Ream granted work permit, clearing way for Bolton move

Tim Ream (

Tim Ream's time in MLS has come to a close.

After spending the first two years of his professional career with the New York Red Bulls, Ream is set to sign with Bolton Wanderers after being granted a work permit on Monday, BBC reported on Monday. Sources confirmed to SBI that Ream did win his appeal and has been granted the work permit.

Ream will join Bolton on a transfer worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $3 million, which would become the highest amound ever paid for an MLS defender (Former Chicago Fire defender Bakary Soumare was sold to French club Boulogne for $2 million).

Bolton bought Ream to help cover for the sale of standout defender Gary Cahill to Chelsea. The relegation-threatened club has turned to MLS for reinforcements, and are considering a transfer move for Philadelphia striker Sebastien LeToux.

Ream will become the second U.S. men's national team player on Bolton's roster, with injured midfielder Stuart Holden being the other.

A finalist for MLS Rookie of the Year in 2010, Ream worked his way onto the U.S. national team radar with his strong first season with the Red Bulls, but 2011 saw him struggle at times, both for the national team and the Red Bulls.

Once Ream's transfer is complete, the Red Bulls will be able to finalize the acquisition of Wilman Conde. The Red Bulls traded for his rights from the Chicago Fire for a partial allocation.

What do you think of Ream's impending move to Bolton? How do you see him faring in the EPL?

Share your thoughts below.

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154 Responses to Ream granted work permit, clearing way for Bolton move

  1. Hood Rich says:

    He will fail, esp. against teams like Stoke. If the EPL teams are looking for his weaknesses, then just play route 1 against him or beat him off the offisde trap. Speedy guys like Bellamy will just out run him.

  2. Rafa Marquez says:

    Hopefully they’ll use those 3 millions to bring in a defender that can at last hold his position.

  3. Kosh says:

    Congratulation, Tim Ream! Excellent news. He has the tools to make this work and when it does the US D is going to be one heck of a thing down the road.

    Bets of luck to you, Tim. Go and make us, MLS and our program proud.

  4. emman says:

    great job!

  5. JJ says:

    No, they’ll use it all as a bonus for you.

  6. Joe Creighton says:

    Finally! I’ve been waiting for this. Ives the boys from ESPN beat you to the punch on Saturday.

  7. NateinSF says:

    way to support the team

  8. Petaluman says:

    Good to see more players upping their games. Even if Bolton drop to the championship I think the competition and environment will do Ream good.

  9. Dave says:

    My estimation of his talent went up tremendously. If NYRB have moved him on, he will be a star soon.

  10. James says:

    You know US Soccer is on the rise when people ream out a U.S. defender who was just transferred to the EPL, had been scouted by Arsenal, and has been valued by both Bradley and Klinsmann.

    I’ll take that as a positive sign – and not as pettiness.

  11. abc says:

    Which team is that, NYRB? Bolton?

  12. abc says:

    But the appeal hearing was Monday (today)?

  13. Illmatic74 says:

    He is a guy who I always want to be called up to the national team because he is one of the few defenders we have who are comfortable on the ball. But, I think he could struggle with the pace and physicality of the EPL.

  14. T says:

    All I know is Timothy Ream better perform well at Bolton Wanderers F.C. , because this last season from him was complete sh!t (not a NYRB fan either).

  15. Matt says:

    Quit making sense James. AMericans know that gonzalez and others are so much better despite no one giving a crap about them in the EPL.

  16. Taylor says:

    yea he has his weaknesses, like any young player, and he will probably be exploited by some players in the PL(again, like many defenders). but i think being bloodied in the league will rapidly increase his tactical development and he should be ok. he has the tools, he just often fades out of sync with his teammates. playing at the highest level will definitely do him well

  17. DingDong says:

    “As a result of Ream’s departure, the New York Red Bulls are expected to sign centerback Wilman Conde as a replacement.”

    That’s assuming that Backe or Soler know that Ream left for Bolton.

  18. T says:

    Rafa, why don’t you just do your job and get paid, the only part you’ve been responsible for since you came to New Jersey (they’re not in New York state) is the getting paid part, I’ve yet to see you bring the job portion to the team.

  19. john.q says:

    Owen Coyle wtf are you doing? don’t you know that SBI commenters know better… ream sucks! you’re lucky we’re too busy typing to go out there and take your job! god knows we’d do better.

    think of it as a favor.

  20. The Imperative Voice says:

    What’s the over-under on how many games it takes for Bolton fans to start up singing, “What a waste of $?” He’s overrated IMO.

    Old Conde would be an upgrade — he was a beast — but I thought New Conde has a hurt foot?

  21. GSScasual says:

    anyone with even the slightest bit of knowledge of the sport knows that your comment is based solely on the fact that you despise NYRB… get over it and grow up. Ream was initially scouted by Wenger… such and idiot, dude.

  22. GSScasual says:

    you do realize that RBA is one of the closest stadiums to its home city in the league? yes it is not THE closest but its a lot closer than toyota park is to chicago, ppl to philly, pizza to dalls, etc… A LOT CLOSER

  23. GSScasual says:

    ^ this… fat keyboard warriors that think they know more than the scouts in the best league in the world

  24. T says:

    He should just be a midfielder with his passing skills, he’d be real serviceable to the forwards. Concerning Ream’s defensive qualities, he is so slow tracking back its ridiculous, guess that’s the kind of game you get form a second round draft pick in a “Super” Draft. Wish him the best of luck, it would be nice if he wouldn’t ruin our improving “footballing” reputation in England/Europe.

  25. boosted335 says:

    For that kind of money Ream will be expected to play and perform WELL. I hope he does because if not the “hate” he’s received stateside over the last year will pale in comparison to what he’ll hear from English fans.
    Good luck Tim.
    Get that money…is it too late for him to get a prenumpt?

  26. Illmatic74 says:

    Wasn’t Omar Gonzalez signed by German club Nurnberg? And wasn’t George John just signed by West Ham.

  27. Lisa NYC says:

    This is my first transfer since I started to support RBNY. (I started watching soccer during WC ’10.) I’m familiar with trades & free agency from the other American sports, but it feels totally foreign to see someone go permanently to a league in another country. I guess need to prepare myself for Juan’s inevitable departure.

  28. Goalscorer24 says:

    Great any opportunity for American Players to improve their game is good.

  29. Alex says:

    I agree; i’ve said this many times and I’ll say it again; Ream should be used as a deep lying midfielder to utilize his pasing abilities. His precision and putting the ball through the last line of defense for anyone making runs is useful…..

  30. malkin says:


  31. fischy says:

    Gonzon went on a short-term loan. JOhn was signed.

  32. The Imperative Voice says:

    With the NFL we are pretty much it so yeah there is no parallel. And in baseball, for Latin American and Asian leagues, we are the ultimate destination; ditto the NBA with Europe and Asia. Those sports are international but we are in the EPL-esque catbird spot. So when you switch over to soccer it is a tad off for Go USA! USA! USA! MLS to be just another league, and worse, to be treated like we’re the Korean baseball league or something.

  33. Murph says:

    Errr… actually, both are loans. West Ham have an option to buy.

  34. Fenel says:

    Team will become one the greatest American defender ever. Few American defenders accomplish what Ream did in his SECOND season as a pro. He has his weaknesses, but he also has great abilities. Besides, they signed because he proved himself enough in training during his trial.

  35. Illmatic74 says:

    Well the Yu Darvish signing was basically a transfer.

  36. hryh878 says:

    How much is he making? Heard his wife got into some trouble on Twitter a week ago

  37. adrian bwfc says:

    As bolton fan I am concerned about a number of the comments on here. The fans will give him a chance provided he is a tryer, if not they wont. most of us have the understanding ream has pace which we badly need. Knight who has played for england and wheater who has been in the england squad are slow and are only good in the air. Without pace in the premiership every player struggles unless they have a great football brain.

  38. SD says:

    actually, red bull don’t have a thing to do with new york….they practice in jersey and they play in jersey. sadly everyone wants ny in the title…

  39. T says:

    I will say PPl Park in Chester is really right outside of Philadelphia. Red Bull Arena is in another State unlike the stadiums you just said.

  40. The Imperative Voice says:

    If Wenger can put on Arshavin and then acknowledge an implicit “tactical mistake” in doing so post-game — how many of us would still be bothering — then we’re all mortal, and Owen Coyle’s 6-1-15 tally is quite human.

    I don’t necessarily think MLS backs are unwise for EPL, but I wouldn’t sign Ream for my MLS team, much less EPL. “Wonderboy” who can’t stay with his man and made a few of the top 5 gaffes in MLS this last season. Bobby Boswell vibes.

  41. aadrian bwfc says:

    He will be on a very low even for bolton £20,000 or $35,000 a week

  42. Charles says:

    How much do the Red Bulls get from this $3mm and how much is retained by MLS ?

    Of the amount that is retain is it distributed, for instance if $1.8 million is retained would $100,000 be distributed for each team?

  43. The Imperative Voice says:

    Like I’m saying in those sports we’re setting the rules and doing the signing. We don’t call it a transfer but we do in fact buy some of their rights off the foreign teams, like you suggest, for player like Yao Ming (Shanghai Sharks). But when you first see MLS selling a player on it’s dissonant for a moment because you’re used to being #1.

  44. inkedAG says:

    I wish Tim Ream nothing but the very best. Awesome in 2010, struggled in 2011 a bit, but all in all a great player. I hope he does great things for Bolton.

  45. Vic says:

    Congrats on the pay raise. He was making about 60k with the Red Bulls. His salary will probably go up by more than ten times.

  46. NE Matt says:

    he got a 5x increase

  47. SD says:

    Tim Ream is young and made some mistakes last season that affected his confidence. he was doing well at the beginning of last season, then he made the mistake in the gold cup that cost the US a win. Then not too long after that his own teammate (rafa marquez) called ream out by saying that ream’s skills are not as good as his and it’s difficult to play with someone with such a low skill level. mind you rafa marquez has done NOTHING for red bulls but cause headaches. by the end of last season he regained some of his confidence, coincidently after marquez was moved to the midfield, and he finished quite well. i think that now he will be in a nurturing environment, it seems that coyle is a positive guy, i think tim will well. tim doesn’t have blinding speed but reads the game well and has good positioning. and he works hard, not at all a prima dona. you are getting a finem young player.

  48. Charles says:

    These comments are very inflamatory and not accurate.

    Where was Bolton when NY offered $60k ?

    No where I guess.

    Was that what NY was going to offer him now that Bolton showed up to the Ream game ? Not 60k.

  49. old grey mullet says:

    True story: PPL Park is closer to the State of NJ than it is to downtown Philly.

  50. adrian bwfc says:

    When he watched us against man utd he must have wondered what he was coming to, however having then been at the liverpool game he must have realised by now we are a team in transition trying to get rid of deadwood and bringing in new younger players. Our last manager spent £40m in 2 seasons and nearly bankrupted us, which is one rason why we have debts of £110m, the other being wages of £50m a season.

  51. hryh878 says:

    That’s what McBride was making at Fulham 8years ago? and what Fulham signed Dempsey to 5 years ago.

    Not bad though

  52. SD says:

    RBA is in another state but it’s only 10 miutes away from NY, which is why they get away with callin it nyrb

  53. Joe Creighton says:

    They apparently knew something Ives didn’t.

  54. hryh878 says:

    no way. He’s making like 15-20 times that much.

  55. hryh878 says:

    when are Agudelo and Bunbury heading to Europe?

  56. Lisa NYC says:

    “Because you’re used to being #1.” That’s it! It’s learning to accept that by leaving the US and my team, an American player is going to a better situation with better pay and better career advancement. I’m happy for Tim and for the USMNT. I’m just sad as a Red Bulls fan and I have to get used to transfer fees.

  57. gigi says:

    so basically he will be making what he made over here in one year in one week……not to shabby – good for him and congrats to him and his fam.

  58. The Imperative Voice says:

    SLU’s a good soccer school but he was a second round pick. $60k is second round money, maybe even high for that.

    More realistically MLS is competing with USL/NASL (pays worse but maybe you want to start), A-League (Kiwi/Aussie grads, similar salary cap), Mexico, and Scandinavia.

  59. M says:

    I know and it will be years before any EPL team takes achance on another MLS defender

  60. adrian bwfc says:

    One of boltons players was supposed to be 60-70k a week, until they left on a free transfer the end of last season (bad business considering he cost us £8m+ 3 years earlier). My point is we are trying to build cheap and sell dear or produce a new team for next to nothing. The chairman of the club will no longer support world names on big wages as the business model doesnt pay. At one point a few years we had dorkjeff, jay jay okocha, fernando heirro and nicolas anelka in the say team.

  61. THomas says:

    Neither of those teams are in the EPL… just because you’re in the EPL doesn’t mean you’re going to be a great national teamer. That’s what I like abou Klinsi trying out in-form players regardless of where they play.

    Instead it’s how they play and how they are playing, well minus Ricardo ‘give the ball away in the middle of the park’ Clark.

    Although it is a good sign that more and more players are getting looks from clubs in big leagues, just hope they play regularly.

  62. everyone says Ream is so slow, but Coyle said he was the fastest guy he ever tested at Bolton (in his off season). So which is it?

    link to

  63. Matt says:

    championship? yeah he went to the NPOWER championship. not the EPL.

    to a team that just slammed liverpool 3-1.

    go get him ream!

  64. adrian bwfc says:

    Probably the reason why he cancelled his honeymoon the minute we asked him too. Hes hoping he is as good an export as stuart holden.

  65. Felix says:

    I can see this being make-or-break for Ream. After his sophomore season in MLS and the ’11 Gold Cup, I’m not as high on him as I once was.

    He obviously has some great traits, but on the other hand, his lapses in concentration and lack of physicality still worry me – and will be found out if in the BPL if it doesn’t improve. Hopefully, playing in England will make him a better defender, he has the technical skill to be a modern-day CB, but if he doesn’t improve on his weaknesses, he’s doomed to be another ‘never was’.

  66. Jamie Z. says:

    Are you serious or are you being sarcastic? I just want to make sure.

  67. rees says:

    I’m amazed at all the hate. Ream has all the tools and the motivation to be a quality EPL centerback. Looking forward to seeing him play in an elite league.

  68. adrian bwfc says:

    How quick is he compared to theirry henry? He was quick, but looks to have slowed now he is on loan at arsenal. Richardo gardner is our quickest player and nearly comparable to henry at his peak in terms of speed.

  69. adrian bwfc says:

    Not being a prima donna will help him. The problem being at bolton is that his head could get turned by the other players and the location. In a 50 mile radious we have not only wigan and blackburn, but we also have man utd, man city, liverpool and everton and all the players live in a 5mile radious in cheshire. A place which had more millionaires per head than anywhere else in the uk (also where david becham used to live when he first lived with posh spice).

  70. Aguinaga says:

    I know that it will be strange for some of the Bolton fans to hear that Ream is “still developing” as a third year professional. I’m guessing you guys are used to players having 5 or 6 years of pro experience by the time they are 24. In that respect, experience wise, Ream will make some mistakes while at Bolton that may be costly, amateurish even. In addition, I think most commentators make a fair judgement in saying he is not at all a speedy defender. However, whatever he lacks in speed and experience he makes up for in resilience, demeanor, and smarts. You’ll see that he learns very quickly, has a fantastic work ethic, and is a great team player. I think if the fans can fully understand he’s still a young player with plenty of upside, and they can be patient, it’ll work at Bolton. Else, he’ll benefit another team in the long term. But as someone who’s watched his development in person the last two years, I really think you guys are getting a fierce competitor, a technically gifted player, and a fantastic professional. Will always do whatever’s asked of him, never tires, never complains, never quits, and always supports his team 100%. In my opnion, what he needs to work on most is his overall strength/fitness. In MLS, he was strong/fit enough. In the EPL, he will need to fully chisel his physique to reach the next level. Looking forward to seeing him bleed for Bolton. Best of luck to you all.

  71. Mark says:

    I’m a Red Bull season ticket holder (please, hold your applause, though it’s relevant to the post), so I’ve seen pretty much every pro game Ream has played. He’s no burner, but he’s got better wheels than most people think. Those who only see him occasionally playing for the Nats or against their local team haven’t seen the best of him, so I get why some posters here are so hard on him. But overall he’s very composed on the ball, and a better defender than he gets credit for being, though he still has plenty of room to grow and improve.

    I think this is a great move for him. Even coming in as a rookie, he never had to fight for his spot in the starting 11, so even when he made some mistakes, and he made a few memorable ones, he didn’t have to worry about being relegated to the bench. At Bolton, every practice and every game has meaning, so I think that will help his mental approach to the game. You don’t play well in practice, you don’t make the game day roster. You made mistakes in the game, you ride pine until you prove yourself worthy again in practice.

    It may take him some time to settle in to the team and life in England, but I think he’ll be a success there. Whether that translates to becoming a rock in the back for the US team remains to be seen, but this is a good step to doing just that.

  72. The Imperative Voice says:

    It’s an opportunity. Better is debatable. He’s not dominated MLS such that he has nothing further to do or show here. Bolton is on the edge of relegation, at which point the quality level drops to roughly MLS-level, and the team would potentially have to start jettisoning players to suit lowered revenues and payroll. Beyond that, sometimes bad teams jettison their coaches and he’s stuck in Bolton without the coach who recruited him.

    It’ll be interesting. Some of these work out, some don’t, and I’m not even sure I’d say that 50% of the EPL transfers go well. But the pay must be better and I’m sure most people would like at least one shot at a remaining schedule with Arsenal, Man City, etc., if just to say you did it. But is it a panacea or a high percentage play? Not necessarily. So we’ll see.

  73. Dan in New York says:

    Don’t believe some of the misinformation on here; Tim Ream is very quick. For reference, check this running save off the line of a wide open Landon Donovan shot: link to

  74. adrian bwfc says:

    If he doesnt cut it he wont get in the team. If he does get in the team and then makes mistakes or becomes a prima donna the bolton crowd will bring him down. It hasnt been unknown for us to boo our own player in order to make them leave. 2.5 years ago we finally managed to rid ourselves of gary megson after booing him from essentially the first game in charge. He was brought in on the cheap, and bolton fans didnt class him as one of their own. If he performs well and doesnt get big headed the crowd will love him.

  75. Steve McSteve says:

    Red Bulls get to keep half, though only $650K get to be used as allocation money. The rest of the money isn’t split up by all the teams – it goes to MLS headquarters. What they do with it, who knows.

  76. Tony in Quakeland says:

    I for one are a little sorry to seem him go even as I am excited for him. I’m sorry because I enjoy watching him play. Obvioulsy, he’s growing as a player and has room to improve. But for too many of the posters here, a defender is a big guy who knocks the snot out of people. Ream is not a snot-knocker. He is an intelligent, composed player with an excellent ability to read the game and a guy who instantly restarts the attack when he gets possession. He is going to do well in Bolton

  77. adrian bwfc says:

    If he is prepared to bleed for the cause im sure he will be success. The epl is all about pysicality and less technique. Speed is essential though as a centreback, due to most teams having quick strikers in the premiership.

  78. adrian bwfc says:

    Being physical will help, but we need someone who can read the game and play a bit too. Exactly what the overrated gary cahill was for us.

  79. Matt says:

    thats an incredilbe investment. 110k for two years and they sell for 3 million. not bad.

  80. Rod S says:

    Thank Goodness! Now bring on Wilman Conde…Conde/Holgersson is so much better than Ream/Keel.

    Now the key is using that Ream money on a DP #10

  81. Will says:

    Ream great in his 1st Season and abysmal in his 2nd. Hopefilly the change of scenery turns him around.

  82. Timo says:

    struggled a lot n 2011…NY lucked out here

  83. Vern says:

    I think he would be a better left back…He doesn’t have the aggression for a C-Back

  84. adrian bwfc says:

    Well all your comments have been interesting, and I look forward to seeing tim ream at the reebok. By the sounds of it he is still developing and owen coyle is good at being a finishing school (see jack wilshire and daniel sturridge who were on loan at bwfc before going straight into their parent teams on their return from loan,). I think ream will probably not play straight away for us, and might feature first in the fa cup before being initially a bench warmer. Its now 11.33pm and im getting tired and going to bed so godspeed to you all.

  85. Eric says:

    Get over yourself T. Don’t wish the guy luck and then insinuate that he’s going to ruin the foreign opinion of American players.

    Furthermore, the ability to pass is not the only thing that you need in a deep lying midfielder. He doesn’t have the range first of all, and he’s still better suited for a centerback position despite what you and Alex seem to think. Also, he’s not nearly as slow as you seem to think.

  86. Al says:

    What they will do with the money is the key to success on the field…Can they outbid Montreal for Ballack?

  87. marden08 says:

    Hood rich. Bolton is paying a $3 million dollar transfer fee. I don’t recall how much a premiere team paid you last year for your ability to assess soccer talent. Money talks. BS walks.

  88. Billy P says:

    and so much more stout than Ream/Marquez. Marquez may be a Center Back in La Liga, but he is a midfielder in MLS. The set piece defending will improve dramatically.

  89. dgoshilla says:

    At the end of the day what is the purpose of MLS? Do we want the best league in the world? Do we want to be a feeder league? Are we hoping to improve our National team? Grow the sport? I don’t see the long term benefit in letting Americans go overseas. Let’s just say that all of the US players abroad played here. I think we’d see a big improvement in the quality of MLS, an increase in the attention the league gets here from press and higher attendances/tv ratings. People will say the best thing for US Soccer is players playing abroad. Well, maybe its the best thing for our National team that plays competitively once every 2 or 4 years. At the end of the day MLS is what I’d rather see improve the most. If MLS can be a top league and I can watch that for 7 months a year I’ll take that over the WC quarterfinals. The goal for US Soccer over the next 20 years should be to make MLS a top 5 league in the world. We’re not going to the WC finals in the next 20 years so why let all these guys go abroad?

  90. hush says:

    I’m happy for him. I hope he turns into a mean SOB in the EPL. Good stuff for U.S soccer.

    I am going to go out on the limb and say Cameron is probably the best U.S CB right now in my opinion. Just watching Cameron handle the ball and spreading himself in the back convinces me. I’m never wrong about any U.S player, trust me guys. :)

  91. dieterhansi says:

    Someone else said it, not me, but the thing about ream is that while he has been prone to bad judgements, there are certain aspects to his game (vision, ability to remain calm with the ball, passing ability) that cannot be taught. I believe this is what certain managers like Owen Coyle see. But more than that, he is clearly not a prima donna and IMO is unlikely to become one at this point. The memory of being barely an MLS player (and then making just 40k in yr 1) is too fresh.

    I am a RB fan so im perhaps biased. But i am also surprised at all the hate. I predict that in eight years time, he may not be a superstar (though i dont rule it out) but will command near-universal respect.

    As an aside, this is clearly a great move for the rbulls as they were going to lose him anyway, and now they are getting a sxxtload of cash to work with.

  92. adrian bwfc says:

    Just a final thought if any of you want too see what us brits think about soccer (football to us) try out the ja606 website. Has thousands of posters and dont really hold back on their critisisms!

  93. Baal says:

    I just don’t see how two years of MLS translates to what sounds like the great Type of contract a player can get with free agency in major US sports. Tim could have helped Nyrb win the way Omar has in LA. But he didn’t and leaves that task to overlaid over the hill DP players. Why couldn’t MLS afford to keep him?
    I also think his lack of skill in the air is really going to hurt him. Plus getting turned. Bobby Convey.

  94. adrian bwfc says:

    I understand this point totally. Before 1991 football here was kick and rush although before we got band from europe some of our teams ruled europe. Then sky got the teams to form the epl and paid us much more money for rights. Because we had more money teams could all of a sudden look all over world for talent and buy it. Over the years because of this the technical ability of the league has improved and the product has become worldwide.

    For the mls to be a great league, the teams first of all need the means to go and buy the best and not rely on the league to pay for stars who are past their peak and not good enough (ie. Beckham – only wanted in our league for shirt sales).

    In the uk fans are paying silly prices to see their team on aweekly basis (bolton costs $70 per person a game to watch), and things that drive further forward are tv revenue (uk rights alone are worth £50m a seadon per club. Shirt sales worldwide and european competition money.

    The biggest argument about our league is that it is unhelpful to the england national side due to all the foreigners. But we have one of the best leagues and the most watched. Therefore it comes down to which you want most.

  95. Powderhorn Pops says:

    Yeah, he realized his honeymoon in Key West could be replaced with a honeymoon in Fiji with his new wages. Sure his wifey supported that decision – lol

  96. predicto says:

    I think it’s alot like the NBA and it’s relation to basketball in other countries.

    Those great foreign bball players come to US club teams for the $ – and prestige. But ya gotta make a living, so $ is the bottom line.

    Same with MLS – $ rules. Up the MLS salary, keep the talent and grow skill & prestige. At the rate we’re going – maybe 30 years till we’re a Bundesliga clone?

  97. Scott A says:

    It’s named for New York City, not New York state, dunce. And many teams have stadia outside the city proper that they represent. I guess the Dallas Cowboys represent all people in Arlington but not not those in Dallas. Some of you are too simple to understand the concept of metropolitan areas. And tell what you just said to all my friends who go to games from Harlem, the Bronx, Queens, Connecticut, central Jersey, Brooklyn, etc. Where did the NY Cosmos play? Dunce.

  98. Scott A says:


    Anyway, you’re loved in NYC Tim. Good luck.

    Conde sounds good.

  99. PD says:

    +1. what the hell is this d$ck measuring all about anyway? Has to be one of the silliest convo’s I’ve ever read on SBI…

  100. Dave in San Jose says:

    Isn’t it strange that there is NO mention on the Bolton website?
    link to
    Shouldn’t we expect his new club to say…anything?

  101. Soccer Rules says:

    I am really happy for Tim Ream. Sure, he has made a couple of mistakes but has most everyone else at some point. I have seen him play in many games and by far he has performed extremely well in the vast majority of them. But there are people here who think they are better judges of soccer talent than Jurgen Klinsmann, Bob Bradley and Owen Coyle. Well, I am sure Ream will have the last laugh in the end when he proves them wrong. And, he will be making more money that any of them to boot.

  102. T says:

    Get over yourself Eric. This discussion is about Tim and his future not myself (not that he’ll read this anyway) I was saying that Ream must improve his defensive skills to succeed in the EPL because the media will be quick to eat him alive, especially being an American, so he “better” be ready. My judgements came from the games that I’ve seen him in. Often times Ream is caught out of position and for all that superb passing out of the back he is also very prone to makeing awry passes to the opposing team. Again, I’m just saying that Ream must step it up in the Premier League and work out the “noticeable” kinks in his game, or be exposed badly by much quicker and physical forwards in the English Premier League Eric.

  103. Eric says:

    Deal hasn’t been officially finalized yet I think. If I’m not mistaken, he’s been granted a work permit and now it’s just a matter of paperwork with NY. Bolton probably won’t announce it until everything is completely done.

  104. jiuyy says:

    I think his game is better suited in Spain.

  105. kevdflb says:

    I would argue the the Championship is a 1/2 step ahead of the MLS quality wise, not 2 steps ahead like the Premier league, but still a league in which teams can offer better salaries. I’m sure the possibility of relegation was on Ream’s mind when he made his decision. Anyway, they’d likely be back up in after season even if they did get relegated. A year in the Championship wouldn’t be so bad for Ream.

  106. Ken says:

    Hopefully he can replace Cahill. Bolton got 7 million pounds from Chelsea for Cahill.

  107. kevdflb says:

    I believe he made well under 100,000/year last year. (The telegraph reported $55,125), But I, and they could be wrong. Pretty typical for the MLS> $35,000 a week is a HUGE raise. Who wouldn’t take it. He’ll earn in 11 days what he earned all last year.

  108. predicto says:

    So Ream will be a success if he is 1/3 as good?

  109. kevdflb says:

    I know Stuart was born in Aberdeen and raised from age 10 in Texas. But, doesn’t his family have deep roots in (or around) Bolton?

  110. george3000 says:

    Was very impressed with Cameron the other night as well. I don’t see a discernable difference between his distribution skills and Ream’s and Cameron is clearly the better defender of the two. Makes me think if Cameron continues to play like this, he will be moving to Europe toot sweet.

  111. kevdflb says:

    No idea why my reply to another comment ended up here….. GRRR!

  112. Hobbs says:

    It looks like Del Piero is the most likey candidate. An older, but better version of DeRo.

  113. Will says:

    Del Piero is the better fit

  114. kevdflb says:

    I had thought that the salaries of soccer players in top leagues was a good deal lower than that of athletes in the big 3 American sports leagues (MLB, NFL & NBA) But if a player untested at the highest level, joining a team that may soon find itself in a relegation battle can fetch $1,820,000/year I would have to say I was mistaken. Good for Tim.

  115. theraccoun says:

    I’m never wrong either, and I second this notion

  116. MicahK says:

    Your screen name is so gangsta!!!! 😀

  117. juan says:

    Bolton must wanna bleed goals cause that’s what theyre going to get if they play Ream

  118. MicahK says:

    He on that Chris Brown swag. I get what you get in ten years in two days.

  119. Jon says:

    Do us proud, Timmy.

    Having watched a bit of Bolton, he can’t be any worse than Zak Knight.

  120. Eugene says:

    Don’t believe the negativity, he’s a good player, and a smart centerback. He’s plenty physical, and technically sound. People forget that he has only 2 years of pro experience.

    Certainly he had to win his starting spot and keep it. No rookie automatically gets a starting spot, especially in defense. He was just better than every other option available for this team, and solid enough that no other options were necessary to seek out.

    I’m happy to see him sold only because I think Wilman Conde is an adequate replacement and the price for Ream was good.

  121. TomG says:

    Amazing move for Ream and USMNT. If he can learn to maintain his focus for 90 minutes and clean up his mental lapses, he could see regular time in the Premiership as a 24 year old. If he can stick with Bolton and Bolton can stick in the EPL, we might have a tested, stud, technically skilled CB just coming into his prime. With Cameron’s encouraging performance, Whitbread coming into form, maybe there is finally some light at the end of the CB tunnel.

  122. GW says:

    Ream may improve right away.

    Surround him with better players and sometimes that immediately makes a player look better.

    Ream will also have the benefit of a manager who very publicly believes in him ( he put his money where his mouth is) and supports him. I get the impression that this was not always the case in NY.

    And Coyle will stay there, if he wants to, even if they are relegated, he is that highly regarded.

    As long as Ream stays on Coyle’s good side he has a chance to develop his game.

  123. GTK says:


  124. GW says:

    The EPL and the Championship are multi level leagues. Some EPL sides when relegated bounce right back. Other sink like a stone.

    Still, it’s probably safe to say that, at any given time any of the top six or so Championship clubs would probably do quite well against any of the bottom six or so clubs in the EPL.

    Should Bolton get relegated, assuming he is a regular and is doing well,Ream will be kept because he is comparatively inexpensive.

    The overall level of the competition he will face will still be higher than what he would get in MLS.

    Owen Coyle will still be the manager, if he wants to stay. Bolton’s management has already made that clear. Coyle is extremely well regarded and popular. Everyone knows this squad is a shell of last year’s squad.

    All Ream has to do is play well.

  125. GW says:

    More to the point, Ream will make more than his NYRB yearly salary in two weeks at Bolton.

  126. John says:

    Because you have more soccer acumen than seasoned EPL scouts. Oh, of course!

  127. John says:

    You mean Ricardo “give the ball away in the middle of the park, and put it in the back of the net” Clark?

  128. Gerry says:

    You are going to be booing quite a bit

  129. juan says:

    Not sure I agree. Every time I’ve seen him he’s looked confused and lost. I dont see the attraction to be honest

  130. adrian bwfc says:

    No, you could be thinking of canadian england international owen hargreaves.

  131. adrian bwfc says:

    There are a couple of players at man city who are on £250,000 a week / $400,000 a week. But they are owned by the abu dabi royal family so they can afford it. They have spent £330m on players transfers in last 2 years.

  132. adrian bwfc says:

    Exactly. However from what everyone is saying ream potentially wont go straight into our team, and will a bench warmer for the rest of this season until he can get upto speed with our league. An example of this is marcos alonso who we bought from real madrid, at the beginning of last season for £2m and didnt play an epl game until this season. He hss been injured for most of this season though which hasnt helped and is on trial in spain for a car accident that killed someone later this year.

  133. adrian bwfc says:

    Note quite cahill went for so little as he would be free in the summer. Last summer he valued at £15m, but noone would take him because his contract was coming to an end.

  134. Shane says:

    and Fulham paid 3 mil or more for EJ. Did you tell all the many doubters then that BS walks

  135. PolishPete says:

    Ream will make 60x hie mls salary….. Thank you Tim for the last 2years ….good luck in Bolton
    Polish Pete

  136. SD says:

    I understand the concept of metropolitan areas very well. I was referencing GS Casual’s comment about RBA being closer to it’s home city. I was being sarcastic about the fact that RBA is in it’s correct home, in new jersey not new york. and nor was I referencing new york state. yes, the ny cosmos played in nj as well and made the old giants stadium the place to be. Name calling is not necessary.

  137. SD says:

    I see your point. He doesn’t come accross as a guy who can get his head turned. But only time will tell.

  138. Air Jordanz says:

    Bleed goals into the opponents’ nets, you mean.

  139. In 2011, Ream made $55,125.00 base salary, and $62,625.00 in total compensation.

    link to

  140. Dennis says:

    No doubt he will have to learn to be well-positioned to make up for his lack of amazing speed. He does have the skill required, the open question is, will he be able to develop his tactical defensive sense quickly enough to survive in the EPL where he will face talented forwards in every game. If he fails at that he will not be a starter for more than a few games.

  141. Matt says:

    not hard to be impressed with cameron playing against a team with little to no intent on pushing forward.

    have to see cameron play a real team first.

  142. Matt says:

    ummmm Agudelo? maybe if he actually starts playing.

    Bunbury. not anytime soon.

  143. kevdflb says:

    More like 35.
    20 min on the PATH from WTC, then a 10 or 15 minute walk.

    And don’t say “10 minutes by car” either. NYers don’t drive cars.

  144. Scott A says:


  145. kevdflb says:

    Sure, of course. In addition there are certainly bottom of the table championship teams that would lose a majority of games to the LA Galaxy (though not the Whitecaps, I’d guess…). I just think the average is higher than in the MLS. And it seems you agree.

  146. kevdflb says:

    Ok. I thought I had read an interview with Stuart in which he said that he liked that he could regularly see some of his extended family, and that they could make it to games at the Reebok.
    But then again, it isn’t such a big country….

    Poor guy has had a rough spell of luck with that incident outside the bar, then Nigel de Jong and Jonny Evans.

  147. beachbum says:

    What an opportunity. Best of Luck

  148. GW says:

    Comparing MLS to those leagues in terms of the level of competition that a given player will face is always difficult especially when they never play each other in meaningful games.

    One thing to compare is squad depth. Take LA. Can Beckham, Keane and Donovan play for most EPL teams and be important contributors? Obviously, they can.

    How about Adam Cristman, Chad Barrett, Michael Stephens, Juninho, AJ, Gonzo, Franklin, Todd Dunivant? I don’t know about that.

    Is there anyone on Everton or Fulham who could start for LA? How about Bolton, Blacknburn or Wigan?

    The biggest difference between EPL And Championship teams and MLS is the British have a lot more players who could do well for an MLS team than vice versa. At least in terms of skill and talent.

    Ream is going to face a lot more competition just to get on the field for Bolton than he did in NY where he was basically an automatic starter.

    That alone will make him a better player.

  149. kevdflb says:

    A good point and one on which I completely agree. The variety of competition within the squad and within the league that he will face could be a huge boost to his game, whether Bolton are in the Premier league (I hate typing EPL…) or the Championship. Though I’m hoping they’ll have a few more performances like they did against Liverpool and will stay up.

  150. Astorian says:

    Even using your 35 min figure, RBA still takes less time to get to from WTC than either Citi Field or Yankee Stadium.

  151. kevdflb says:

    Citi Field and Yankee Stadium are both in New York City, so it takes exactly 0 minutes to get to them “from New York City.”

  152. kevdflb says:

    (I only picked WTC because it is the CLOSEST place in NYC to RBA by public transit, not because it is particularly important or central. Most would argue Times Square or Grand Central as the most central point in NYC)