earn a starting gig and shine internationally with transient or bad pro gigs, or a mere college background? He can’t be bright if he’s fallen for this Traffic nonsense then blown off MLS, starts to sound EJ-esque but without even one decent pro season to justify the hubris.

  63. The Imperative Voice says:

    He could say that if he hadn’t already done a pointless world tour behind Traffic with endless trials and half-baked destinations. In comparison to that singing for his supper in a regular MLS gig would be stability and a launching pad. This is like 2-3 years of goofing around rather than emerging, dude.

  64. The Imperative Voice says:

    Amen. They can dress it up all they like but it’s bass-ackwards. “I want to play in the minors for minor league money rather than compete for time in a real league for major league money.” It betrays a lack of confidence in his own skills is one thing that’s being finessed. If he had any confidence he’d not fear MLS competition.

  65. marco says:

    I don’t see Boss making the final 18 if USA qualifies. I think CB will be filled with over-aged players. He seems to be doing the drift and slide like Adu did.

  66. marco says:

    You nailed it, very similar paths, of idleness.

  67. The Imperative Voice says:

    Carolina’s coach for Rusin and Barbara is now in Vancouver. The team tanked once Rusin left and Rennie announced. So the idea of repeating Rusin is a little mythic.

    What if he plays bad? That would just about be the end of the road. He’s already bounced around plenty. If he was in MLS he could at least have some time to progress….that 4 year deal being mocked is also at least a couple years of sincere effort towards him, indulgence of rust, etc.

    And the reason everyone mentions Rusin is it’s so random and rare. To emulate a moonshot is silly. But he sounds more like EJ every day. Live the dream instead of reality.

  68. Kasey says:

    Over the past two years I’ve come across numerous posts on here about this guy but have yet to see him play at any level.

    Does this guy employ a PR agent or what?

  69. Bryan says:

    Here come the SBI. PC police….

  70. Bryan says:

    He hasn’t proven a thing and isn’t a kid I see developing. Not sure what all the fuss is about.

  71. The Imperative Voice says:

    For starters, his deal with Traffic is far more disastrous to his career than anything MLS could foist upon him. By his own admission he goes from trial to trial and lower level club to lower level club, many affiliated with Traffic, and when offered deals outside Traffic he told ESPN the numbers never work out. That’s close to real slavery. In comparison a four year deal with a specific team that intends to use him in exchange for a paycheck is paradise, even if they perhaps insist upon their contract….though players have been transferred or released to Europe, including Freddy.

    Worth asking: WHO turned down MLS? Traffic? How much input did he have? And if MLS once offered him 6 figures and is now down to 5, where’s his career sensed to be headed?

    His resume is like Estoril, Braga reserves, Miami FC, etc. That sounds like no bridge to real Europe, and Carolina sounds like Miami redux.

    And it’s worth pointing out he just missed the domestic U23 camp for an injury, if he’s not playing regularly this may become a problem.

  72. Ted says:

    did anyone who said this was a dumb move read the article? MLS low balled him, a top u-23 talent given the low end of gen Adidas contract, even tho he’s had more pro experience and more upside then most gen Adidas players, MLS has to show a little more if they want to seriously bring talent to the league.

  73. Ted says:

    what a dumb*ss

  74. Judging Amy says:

    Exactly. This isn’t a dumb move at all. He’s not rejecting MLS.

    It’s about the one year left on his contract which makes him a free next year. That’s an excellent position to be in in terms of getting an offer (Could even be MLS again but for a shorter contract or higher salary).

  75. slyboy says:

    hummm, pro experience where? even John Thorrington played for Manchester United…reserves. Gale has not proved anything with real playing time, and a low end gen adidas contract should be in the 70,000-90,000 ball park.

  76. slyboy says:

    actually close to 100,000

  77. Ted says:

    has Tyler Polak played? Has even Mattocks played higher than collegiate ball?

  78. Ricky B. Free says:

    Well it looks like I know more than Gale Boss. So its a win for me.

  79. MicahK says:

    Wow I have no idea what to say about this. I like Gale I just hope he does not end up like Eddie J.

  80. Ricky B. Free says:

    Are you from Traffic, you are making him seem like he has played some real pro ball in 2 years.

    We all know he has been practicing, yes I am talking about practice. He hasnt played for a team for 4 straight months. What is this great experience you are talking about?

    EJ rejected MLS because he thinks he is worth more. Where is EJ now?

    I believe that Traffic is the one that rejected this deal because. They just rejected a chance to play for a real pro team and have a better chance to move to Europe to a decent team.

    Boss had offers from teams but Traffic rejected the deal because the numbers never worked out, Boss said so himself. Traffic is hoping that Boss kills it at the Olympics and they get a big contract from Europe so they can get their money back.

  81. Brian says:

    No pity for this guy, anymore. He’s just straight up stupid.

  82. and says:


  83. ps says:

    I can think of several teams that could use him right away, if not as a lock as a starter then as a regular sub DC, NE, San Jose. Plus I could see him competing for serious minutes at Vancouver and Portland. Heck, maybe the Red Bulls are one set of working papers away from having some major holes to fill at the CB position.

    NASL might be a way to get minutes, but another year with TRAFFIC is wack.

  84. ted says:

    Im saying give a guy who has a senior mnt cap, who is younger than most draft picks and has plenty of upside better than a low ball gen adidas contract.

  85. ted says:

    And a pro enviroment IS diff from college

  86. Common sense says:

    So South Carolina is better than playing for DC united? Put down the crack pipe, pal.

  87. louis z says:

    if we make the olys, do you really think BOSS will make the final 20 list? most likely he will be replaced by season veterans. The CB spot is our weakest and help will come.

  88. solles says:

    by “major league money” i naturally assume you actually meant “a bit better than minor league money in most cases”.

  89. genom says:

    Right. Because Eintracht Frankfurt is a lower level club than Djurgården. And right, because Djurgården is a lower level club than the Fort Lauderdale Strikers. Thank you dear readers of SBI for reminding why I do not normally contribute to this drivel. Back to my cave I go.

  90. dan says:

    NASL > MLS


  91. abc says:

    Whoa, didn’t realize my joke would be seen as insensitive. Boss is originally from Togo, which is in West Africa. I don’t know what language they speak there and ironically I didn’t want to be non-PC and say “Togoan”…
    Bottom line is he seems to not make the best career decisions.

  92. Nick says:

    I agree. If you are not starting getting regular minutes with a MLS team, I see that almost as a minimum for the u-23 team today.

    If our u-23 team is relying on 2nd division players we are in trouble.

  93. former troll says:

    i was once a troll, until i was shot in the knee with an arrow

  94. Ives says:

    cocky fucks, hope they get level headed soon

  95. The Imperative Voice says:

    I understood he was being offered $100K+ the first attempt and the most recent offer was a “GA” level offer. You can mock that, but we all know those are decent salaries for US soccer, and that he won’t be beating that at Carolina.

    And let’s be real, one aspect of this decision might be simply running out the Traffic contract.

  96. The Imperative Voice says:

    EF is B.2. He wasn’t actually playing for the B.2 team, he was with EFII (U23) in the Regionalliga Sud, where he appeared once.

    Djurgardens is Allsvenskan but they were bad when he was there, and he appeared 8 times. Their big recent American signing was Brian Span. A college kid. Hammarby recently signed Baggio Husidic.

    And the fact is that Traffic never lets him stay anywhere long. You’re implying it’s a superior approach but that’s laughable.

    I am unconvinced that this CV is superior to MLS in any way.

  97. Amigo Energy says:

    As a Raleigh native, I’ll be glad to see him this season with the Railhawks but I’m perplexed by his focus on $ versus professional game experience.

  98. RK says:

    He’s going to NASL because human Traffic Sports owns Carolina.

  99. beachbum says:

    “no trust in young players”

    what? this is just BS, straight up. I can understand some points for not signing in MLS, but this is weak spin

  100. marco says:

    Boss is on the Adu children’s slide. Moving around the sandbox but playing very little. That’s never good for anyone. Wasted years NEVER come back.

  101. marco says:

    Silly sophist argument asking a college player where else did he play.

  102. The Imperative Voice says:

    I’d be interested who the source was for the article. MLS has little interest, other than an EJ situation where a signing becomes a backpedal, in publicizing the fact of a failed approach after the fact. It sounds more like Traffic or Boss’s interest(s) to make this public.

    He’s a Gooch-type physical specimen with apparently a decent soccer mind, which is what probably makes him still attractive to anyone as a U-23 prospect who’s still not found a home. In England you’d be washing out kids by his age who can’t land somewhere.

    But a GA offer is not a bad offer for an unproven US YTeamer who is high on potential and low on proof, has no college record to point to, etc. And from a negotiations standpoint you wonder if this was (a) the first offer; (b) a signal that MLS is not going to up its offer for the same player it keeps asking and getting refused by; (c) Traffic trying to snow him somemore; and/or (d) a wise move for someone who may need
    MLS next season.

    He reminds me of Ibeagha, who keeps turning down the Dynamo for Duke on the apparent theory that if he blows up at one of these US YT tourneys he can write his own ticket. But the pool is increasingly professionalized and it seems to me that only a well-schooled and fit player is going to make the impression necessary to land a worthwile European deal. Which creates a Catch 22 of whether you almost need a pro perch now to leverage the international YT tourneys into a next move.

  103. Chris says:

    This continues to be a terrible situation for him. He should never have signed with Traffic. Let this be a lesson to other young players: Get yourself in a pro academy at an early age and work your way up to the $$$. You’ll get games at every level and God willing a good payday later on.

  104. Alexandria says:

    Umm slaves had no choice no right and couldn’t walk away this Guy has all three and he’s getting paid. This isn’t slavery its beyond the most insensitive comparison go visit the slavery museums you need to educate yourself.

  105. Joamiq says:

    This is only dumb if MLS is for some reason not an option for him next year, and I have no reason to think that’s the case. If I were him I’d probably do the same thing. Why lock yourself into another commitment before you get out from under Traffic?

  106. Alexandria says:

    Life is all about risks but what happens if he doesn’t make the team. Secondly I love all the talk about what he deserves if it was your money how much would you pay him? I’d low ball him and make him work that’s how it is in the real world. If you pay totally on potential you get Kwame Brown.

  107. inkedAG says:

    This is a huge gamble. I won’t be surprised if Gale rides off into the sunset. He hasn’t had a steady team or playing time since he’s signed for Traffic. Whatever, it’s his life.

  108. mofo says:

    Stupid and DUMB…..

  109. The Imperative Voice says:

    link to

    All due respect but I don’t need the education. Read this ESPN article entitled, “Regrets, he’s had a few.”

    For example, “‘They own my rights, unfortunately,’ he said. ‘I have to do what they say and I have to play for what team they say — whatever they work out. I pretty much don’t have a say in what my career is right now.'”

    Or, “‘Whatever trial I go on,’ Agbossoumonde said, ‘the team says, ‘Yes, we want to bring him back,’ and then every time they [Traffic] up the money of what they want. I know the team wants me to stay there and then what I hear from Traffic is that it didn’t work out.'”

    So, does he really have a choice? The article is a litany of trials and attempts to land somewhere, where a few times he starts to feel comfortable but no long term deal ever seems to get worked out. He’s been in this position for 3 years, since spring 2009. That’s 3/4 of the MLS contracts some see as so cruel to their signatories. He may be getting paid but he appears to have less control over his future than 99% of MLS players, or even you or I in our careers. You want to disagree with me on the semantics fine but it’s close enough to player slavery for me. And I think we should be wary of new versions of slavery, not use use historical definitions as an excuse for basically removing control of a player’s life for 4 years. It makes MLS look inviting in comparison.

  110. KL says:

    Rusin already played in Scandinavia previously. He was known. His team in Denmark bought him for only 20k based on his past. Not for playing on a crap team in a crap league.

    Europe only watches MLS games.

  111. KL says:

    MLS is as good as Scandinavia. Stop with the inferiority complex. That is the cancer killing American soccer.

    Stop kissing Europe’s arse!!!

  112. KL says:

    Traffic kills players. The fact that they are propping up the NASL is disgusting.

  113. veejay says:

    So what kind of $ deal did he sign with traffic? Was it better than if he had gone ga in the first case?