Rangers reject Sochaux bid for Edu

Edu (Getty Images)

It will apparently take a lot more than what FC Sochaux was offering to pry Maurice Edu away from Rangers.

The Scottish club emphatically turned down Sochaux's bid for the U.S. national team midfielder a day after a reported offer of £500,000 was put on the table.

"What I would say is the bid that they put in was so far away that I would be very surprised if they came back in," Rangers manager Ally McCoist told the BBC.

Since joining Rangers from Toronto FC in 2008, Edu has won a Scottish Premier League title in each of his three seasons with the club and has competed in both the UEFA Champions League and Europa League, scoring goals in both competitions. Edu's current deal with Rangers runs through the summer of 2013, meaning he should continue to be the subject of transfer talk.

"I can tell you that I want Maurice Edu to sign a new contract rather than go anywhere," McCoist said.

Happy that Edu doesn't appear headed for Sochaux? Would you prefer to see him remain at Rangers for the long haul or try his hand in another league?

Share your thoughts below.

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28 Responses to Rangers reject Sochaux bid for Edu

  1. Alex G says:

    I´m very happy to hear this news, Rangers is a better team than Sochaux, I prefer him to go to la Liga or the EPL.

  2. Vic says:

    Didn’t Rangers pay around 5 million when they bought Edu from Toronto? Sochaux should have done their homework before making a bid.

  3. AC says:

    Good news….I wouldn’t mind him going to France to play broader competition then the Scottish Premier League, but not with a relegation threatened team like Sochaux. Besides, Rangers paid a lot more than that offer from Sochaux.

  4. John D says:

    Comparing Souchaux’s current offer to Rangers 2008 purchase of Edu isn’t a good comparison. Rangers’ offer was made before Lehman collapsed and the pound was more valuable in relation to the dollar. Setanta was also still in business so SPL teams were pretty flush with cash at the time.

  5. Jon says:

    Still seems like an insulting #. One that rangers could only consider if they wanted to unload Edu (which they don’t appear to)or are cash desperate.

  6. Poo says:

    Even still it’s a pathetic number for a starting player, in the prime of his career.

  7. PD says:

    terrible bid, but sad that Edu (and his knees) are stuck in that rugby league.

  8. Kevin says:

    Honestly, that bid is more insulting to Edu than anything else. Though I’d like to see him in a French side and out of the SPL, Edu doesn’t need to be fighting relegation battles after the experiences he has had in European competitions.

  9. Kevin says:

    The pound still is more valuable than the dollar. Quite a bit more.

  10. Khan says:

    That is pretty embarrassing from Sochaux.

  11. TomG says:

    Ugh, terrible news for Mo. Sochaux would be a much better situation, providing he has relegation clauses in his new contract.

  12. ben in el cajon says:

    The bid says less about Edu than it does about Rangers, who are in terrible shape financially and need to sell players. Other teams will be low-balling other Rangers players soon, I’m sure.

  13. Helium-3 says:

    Anything less than $ 2 – 3M USD will be turned down for a player of his quality. If they sell him, where are they going to get a replacement for $750k USD (~ £500,000) ?

    I guess Sochaux weren’t so sure after all :-)

  14. Jamie Z. says:

    “Rangers rejects…”?

    Sorry to be “that guy,” but this is why the English think Americans don’t know how to speak the language.

  15. rondo says:

    Grammatically we consider Rangers as a singular proper noun despite the plural form. Therefore the sentence is grammatically corect.

  16. John says:

    then don’t be. It’s correct.

  17. jon says:

    So, I generally despise folks that comment about minor gramatical errors on blog posts. But, team names in plural form are, I believe, usually treated as plural nouns and it sounds much much better that way. Yesterday an SBI blog post heading read “Rapids name Pareja head coach.” I think THAT heading was correct. Doesn’t that sound much better than “Rapids names Pareja” which is how it should read if you are right?

    I’ve seen the plural team name treated as singular a few times, and don’t like it at all.

  18. T.Dot says:

    Why does ‘that guy’ always apologize for being ‘that guy’ despite following it up by being ‘that guy?’ Just own it. Be ‘that guy’ with gusto. Bond villains don’t apologize, Cruella Deville didn’t and neither does Sepp Blatter. Become the villain. /sarcastic rant over

  19. Jamie Z. says:

    Alright, I’m going to embrace my inner “that guy”: the way Americans (and I am an American) use the singular tense to refer to the collective whole drives me nuts. It sounds awful. “Brazil is playing a good game”? Ugh. It’s like fingernails on the chalkboard of my brain. What, is the whole country playing? No, Brazil ARE playing well. I’m not always in the British camp when it comes to English language preferences, but when it comes to sport, I prefer their rules almost every time.

  20. GSScasual says:

    john d, you gotta do you math if you think souchaux offer was comparable to 2008… a ForEx trader would of had a field day if it were like that.

  21. ANM says:

    I remember McCoist’s commentary at the World Cup where he was talking about Edu (probably about the disallowed Slovenia goal). It was very clear that he thinks really highly of Edu, and thought of him as one of the linchpins of Rangers upcoming campaign. When I saw that initial offer, I thought that there’s no way Rangers would accept that, their need for cash notwithstanding.

  22. Igor says:

    Sochaux are just feeling them out. They may still raise the bid.

    By the way, Rangers bought Bedoya for slightly over 400,000 pounds, so I think replacements for Mo can be had in that range.

  23. MicahK says:

    Why does he look so skinny in this photo ?

  24. FulhamNick says:

    Maybe he’s been on the Demarcus Beasley diet

  25. Keith G. says:

    It is great having Edu playing in the Champions League every year with Rangers, but I think I would like to see him play with Dempsey at Fulham or with Holden at Bolton. I think if he makes one of these moves it could help him move to a bigger club, like it will eventually do for Dempsey.

  26. you're dumb says:

    Brazil (the team) is playing well.

  27. AVG key says:

    I believe, usually treated as plural nouns and it sounds much much better that way. Yesterday an SBI blog post heading read “Rapids name Pareja head coach