Beasley scores winner for Puebla vs. Jaguares

DaMarcusBeasley (ISI)

DaMarcus Beasley has picked up where he left off with Mexican side Puebla, continue his stellar form since moving South of the Border with his latest goal.

Beasley delivered the game-winning goal in Puebla's 1-0 victory against Jaguares on Saturday, scoring a right-footed finish after making a fast back-post run and latching onto a perfect pass before pulling off a perfect cut-back and finish.

The goal helped Puebla post their first victory of the Clausura campaign.

Here is Beasley's goal:

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48 Responses to Beasley scores winner for Puebla vs. Jaguares

  1. KC says:

    Golazo is right. The way they worked the ball all over the field was just beautiful

  2. Don Pelayo says:

    Fantastic fake and finish! It is great to see him playing with confidence.

  3. Citronomics says:

    Beas with a bomb. Superb finish and great ball to hit him in stride.

  4. FMF + MLS + OMG says:

    vs Chiapas

    Speaking of Chiapas…when are we going to get a Chiapas USA in MLS?

    ……can’t wait?

  5. KenC says:

    Sweet with the right!

  6. beasleysucks says:

    funny, why can’t he hit a ball like that when wearing a nats jersey?

  7. Jonathan S says:

    I believe he can. Since getting healthy he has not has much time on the field for the usmnt. He may very well be a factor off the bench in the 2014 wc.

  8. Ron says:

    Wow, that looked like the DaMarcus Beasley that led PSV Eindhoven to the Championships League semis.

  9. Joamiq says:

    What a dumb comment. He hasn’t played much lately, but Beasley is one of the best finishers the MNT has had over the past 10 years.

  10. Edwin in LA says:

    Lets hope he can get back to form, hell he can only push our other lefties or left wingers to be better. Shea can learn a thing or two about finish at the moment, and he could groom guys like Gyau, Johnson ( not that he needs it that much) and maybe even Pontius when he gets healthy. I hope he does well, want to see the America goals because they scored 3 even tho 1 was BS but want to see if Michael Orozco did okay or was at fault in any of them?

  11. wildchild says:


  12. MensreaJim says:

    +1, this guy had some amazing games for us.

  13. CSD says:

    If he gets a bonus for goals scored hopefully he gets to keep it..

    “..Beasley, 29, revealed on Twitter that twice in the past week Mexican police had stopped his car and demanded bribes, threatening to confiscate his driver’s license.”

  14. FMF + MLS + OMG says:

    stay classy mexico

  15. Patrick says:

    After the way his time in Scotland ended, and his stop over in Germany I’m glad Beasley has found a hoke in Mexico. The style down there suited for him, not too physical, offensively minded and with a high pace. I think Beasley could have essentially a second career down in Mexico. It seems like all too often people forget just how important Beasley was to the US. He, and Donovan really ushered us into the generation were seeing now.

  16. BB says:

    Beasley actually being a clutch player and not choking at the worst time? I don’t believe it.

  17. Ted in MN says:

    stay safe DeMarcus. Guy got enough of this crap with Rangers.

  18. WendellGee says:

    He may not have a story like Jay Demerrit, but a book following Beasley’s career would be a lot more interesting than books about pretty much all other American soccer players playing now.

  19. CSD says:

    Like to see him get 4 more Caps so he can get to 100. Could use him in some qualifiers. Nice veteran option off the bench.

  20. This Guy says:

    It’s hard to do amazing things when BB sticks you at LB and then assumes many on SBI that he sucks. Beas is a legend with the USMNT; you wouldn’t know that if you became a supporter in the last 5 years.

  21. Igor says:

    Cap him now !!!?!

  22. Patriot Troll says:

    Still has a crap first touch.

  23. CapTied96 says:

    He needs to develop a new goal celebration called “The Bribe Payment” to keep the cops in Puebla off his back.

  24. Ryan in NY by way of NC says:

    To be fair, Bob only used (foolishly, I may add) Beas at LB once vs. Costa Rica I believe. We lost 3-0 or 3-1 and Bob never played him back there again.

    Beas is a legend and I’m rooting for him to make the 2014 side if he continues this form.

    I may catch some flack for this but I’d like to see him as one of our over-age players in London. He’s played in some of the most important games in USMNT history and he’d bring the right kind of veteran leadership to a very young midfield.

  25. Max says:

    Seems like he’s fitting in really well with the team down there. I hope the situation doesn’t get too dangerous for him, because I agree that the Mexican League is a really nice fit for his game.

  26. Isaac says:

    Yeah, that’s how he scored that goal right?


  27. Felix says:

    I’d watch alot more Mexican club football if it was in HD.

  28. hush says:

    What did you watch before HD?.. I’m guessing you missed out on some great games in the past… I don’t give a damn if a tv is running on 10p or static mode, I’m watching some futbol!

  29. GSScasual says:

    look at that touch!

  30. GSScasual says:

    if you had two working eyes, heck ONE working eye, you would see that it was a great touch that beat the defender.. idiot

  31. Isaac says:

    Seriously. I get so sick of people complaining about Fox Soccer not being in HD. Who gives a f**k? Be glad you get any in the first place. Moreover, be glad you get to watch your favorite team/players in the first place.

  32. Isaac says:

    Yup. For the longest time the guy couldn’t control the ball worth of crap and now he’s not only controlling the ball well, but he’s doing it in a smart way. Dragged it right out of the defender’s path and put himself in a great spot. The guy might just be back.

  33. Lil' Zeke says:

    I’ve got some flack for you, but it’s about the notion that trying Beasley at LB was foolish. He’s got great defensive skills, and everything else we tried up to that point wasn’t cutting it. Worth a try I say, and it’s a shame the attempt happened to coincide with a dip in form.

  34. Lil' Zeke says:


  35. Lil' Zeke says:

    Dang, you dudes is agry

  36. beachbum says:

    disagree, your take lacks accuracy imo

    Beasley, and I love him, struggled mightily (nice word) at WC 2006 under Bruce Arena. That performance set him back in the USMNT.

    anyway, sooo glad to watch play yesterday, I saw most of that game, and to see him playing for USMNT. He was open in space other times too and received no service. has always been a tricky and tenacious little defender as well

  37. beachbum says:

    “…I saw most of that game, and enjoy seeing him play for the USMNT.”

  38. beachbum says:

    fun game to watch because of DeMarcus’ inclusion for me. He’s looking really good :)

  39. some A-hole says:

    They have no choice but to cheer for a Gringo. :) Interesting!

  40. uDaMan says:

    Can’t wait till MLS teams can pass the ball at that speed and accuracy. Not for only passing sake, (of course) but for goal scoring (in the net) results.

    It’ll come…

    In 20 years (give or take a decade.)

  41. John says:

    I said it on another post……much smarter people have a different assessment of his talent. Beas made a huge error against Brasil and his confidence cratered. At his best, he’s one of the best talents the US has produced, if he he can reclaim his past ability, it’s only good for us. why continue to bury him?

  42. John says:

    You’re as bad as the earlier poster, go back to your gas station job.

  43. John says:

    troll id right

  44. Shweazy says:

    this looks like 2005 Beasley, that was great..

  45. primoone says:

    + 1 hunit

  46. primoone says:

    If it is one thing that you can be sure of is DMB’s ball control.

    Your ability to evaluate first touch has failed you.