MLS Combine: Day 2 Commentary


The MLS Combine resumes action today as MLS Draft prospects look to give scouts and coaches more to think about as we draw closer to the MLS Draft on Thursday.

Day One saw several players boost their stock, while some others struggled to make an impact. UCSB playmaker Luis Silva, UCLA striker Chandler Hoffman, Marquette midfielder Calum Mallace, Louisville's Austin Berry and Indiana's Tommy Meyer were just some of the players who enjoyed strong first days. South Florida striker Dom Dwyer and Creighton's Tyler Polak were among the players who struggled and need to rebound on day two to help their draft stock.

SBI will be providing live commentary on today's MLS Combine action so feel free to join us here. WIth streaming the matches, feel free to watch and share your own thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Commentary is after the jump):

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15 Responses to MLS Combine: Day 2 Commentary

  1. gigi says:

    calum mallace is impressive

  2. 2nd Ball says:

    mls feed is giving me motion sickness!

  3. gigi says:

    dude i thought i was the only one

  4. Brad says:

    Wicked name for a D-Mid also…LA gets him to replace Juninho?

  5. gigi says:

    10 bucks says Enzo kills it

  6. Bootsy says:

    almost as good as Defender Hunter Jumper…

  7. gigi says:

    Sounds like a stephen king novel, but ay if im LA why not. Bruce usually has good drafts, but if im honest with i think he gets taken before la has a chance.

  8. fischy says:

    I think the camera must be on a vibrating platform. Hope they don’t put more money in the machine when the time in the last $.50 runs out.

  9. gigi says:

    But if it gives you any hope i think its possible that if bruce is impressed enough he will trade up most likely with san jose for 6th pick and thus can nab him.

  10. Mulletron says:

    Chandler hoffman, casey townsend, and keyln rowe dominated.

    Hedges open header from 6 yards out didn’t even get it on target… is he really “strong in the air” or he are people just saying that cuz he’s taller than the other CB’s?

  11. gigi says:

    If not, i can see kevon george landing to them which is prob a safer bet. They might also swing for a centerback…would be lucky to get maund.

  12. abc says:

    Is this Obando GK really one of the four best coming out of college this year? Because he has been terrible.

  13. cajun says:

    I watched this on and off, and I’m sorry people but this was barely watchable. I’m in wonderment why they hastily put together these combines. It was aweful soccer in every sense of the word. I hope this is not the goal of long term selection of talent in MLS. If so, the league is in deep trouble.

  14. Goooooooooal says:

    Regarding Mykell Bates… I saw him play as a freshman and sophomore and he looked pretty good. I watched him play a few months back for Santa Clara and he has gotten worse: speed, touch, attitude, everything.

    I imagine that most people’s ratings of him as a draft pick were based on prior reputation rather than on his current form and ability.