Real Madrid vs. Barcelona: Your Running Commentary

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Bitter rivals Real Madrid and Barcelona are set to write the next chapter in their storied Clasico history as they meet in the opening leg of the Copa del Rey quarterfinals at Estadio Santiago Bernabeu (4 p.m., GOLTV/

While Barcelona is looking for revenge in this tournament after being beaten by Madrid in last year's final, it is Madrid that is looking to try to even the overall score. Jose Mourinho's side has been beaten by Barcelona in the Spanish SuperCopa and on its own turf in the league play earlier this season and would love nothing more than to put Lionel Messi & Co. in an early hole heading into the return leg.

If you will be watching today's Clasico, please feel free to share any thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below. Enjoy the action.

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56 Responses to Real Madrid vs. Barcelona: Your Running Commentary

  1. mannyfester says:

    Vamos BARCA

  2. Troy says:

    Aren’t they supposed to have an English version of this?

  3. Alex G says:

    Vamos MADRID, a ganar…

  4. Dimidri says:

    Vamos DUOPOLY, ganarán, por supuesto.

  5. Gnarls says:


    One for each.

  6. Troy says:


  7. skcfan88 says:

    what kind of formation is madrid running?

  8. Gnarls says:

    Ugh, great pass and great finish.

  9. neill says:

    They have had English feeds the last couple of Clasicos, but not today apparently?

  10. adam says:

    awful goalkeeping…cant say great finish to that

  11. beachbum says:

    wow…blast from Ronaldo, and goalie error, eh? nutmeg

    might finally relax RM in this matchup, which they have not displayed for some time in it

  12. Edwin in LA says:

    GolTv is having this in English, you have to put it on the right channel settings sometimes with GolTv tho

  13. away goals says:

    Early goal didn’t help them much last time they played barca…

  14. chris says:

    Spanish soccer is such a joke

  15. Mig22 says:

    Ref is nervous about this one getting out of hand. Both yellows were not exactly clear ones, yeah?

  16. ManicMessiah says:

    You’d have to pay me a lot more than those refs probably make to ref this game.

  17. beachbum says:


    wow, what a save by Casillas there on Messi’s on target low screamer near post

  18. Mig22 says:

    yupper. Combat pay.

  19. Troy says:

    Tried SAP english for them, not working. Guess someone is telling me to work on my Spanish.

  20. Spectra says:

    I count five times alrewady that Alonso has put his hand up and looked for the offside flag when they were on by 5 yards. Put your hand down and get back and defend

  21. Mig22 says:

    Damn Barca moves the f’n ball fast. Madrid better carve out some possession.

  22. Spectra says:

    Altintop is not having a great game. Giving it away way too much. He’ll probably be gone at the half

  23. fakeU says:

    Is this where us fanboys congregate!? Madrid! Barca!

  24. K Dubs says:

    any links to the game? Desperate to watch at work

  25. neill says:

    A lot of the time it looks like 5 across the back, with Ronaldo and Altintop playing as wing-backs. I can’t imagine them getting away with that for another 55 minutes though.

  26. Dimidri says:

  27. K Dubs says:

    Happen to know any others? My company blocks espn3 (extremely brutal when a good game is on)

  28. jim b says:

    Pepe has to be the most disgusting, pathetic excuse for a soccer player that ever lived. He commits cheap and dirty fouls then dives like a pansy. Which are you? tough guy or diving wuss? Man he makes me sick

  29. larnzell says: for link to game , cheers

  30. Edwin in LA says:

    no not SAP, do you by any chance have DirecTv?

    I know for them the channel that is 620 I believe usually it’s default to English and don’t ask me why but there is a double of the channel on 425 or 426 I forget which one, right next Fox Sports Deportes that I have no idea why when that channel is on 624 as well????

    Well on the audio selections usually the blue or green button I forget which one you select the language some channels it matters some don’t.

    Either way it’s strange because I saw and heard it from the usual GolTv commentators in English earlier but now I’m on a ESPN fee thru Deportes..

  31. uksubs says:

    i bet you love watching qpr-wigan every weekend.

  32. Edwin in LA says:

    try atdhenet DOT tv…

    or firstrowsports DOT tv

    Cheers =)

  33. Mig22 says:

    Well well, game on.

  34. Mig22 says:

    Madrid needs a change of structure. They have to clog that midfield or they will be run over here.

  35. Mig22 says:

    Wow Pepe is pretty detestable.

    that’s embarrassing.

    Here comes Ozil. Good times.

  36. gabe says:

    so tired of barca harassing referees in mass

  37. Troy says:

    Time Warner here. I’d look through the directory or do a search but I don’t want to miss any of this!

    Thanks though.

  38. neill says:

    This game is turning into an acting clinic. So frustrating, even if it is predictable by now.

  39. beachbum says:

    and there’s another one from him, stepping on Messi it looked like to me

  40. ManicMessiah says:

    Jermaine Jones got 8 games for stepping on someone’s foot, Pepe just deliberately steps on Messi’s hand. I know it’s a different league and Messi didn’t have an existing injury, but that got to be a similar suspension?

  41. Edwin in LA says:

    LOL well here in LA, in teh San Fernando valley area at least my friends have Time Warner, I believe somewhere around 858 or 860 there’s a GolTv and there are some in the 320-390 range, in fact I think for some stupid reason there might be a couple with the HD and non-HD go figure?

    if it helps? lol at least for next week lol

  42. Spectra says:

    What the crap Real? Real needs some much better defending. They have the offense to destroy teams but whenever they get put on their heels they look like this

  43. Tyrone says:

    Eric Abidal is solid.

  44. michael says:

    This is offensive soccer from Madrid, offensive.

  45. Tyrone says:

    Yeah, all the extracurricular activity is sad.

  46. Neruda says:

    Pepe and Carvahlo are portuguese national team cheap. Can’t wait to see what Mourinho complains about this time.

  47. Edwin in LA says:

    “Messi always gets the calls, and we get a player ejected and then that’s how they score..”

    (stops to think in confused hesitation)

    “Oh wait! NO, No no, sorry no, that’s not it, they just got lucky today like in the La Liga game with luck”


    “oh wait no they scored on great passing from Messi and great combo but predictable corner kick just like WC semis…”

    “Hmmm well we didn’t get enough wrong calls to go in our favor, the 3 wrong offsides & 2 fouls that should have been reds weren’t enough”

  48. jim b says:

    I really don’t understand how anyone can be a fan of this madrid team. They dive, take cheap shots, complain constantly and have no idea what the word sportsmanship means.

  49. marco says:

    Jose still afraid to play Barcelona with an attacking line-up. I think they can, but the 5-0 thrashing must be too heavy for him to forget. Pepe, for those confused, showed how one plays to injure.

  50. Alex G says:

    I´m just pissed with Madrid and the Madrid players, today I´m ashamed to be a galactico…

  51. marco says:

    Actually, Pepe had been trying all game to break legs, much worse than the tread. If fouls are given out based on a players preexisting physical condition, refs will need medical degrees.

  52. marco says:

    I think Ramos led the chorus, and it worked, as the linesman called some ‘even’ offside later on.

  53. Kris says:

    this thug should be banned

  54. louis z says:

    just got home and finish watching the game on my dvr, all I can say…status quo!

  55. biff says:

    +1 Mourinho totally screwed up on this one, deserves full blame. Starting Carvalho, who has not played for months, and Altintop, who has hardly ever played. And then not starting Ozil or Kaka–or both together. And starting both Benzema and Higuan together did not work at all. I think Mourinho has lost his mind, is a total disgrace. Would love to see him get fired and replaced with Zidane.

    All that said, Barcelona has never looked better. Their defense is from another planet.