Red Bulls acquire Cooper via trade with Portland


photo by Howard C. Smith/

The New York Red Bulls' forward corps just got a little deeper.

The Red Bulls acquired Kenny Cooper from the Portland Timbers on Wednesday in exchange for a 2013 first round MLS SuperDraft pick and allocation money. Cooper joins the Red Bulls after a return season to MLS that saw him score eight goals and have two assists in 34 league games.

The move may come as a surprise given that the Red Bulls currently have forwards Thierry Henry, Luke Rodgers and Juan Agudelo on their roster, but it could indicate that Agudelo may soon be leaving the club via a transfer.

What do you think of New York picking up Cooper? Like the trade? What do you think will happen to Agudelo?

Share your thoughts below.

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69 Responses to Red Bulls acquire Cooper via trade with Portland

  1. SD says:

    not a fan of this at all

  2. malkin says:


  3. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    No really, WTF on both sides. Less so for Portland though, seeing as they got a sweet deal for Cooper. My biggest concern now is what happens to El Chosen Juan.

  4. DingDong says:

    Why do I waste my time with this team? Bring in the Cosmos please.

  5. Kejsare says:

    I think Portland abused NYRB’s aversion to drafts.

  6. Alex says:

    Juan to Seattle. For Alonso and allocation.

  7. thedude says:

    According to Ives:
    Been told Portland doesn’t get Allocation $$ for Cooper unless NY keeps him past 2012. So fallback is a 1st round pick for 1 year of Cooper?

    So its a 1 year tryout and if he fails they get a draft pick. Im fine with that low risk deal.

  8. jon says:

    if this mean juan goes, I don’t like this at all. as an rbny fan, i’ve really enjoyed watching juan play (to the extent he actually got a chance). And as another forward who needs to see a lot of the ball at his feat, I don’t see how Cooper plays with Henri. Just don’t get it

  9. Matt S says:


  10. chris says:

    I have never hated a FO more than these fruit cakes. Wish i had enough money to by this franchise

  11. Gnarls says:

    Not sure how Portland fans feel about the move, but as an objective observer I think this is a good thing for the Timbers. I’ll bet the Portland FO got a hefty sum of allocation money, with which they can pursue more South American talent since that is the direction the team is headed. Cooper didn’t seem to fit well with Portland’s 2012 plans. And he falls over too easily.

  12. RandomTimberFan says:

    General consensus on Twitter was it is a good move for Timbers with about half saying “good riddance”. The other half (including me) will always remember what a class act Cooper was in the face of some withering criticism and for a couple of really amazing goals.

  13. BF says:

    Lets hope this means Agudelo is moving on..he’s wasting away at the RB’s and their horrible style of play.

  14. Judging Amy says:

    seems like a bad move for nyrb. never been the biggest fan of cooper’s game but he’s certainly a better than average forward in the mls.

    but out of all positions i wouldn’t think striker would be a problem area for ny. why give up a first rounder for a borderline good def not great guy? even if juan goes you’ve still got henry and rogers (who was starting over agu anyways).

  15. David says:

    I don’t see this as badly as other RBNY fans. The front office is looking for players that want to be in MLS and are going to be there week in and week out. The reality is Agudelo is going to Europe sooner or later. He will be gone for the Olympics and other national team games (World Cup Qualifying).

    Cooper is a solid MLS striker. He is still only 27 and he isn’t going anywhere. He tried Europe and it didn’t work out. This gives NY real cover for injuries and cover to sell Agudelo if the price is right.

    It is the right move even if it hurts to know they are losing a young talent because of it.

  16. tom traubert says:

    as a founding FCD fan I can tell you KC is a problem everywhere he goes. great kid, busts his butt on the field, but is absolutely stubborn about how he thinks he should play. no self-awareness at all- he thinks he’s shaun wright-phillips and constantly uses a single move- push the ball to the end line and try to beat the defender to it. i’m sure his various coaches have gone crazy trying to get him to hold the ball and play with his back to the goal, but he won’t, so he sits. with his frame (and admittedly courage) he could be McBride 2.0. fans love his passion, but he just doesn’t get it. hence he bounces…

  17. Richard says:

    No thanks… Juan either stays or goes to Europe.

  18. Judging Amy says:

    this is a good argument. but i don’t know if i’d give up a first round pick plus allocation for coop.

    don’t know the full extent of his injury problems but i know he’s had a decent number throughout the years.

  19. The Imperative Voice says:

    Based on the tone of some of the comments, you’d think NYRB were tinkering with the equivalent of the LAG rather than the last team into the playoffs. They’ve had Henry, Agudelo, and Rodgers in place for a while and it has not won. I don’t know if this means someone is leaving or Henry’s loan will be extended, but with their results I wouldn’t make anyone other than Henry untouchable.

    In terms of Portland, they have been trying to get rid of Cooper since roughly August, when a deal with the Dynamo nearly took place. My issue would be that it sounds like the Timbers may have traded the allocation received with Palmer and Chabala (in exchange for Moffat), in trade for a pick. In which case why not just trade Cooper for Palmer and Chabala? Maybe they thought they’d make the playoffs with him. Goofy move.

  20. The Imperative Voice says:

    For a big looking dude he doesn’t play like one, little post up, few headers.

  21. tyler says:

    I thought I head a loud sucking noise coming from Harrison yesterday.

  22. David says:

    Maybe between Henry, Rogers, and Cooper at least one will be healthy each week…

    It would be nice to have at least one striker who isn’t injury prone but I just think people need to let go of the Agudelo thing. Even if he was playing more or in their plans a club from Europe is going to snatch him up soon.

  23. MASE NJRB says:

    NJRB actually had success with the Henry and Rodgers pairing. Look at their record with and without Rodgers.

  24. Scott A says:

    Those who switch soccer teams belong in Hades :)

  25. bryan says:

    i wish DCU could find a way to get Agudelo on our team. but they would have to give up too much for him and he is likely off to europe sooner rather than later. i think i just want DCU to do SOMETHING, this is getting insane. i like DeLeon, but i think Martinez would have been better for us. we’ll see.

  26. not even an RBNY fan but totally agree with Chris says:

    I’ll chip in…. seven bucks. It’s all I got right now but I’m good for it. Let’s make this happen y’all.

  27. pd says:

    even more so than Davies and Adu (or how many vocally feel about Altidore). Kenny Cooper strikes me as a player who is always doing enough to keep fan’s hopes up but never quite enough to make that breakthrough. Thoughts?

  28. jon says:

    I’ll put in 20. that makes 27 big ones

  29. jpc says:

    I think it only indicates that Agudelo will be playing more on the wing, which is where they really need help. Lindpere is good on the left, but Dane Richards is god awful on the right. Beyond those 2 NY has no real wing players, which agudelo can be.

    Also, Luke Rogers gets his, but nobody fears Luke Rogers. at least Cooper is a multi-dimensional player that other teams have to account for. He’s just gonna have to learn to pass better, b/c Cooper is a ballhog of the highest order, and that’s not gonna fly w/ Henry.

  30. Scott A says:

    And enjoy following a “team” who doesn’t pay the bills of the developmental team they sponsor (local side who ended up suing them) and has a director of football who doesn’t even live in the country. Oh yeah, that group of hucksters cares about soccer here bahaha The imaginary team will attract fans with imaginary constitutions

  31. RBNY says:

    Its a good move. Henry needs a box striker to pair up with when Luke Rodgers isn’t playing. Agudelo is not that guy at this point in his career. We gave up a pick that would never get PT here for a guy who has proven to be a reliable scorer with the ability to head the ball in. What’s not to like?

  32. Andy says:

    Amen to that. I think he’ll either play winger at NY or move to a team like Stuttgart for example.

  33. Andy says:

    They should just make them publicly held like the Packers…then I’m in for some stock

  34. Ryan Lover says:

    Doesn’t matter. They got the best keeper in the draft hands down ayyyyyyyy

  35. gigi says:

    Truth – but when ur a fan of this organization for so long, even a good move is blinded by negativism in order to act as a safety cushion just in case it turns sour, for every good move; there are 10 bad ones- heres hope for a change.

  36. gigi says:

    deff, could be the next sean johnson who was picked in the 4th round- still hoping rost comes back with a low cap hit though.

  37. RBNY says:


  38. Alex says:

    Why would you want Agudelo to play as a winger? He needs to develop in his best position, not be playing out of position.

  39. gigi says:

    Richards had 7 goals last season- not that i disagree with your post or anything i believe that they need depth on the wings, however, for mls standards richards is above average- hes improved his game- Even Henry has called him the go to guy. – Nielson has been injury ridden the past 2 seasons but soler has the belief in him- idk why- But i do agree they can use another right midfielder and another left midfielder- If I was at the helm id make a serious offer for Diego Chavarri a guy who can play either left or right midfield and was born in new york. Id also sign giorgi chiagardze back as a homegrown player, he can play left mid. They also need a left back, so if they can nab Garcia in the supplemental draft that would be great.

  40. Michael F. says:

    Why don’t we ever use the draft to our advantage? This is terrible. So let me get this, we tradd a first round pick for only 1 year of Cooper.

  41. coop expert says:

    Copper isnt either. He plays on the touchline just as much as Henry.

  42. Scott A says:

    I haven’t decided how much I like the deal, but to be fair, does Cooper really box up and head the ball? I know he’s a big guy but I haven’t seen him do that much.

  43. half full says:

    This will end up being a bad trade for RBNY, but probably not as bad as giving up their 1st rounder this year for one month of Dero.

    Baby steps..

  44. Gnarls says:

    That’s a respectable position. 8 goals is nothing to poopoo (I like that verb), but at the same time, Coop is but a shadow of his former self. Timbers have the potential to be a real possession oriented team. I can’t see Cooper playing that kind of soccer.

  45. Johnny Ramone says:

    No. Get over yourselves in Seattle. Please. You didn’t invent coffee, you didn’t invent soccer. Juan either stays or go to Europe. Get a grip on yourselves.

  46. gigi says:

    What i like about cooper too is hes only 27 i believe, hes got alot left in him, and he brings leadership qualities and a good mentality, he didnt fit in portlands system but he can do very well here. The only downside is prob his salary, but to me its a high reward low risk trade. I mean if you look at the albright trade back in 2010 we gave up two picks – and you know what albright came back from injury and put in a solid season.

  47. Johnny Ramone says:

    I agree. My fellow RBNY fans just like to whine & complain. We have an nnoying fan base. Not as bad as Seattle’s but annoying nonetheless.

  48. SydneySounder says:

    I don’t know who Alex is, but I, and I imagine most Sounders fans, wouldn’t want to give up Alonso for Agudelo and allocation…not unless said allocation was a ridiculous amount of money. Alonso is the backbone of the team.

  49. Since 82 says:

    Smart move for the Timbers who are building for the long haul. Cooper was not a good fit for the style of play. Nagbe will be slotted up top.

  50. Ken says:

    Henry did it earlier in his career so you can’t completely dismiss the move. Lots of young players are moved around to learn the game, or are moved because they are good at multiple positions.

  51. TomG says:

    This team won’t ever improve until Soler stops making personnel decisions by throwing darts at a board with his feet.

  52. TomG says:

    That’s like praising a presidential candidate with the slogan, “At least he’s better than Hitler!”

  53. GSScasual says:

    you epitomize the sterotype of an american sports fan… No loyalty, no identity, no integrity.. Go watch the cosmos… oh wait they dont have a team.

    Im NYRB through thick and thin, but then again im a football fan, not a poser, like team jumpers like you.

  54. Ricky says:

    From PDX… good way to put it. At least for the 2011 season.

  55. Alex says:

    Jesus, get a grip on YOURself. You’re on the internet man. I just happen to think Juan would be a good fit in Seattle. Do I think that particular deal I outline would happen? No, I just threw it out there because this is a soccer forum. I’m not even from Seattle. So chill out. And who are you to say what Juan’s next step in his career is?

  56. Ricky says:

    No, not much. He can be dangerous with headers on corner kicks, but didn’t score many that way either for Portland.

  57. Alex says:

    That’s actually a pretty good point, I was just remembering when Arena tried that with Altidore and it was a heavily criticized move.

  58. yeesh says:

    Seriously, get over yourself, Mr. Instant Ultimate Loyalty. The “Red Bulls” have only existed for, like, three years now? And they have not exactly been the easiest of teams to root for.

    A lot of us love the game and are looking for teams here in the USA to support that play a brand of soccer that inspires something other than facepalms and frustration, but the MetroStars…er, Red Bulls, aren’t exactly there yet….

  59. Cairo says:

    Never happen–Alonso is the key to the Sounders–I doubt Seattle fans would consider a trade him for anything less than a double digit scorer, much less a guy who comes off the bench. Silly

  60. dan says:

    Just moved to NYC and I have to say that the RB management team appears to really not “get it”. I hear them say the “right” things publicly but there seems to be a disconnect between what they say and their actions.

    Can put my finger on exactly what it is about Soler and Hancke…. I feel like they almost come across as patronizing their fans and people they work with. Maybe I am reading more into the body language than their is…. but body language typically doesn’t lie.

    Anyway…. I guess until RB wins something – anything – the RB management will always be questioned.

  61. RAMONE says:

    “like, three years now?”

    Or 16 years, but who is counting?

    Are fans really that ridiculous that they forgot this team was a founding member of MLS who changed their name as part of a corporate sponsorship/takeover 6 years ago? Wow, just wow.

    But yes, by all means, resurrect the Cosmos – clearly they will do a better job based on results 35 years ago in a league without a salary cap and generally no restrictions attempting to keep the reigns on spending. To me, NY fans who keep begging for Cosmos are the ultimate fickle fans. Do Jets/Giants, Yankees/Mets, Rangers/Islanders, Knicks/Nets fans just switch their allegiances around to the better team all of the time too? Seems unlikely.

  62. Air Jordanz says:

    Better for him to get paid to be on the bench in Europe with a chance of playing himself into the lineup.

    Backe seems intent on letting him sit.

  63. RAMONE says:

    “My issue would be that it sounds like the Timbers may have traded the allocation received with Palmer and Chabala (in exchange for Moffat), in trade for a pick.”

    Exact terms are not announced (and never will be, MLS never tells us how much allocation cash, just that there was some) but RBNY is giving PTFC a gob of allocation cash and a pick for Cooper (not the other way).

  64. Air Jordanz says:

    Portland didn’t receive any allocation money for Moffat… they received Chabala, Palmer and an int’l roster spot. They gave up allocation money in addition to Hotshot Hamish.

  65. RAMONE says:

    So I am a Portland fan and have only seen what he did this last season and compilations of highlights from before, but Kenny Cooper isn’t a target forward (refuses to play with his back to the goal), dribbles too much without much plan of what to do with it other than try to race by the defender if he can, goes down most times when he is challenged, and he does not score many goals with his head (I remember one that he put in off a corner but that didn’t count) — OK just watched all of the Timber’s goals and he had one with his head, one with his chest from a cross and the other 6 were with feet … most of what he gets are long range blasts that he prays find their way through (and most don’t).

    I think Kenny had a bad year at Portland. Trying to play for an expansion team that was hot and cold and had a hard time getting him the ball with any space at all. He was playing better in the last 25% of the season which is when he scored 5 of his 8 season goals, and is genuinely a nice guy, but he unless he can find his 2008 form again he certainly isn’t going to be some dominating force in the air or target forward for anyone.

  66. Al says:

    RBNY with another brilliant decision. Might as well accept that Juan is gone. Might as well get rid of Henry, and bring Khano Smith back.

  67. GW says:

    Cooper has had bad luck with injuries. Everyone is different but it may be that he wasn’t completely confident about his health while in Portland. So it is possible NYRB may see more of the old Cooper.

  68. DingDong says:

    Geez, I was mostly kidding about the Comos but I guess that touched a nerve. But seriously, “loyalty” and “emotional attachment” aren’t things fans just decide to have or that teams are just automatically entitled to. I’ve vaguely supported the Red Bulls/Metro Stars since I began to follow MLS about 6 years ago because they’re the closer team to where I live, but I’ve never come to like them very much. Most of the players I’ve liked (Juan Pablo Angel, Juan Agudelo) haven’t been treated particularly well by the organization, the ownership and coaching staff seem like fools and “Red Bull” is a pretty tacky, corporate name. Gosh, I guess I’m just a flawed, stereotypical American fan.

    I would love to support a team passionately and feel the kind of connection I feel towards the USMNT (or, when I was younger, Djugarden in Sweden), but RBNY is not doing it for me. So, no, I don’t bleed RBNY like Liverpuddlians bleed Liverpool FC, but then, well, if you are missing the difference between the two clubs, then you’re just blindly pretending MLS is something it isn’t (at least not yet).

  69. John says:

    Cooper is not a bad player and he’s going to score some goals for New York. Still, he’s not worth $250,000/yr much less a draft pick. The Timbers are being very shrewd with regards to the salary cap, hopefully someone will step forward and score some goals for them next year