MLS Combine Breakdown: Sigi Schmid

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7 Responses to MLS Combine Breakdown: Sigi Schmid

  1. Big Chil says:

    I think Ives needs a cooler logo/medallion thingy. My apologies to whomever designed it.

    I mean, it does portray the “global” game, as the earth, and a soccer ball, and emphasizing North America, befitting the motto “The world of soccer with an American voice,” and it’s even red, white, and blue, but it lacks pizazz.

    Anyone else agree?

    Useless comment of the day winner?

  2. smupride says:

    craig james killed five hookers while at smu

  3. WileyJ says:

    MOVE UP Sigi!

  4. abc says:

    How come we’re not getting more videos this year? Last year there were like a dozen video interviews with various players at the combine…

  5. a says:


  6. Huzzah says:

    I’d rather see Sigi and Ives in a throw-down sumo battle.