Onyewu scores two for Sporting CP

OnyewuSporting (Reuters)

Oguchi Onyewu didn't start today's Sporting CP match off in the best of fashions, drawing a first-minute yellow card. He quickly made up for that slow start by scoring a pair of first-half goals to lead his team's 2-0 win against Beira Mar on Sunday.

If you watch the videos below and think you're seeing the same goal, you aren't. Both of Onyewu's goals just look that much alike.

here are Onyewu's goals:


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55 Responses to Onyewu scores two for Sporting CP

  1. Ryan in NY by way of NC says:

    Gooch scores 2.
    Beas scores a winner.
    Edu scored a winner.
    Landy had two dimes in an Everton FA Cup win.
    Clint Dempsey just had his 2nd hat-trick of the season.
    Our keeper scores goals.
    Whitbread looked good against Chelsea.
    Ream is now at Bolton.

    This is a very exciting time to be a fan of our National side. I’m very proud to say I am a fan.

    Not only are these guys representing our country in football like never before, but they’re also class guys. You never really hear about our guys in the news for negative things.

    I really believe our best days are ahead for the USMNT. Too many things going right for them not to be. Looking forward to more special moments.

  2. NE Matt says:

    Love the positive outlook on the past few weeks. Far too many times do posters take the glass half empty approach.

    Gooch is def in beast mode

  3. Max says:

    Sounds like the Portuguese commentators like to refer to him as the “North-American Giant”.

  4. Pappajohn says:

    Good for you Gooch! Is it just my imagination, or does he look leaner than he did last year? Love his vertical leap. He got higher than anyone out there. What’s the story behind this “Capitao Onyewu” banner in the stands on the second video?

  5. BrianVT says:

    Gooch gotz tha maaaaad skeelz to be scoring two goals after getting a *RED* card!!! :-)

  6. chewp says:

    Half man half machine

  7. wilyboy says:

    Congratulations, Gooch!

  8. Jamie Z. says:

    Don’t forget about Johnson scoring for Hoffenheim this weekend.

  9. predicto says:

    looks like captain america – very fitting

  10. Ryan in NY by way of NC says:


  11. WendellGee says:

    You can’t stop him. You can only hope he doesn’t eat your family for dinner.

  12. jon says:

    how ripped are his forearms?!

  13. BrianVT says:

    @SBI – you may remove this now that you’ve fixed the error. LOL! :-)

  14. BrianVT says:

    Just curious – to anyone who’s had the opportunity to see him play — How is his *DEFENSE*? He’s playing the full 90, right? So SCP must rate him highly – that is good. Any evidence of lingering effects from his injury?

  15. t levins says:

    Gooch! Tear it up yo!

  16. MensreaJim says:

    I’ve always loved this dude; he just needed to be healthy and find the right place.

    When your “right place” is a pretty big club in a good league and a beautiful city, that’s sweet.

  17. Martin Blank says:

    Love that both calls included the phrase “giganto Americano” – seems to have endeared himself to the home fans.

  18. GSScasual says:

    Way to go, big guy… Always a class act.

  19. Soccer Rules says:

    I wonder if Preston Zimmerman would object to this post since Onyewu is not really an American name.

  20. bryan says:


  21. Lil' Zeke says:

    Wow! At a 2-goal-per-game clip, how many should he have by the end of the season?

  22. Tony in Quakeland says:

    My very question. I’m assuming he is doing well, but goals from CBs are gravy. Preventing goals are the meat loaf. (Yeah, I know. Wanted something with gravy over it. Could have gone with sliced turkey.)

  23. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Having said that…damn he gets up in the air and thunders the ball. He looks like he’s scrimmaging with the JV.

  24. nato says:

    Gooch is back and lovin Portugal

  25. Citronomics says:

    Booyah! Happy for Gooch. Looks fit, is starting consistently and has notched several goals from his CB position across league and cup contests. Keep it up “Giganto”

  26. nato says:


  27. boosted335 says:

    Ream is somehow a different player now that his jersey has changed?

  28. seattlefutbolfan says:

    nor George John scoring 17 minutes into his first game wearing a West Ham shirt

  29. seattlefutbolfan says:

    He looked good. Didnt touch the ball much but was money when he did. Completed almost all of his passes too. Impressive

  30. Bill says:

    Good for Gooch! Finally seems to be healthy and have found his way out of the soccer wilderness of the last few years.

  31. Jakub says:

    If Landon had been playing the whole season in the PL, we would have probably had a U.S. guy top 7 in goals (Dempsey) and top 7 in assists (Donovan). That’s cool.

  32. murfpike says:

    …don’t forget that our young b-team got 2 results to kick off the year.

  33. pancholama says:

    Ole! to Gooch!

    Awesome – I was there at RFK stadium on Oct. 13th 2009 when he blew out his patellar tendon in that last WC qualifier (also the day Charlie Davies nearly bought the farm – aaahhhrrrrrgghhhhhhhh!).
    Onye – w – ouch!!!!

    Great, fabulous, stupendous, absolutely glorious to see him back in form – with his full vertical leaping ability and field agility back, looking lean and fit and HAPPY – getting full 90 min starts with a class outfit.

    Couldn’t be happier for him, and excited, and feeling positive for what it means for our USMNT to have him game fit, playing well, scoring goals, and still improving.


  34. Jamie Z. says:

    Why you got to be a buzz kill? Moving to the Premier League is a big deal and there’s nothing wrong with being excited about it.

  35. sef-one says:

    Numbers 3 and 4 on the year?

  36. John says:

    No, just smarter people than you have a different assessment of his talents. Take the hint, you’re an a**hole.

  37. fischy says:

    No, but his accent has probably changed.

  38. boosted335 says:

    your right it is exciting but does that make my question any less valid or relevant?

    Also notice how every other player he listed played well and/or scored a goal…all Ream did was change jerseys?
    Thats all I was saying, truth hurts i guess?!?

  39. jake says:

    It happened to Kljestan.

  40. EastBayGrease says:

    A goal celebration is a revealing moment about the goal scorers relationship with the rest of the team.

    Onyewu is clearly a well liked member of the Sporting squad.

  41. Spectra says:

    My Portuguese isn’t very good but I’m pretty sure the announcer called him Captain America after the second goal

  42. Eurosnob says:

    Onyewu’s leap was missing last year because he did not fully recover from his injury, but this year he is back!

  43. Eurosnob says:

    His defense is fine. Gooch is a regular starter for Sporting, the team that gave up 14 goals in 17 games in the league play (which is less than a goal per game). Only Porto gave up less goals.

  44. BrianVT says:

    Yup, that’s why I was asking. Strikers gotta strike, and defenders gotta defend. Funny someone above mentioned Onyewu has the same number of goals as Josmer this year.

  45. Shweazy says:

    STFU, Ream is class and will be for us in the Future..

  46. GW says:

    If I remember correctly, one of the things the Sporting manager said about bringing Gooch in was that they were weak in the air generally, particularly in set pieces.

    I guess they are getting their money’s worth now.

  47. g-dub says:

    That Capitao Onyewu banner is dope.

  48. GW says:

    About one year ago most of the people here wanted to put a fork in Gooch because he was done.

    About a year and a half before that those same people wanted Dempsey banned from the US team for being selfish, lazy, a turnover machine who dribbled too much and interested only in playing for Fulham not the US.

    About six months ago those same people declared Ream a one year wonder and finished as a serious pro and certainly not worthy of further consideration for the USMNT.

    “all Ream did was change jerseys?”

    That was a big deal because that jersey was given to him by Owen Coyle.

    It meant Bolton spent money to bring him in.

    It meant someone actually believes in him enough to spend a lot of time and money and put his reputation on the line.

    So in fact, changing jerseys is extremely significant.

  49. boosted335 says:

    Check Gooch’s “wiki” and compare it to Reams. Compare vital stats,game stats, club/country history, and INJURY history

    Now go check Reams

    Apples to oranges son

    I’m not saying Ream cant succeed but as of right now ALL HE DID WAS CHANGE JERSEYS.
    Lets talk after he at least shows well in a reserve game or two

  50. Ryan in NY by way of NC says:

    very cool!

  51. Beenie says:

    Love you Gooch!!!

  52. Joamiq says:

    Yeah. All he did was move to the Premiership. No big deal.

  53. inkedAG says:

    I liked his celebration on the first goal. Looked like a stage dive as he seemed to have taken the whole bench out. :)

  54. GW says:

    I don’t need to check their wiki’s.

    They are very similar in their essence. Career starts out well, tails off later on, fans viciously turn on them, write them off as clowns and now they are working on their next act.

    Gooch has more substance to his career and is a little further along on his redemption tour but the basics are all there.

    It’s not apples to oranges,its more like tangerines to oranges, or peaches to nectarines.

    Changing jerseys would have been moving to another MLS team.

    Ream got Coyle, a respected talent evaluator, to spend very hard earned money on him. Ream is being told Coyle believes he can help make up for the loss of Cahill and hopefully help them avoid relegation.

    This is different from what people like you have been telling Ream and unlike you, Coyle backs up his opinion with real money.

    Ream did not just change jerseys, he changed his life. He just got married, moved to a new country and now makes more in two weeks than he did in one year. Talk about change of scenery being beneficial,whatever was wrong in his second year at NY, he has no more excuses.

    If you don’t think this will have an effect on his play you are very foolish. You will find out about Ream now and pretty quick I would think.