Reports: Beckham staying in LA

Beckham (Getty Images)

After months of speculation, questions and premature reports, it appears that the final twist in the David Beckham offseason saga has the player staying right where he is.

According to multiple reports from France and England, Beckham is not going to be signing with Paris-St. Germain after all, and a return to the Los Angeles Galaxy seems imminent.

PSG sporting director Leonardo reportedly told French outlet L'Equipe that, "It's over. It's a shame. But the welfare of his family in L.A., the wish not not to change everything in his life, weighed heavily."

Meanwhile, PSG president Nasser al-Khelaifi reportedly said on French radio that,"David Beckham is in Los Angeles, and he's going to stay there. He will not come, that is clear."

It is important to note that no new deal with the Galaxy has been announced or signed just yet. The BBC is reporting that MLS has offered Beckham a "one-year rolling deal" that would have the original Designated Player back for a sixth MLS season.

What do you think of this development? Did you think Beckham would return to MLS all along? Shocked that it appears he won't be ending up at PSG or anywhere else?

Share your thoughts below.

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72 Responses to Reports: Beckham staying in LA

  1. Roehl says:

    A certain sporting director at PSG sure sounds bitter.

  2. Jon says:

    Posh wins.

  3. John says:

    I think this is pretty cool. Choosing MLS/LA over PSG for any reason (particularly when PSG was likely offering a lot of money) is a good vote of confidence for the league.

  4. Antoine Kombouaré says:

    Ancelotti wins… He is said to prefer to have a real footballer join the roster(Kaka, Pato, Hulk…) rather than a walking billboard.

  5. Matt S says:

    I see what you’re saying but as one of the biggest earning athletes in the world it isn’t about money anymore for Becks, its about being comfortable and keeping his family happy. If this was a younger player that wasn’t making boat loads of money then it would say a lot about the league.

    Kind of happy to see him stay though. The league still needs those marquee players and names to bring attention to it and keep it increasing in popularity in the country.

  6. wilyboy says:

    Beat me to it. MLS should give her desire to shop with TomKat a lifetime achievement award.

  7. RK says:

    I think dropping out of Europa was a factor, too.

  8. maka says:

    So how is Garber going to expand the rules so the Galaxy can take on a fouth DP?

  9. Vic says:

    If this is true, then this is the best news of the year for the MLS. Unfortunately, many don’t understand financials so they won’t understand the true benefit of this. I would like to see a longer contract than a year. Even if Beckham drops in form a little he is still worth much to the league than what they would pay him.

  10. kmac says:

    A part of me thinks it would have been cool to see him go and do well in France. A feather in the cap of MLS, perhaps.

  11. Georg says:

    My thoughts exactly, New York and L.A. Are MLS in the eyes of MLS I would bet my own kids that the league will tweak the rules in any way L.A. Wants.

  12. David s. says:

    Good to know he’s going to stay someplace where he can retain his competitive edge in the run-up to the Olympics, rather than taking the easy money offered by a club in a retirement league. :-)

  13. Alexandria says:

    This also allows for his eldest son to continue training with the galaxy U-14 team as well plus have you seen PSG they lost to the redbulls nough said.

  14. chris says:

    Why? Please leave

  15. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    You are the reason I changed my SBI name from “Chris.”

  16. marco says:

    Beckham has made it clear that his priorities for 2012 are with England. Would Galaxy sign him on as part time player again?

  17. pd says:

    if this was Beckham at 28 or 30 I’d agree with you, but sadly, see what Matt S. says. This is about avoiding a long distance relationship with his family.

  18. John says:

    Towards the end of last year Beckham’s body really showed its age. Going to PSG would probably hurt his image at this stage of his career and question his selection for the Olympics.

    Playing 90 minutes and getting 5 assists and 2 goals in MLS looks better than playing 9-15 minutes here or there for PSG and having no statistics whatsoever. For LA Galaxy, it allows the face of the franchise to be all over the Olympics opening ceremony and festivities.

  19. Bolt says:

    If Beckaham continues playing like he did last year, he would be welcome on any team I support. People suggesting he’s not a real ‘baller sound like idiots.

  20. SoccerInATL says:


    if you ever watched beckham he always seems to show his age at the end of every season because his willingness to play through injuries. I saw this at Real Madrid where higuin would be his super sub after he went 60 – 70 minutes on their way to taking the title from barcelona who fell apart at the end. His ankle was all jacked up which is why his league debut was a disaster for MLS.

    Beckham took some serious tackles through the MLS playoff run and got on and kept playing. That was extremely admirable to me and even donovan mentioned it as they hoisted the trophy. So if that is showing your age then I will enjoy getting older

  21. Gnarls says:

    Probably more a factor for PSG than for Beckham. I’ll bet the desire to sell shirts was (rightly) outweighed by the desire to get back to form. Kaka will produce more on the pitch than Becks, no question.

  22. Damien says:

    Walking Billboard FC

  23. Gnarls says:

    And rightly so. Success for the big teams will *trickle down* to the smaller ones (apropos term on caucus day).

  24. COLOCOLO says:

    The Beckham to PSG move was never about football, it was about selling shirts. They can fins much better talent for the amount they would pay him to play a few minutes each game….if at all.

  25. Gnarls says:

    Oh geez. Did you say the same thing about all the MLS players who participated in the Gold Cup last year?

  26. fischy says:

    There is one possible consideration which has not been mentioned. Even though it seems inconceivable that New York could have a team playing by 2013, Becks does have an option to participate as an owner in an MLS franchise. I suspect when he signed the first deal, there was some assurance about a New York team. Now, although his man is out at the Cosmos, there may still be some interest on his part in participating in a new ownership group for a different team, and maybe playing there a year before retiring. Of course, he could go to PSG for 12-18 months and still make that happen, but it would be harder.

    Having said that, I’m sure that the family loves life in LA and doesn’t want to be a public spectacle again with all the paparazzi they’d deal with in Paris…and that this is the chief factor.

  27. Gnarls says:

    You misspelled champions.

  28. Bolt says:

    One could say most players were a bit worse for wear near the end of the season. Bottom line: Beckham started and went 90 the vast majority of games, including playoffs, during which he had three assists.

  29. bottlcaps says:

    Beckham had said that his decision would be a “sporting” one. Well it’s true. Kind of !

    Going to PSG would give him a really big contract BUT it would not be guaranteeing playing time. Ancelotti is used to having big money players ride the pine as he searches for the right playing combination. With PSG going after big stars, some of them would be riding the pine and my guess it would be the older experienced players, who make good subs coming off the bench. Hell all Becks has to do is look done the Galay bench from last season and see all the US USMNT WC
    stars from 2002/06 riding the pine.

    Jersey sales are bigger tha ever and he gets a better cut of the proceeds aon promotion than is offered anywhere else.

    Add to the fact that LA is a very comfortable and desirable place to live (even more so than Paris. (I know, I’ve lived in both of them) The weather is warmer and injuries are less as the muscles do not have to put up with the stress of the Cold Parisian winters.

    Add to the fact that it seems that Beckham gets much more “good” publicity in LA than anywhere else and still retains some privacy as well as almost certainly getting the Olympic team nod as a >23 player and I can see very well why he stays.

  30. Hush says:

    Great! I like beckham in the MLS. He’s a great asset to our league, more than what noobs give him credit for… Now all we need is for the galaxy to get invited to Copa Libertadores. 😉

  31. Kevin_Amold says:

    Plus, it’d be really hard to be on Ellen had he gone to France. That time difference is a killer.

  32. alka246 says:

    “Ancelotti wins… He is said to prefer to have a real footballer join the roster(Kaka, Pato, Hulk…) rather than a walking billboard.”

    Beckham has won titles with every team he has played with.

    Pretty ignorant statement.

  33. Troy says:

    I like Beckham and he did great things for the league. He’s not young though so this was almost inevitable.

  34. matt says:

    Having beckham in the league makes the league bigger. another 2-3 years of him here will help keep the profile up and usher us into the NBC era nicely.

    His brand is massive. Cant complain here.

  35. LateNite504 FC says:

    Total respect for what Beckham can still do on the field. Still a difference maker and a real warrior. Clearly though, he makes a bigger on field impact for the Galaxy than he would be able to for PSG.

    It looks good for the league that he is giving up more $ to keep his family happy in LA. 30 year old European players come to MLS in large part because they and their families like the idea of living in the U.S. This just confirms that positive aspect a bit more for them. (“Becks and the Fam love LA so much, they turned down $5mil a year to stay there.”)

    Finally, as much as I respect Beckham and what he has done, I personally would rather see a new DP in LA. I have seen him for a few years, so I would be more interested in seeing Lampard or Ronaldinho play for them. The average American sports fan probably feels differently. So good news for MLS.

  36. Beermahn says:

    saw 1 rumor out there that he may sign with Chivas USA. Would keep him in LA and free up the DP spot for the Galaxy. I could see it happening.

  37. pd says:

    that’s funny… fischy is the reason I became a vegetarian.

  38. chris says:

    Well since you’re an LSU fan, i am glad we’re not getting confused

  39. Bolt says:

    I heard a rumor he may be signing with the Lakers; that too would keep him in LA and is even more likely.

  40. Louis Z says:

    I agree with you. In my opinion Beckham had a better final season than Donovan did. The question remains if Beckham can keep it up in 2012.

  41. DC Josh says:

    I hope Beckham signs on for one more year with the Galaxy. They could win CONCACAF Champions League with him, Keane, and Donovan.

  42. Bart says:


    You can sell shirts and be a good player…the 2 are not exclusive. And Kaka isn’t a waling billboard? What has he done lately except get video game deals.

    Must be a Red Bull fan…

  43. Matt says:

    There should be a 4th DP for all teams by now.

  44. Jose says:

    They still need another scorer to pair with Keane…Now it has to be a non-DP type

  45. Bart says:

    No! We have our own version called the Concacaf Champions League. As American/Canadian teams become stronger, Mexico is being forced to take this tourney seriously. Central American teams are improving also.

  46. Mario says:

    A loan agreement is not out of the question

  47. Kasey says:

    Jakarta is rejoicing

  48. marco says:

    OMG GG HC,
    David played 11 games in 2009, 7 games in 2010.
    facts disturbs dreams.

  49. bryan says:

    hahahahaha +1

  50. bryan says:

    good news for sure! if he was serious about making the Olympic team, he needed to ensure he was playing 90 minutes. at PSG, that was not guaranteed and likely wasn’t probable.

  51. Gnarls says:

    26 games and 15 assists in 2011. Next.

  52. Gnarls says:

    He’s joining the ASP surfing tour. Fact.

  53. FSegaud says:

    2012 Asia Tour…Japan for the FIFA Club World Cup.


  54. Charles says:

    I don’t have a dog in this fight, but that is 14.6 games per season over the last 3 years ?

    Good thing he had 15 assists last year, at the very least he got 5 assist per season. 😉

  55. Charles says:

    Not after losing to Seattle in the next round they won’t.

    It is nice to see the continuity. I would rather see teams that is similar year after year, slowly changing rather than, ok let’s bring in the next version of the Beckham show.

    Seattle had to shake up their team enough, but if they meet, you would still, at this point, feel like it is a rivalry of the teams that had some great games over the last few years.

  56. Edwin in LA says:

    What does that say about the quality of life in the States for players then?

    I mean I know most want to play in NY or LA, but I’m sure as time passes they might be able to entice guys to go to Philly or DC which is a damn gas tank away from NY even if you have a gas gussler SUV lol or a short train ride never mind the 1 hour flight.

    Chicago and the Texas teams are the ones to me that need to get on with it and take advantage of their big market status and in Chicago’s case the draw of it being a popular city to live in…

    If only the Revs would get their act together….a DP or 2 of great name might fill enough seats at Gillette to make SSS and bring back that franchise, same with DC!

    I hope a place like Vancouver or RSL can land someone, or a Columbus or Colorado to help with the sad attendance…

  57. Edwin in LA says:

    Considering this new LA team is the 1st to win a Championship with a DP and the first in the Beckham era for LA I don’t know why people keep crying conspiracy theory, it sure as hell brought more attention and world wide fans to the league hopefully as more and more people watch maybe MLS makes better money off of International TV revenue, hell they might match the US TV revenue lol

    Get over it, LA suffered 1 horrible season and got AJ & Omar of the 4 in the back line, they got Franklin the year before after having a bad season the year Beckham got there and then after the 08 season completely collapsed on them, they brought in Arena who brought in Dunivant the 4th of the back line, Ricketts and brought back Saunders and now a young Perk (former US U-20 starter) then got Leonardo who should be a key piece if healthy all next year, Juninho who might be a HUGE loss, he also brought in Magee, Bichall, Stephens in 10 draft and at one point had gotten Alecko but he had to retire…

    Get over it already, SKC & RSL the other 2 semifinalists had DPs, SKC had 2 lol, NY, FCD, Columbus, Seattle also had DPs and so did 6 of the 8 teams who didn’t make the playoffs. And I’m not counting Chivas even tho they technically had Angel for last 2 and a half months…. Hope Goats keep him btw so they stay competitive…

  58. Edwin in LA says:

    Agree, eventually we can be invited as a Confederation, maybe 2 Mexico teams 1 US team and who knows the better of a 1 Costa Rican, 1 Honduran 1 Canadian team in a tournament of some sort….. maybe a wild card between US and Mexico to 4 teams fight for a 3rd Concacaf team….

    But we need to win CCL consistently and prevent Mexico from having 4 teams in the quarter finals and 2 or 3 in the semis or 4 like last time I forget when or 2 in the final….

    Copa Libertadores and Copa America might happen but in the next cycle of MLS after Russia 2018 or 2020 Olympics….

    When we will hopefully have about 12 million+ salary cap and who knows 5 or 6 DPs….

    Copa Suramericana that might be a more realistic option..

  59. Edwin in LA says:

    If they sell Donovan either in the Summer or next year in the Winter Transfer window, they can go after someone like Drogba or Lampard where ever they may be…

    I think MLS needs to make a play for either Saviola or Pablo Aimar who are BOTH at Benfica, 2 types MLS lacks the most great scoring FW & CAM center attacking/creating MF

    If LA wins or make it far in CCL this Spring I think we can maybe see LA finally selling him & letting him go and then someone like Ronaldinho or whomever can come but I think Ronnie stays in Brazil until or after Winter transfer of 2013-14, he wants to play in that Brazil 2014 World Cup!

  60. Edwin in LA says:

    I’m hoping Barrett can heal his dislocated foot soon….He will be out for a full 3 months before they start pre-season work of getting ready for Seattle.

    I think Donovan goes up top and either Birchall or Franklin plays the right wing, the Brazilian they signed I forget his name, he’s more of a Juninho replacement from what I remember but Birchall can slot in that holding center spot Juninho use to have and Franklin can play Right mid. Ideally they need Leonardo to do this so AJ can play Right Back, but they can keep AJ at CB with Omar and play either Bryan Jordan or Hedjuk at RB?

    If Barrett can stay healthy with a 2nd season & training camp he should score 10+ he was close last year playing half a season

  61. Gnarls says:

    And Khan is the reason I hate Star Trek.

  62. Gnarls says:

    I forgot to include his 4 playoff assists this year. That should up his average a little.

    Anyway, I get your point. He made selfish decisions which led to his injuries. The point remains that most players choose country over club. Can’t fault him for that.

  63. John says:

    Bingo. It seems like a large part of the decision making was because his family is here and the quality of life is good. It’s true, we’re not talking about a 28 or 30 year old, but we ARE talking about someone who was offered a lot of money to go play for a team that’s trying to fight for a championship in France. Regardless of the age, a player choosing here over France under the circumstances is pretty cool. MLS/US is not a soccer world-beater because of this, I just think it’s a good little win for us.

  64. Ycontrol500 says:

    Good man! Family comes first for him, and he gets to play for an amazing team. I don’t believe it was Posh who convinced him. Probably his kids.

  65. The Imperative Voice says:

    It’s over dude.

  66. The Imperative Voice says:

    For MLS purposes he suffices but for PSG it is more like a question of buying his image rights, as the Guardian jokingly put it.

  67. The Imperative Voice says:

    Kinnear/the Dynamo are too stubborn and tight fisted with money to leverage the big market (despite AEG’s suggestion to go big), and Dallas — as they just showed signing a Panamanian and a Colombian — seem more inclined to bring in Latin Americans via value-shopping than to make a deliberate splash.

    Chicago, on the other hand, has plenty of history of splashing on older Mexican talent. Whether it’s all it’s cracked up to be is another question.

    The Revs can’t justify signing anyone without worrying about substantial losses, given their present attendance and no promise that even a good team would be attended well enough to be worth it.

    Vancouver actually did quite well picking up “random” players like Hassli.

    LA’s efforts last year, as well as MLS’ creation of DP rules to give them further license, is arguably destabilizing of the league. Until they changed the rules from 1 DP — itself a rule designed to allow LA to evade the cap limits for Beckham — to 2 and then 3 DPs, you could theoretically pull a Dynamo and balance your cap across the roster, and try and beat the DP teams on talent based on the idea that all the money on Beckham would weaken the overall product elsewhere on the field. But now with 3 DPs you can start to field a good chunk of the team from players with cap going off books, and it’s harder for the stingy teams to keep up. LA kind of seemed on another plane than everyone else.

  68. marco says:

    Martin Rogers, “They also allowed a provision that will give Beckham significant freedom to play a full role in the London Olympic Games in the summer, not just as a member of the England squad but also as a figurehead and ambassador for the Games.”

    I wonder if MLS/Galaxy have a minimum number of games he’ll play for LA galaxy?

  69. Edwin in LA says:

    First of all is not like DPs don’t count, they just don’t count for millions only 300-400K and now with the young DP rule teams only take a 200 to 150K hit depending on how young the player is.

    Is not like the rule was exclusive to LA, so the whole “oh MLS bends the rules for LA” crap is really getting old, They ended up getting 1 championship and 2 trips to the finals and 2 bad seasons out of it, get over the damn fact is what I would say to the ones
    complaining about LA getting “help” in the way of rules changing from MLS

    As for Chicago, they only signed 2 Mexican DPs 1 was a bust but hardly had any time to prove really anything, Blanco was pretty successful just kept running into those great Revs teams, the attendance was great with him and even a little bit on the road just for him. Pardo is NOT a DP and he is exactly the kind of player that they need in MLS and by that I mean he WANTS to be here, in his case he lives traveling and more to live and play in different leagues, heard him on an interview for Glenn Davis’ radio show and it was in English he’s a class act, too bad he had too many hot heads while he was part of “el tri” in his era