How do you see Donovan faring with Everton this time around?


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Landon Donovan's second foray into the Premier League gets underway later today, with Everton's match against Bolton (3 p.m., Fox Soccer Plus/ Early rumblings have Donovan slated for the starting lineup, though that has yet to be announced publicly by Everton.

Wednesday's game is the first of nine matches in which Donovan will be eligible to play under the terms of his two-month loan to the Toffees, where his return has generated quite a buzz. Donovan scored two goals and helped spark Everton while becoming a popular figure at Goodison Park his last time on loan, and he'll look to light a fire under an Everton attack that has struggled to just 19 goals in 18 games — tied for second worst in the league.

In addition to Bolton, Donovan will get the chance to play against Tottenham, Aston Villa, Blackburn, Manchester City, Wigan Athletic, Chelsea and Liverpool in league play along with Tamworth in the FA Cup. 

How do you see Donovan doing during this loan stint? Cast your vote after the jump:


How did you vote? How do you see Donovan faring during this loan? Do you think he can help guide Everton to a winning record in his time with the club? How many goals do you think he'll score?

Share your thoughts below.

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55 Responses to How do you see Donovan faring with Everton this time around?

  1. Stephen says:

    Getting a longer stint bc Becks will be back in LA. Landon – “WTF, will this ever be my team!”

  2. Thomas says:

    I think he’ll do well…that being said Dempsey’s stats over the same period will be double Donovan’s.

    Come on Fulham!!! Wish they were playing eachother…maybe an FA Cup clash if that’s possible if they both advance?

  3. kpugs says:

    I admire Landycakes for doing his own thing instead of listening to what people think is best for him.

    But I’m still one of those people…him never making the permanent move back to Europe is criminal in my opinion. People say it hasn’t hurt his national team play but we can and will never really know that. Who can say whether he’d be as good or even better if he had done the smart thing and left MLS instead of signing his last contract?

    A question for the ages.

  4. NE Matt says:

    I thought the title said “How do you see Donovan farting with Everton…”

    On a serious note, I think he’ll do great

  5. DanO says:

    Everton is weaker than last time around. His on the field impact may be greater, but team results will probably be inferior. Good luck Lando.

  6. HoBo says:

    “Dempsey’s stats over the same period will be double Donovan’s”

    it doesn’t even matter, enjoy Donovan playing for Everton :)

    Dempsey will never be Donovan and Donovan will never be Dempsey. two different players. Just be happy they both play on the National Team!

  7. downintexas says:

    Silent but deadly

  8. On the Outside says:

    I wish him the best, but I’m curious where Moyes will play him.

    If it is a withdrawn role off of Saha (in place of Cahill), that could be the best option.

    Wide right, I can’t see him being in better form then Drenthe at the moment or even Seamus Coleman for that matter.

    Good luck to him and hope he shines and continues to alter perception of American players.

  9. BenMillion says:

    Marking my calendar for that massive Tamworth game.

  10. hartley says:

    I hope he does very well and sees that he has always belonged in the Prem.

  11. Olly says:

    I agree. I think Leighton Baines is Everton’s leading goal scorer. Not good when your top scorer is a left back! But that does give Donovan a chance to fill a big hole.

  12. hudson says:

    Without Fox Soccer Plus, most people won’t see how Donovan is faring at all today.

  13. Clayton says:

    He better do well. I just ordered his away Everton shirt. The club enticed me with 24 hour free lettering…

  14. Alexandria says:

    i just hope he doesn’t get hurt, lets face it everton are a middling club and if they wanted donovan so badly they would have bought him out right they didn’t and he’s still making millions don’t see how anyone can fault the guy.

  15. neill says:

    +1. I suppose I could pay $20 — 1/4th of my total current bill for cable and internet access — for, but then headline matches on Fox Soccer will still be delayed. For those, I’d need to spend another $15 for FSC (in STANDARD FREAKING DEFINITION) plus a dozen other sports package channels I have no interest in.

    God bless America.

  16. Powderhorn Pops says:

    LD was in the form of his life during the last loan. He’ll have a hard time duplicating it. I hope he does. Go get ’em LD!!!

  17. facts says:

    Just signed up for the $10 for one month special for “”. As long as I cancel before the month is up, no problem.

  18. vik says:

    agreed, both are class.

  19. vik says:

    baines takes penalties, but that doesn’t make your point any less valid.

  20. RK says:

    Landycakes? Seriously?

  21. Louis Z says:

    i don’t think he is going to be as successful as the first time around. the team is weaker and LD is older.

  22. bryan says:

    seriously, F fox for putting this on Plus and not FSC. that’s so lame.

  23. Amru says:

    Doesn’t Donovan have only one year left on his contract? If so and he does well on this loan it can’t be to expensive for a team to buy out what’s left on the contract. I honestly hope that happens

  24. Okifeelthat says:

    friggin agreed. I finally let loose and ordered the sports pack that includes FSC so I was disappointed to find out there’s a plus channel that costs 15 extra. and no I don’t want to see games on my laptop that’s why I bought a big screen and why I pay for HD too! seriously ridiculous and this time I feel entitled to catch an illegal stream to watch the game.

  25. Colin says:

    I think “Landycakes” was officially retired after World Cup 2010. Get with the times.

  26. ajwilson89 says:

    even though landon is good for MLS he’s done enough there. i love to see him in the best league in the world and as we can see he was able to fit that standard last time around. i hope (if he has a good run this time too) that he stays in the BPL.

    i wish i could watch the game today — why couldnt the match be on FSC..damn fox soccer plus!

  27. Colin says:

    If you’re pissed now, just wait until Fox does WC 2018/22. I anticipate similar shenanigans.

    Say whatever you want about ESPN, but at least ESPN3/WatchESPN is “free.”

  28. malkin says:

    Well I guess I’m just old fashioned. I don’t know… I always have been a traditionalist. Landycakes lives on in my book :)

  29. Jamie Z. says:

    He’s going straight into my fantasy lineup, so I think he’d darn better repay my show of faith with some sterling performances. You hear that, Landon? Time to perform, buddy.

  30. ajwilson89 says:

    i know right..i have FSC but it costs way too much to get FSP for directv

    and of course they couldnt at least showcase it on either

  31. malkin says:

    you’re not the only one. And +1 on SBD.

  32. Bo says:

    The shirts are pretty cheap right now too. I was going to pick up a home and away!

  33. malkin says:

    at least i can watch at work!

  34. abc says:

    I’m pissed that Everton vs Bolton is on Fox Soccer Plus. I blame FSC and all of you annoying American ManU fans.

  35. Jamie Z. says:

    Here, I’ll let you borrow some of my punctuation: . : , . , .

  36. babbalicious says:

    He’s in the starting 11

  37. Jack says:

    Any streams for todays game?

  38. CG says:

    I usually don’t disagree with your posts, kpugs, but your last question is a little lacking in balance… you are correct – we will never, ever know what effect making a permanent move to Europe (if such a move was actually on the cards) would have had on his game… In the same way we will never, ever know if doing so would have been the “smart” move. We will never, ever know… the best we can do as fans is wonder. Nothing more, nothing less.

    It’s a pointless argument that really should be left for dead at this point. He didn’t go. I personally think he would have done well in Europe or elsewhere given his particular skill set and style of play. However, given that same skill set and style of play, I don’t agree that playing in Europe would have resulted in the landslide improvements to the USMNT that some seem to think. He would not have morphed into Messi by moving abroad. He may have improved, but only marginally over the gains made by staying in MLS.

    That is, however, only my personal guesstimate. No way to prove it.

  39. agnigrin says:

    Yeah any free streams?

  40. papi grande says:

    i am okay with “landycakes” and think it will always apply…little girl took the easy way out and wasn’t willing to step up and challenge himself!…hence, landycakes!

  41. THomas says:

    Trust me…I’m one who sees the extreme value in both players for their unique attributes. Just a Fulham fan in the end.

    On a side bar…it’s nice to see players from MLS going straight over to England and hopefully jumping right into games. Henry, Donovan, and maybe more before it’s over. Shows MLS does have quality to a certain extent.

  42. Clevelandfc says:

    Please any streams?

  43. Felix says:

    I don’t think Donovan will fare as well. He’s a couple of years older coming off a long MLS season where he suffered with niggling injuries and Everton isn’t nearly as good.
    I rate Donovan as a player, I just don’t see the sequel being as good as the original.

  44. Dave says:

    I’m pretty sure that the Fox Plus deal is still leftover from the firm that went belly up in Europe (Sentana maybe?). Thus, Fox doesn’t get to pick and choose what games go where. That was done when the original deal went through.

  45. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    I think he’ll be asked to fill a different role this time around. Before he was asked to be a supporting player, and he filled that role superbly, being one of the big reasons why the team was so successful during his run there. Given Everton’s struggle to score goals this season, I think Donovan will be asked to play a larger role. He will definitely help the team, and I think he’ll score more goals than the first time around, but they’ll have trouble duplicating the results of that first loan spell.

  46. abc says:

    I agree with this.

  47. Charles says:

    Landon will do fine.

    I love how everyone assumes the bigger challenge is playing on a team that is in 11th-15th place and going nowhere ( unless you count moving up to 7th-10th as somewhere ) is a bigger challange than winning a title, winning CONCACAF, etc.

    I disagree. Yes, I understand there are better players in that league, but these are no stress games for him. Whether permanent or temporary, he will make the team better pretty easily.

    Stay in shape, have fun and don’t get hurt.

  48. THomas says:

    I have FSC as well but since they refuse to put the HD version on Comcast my big screen makes games look like a 1980’s video game. Weak.

    So in order to see Fulham’s games anytime, anywhere, I pay the $20 a month for which is the best purchase I’ve ever made.

    Highly recommended. Hopefuly FoxSoccer gets their act together before 2018/2022, but I wouldn’t expect it…sorry Ives

  49. TimN says:

    I’d love to see this loan end in a buyout of his L.A. contract. Signing that extension prior to WC 2010 so that he could get the first loan was one of the worst moves I’ve ever seen. Yes, it guaranteed him money with L.A. until 2013, but at what cost? A move to an EPL club back in 2009/10 would have been hugely beneficial to his development as a player…it’s always advantageous to play week in and week out against more skilled competition. It’s done wonders for Dempsey’s career. Landon has one more WC, MAYBE two if he can avoid major injury, and an EPL move certainly has the potential to make him an even more dangerous option for us in the midfield.

  50. bluexmas says:


  51. john says:


  52. bryan says:

    i sure hope. i realize a lot of times games aren’t on certain channels do to contracts, but my immediate thought was fox does this to help get people to buy FSC+.

  53. chaslymunroe says: