Gonzalez & John skip USMNT camp ahead of potential winter moves


After the lengthy wait to have their chance to impress U.S. men's national team head coach Jurgen Klinsmann, it appears George John and Omar Gonzalez will have to wait a bit longer.

Both John and Gonzalez are skipping national team camp in Arizona to attend to potential winter moves. John has left the country to pursue a potential transfer while Gonzalez is mulling over loan opportunities.

Seattle Sounders defender Jeff Parke and midfielder Brad Evans were called in to replace the two centerbacks in the camp.

John is entering the final year of his MLS contract, making a winter transfer move very likely. A Gonzalez loan deal is a bit more surprising, though he has been linked to interest from Mexico and various clubs in Europe in the past.

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78 Responses to Gonzalez & John skip USMNT camp ahead of potential winter moves

  1. abc says:

    I wonder where John is going? Hopefully England again.

    And really, Brad Evans and Jeff Parke are the next two guys in our depth chart?
    I would have picked Chad Marshall and Chris Rolfe (the roster needs wingers).

  2. poo says:

    they are realistically probably not, but they would rather probably have experienced players than even more young guys with just potential.

  3. roger says:

    No problem, Cameron is the better of the 3.

  4. A wise man once says:

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  5. A wise man once says:

    Shoot, it messed up. It should look like this:

    _ –

  6. A wise man once says:

    Never mind.

  7. gigi says:

    Parke is a great guy, and thank you ives for spelling his name right. Its amazing how many times ive seen his name spelled park.

  8. EARL says:

    congrats to parke! he definitely deserves it through not just his attitude but his skill too.

    evans on the other hand? enhh. he’s definitely a locker room guy though, great attitude but i don’t see him making any sort of impact on the field. oh well, it’s great for him and i’m very happy.

  9. gigi says:

    hahah its cool i still get it, nice one.

  10. I’m very surprised about Gonzales’ leaving camp to go on a possible loan. I wonder if Klinsman saw enough of him, or will this move just keep him off the radar for a while. I hope John lands in the EPL.

  11. Starla says:

    Is no-money Bolton trying to loan some CBs?

  12. Louis Z says:

    I’m very curious where Gonz is trying out. So what does this mean to the Galaxy?

  13. NE Matt says:

    The first day of camp was today and all it was was physical tests and blood tests and the like. If Klinsy saw enough of him after one day the Omar is in trouble

  14. abc says:

    It means… of their top players three are going out on loan and one went back to Brazil?

  15. FCDizzle says:

    If he was better than John he’d be the one exiting camp dont you think?. Cameron shares Johns skillset (i.e total package) Having not to compete against John or Omar this will likely catapult Cameron to the first team.
    Not a bad thing at all because he has the tools to succeed but it does suck for John and Gonzalez as their road to USA glory keeps getting longer

  16. FCDizzle says:

    Being that coach is German maybe that is a possibility 😛

  17. ManicMessiah says:

    From a personal standpoint Newcastle could use any defender at this point, and either one of them could learn a lot from Coloccini, who is playing out of his mind and should definitely be playing for Argentina.

  18. my inner cynic says:

    This have-sexing figures… Piss n moan that he doesn’t get called, then bolts once he’s in for a club offer… Total prima donna overhyped by la fans.

  19. Judging Amy says:

    Fire Klinnsman.

  20. beachbum says:

    blah blah blah

  21. Khan says:

    All that hoopla about not getting a call up and then he bails immediately after the start of camp?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he never received another call up as long as Klinsmann is coach. What a fool.

  22. CplDaniel says:

    As long as Arsenal and Chelsea are interested in Bolton’s Cahill, then there is interest in picking up George John. When talks breakdown and Cahill deal falls apart, interest in John evaporates.

    My money is on George John to Bolton.

  23. beachbum says:

    do you know all the facts?

    or are you drawing conclusions based on nothing?

    who is the fool?

  24. Khan says:

    If a small off season loan means more than earning a spot on the USMNT, which he whined about, then yes he is a fool.

  25. fischy says:

    When Dallas signed the Colombian defender, I kinda figured that was done with allowing a John transfer in mind. The timing ain’t coincidence. As for LA, they’ve been loading up on defenders since the offseason started, in anticipation of losing Gonzo and possibly Franklin, too.

  26. beachbum says:

    so you don’t know all the facts, yet feel the need to label.

    again, who is the fool?

  27. Andy says:

    Blackburn might still need a CB. Samba or Dann could be on the move, and they were already targeting a move for him before that was the case. I’d be fine with either though!

  28. Khan says:

    Uh the facts are Gonzalez left on the first day of camp to mull over a short off season loan deal.

    Those are the undeniable facts, and really there is nothing else that would make him less of a fool.

    (SBI-Gonzalez and John actually never reported to camp, something we weren’t aware of until late last night.)

  29. Andy says:

    Hopefully it means that they’ll be without a lot of their best players in the next couple years.

  30. Andy says:

    I’m sure he didn’t just leave without Klinsy’s approval. Klinsman would be the fool to let something small like missing one camp keep him from capping a guy who looks to be one of our best defenders for a very long time.

    It could be a senior team version of what happened with Subotic, and we definitely don’t want that.

  31. Andy says:

    Hope you’re right

  32. Steve McSteve says:

    Not necessarily. John is getting interest from EPL teams at least in part because he has a Greek passport. Cameron wouldn’t qualify for a work permit to the UK. Plus, John is a couple years younger, so he’s a more attractive acquisition.

  33. cajun says:

    Jeff Parke is a fantastic and unexpected call up. I think he’ll impress….Evans? Not a chance!

  34. beachbum says:

    The undeniable facts are that you take small bits of info and turn them into whatever you want, accuracy be damned.

    we all know it, Mr. Hyperbole.

    the undeniable facts

  35. Khan says:

    I don’t know, you may be right. But with how Klinsmann has been speaking about what this camp is and how it’s the chance for these fringe players to earn their way up the depth chart.

    Obviously Gonzalez is tossing that opportunity, because there won’t be another chance until the Olympics.

  36. Steve McSteve says:

    I am completely in favor of a Gonzalez loan move. Loaning out Gonzalez, Donovan (and perhaps others) will mean the Galaxy will show up in form for the CCL quarterfinals. I think they’ve got the best chance of the MLS teams to win this year.

  37. FCDizzle says:

    fool, you dont KNOW what the offer is

  38. Khan says:

    It’s literally verbatim from the story, so go ahead and call Ives a liar.

  39. beachbum says:


    Ives didn’t call him a fool from this little bit of info, because he knows better, because Ives is a smart soccer brain who can rise above his own ego to see clearly

    who is the fool, Mr. Hyperbole?

  40. FCDizzle says:

    All you need is a Euro passport and be under 25 to play in the EPL? Maybe your right….then again wouldnt the table have something like 10,000 teams?

    If you have the talent to play in the EPL you will play in the EPL. There are way$ around work permit issues.

  41. beachbum says:


    Heck, it may turn out that this was a foolish move for Gonzo (I doubt he’d screw himself like that, but for the sake of argument let’s say he did).

    No matter what, we don’t know that now from this info, no way.

    But, if your schtick is to always rip Gonzo whenever his name is mentioned no matter what(or Landon when his is mentioned, etc.), you get all this hyperbolic BS, as demonstrated above, again

  42. abc says:

    Let’s hope for John to Blackburn, Ream to Bolton, Gonzalez to some other Premier League team. That would be great.

  43. YO says:

    I just hope Gonzo does not go to a Mexican club.

  44. Vic says:

    People on here need to realax a little. If John goes to EPL and succeeds that will catapult him onto the USMNT. We have four Centerbacks in Europe: Oneywu, Boca, Whitbread and Goodson. We have plenty of time to develop others.

  45. Scott A says:

    You just lost your free pass to complain about not getting called up Mr. Gonzalez 😉

  46. Eric says:

    Not sure why everyone is making too big a deal about this. Landon has backed out of a couple camps over the past year for club reasons. These are simply friendlies and it benefits the Nats in the long run if John makes a move to a better team anyways. As for Gonzalez, it appears to be his decision and if a short loan also leads to a transfer for him, then just as good for his future chances with the Nats as well.

    Until the dropping out of camps or not getting called up anymore even after transfer moves, then I don’t see a reason to get worked up.

  47. StatesideSupporter says:

    If I’m remembering correctly, John has a duel EU citizenship, right? I’m not sure how Ream and/or Gonzalez would qualify for a work permit…

  48. Didn’t realize it was the first day!

  49. Louis Z says:

    i hope he doesn’t end up in mexico. the defense in the mexican league is not their strongest attributes.

  50. footyskillz says:

    Im only sad about this because I wanted to see them play. Together. For the Nats. On the same team. Our team.

    I dont think it’s quite a given that John is going to England either. Strongest possibility yes, but not his only option.

  51. SteveCO says:

    Ream has NT starts so he would be easier (based on England), Gonzalez would have to be somewhere else, no way he would pass their rules.

  52. Ted says:

    i agree, as much as i would like to see these two in the upcoming friendlies, i would much rather see them land even better club gigs, in the long run can only be good for the nats. Not as enthusiastic about just a loan for Gonzalez, but a loan with an option to buy at a good club would be nice. In the

  53. louis z says:

    LD is an stablished MNT player, GONZ is not.

  54. louis z says:

    oops….i meant established

  55. Mulletron says:

    true dat… hoping Ashley buys Alex for cut rate price from Chelsea

  56. FRANK says:

    This just in and I really hope he goes to the e.p.l. Omar Gonzalez is in talks with St Etienne, Lille, Toulouse, Newcastle, Eindhoven, Hannover.

  57. Mulletron says:

    Bradley out NOW!

  58. fischy says:

    Why? Is he doing that badly at Chievo?

    Oh, you mean the other one…. ha ha. That joke deserves to be retired by now, dontcha think?

  59. fischy says:

    There is no way Gonzalez would get a UK work permit. He’ll need to look at teams on the continent.

  60. Mental Assasin says:

    really, gonna compare the all time us goal scorer to a guy who’s made one appearance?

  61. shake says:

    they resigned Franklin….

    link to lagalaxy.com

  62. Dan says:

    Idiot Gonzo, you finally got called and you leave!

  63. biff says:

    Chris Rolfe deserves a look. And I think Bobby Convey does also. Does anyone know, did Convey’s rocky relationship with BB totally burn his bridge back to the USMNT?

  64. Buck says:

    Ream could qualify as a hardship. Since soccer is not something he does well, he does have a handicap

  65. Buck says:

    Hey Ives…. how about some camp reports? Who is helping and who is hurting their case

  66. Buck says:

    Many have gone, few have excelled. It’s a risk

  67. If it didn’t, his play this year probably did.

  68. This is completely wrong. Sometimes there is absolutely NO WAY around work permit issues.

  69. BrianVT says:

    Do you, like so many other posters on this thread, know for sure that Gonz is simply buggering off? Do you know that he and Klinni didn’t perhaps discuss this, and reach a mutual consensus on this move? Heck, maybe Klinni even encouraged it, as a way for Gonz to raise his level of play for future USMNT opps? I don’t know the answers, but do know that “fool” is the one that draws broad sweeping conclusions based on only partial information.

  70. Felix says:

    I hope for their sakes these moves work out, they are passing up a good chance – its obvious for both of these players that callups don’t happen too often.

  71. Jeff says:

    Thanks Mom!

  72. fischy says:

    Yes, they did. I said they were stocking up on defenders in anticipation of a move by Gonzalez and a possible move by Franklin. I’m pretty sure Andy understood….

  73. marco says:

    Perhaps, Klinsmann got him a loan to the Bundesliga?

  74. The Imperative Voice says:

    This underlines that maybe some of these marginal callups aren’t worth the effort of the advocates…..I’ve heard incessantly how we need to call John and Gonzo to the Nats and when they get it, ho-hum, I have other priorities. Gonzo is flawed speedwise but tall and heralded by the cognosceti so presumably he remains in the mix. I will be interested if John sees a US camp again this cycle because it almost sounds like a Bakare Soumare situation where he’s not red hot about either domestic soccer or the Nat team, in which case forget him. I agree that Cameron is a better, more athletic back. We have plenty of better options; frankly it’s a bit fanboy all the enthusiasm for John.

  75. wow khan looks like you are totally wrong, Gonzalez is loaned to Nurenburg with eye towards summer transfer, Klinzy helped arrange it

  76. boosted335 says:

    god you are so wack

  77. Scott A says:


  78. gigi says:

    ur welcome son- i packed ur favorite cereal in ur luncbox- just rememeber to change ur underwear twice a day- we all know how much u perspire!!