Everton 1, Manchester City 0: Match Highlights

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  1. CILII_blog says:

    Sucks being in Canada. Can’t see the video.

  2. AngstChild says:

    Not to be a downer but I thought Landon kinda sucked (yeah, he got the assist). Good effort all around defensively by Everton and a good team win!

  3. Galarcep Blatter says:

    Could LD just permanently move to Merseyside already. It would be awesome.

  4. SoccerInATL says:

    He trashed the top teams last time he was there with he and Pinear catching fire and cahill finishing the chances. Nice to see Everton doing it again. Moyes is a coach I would have for our USMNT if I could choose anyone.

  5. Tim F. says:

    A great goal and buildup to goal!

  6. fischy says:

    It wasn’t his best game — his free kicks really did suck, and his corners weren’t much better. In the run of play, he was pretty good, despite skying his shot at goal with Hart out the picture. The assist wasn’t bad, but if he’d controlled it better with his first touch, he might have had his own shot at goal. Really, his problem is with his mates. They don’t run well, and when they try to play quickly, they play badly. He would be more effective if he had more chances to get up to full speed.

  7. Soccer Guy says:

    It’s a good thing Landon Donovan is getting assists because without them he would likely be on the bench by now. That having been said, his single assist today may not have been enough to keep him off the bench.

    Donovan is clearly playing scared and severely lacking in confidence right now. Why?

    An important part of his play and a significant part of his success the last time he played with Everton was his ability and willingness to run at or past players with his speed. This element of his game is almost completely gone now and the few times he has attempted to use it has gone badly, with him either having a horrible first touch or just being easily stripped of the ball.

    If that isn’t bad enough he is clearly trying to limit his involvement in games to as few touches as possible. (So he can limit his mistakes?) Some of the things he has done in his games with Everton are very strange. If you pay attention the camera catches him being unwilling to involve himself in play quite a few times.

    In one instance he was playing a pass to an Everton player in the corner on the left side in a situation which clearly called for him to get the ball back as the other Everton player drew City defenders and had nowhere to go. What did he do? He left the player on his own by backing away from the play and they had no choice but to try and dribble through defenders which predictably resulted in loss of the ball.

    In another game the camera showed him just outside of the box on the far side when an Everton corner was being being taken and virtually all of the players were crowded around the near post area with nothing but open space and Donovan on the far side. If the ball had somehow gone over or through the mob of players at the near post area it would have been a great opportunity for Donovan to move in and score unopposed and unmarked. What did he do? Just as he has done so many times, he backed away and just watched as if to say I’m not getting involved in that play because I might find myself in a position where they might expect me to score. Today he even lost his crossing ability. He took a free kick that Baines should have taken and wasted it, and then right after on the same play when he found the ball came to him in front of the goal he shot a mile over the bar from close range. He is clearly spooked.

    If Donovan is VERY lucky he has one more game before he is benched. Everton has plenty of other players who are at the very least not to afraid to get involved in the game and play aggressively.

    I shouldn’t have to say this but I enjoyed watching Donovan play at Everton last time and I am rooting for him this time too, but that doesn’t mean he is above criticism, and you just know my comments are going to be assaulted by the usual fanboys with comments about how I’m a “hater”.

  8. go usa says:

    I’ve been watching the Everton games and see it quite differently.

    1) LD NEVER shines as a winger, even with the Nats. He is always best as a withdrawn attacker or Libero. His vision making the final pass or getting the jump on defenders during a counter is his forte.

    That being said, he is clearly doing what Moyes wants him to do, and your job as a winger is to provides assists. He’s provided almost every goal for Everton since he arrived. Why would Moyes bench him?

    2) LD is wide open a ton during the game, and Everton have zero ability to get him the ball. The left side is terrible at switching fields. You want to get the ball to LD when he has space to run and make decisions, not a 5 yard pass from Neville when LD has two defenders on him.

    Before he the loan ends, I hope Moyes takes the chance to move him centrally or let him roam.

  9. KungFuSoccer says:

    Landon haters are insane. Truly insane. What level do you expect him to play at? You think that every great player has a great touch 100% of the time, makes 100% of all shots and is involved in 75% of the game. Go back to playing XBOX. That is not soccer, and you are delusional. How many players in the world conistently (almost every game), Club, Country Regional, Country World Cup … have a meaningful impact again and again and again. Ask Rooney about the World cup or Torres or Drogba about their EPL seasons of late.

    What would the US team be without him?

    He has assisted on almost every goal since he got to Everton and he sucks? He helped now lowly Everton beat the top team in the EPL and he sucks? What on earth do you want?

  10. mcarsenal says:


  11. away goals says:

    Yes, apart from having a hand in all of everton’s goals, donovan has contributed nothing.

    Wait, what?

  12. Indigo Montoya says:

    How about you, Lash Larue? Can you keep your spurs from jingling and jangling?

  13. Indigo Montoya says:

    No kidding – wait, but he isn’t Pele or Messi or Beckenbauer…no &*%$. But, he is pretty damn solid and if he wasn’t the face of MLS, a club such as Everton could purchase him. They should try, at the least, to buy him.

    If 8 paragraphs need to be set forth to disparage Donovan’s play, then, maybe, just maybe, the argument against his performances is a bit contrived.

  14. Soccer Guy says:

    No wonder so many people have left this website. It’s really a shame it has become swamped with so many loser fanboys who have the mentality of a bratty five year old. Absolutely clueless. Just about every response is a straw man argument. You can’t argue what I said so you make up your own and pretend I said that.

    Why don’t we have this “discussion” again real soon when Donovan is benched. I guess Moyes will be a “hater” and not know what he is talking about. Grow up and stop going to bed every night clutching your Landy Cakes dolls.

  15. Ricky B. Free says:

    uck off troll. Its very obvious.

  16. Ricky B. Free says:

    So he has assisted in almost every gola since he has been in Everton and he should be riding the bench? That alone makes you look like you dont know what you are talking about or just a lame troll.

    A good player can have a bad game but can have at least 1 moment and makes the difference. Today´s assist wasnt that great but he still got it.

    I know you feel frustrated because you are one of the guys that wanted him to fail miserably. Its too bad for you and all the other eurosnobs, but Donovan is making himself standout at Everton a team that plays in the EPL.

  17. Dimidri says:

    ‘besides being an integral part of close to 70% of goals since he’s came here, he’s been horrible’. Right…Moyes seems absolutely looking to bench him…

  18. Dimidri says:

    Moye’s and almost every qualified soccer/football analysis greatly disagrees with you…just look at what he has said. And people leaving this site? Doubtful. Easily most expansive, in-depth, insightful US soccer website.

  19. Andy says:

    Well, I haven’t commented on this site for awhile, but there is no way I can let this slide. Seriously, no one thinks LD is Messi. Maybe if you appreciate him for what he is and not what you want him to be you could actually contribute something other than this “analysis”.

    I’m not a fanboy at all, just someone who lives in the real world. This isn’t FIFA or Football Manager man, reality is a lot less perfect than you want it to be. LD, for the second time, stepped off a plane and went right into the first team of a struggling club and contributed to their strong league form. I think they’re in 9th now. Everton was playing very conservitively, and I don’t think he was supposed to get too far up field against Man City. Everton’s fullback didn’t give him too much support and he lost the ball a few times because of it, but it looked like Landon was just following the plan.

    Thanks for the laugh though, I needed it. Just breathe man, it’ll be OK!

  20. Indigo Montoya says:

    And when he isn’t benched, you owe me a beer – agreed?

    The “Landy Cakes” comment simply reveals a potential bias of your initial treatise against his Everton performances. However, the actual stats fly in the face of everything you espouse – he has created goals. Everton weren’t scoring goals and they’ve climbed the table since his arrival.

    He has no benching imminent unless it is fatigue/injury related.

    I want Sierra Nevada when you have to pay up.

    Thanks, sir.

  21. Soccer Guy says:

    You really do see things differently. Donovan “NEVER” shines as a winger? The best of his stint with Everton this time around has been his wing play. So those great crosses he has made from the wings that connected for goals is not being a winger?

    I agree with you that his best position is not winger, though he does have the characteristics that you would think would make him a great winger, but as far as his play with Everton so far this time around, it’s been the best of his play.

    As for the argument that Everton doesn’t get him the ball, you really can’t make that argument when Donovan has clearly been avoiding the ball a lot of the time.

    Regarding what you said about his assists, I mentioned his assists as being a reason he might not be benched for the next game. However, the game is ninety minutes and all assists are not equally good, and in the case of today’s game one assist that probably almost any player on the field would have made does not compare with his two assist game where he was unlucky to have only two assists and was spraying effective crosses throughout the game.

    I disagree with a lot of what you have said but thanks for responding intelligently and not like I insulted your mother.

  22. Andy says:

    Anyone who calls him Landycakes will have a hard time convincing me that they’re objectively evaluating Donovan

  23. Soccer Guy says:

    So one simple, and obvious layoff of the ball that nearly any other player would make, meant he had a good game today?

  24. Robert Green says:

    sequence of the game: donovan takes the ball 80 yards on a sprint, lays off to longargentinename guy, continues run for return ball, but l.a.g isn’t good enough to play it. donovan turns around, sprints 60 yards the other way, hunts down kolarov, tackles ball off of his foot for everton throw in. PURE CLASS.

    donovan’s flicks, touches, and vision were world class throughout. he’s at a higher level then his teammates for the galaxy, where i’m a season ticket holder, and he’s at a higher level then his teammates for everton. he is without doubt the most complete player (maybe other than tab ramos or claudio reyna in their primes) we’ve ever produced. he showed it again today.

    there are some idiots on this website.

  25. jbehr says:

    don’t agree with you. He’s been a very effective two way player for Everton who is helping them get results. He’s making a difference which is what Moyes needed.

    He can get better though.

  26. away goals says:

    If you really think donovan, as an attacking player, has been playing poorly, i’m curious who you think has been playing well? Or is moyes going to bench the entire front six?

    It’s not like the offense was especially prolific prior to mr cakes’ arrival. Hell leighton baines is their leading scorer this year.

  27. Soccer Guy says:

    The “analysis” by you and a lot of the people here might be a lot better if you would take off your “I Love Landy” glasses once in a while. Like so many here you don’t even bother responding to what I said, you just make up something and respond to that. You should consider being a politician. Your jump on the bandwagon and go with the crowd mentality, combined with your straw man arguments would make you a natural.

    As for you not having commented on this site in a while, I’m not surprised. I’m sure like so many others you have to wait for a bunch of people to say the same thing and then join in with more of the same before you can comment.

  28. Indigo Montoya says:

    Hey, Robert, what happened on Dempsey’s shot? Just always wanted to know…

    I’d put Dempsey ahead of Reyna or Ramos at this point, but Donovan…that’s a head scratcher (excluding keepers, of course).

  29. Andy says:

    I never said he was perfect, if you want to say Donovan should be benched thats fine. All you did is pull out all the negatives from the game and ignored the positives. Its gonna be OK man! Really its OK we don’t agree. I’ll probably never know as much as you, so I’ll let Moyes decide our disagreement. If he gets benched for his poor performances, I promise I’ll come back to this blog post and give you big props. We’ll see.

  30. Andy says:

    Oh and just to explain myself further, I think Dempsey is a little better right now, I’m not sure why you think everyone who disagrees with your opinion is a Landon fanboy.

  31. Soccer Guy says:

    It almost seems like you didn’t read what I said. If you are going to disagree with me, fine, but at least disagree with what I actually said.

    Donovan is having a problem with his confidence and being in the spotlight on such a big stage. It has negatively effected an important element of his play and is causing his overall quality of play to drop with each successive game. Today’s game being the first game where he actually had a poor game. (Yes, I know he had an assist!)

    It’s hard for me to believe that so many so called Donovan fans cannot see that Donovan is struggling with his confidence and a major part of his game, that is running with the ball and his first touch. His speed and ability to run at the goal and players is clearly what endeared him to so many Everton fans in his first stay at Everton. The crowd was actually trying to get him to run with the ball at one point.

    Perhaps that’s too much pressure on that high of a level when you have not had much time to adjust.

  32. Soccer Guy says:

    The ultimate fanboy! Congratulations!

  33. away goals says:

    Well, no, one simple layoff does not mean he had a good game.

    Everton beating manchester city, on the other hand, is an indication that all the guys in blue shirts put in a good shift.

    But if you think moyes watched this total team performance and thought “I better make a bunch of changes,” well then good sir, I believe our discussion has reached an impasse.

  34. Soccer Guy says:

    You said: “But if you think moyes watched this total team performance and thought “I better make a bunch of changes,” well then good sir, I believe our discussion has reached an impasse.”

    Once again, a straw man argument. I never said any such thing. I said Donovan might survive one more game but if he continued his decline and didn’t get some of his confidence back, he will surely be benched soon. I did NOT mention anything about a bunch of changes.

  35. Soccer Guy says:


  36. AL says:

    1. He was MOTM according to Moyes in the last game vs. Fulham

    2. His loan stint has been all you can ever expect. He has come into an EPL team and has played at a high level every game. Always one of the better players on the pitch.

    3. Donovan is not playing w confidence (according to you) but he is still performing and getting stats. Confidence doesnt always mean you are performing well.

    Go die

  37. Soccer Guy says:

    Even sadder. Why are you lying?

    I’m not sure why you feel that a majority of people having the same mindset means anyone who disagrees with that majority thinks they are all fanboys because they disagree. Your just grabbing a pitch fork and a torch and running after the crowd Andy. Think for yourself.

  38. Soccer Guy says:

    1. This has nothing to do with what I said. What does it tell you that you can’t respond without resorting to lying or arguing something that wasn’t said?

    2. It’s a bit premature to evaluate his loan stint at this point, but so far he has dropped off with each game and he had his first poor game today.

    3. Donovan is not playing with confidence according to me? No, Donovan is not playing with confidence because he is becoming afraid to run with the ball and starting to choose his moments as to when he wants to get involved in the game.

    I would tell you to go die, but I suspect your brain already has.

  39. Soccer Guy says:


  40. Soccer Guy says:

    More lies. Get a life.

  41. Soccer Guy says:

    More lies. You can’t even bother to read what I said. Your response is based solely on what other people are saying.

    Let me give it a try.

    I don’t care what you say, Pele was not the worst player of all time. Why do you hate Pele?

  42. Supsam says:

    Lets keep up this kind of “bratty five year old” comments so we can also have guys like “Soccer Guy” join his made up folk and leave this website. (i dont know how he knows that people are leaving when SBI consistently wins Best Blog award by US Soccer) You ask for discussion but you only discredit others with insults instead of debating them. Sheesh what a troll.

    Instead of focusing on the negatives of LD, try to see the positives on what he brings to the team and that is RESULTS! The team is getting RESULTS from who? Oh thats right, LD. What sane person would bench a player who is setting up almost all of Everton’s goals?

    Soccer Guy, good luck finding a sportswriter/website that agrees with you so you can follow them instead. Hope i dont see you post on SBI again.

  43. Soccer Guy says:

    I just finished reading the report on Everton’s web site for the game today. The only comment about Donovan is that apart from when he passed the ball to Gibson he had “a quiet game”. Refer me to “qualified” analysis that says Donovan had a good game today?

  44. Soccer Guy says:

    Why are you and so many people here so prone to lying or misrepresentation? The stats fly in the face of EVERYTHING I espouse? What stats? Assists? I acknowledged his assists. That’s the only one you can be referring to, but it has nothing to with what I said. Refer me to some stats other than a very simple assist that fly in the face of my saying Donovan had a poor game today.

  45. Soccer Guy says:

    Did I say Donovan was playing poorly except for today? Did I say has been poor as an attacking player? Did I mention anyone else on Everton and say they were better? Why bother to respond if you don’t want to respond to what I actually said?

  46. Soccer Guy says:

    Yet another liar. I said the number of comments has decreased considerably because of idiots like you. I said the website is good. You are the “bratty five year old”.

  47. Indigo Montoya says:

    “very simple assist” or assists as it should be. I don’t give a damn if you think he had a poor game today – so be it, Soccer Guy, you discredit everything else that he has done to pull Everton out of a relegation scrap and put them top half.

    Calm down on today’s performance and don’t call me a liar. I don’t agree with you and it doesn’t make me a liar. Buy me my Sierra Nevada, dude.

  48. Ricky B. Free says:

    Troll me a river. I didnt even mention Pele WTF.

    I know that your life sucks right now and you need attention. But wouldnt be better to go out and get a girlfriend or some friends?

    I know you are just trolling thats why I didnt argue with your stupid comments. You take 1 or 2 bad plays he made and make it seem like he played like crap all game. I am not claiming he is world class or that he had an excelent game vs City.

    But what you are claiming is that he has sucked and that Moyes wants to bench him. You dont even know what is going to happen or what Moyes thinks. But yet say that its a given.

    Thats trolling 101. I hope you feel better about your lonely life.

  49. Soccer Guy says:

    You said: “there are some idiots on this website.”

    Yes, I’m responding to one of the biggest.

    Try reading something before responding and try actually watching the games once in a while.

  50. Ricky B. Free says:

    Soccer Guy said…

    No wonder so many people have left this website. It’s really a shame it has become swamped with so many loser fanboys who have the mentality of a bratty five year old….

    Thats what you said. Too bad you cant go back and edit your post Troll.

    Troll away Mr. Pep Guardiola. Your post was full of hate.

  51. Matt in SF says:

    Yes, please. Everton should just buy him and then loan him back to the Galaxy over the summer during the off-seasons. Everybody wins!

  52. Ricky B. Free says:

    Fox soccer should hire soccer guy he has so much knowledge. Its like Pep, Mou, Sir Alex all rolled into one guy.

    He is so competent at life that he says a player is playing badly because he had 1 average game vs the league leaders.

    Go on keep thinking that you are way smarter.

  53. Soccer Guy's mom says:

    Okay, time to go to bed young man. You can be an internet troll tomorrow.

  54. Soccer Guy says:

    Man you’re an idiot. You didn’t mention Pele? How does it feel moron? That was the whole point. I didn’t say the things you were saying either. I guess only you can make things up. You’re right about not having argued with my comments, you argued with comments you made up.

  55. Soccer Guy says:

    You’re absolutely cluless and I didn’t discredit everything else he has done. They should do a poll of people who comment on SBI. I think they would discover that a large percentage have little or no reading comprehension. Regardless of what is said the responses are always the same based on what other people are saying.

  56. Wishes he was as cool as Soccer Guy says:

    Yet another liar. Why do you all hate Soccer Guy so much? Soccer Guy knows all. Soccer Guy is amazing. If only Landon would listen to Soccer Guy he would have 5 World Cup trophies by now.

    Come on, Soccer Guy, please share your wisdom with us little people even though the website is clearly not good enough for someone as brilliant as you.

  57. Soccer Guy says:

    Liar. Everything is in writing. Refer me to where I said Donovan is playing badly. I commented on one important facet of his game where he is struggling and it predictably causes a mass hissy fit by a thousand fanboys.

  58. Ricky B. Free says:

    Thanks for showing that you are immature and get angry when someone doesnt agree with you. I am still happy and you wont bring me down to your level.

    Happy trolling.

    By the way where were you when Landon was having his best games with Everton? Yeah you were waiting for an average game from him to start posting about his recent loan form.

    You are implying that Landon has been playing like crap for Everton. If you dont realize that, then there is not much we can argue about.

  59. Ricky B. Free says:

    Lol Brilliant post.

  60. Ricky B. Free says:

    Everyone is lying its a conspiracy against soccer guy…..

  61. Soccer Guy says:

    You’re overcompensating. Do you drive a really big pickup truck?

  62. Soccer Guy says:

    Still waiting for you to backup your comment. Can’t defend yourself without trying to enlist others?

    One day you’ll be running with the crowd and you will suddenly stop and look around only to find they have deserted you. What will you do then? Perhaps you will comfort yourself by realizing that you still have mommy’s basement to live in and that she loves you? L

  63. biff says:

    lol. thanks. I needed that.

  64. hush says:

    Hhmmm… If Donovan is on the verge of getting benched, than all of the starting lineup for Everton is probably on their way to the reserves.

    You are over thinking Futbol. I guess forgetting Donovan’s defensive duties for Everton is not ringing a bell, huh? You keep talking about Donovan not getting involved more on offense and what not, but you are leaving out the rest of the Futbol duties that go along with his position. I think you believe Futbol is Tennis… Dios mio. SMH

  65. hush says:

    Just let it go man. I think we all agree that Donovan had an ok game yesterday, but without that ok game, Everton prevailed! I don’t believe at all that he is on the verge of getting benched, if that’s the case, I could see 9 starting players for Everton going to the reserves if Donovan is going to the bench. I think you are leaving out Moyes game plan and Donovan’s defensive duties and only concentrating on the micro aspect of Donovan’s game. I think if you saw it as a whole you would see what kind of player Donovan really is even when he isn’t at his best.

    I believe everyone on the board is trying to make you understand that confidence doesn’t mean jack when all your good attributes over write the bad ones.

  66. Ricky B. Free says:

    Thanks for being my number 1 fan and caring for my well being.

    I will do everything in my power to be a better man, so soccer guy my number 1 fan can be happy.

  67. hush says:

    Everton would have not prevailed… damn Iphone. You get the point.

  68. Ricky B. Free says:

    He wont get it, he is so focused on trying to make everyone think that Donovan is going to get benched.

    I know people like soccer guy and they cant see the other side of the coin. They just want everyone to say that they are correct.

  69. GW says:

    I don’t doubt LD is not at his best. And I suspect Moyes will try to rest him soon

    However, I don’t think it is because he is playing badly.

    Moyes himself has recently stated that he should be resting LD more but he has had a hard time finding places to do that. LD’s assist was his fifth in just seven games for Everton, which he joined on loan about three weeks ago.

    LD has played every minute since and helped the Everton to a four-game unbeaten streak in all competitions.

    That is a lot of high pressure games in a short span, especially for a guy in his off season, even one as fit as Donovan. Rather than “spooked” I would say he is probably quite exhausted.

    I did not see the City game but I’ve watched a few of the other games and LD is clearly picking his spots. And given the results he is clearly using good judgement.

    At the beginning of the loan Moyes made a point of saying Donovan was NOT a goalscorer and that he thought he could help them a lot. Clearly, Moyes, an excellent manager, is orchestrating how LD is playing to get the most out of the loan. If LD was as aggressive as you would like to see, he wouldn’t last out the loan.

    The biggest thing I see in his play is he is very good about helping the team maintain it’s shape and defensive discipline. He is letting others do the heavy lifting for him.

    It is not that pretty to watch but the proof is in the pudding. Moyes has taken a very good player, mixed him in with his depleted squad and gotten a whole lot of points out of him.

    Amazing manager.

  70. Ricky B. Free says:

    Soccer Guy you are spot on about Donovan deserving to get benched. You know more than Moyes does and you should be a pro coach.

  71. Brad Freidel says:

    About time someone else sees what i see in Donovan. You’re alright Soccer Guy!

  72. David Moyes says:

    That Donovan lad just helped your spurs out big time. Bloody hell, so can it!

  73. Soccer Guy says:

    Thank you. You’re finally speaking intelligently.

  74. Soccer Guy says:

    I took a break from fine tuning my plan to get everyone focused on trying to make everyone think that Donovan is going to be benched to respond to your comment.

    If I wanted everyone to agree with me wouldn’t it make sense to become a drone like you and say everything that I think everyone else wants to hear?

    It’s funny to hear one of the crowd who can’t ever see the other side of the coin when it comes to Landon Donovan say that someone else can’t see the other side of the coin. I can see good, bad, and average. What can you and your fellow fanboys see when you look at Donovan? Great….good…….fantastic…..outstanding….superb. I think you use a one sided coin.

  75. Soccer Guy says:

    Confidence doesn’t mean jack? Wow. I don’t think I have ever heard someone say that before when talking about a player’s ability to perform.

    First, I want to congratulate you and thank you for actually having read my post and understanding the main point of it. Confidence and how it can affect your game. You are one in a hundred apparently. What’s puzzling is that you still have that bandwagon mentality so bad that you claim to be in agreement with everyone on the board when you clearly are not. If everyone had addressed what I actually said instead of creating a thousand straw man arguments and or just lying about what I have said, there might have been a civil discussion instead of a name calling contest. Where in the flood of responses do you see anything about confidence? You are probably the only one who even mentioned it.

    As for just letting it go, I can only assume you are referring to my responding to so many of the attacks- I mean comments, because there is nothing to let go. I’m not trying to persuade anyone to change their mind. Nor do I care if they do. Sadly, it’s just been nothing but responding to people attacking me for saying things that I never said.

    The bottom line is that there is almost zero tolerance for saying anything negative about Landon Donovan. I don’t doubt a lot of the same people have no problem mocking or tearing apart someone’s belief in a God, but Donovan is off limits.

  76. Hey haven’t watch the video.

  77. Soccer Guy says:

    I specifically referred to the comments section. I have also made that clear in other posts. How could I or anyone else even know how many people are visiting the web site? Imbecile. You are such a pathetic liar.

    This thread is a good example of what’s happened to the posts on this site. If it wasn’t for the bandwagon insult comments there would have only been a small amount of comments on this article. Well over ninety percent of the comments on this article are just attacks on me. That’s what has happened with comments or posts in general on this site. Most of the comments are just attacks so a lot of people have just stopped commenting. I’m guessing they would rather discuss soccer than listen to a bunch of fanboys gang attack them for saying something that isn’t complimentary about one of their heroes.

  78. Soccer Guy says:

    Thanks Brad. I’m a big fan!

  79. Matt says:

    Soccer guy is kind of right. In the Spurs game he hid from the game all game.

    He hides at LA too.

    His world cup stint was incredible. He didnt hide at all. He was present and powerful.

    Havent seen it since.

  80. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    France can’t either.

  81. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Did Landon Donovan murder your family or something? Jeeze do you have it out for the guy.

  82. Jdub says:

    Boom, exactly! There’s your alternative interpretation, Soccer Guy. And it even fits your facts!

  83. jb says:

    Sad to see this post hijacked by one idiot with an agenda. The other reasonable posters are only encouraging the troll by responding.

    I’ve seen about three halves of Everton since Donovan arrived, and they are clearly using him as much as they can. He has been their main linkup to jumpstart attacks, and has done quite well. (How sweet was it that Howard started the counter that led to his beauty of a throughball assist) More impressive to me has been his defensive commitment. His 2way play has been beyond anything I’ve ever seen from an American at the highest level.

    Selfishly I would love for him to find a way to transfer permanently to the EPL but he can clearly play at the highest levels despite a career in (the improving) MLS. Hoping he can stay injury free and keep this form thru 2014. My hats off to him.

  84. kimo says:

    Well said jb. I agree 100% with what you said. By nature, the Toffees are a counter-attacking team and have been playing without a creative force in the center of the pitch. Obviously, LD is getting less touches this time around … however, he’s done a pretty remarkable job of being efficient and, as you said, his work rate has been stellar. He’s been involved in 5 of the 7 goals Everton has scored since his arrival. As far as being benched, just a ridiculous uninformed comment. Nuff said.

  85. i just don't know says:

    the only explanation is that soccer guy is actually landon donovan just messing with everyone.

  86. Ja Ja James says:

    I haven’t posted on this site for a while, but had to after reading your take ong LD. Very well said GW!

  87. john.q says:

    my god Soccer Guy has a HUGE axe to grind with Landon. What happened man, did he pick on you in high school? Cut you off on the freeway?

  88. QueenCity says:

    I think it is fine to say that LD is not playing as aggressive as he did in the World Cup. However what Soccer guy has tried to argue is that:

    1. This is because of lack of confidence
    2. That Moyes wants him to be more aggressive.
    3. Moye’s is unhappy with LD’s conservative play and will soon bench him

    These are assumptions made by Soccer Guy, not facts. LD being more conservative in an attempt to maintain possession, keep shape, help improve the other players, may be exactly what Moyes asked him to do. While we may want to see LD attacking more, we are not the coach. LD is on only with Everton a short time and Moyes may not have the same plan for LD that Soccer Guy would like.

  89. Taylor says:

    umm, did you watch the game? yea, Landon lost the ball a lot, but if you know anything about football you would realize that Everton were sitting back and taking their chances sparingly. City had around 65% possession, while Everton packed 10 men behind the ball.

    Donovan was constantly an outlet on the flanks to relieve pressure from the defense. and yea, he was dispossessed a good many times, but that’s because he had little to no support nearly the entire game. when he did have some support, he got the game winning assist, YET AGAIN. you really need to pay attention “Soccer Guy” because you don’t deserve that nickname with your lack of soccer knowledge

  90. Taylor says:

    dude, you seriously suck, quit it with this “fanboy” crap. just because we realize the obvious: that Donovan has done a remarkable job stepping into the middle of the season(during his offseason) for the second consecutive time, we are now all fanboys? for the record, I’m not a “fanboy” as you seem to be so intent on, and I’m sure most of the other people on this post can agree with me. we just realize the obvious

  91. jon says:

    Wow, just went through the string. Gotta give soccer guy props for endurance and persistence, pulling what looks to be an all nighter in defense of his one post.. Perhaps he’s gone to sleep. sweet dreams!

  92. CroCajun says:

    You can’t look at one game and make overlapping analysis of a player. By that standard, Deuce should be benched after disappearing in the Everton game.

    Deuce was not benched b/c:
    A: It was just 1 game.
    B: The team had a bad game as a whole.
    C: Poor distribution all around

    Players have bad games. Teams have off nights. It’s just the way it goes.

    That being said, Man City is one of the best club teams in the world right now. Had LD been aggressive and run at players all game, he would have often lost the ball leading to counters. Everton approached with conservative game plan.

    Let’s not forget who Everton is right now. At best, they are a mid table team, and as such, they don’t play a particularly attractive brand of soccer. While LD thrives on the counter, Everton prefers to send long balls, maintain possession, pack the box, and send in crosses from the outside. They are not a fast strike kind of team.

    My assessment of LD’s contribution so far with Everton is that he is executing his role about as well as anyone could hope for.

  93. Four Cents says:

    Little Landon is doing pretty damn good as far as I can see, so give him a break- he’s sooo little…

  94. primoone says:

    “i love landy…”

    Really soccerguy? Maybe we shoud keep calling for bob bradleys head and claim nepotism on the national team. I think weve beaten that to death enough. We get it…you dont think highly of donovan. That said…maybe youre right. Moyes might be close to benching him. I mean…i would bench someone as well if all he has done is contribute goal scoring opportunities for team struggling to score goals. I suggest you take the landy leverkusen glasses off

  95. away goals says:

    See this is where your original argument is shite. By saying that donovan will be benched, you kind of are implying that somebody will be better. Namely whoever would replace him.

    Of course you don’t specify who this offensive dynamo is that moyes has waiting in the wings.

  96. abc says:

    Donovan has assisted or helped create every goal Everton has scored since he arrived aside from Tim Howard’s goal.

    lol “Soccer Guy”…

  97. Soccer Guy says:

    Thanks for the intelligent reply. You could be right about being Donovan being tired. I took it as him having a lot of pressure on him because a lot of people are watching his stay at Everton to see how he stacks up, and it seemed to me that he was playing a little afraid, like he was just trying not to make any embarrassing mistakes.

    I question the the four game unbeaten streak you mentioned. I don’t think it means anything but Everton had a four game winning streak going until Donovan arrived and then could not win for several games. So there’s a few different ways to look at that.

    The vast majority of responses to my post have had nothing to do with what I actually said. I even said in my initial post that I like Donovan and also that there would be a flood of attacks because of my saying something negative about an aspect of his game, and sure enough, that’s exactly what happened. I must have made a half dozen positive statements about Donovan in my posts but for saying he seems to be having a problem with part of his game I get a ton of responses telling me I hate Donovan. It’s the same old story.

  98. Soccer Guy says:

    You wouldn’t recognize the obvious if it bit you on the a*s. You’re fanboys because you refuse to accept anything negative being said about Donovan. It’s not just this time. These boards have a history of this same thing happening over and over anytime anyone says something negative about Donovan. OK dude?

  99. Soccer Guy says:

    You’re stupidity is incredible. You just keep throwing out lies and making idiotic statements that show what you are.

    Where was I when Landon was having his best games with Everton? Read my post you neanderthal. This proves you didn’t even read my post and are just following the crowd and making things up. This was in my very first post:

    “I enjoyed watching Donovan play at Everton last time and I am rooting for him this time too, but that doesn’t mean he is above criticism, and you just know my comments are going to be assaulted by the usual fanboys with comments about how I’m a “hater”.

  100. Soccer Guy says:

    Once again this is not true. I mentioned only that at least someone with more confidence and aggression could replace him. I said nothing about him being replaced with someone better, and even his being benched at all was contingent on his play continuing to decline.

    The point was that his being afraid of making mistakes was causing him to avoid involvement in the game whereas in his first stint with Everton he chased the ball all over the field and wanted the ball.

  101. Soccer Guy says:

    Yes I always say I like people and root for them when they have murdered my family.

    Do you ever read posts before you respond to them, or do you just like wallowing in your ignorance?

  102. Soccer Guy says:

    Thanks for having the courage to say what you really think instead of fearing an attack from a mindless mob and just repeating what they say.

  103. Soccer Guy says:

    What agenda is that? Make sure your foil hat is on so you can give me your best answer.

  104. Soccer Guy says:

    Yes, I always say I like people and root for them when I have a HUGE axe to grind with them.

  105. Soccer Guy says:

    Can’t anyone respond without making up things?

    I never said Moyes wants Donovan to be more aggressive. I never said Donovan’s play was conservative. That would imply that he is doing what he wants to do and is doing it intentionally. That’s a lot different than playing afraid and without much confidence.

    Then you have the nerve to say I’m assuming things after making your own assumptions. I seriously doubt you read my posts either and you are probably responding to what other people are saying.

  106. Soccer Guy says:

    Well, I don’t post much anymore because of the type of people who respond. So overall it’s not much time, and shouldn’t I make an effort to respond to a slew of people misrepresenting what I have said?

    A lot of the people who post now are far more likely to post when they gang attack someone than they are to discuss the topic. You talk about my responses but look at the ton of other posts. They are nearly all to attack me and nothing to do with the article.

  107. Soccer Guy says:

    Has nothing to do with what I said in my post. LOL idiot.