Report: Sochaux eyeing Edu

Maurice Edu 1 (Reuters)

Maurice Edu is no stranger to being linked to a move away from Rangers, and Sochaux is the latest club hoping to pry him away from the Scottish giants.

According to a report, Sochaux has made Edu its top midfield target for the winter transfer window. The French club had a bid worth an estimated $774,400 rejected already, but it remains interested in acquiring the U.S. international.

Sochaux, which currently employs Charlie Davies, is in need of reinforcements as it currently sits in 19th place in Ligue 1.

What do you think of Sochaux wanting to sign Edu? Would you prefer to see him stay with Rangers?

Share your thoughts below.

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51 Responses to Report: Sochaux eyeing Edu

  1. SBI Troll says:

    Anything to get him out of Scotland.

  2. chris says:

    Yes get out of the SPL

  3. CSD says:

    Trader Mo got 5 times that valuation. Is his contract about to run out or is playing in the SPL on frozen grass less of a litmus test than looking decent on plastic at TFC.

  4. Alex says:

    Not a huge fan of this. He’s got a starting spot at Rangers and while the competition in Ligue 1 might be better, it might be for only half a season. I’d rather see Edu in the Champion’s League than Ligue 2 to be honest.

  5. CRR says:

    His growth has stagnated, and he’s already won the league. Time to leave.

  6. Nick says:

    Going from the best club in the SPL to a terrible French club? Pass.

    Wait for an offer from a decent English club.

  7. sandtrout says:

    $774,000??? That’s like someone offering me $10 to take a new job.

  8. Freddy says:

    If it was a mid table French club that was going to be at least competing in the Europa League then I would say he should go for it. But to go from winning championships to fighting relegation battles seems to be a turn in the wrong direction.

  9. timmytwoshoezzz says:

    No team in Scotland should ever be referred to as “giants” unless they traveled there from somewhere else.

  10. Luke says:

    I don’t get why any team would want this guy. His feet are so slow with the ball and his touch is like stone. I know that is a bit harsh but I just don’t see the fascination with him at the club and especially the national team level.

  11. Tolvinho says:


  12. Sam says:

    As long as the money is equal, take it. Being at Rangers or Celtic is not as good as it would have been 10 years ago. With them in relegation trouble, he won’t have a problem getting onto the field (staying is a different story, there’s always a short leash on relegation teams).

    People always talk about his offensive traits as a CM, which never translate to the NT. I think he’s a bit overrated offensively (and overall), and that perception has been bolstered by the SPL competition. I want to be wrong here, and I hope he goes and proves it.

  13. timmytwoshoezzz says:

    Then he’ll probably be waiting for quite a long time

  14. jcl says:

    to become a sandsalmon? may be a good deal for you

  15. Starla says:

    Benfica Adu, Villareal Jozy, Fulham EJ or Rangers Edu, who lost the most money?

  16. Rlw2020 says:

    Didnt rangers pay $2 mil for him in the first place? I think it would be good for him but i dont see gers management doing it

  17. Rlw2020 says:

    If you cant win a single game in europe then you cant be giants

  18. brad says:

    You realize if Rangers win (or even if they come in 2nd) the SPL that they will start in the 3rd qualifying round of the Champion’s League, NOT the group stage. No Scottish team made the CL group stage this year, and Celtic only made the EL group stage because the team they lost to in the playoff round had ineligible players. The way Scottish football is going, Edu will probably NOT be playing European football next season, so why not go to France, even if it’s a relegation bound club, so long as he can get playing time?

  19. fischy says:

    I would like to see Americans make inroads in France. It would be great if that happened — good place for Yanks to learn to play the game.

  20. CJ says:

    I agree. France & Netherlands seem like ideal proving grounds for young US talent just starting in Europe. They seem to be a step up from Scandinavian leagues. Save Germany, England, Spain, etc. for later, if warranted.

  21. rory says:

    Damn that Frenchie is on him like he would be on a 16 year old prostitute in that photo.

  22. The Imperative Voice says:

    Haven’t Sochaux had issues with Charlie Davies’ callups and subsequent injury? He ended up going to DC to reboot because he was rotting at Sochaux post-rehab and now he’s back at Sochaux and we don’t know if they’ll move him on or let him rot under contract. That, and the lowball offer, do not sound inspiring.

    Also, this is not the garden variety SPL, this is Rangers, a routine SPL top 2-3, and European regular. And we know he will play there plenty. Sochaux is in contrast a mixed bag and I don’t know if it’s really the superior option. In fact, Davies/Gooch/others point to the question of whether these upward moves will turn out well. Some players keep rising but others seem to find either the wrong program or coach, or bump against the Peter Principle.

  23. Ramiro says:

    Edu should go. The French league and competition is better. There’s no guarantee that Rangers will make it to the Champions League group stages (remember that they have to progress through two qualifying rounds). Other than that the only other big games rangers has are with Celtic (3 games). Whereas if Edu played in France, he would go up against teams such as Marseille, Lyon, Lille and PSG. That’s already more competitive matches that he would be exposed to in the Scottish Premier League. So IF Edu goes, then I would hope that there is a clause in his new contract with Sochaux that will allow him to leave if the team is relegated.

  24. TomG says:

    Yes, Ligue 1 is a much, much, much better league than SPL. It is also much more technical which Is the biggest deficit in Mo’s game. If he could help them avoid relegation, that would be so good for him. Some fans heavily overrate the experience of playing a couple games in the prelim rounds of the CL. It can’t compare to playing quality competition every game and training with quality players every day.

  25. Jason says:

    What’s the SPL? It’s a league of two Globetrotter teams and then a heap of Washington Generals. To my understanding, for most of his time there, Edu has never really won the respect of the fanbase. Some seem to have utter contempt for him. He needs to leave. A matter of fact the entire American contingent needs to leave the Huns.

  26. bryan says:

    $774,400 is a joke! what a slap in the face. i want him the hell out of the SPL, but i’m not sure this is the right move. but again, i want him to leave the SPL…

  27. Felix says:

    If I was him I’d leave, the SPL is a fraction of what it was – he’ll only stagnate there.

  28. Alex says:

    Even so, I still think being at a highly visible club like Rangers would do more for his transfer prospects than playing in Ligue 2. You’re correct about the state of Scottish football, but he doesn’t need to move to get playing time. He’s getting it. That’s not what the move would be about. It would be about playing in a higher quality league, which Ligue 1 is, but, come on. Edu is better than Ligue 2.

  29. marco says:

    Do it Mo, get out of the SPL as fast as you can.

  30. THomas says:

    I don’t even think second place gets in anymore. They’re something like the 16th or 17th ranked league in Europe right now. MLS is better if you evaluate the league as a whole.

    If they played Celtic and Champions League games every week…then it would be good, but as it stands the SPL sucks after Rangers/Celtic and maybe even before.

  31. Kyle says:

    SPL is a worse league than the MLS in terms of skill so yea he should gtfo at any offer. PLus he would be playing next to Marvin Martin in the midfield who is the up and coming CM for France.

  32. strider says:

    While there are some small pros to remaining at Gers, Edu has a much better chance of improving his game by moving to a team in a league that is superior and where he’ll get more competition every day/week. IF he can get a better move, great, but if not, this is an improvement. The argument above about Sochaux and their “treatment” of Davies is a bit off. Its hard to compare a player that had SO MUCH rehab to do and still has not gotten back to comparable form. Edu can always put a release clause in the contract so that if Sochaux go down to Ligue 2 he is released. I’m sure he could find another team on a Bosman.

  33. Kevin says:


  34. beachbum says:

    well said

  35. Kevin_Amold says:

    The guy made valuable contributions at the recent world cup. He actually should be a USA legend for scoring a winner against Slovenia. The Edu is not a stiff.

  36. KL says:

    France & Netherlands aren’t that much better than MLS which is growing. If you aren’t in England, Germany, Italy or Spain, then why bother?

  37. RLW2020 says:

    Do it Mo! wasn’t he linked with Auxerre not to long ago. Even if he spends a half year in Sochaux and they get relegated it could mean a spot with a team that stays in the Ligue 1.

    Anyways Sochaux is in 19th place but they are only 3 pts behind Brest in 12th.

  38. abc says:

    Best club in the SPL doesn’t mean anything anymore, look at how both Celtic and Rangers perform in Europe.

  39. Cairo says:

    This is a win-win for American soccer in two ways. Mo moves up a level and hopefully improves/diversifies his game a little bit more. AND another midfield spot opens up at Rangers for our old friend Ale Bedoya. As a US fan, I’m actually more interested in this move for Bedoya than I am for Edu. If he can get a regular run at Rangers he might work himself back into USMNT plans. I kind of feel like Mo is mostly a finished product, and that the Nats have a host of guys who can do simlar things already. Bedoya might (notice I said “might”) develop into something more, though, if he can get back on the field regularly.

  40. Sam says:


  41. aslkdf says:

    Except it’s a better league in a better area with less racism.

  42. aslkdf says:

    Mo has stagnated at Rangers. He should go anywhere else.

  43. DesertSwan says:

    I say go Mo. I agree with earlier comments about slow reaction. I get so annoyed when he holds the ball for ages with the USMNT. Move the ball, play a bit more quickly. He will have to adapt if he plays in Ligue 1 or Ligue 2. The players in France are more skillful than in Scotland as a whole. Otherwise.. move back to MLS bruh.

  44. DesertSwan says:


  45. BBB says:

    Aren’t that much better than MLS? Behave. No team in MLS comes close to the technical skill and pace of play in those leagues.

  46. gigi says:

    Is it possible just to get loaned out to them? I mean, what if they get relegated

  47. Andy says:

    Get out of SPL now. Do it.

  48. THomas says:

    Sounds like he’d be getting playing time to me. Especially if he is their number one transfer target in midfield. From

    12.09 GMT Sochaux are keen to bring Rangers midfielder Maurice Edu to Ligue 1 and will return with a second bid having already seen a €600,000 offer for him rejected.

    “We are interested in bringing Maurice Edu to Sochaux,” assistant coach Stephane Gilli said. “We have two or three other targets, but it’s fair to say Edu is our number one target for the midfield position.”

  49. PabloP says:

    If Sochaux gets relegated but Edu performs well he will likely catch on with another Ligue 1 club either a relegation fight winner or a promoted team looking to buy and improve their roster. Worst case scenario he plays in Ligue 2, which isn’t that much worse than the SPL. Edu seems to hold up well against the rough play in Scotland, but Souchaux would give him a chance to work on the techinal deficencies in his game at a lower pressure locale than if he inked with a big club like PSG or Lyon.