Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

  UnitedLiverpool (Getty)

A pair of heated English derby match-ups headline today's action, and both will have added subplots that will only make things more intense.

Manchester United and Liverpool clash in their first meeting since the controversial match where Luis Suarez allegedly used racial slurs against Patrice Evra; while London rivals Chelsea and Queens Park Rangers meet for the first time since John Terry allegedly used a racial slur against Anton Ferdinand.

In Italy, unbeaten Juventus takes on title hopeful Udinese in a clash of top three Serie A clubs. Despite the fact they have not lost yet, Juve is just three points ahead of Udinese, and one point ahead of AC Milan, meaning anything short of a home win could drop the Turin club out of first place.

In Spain, Barcelona takes on struggling Villarreal in their first match since their Copa Del Rey triumph over Real Madrid. Meanwhile, in Mexico, a full slate of games are on tap, including Michael Orozco and San Luis taking on Club America.

If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV Schedule is after the jump): 


7 a.m. - Fox Soccer Plus/ - Queens Park Rangers vs. Chelsea

7:45 a.m. - Fox Soccer Channel - Liverpool vs. Manchester United

9:30 a.m. - - Bayern Munich vs. Wolfsburg

10 a.m. - Fox Soccer Channel - Derby County vs. Stoke City

10 a.m. - Fox Soccer Plus/ - Leicester City vs. Swindon Town

12 p.m. - Fox Soccer Plus - Catania vs. Parma

12 p.m. - - Espanyol vs. Mallorca

12 p.m. - GOLTV - Rayo Vallecano vs. Athletic Bilbao

12:15 p.m. - Fox Soccer Channel - Brighton & Hove Albion vs. Newcastle

1 p.m. - - Auxerre vs. Nancy

1 p.m. - - Brest vs. Paris-St. Germain

1 p.m. - - Lorient vs. Sochaux

1 p.m. - - Lyon vs. Dijon

1 p.m. - - Nice vs. Montpellier

1 p.m. - - Toulouse vs. Caen

2 p.m. - ESPN Deportes - Sao Paulo vs. Sao Caetano

2 p.m. - GOLTV - Real Madrid vs. Real Zaragoza

2:45 p.m. - Fox Soccer Channel - Juventus vs. Udinese

4 p.m. - Deportes - Villarreal vs. Barcelona

6 p.m. - Azteca America/ESPN Deportes - Jaguares vs. Puebla

8 p.m. - Galavision - Tigres UANL vs. Estudiantes Tecos

8 p.m. - Telefutura - Pachuca vs. Queretaro

10 p.m. - Galavision - Atlante vs. Cruz Azul

10 p.m. - Telefutura - San Luis vs. America

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71 Responses to Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

  1. deepvalue says:

    How much are they paying de Gea?

  2. deepvalue says:

    Park is so underrated.

  3. Kevin says:

    Park is top shelf… he’s so clutch in big games for United… and honestly… he’s like the Landon of South Korea…

  4. Mig22 says:

    Anybody know what happened to Ramires for Chelsea? Subbed in the 79th after a five minute stoppage. He had just blocked a shot.

  5. Mig22 says:

    apparently a serious looking ankle twist after/while blocking the shot. He has become rather important for Chelsea, it will be bad for them if he is out.

  6. Mig22 says:

    So, the neutral wants the ManU-‘pool game to be tied so that they have more schedule congestion, right? Plus, it’s some pretty good footie out there today.

  7. ACS says:

    Too bad Boyd didn’t make the lineup, could of had 5 Americans (in some form or another (Subotic)) on the field at the same time in the Dortmund-Hoffenheim game.

  8. Mig22 says:

    yeah, good point.

  9. Macca Can says:

    Yes! Thank you, Dirk. Anyone but man u.

  10. Jon says:

    Evra ****ed up. The Kop will love that.

  11. Mig22 says:

    Interesting. A very real possibility (likelihood) that ManU will not get any silverware. Additionally, they didn’t reach the quarters of the FA Cup or the knockout rounds of the CL.

    Could be considered, if they don’t win the league, to be one of their worst seasons in recent memory.

  12. buff111 says:

    On an unrelated subject, Dempsey want to play Champions League.
    link to

  13. ACS says:

    ESPN is really slacking this weekend no gamecast on the bundesliga games

  14. ACS says:

    Fabian Johnson playing CF for Hoffenheim with Williams at CB again.

  15. Mig22 says:

    Really, CF? Playing central with Babel on a wing is some pretty rarified air for a US player. Babel may be inconsistent but jeez, he’s been in WC final, UCL semis with Liverpool, etc.

  16. Tim M. says:

    Joeseph Gyau is on the subs bench for Hoffenheim.

    Conor Doyle is on the subs bench for Derby as well.

  17. Mig22 says:

    Not an auspicious beginning for our Hoffenheim contingent.

  18. Tim M. says:

    yeah, dortmund are completely dominating

  19. Tim M. says:

    Almost an own goal by danny williams

  20. Mig22 says:

    No surprise, I guess. League top and defending champs at home…they should be better. I’m not actually watching it so I don’t know how the flow is but 3-0 is compelling evidence of an a$$-kicking.

    This dude Grobkreutz is having quite a year. I’ve only seen him play a couple of times but he looked very talented.

  21. Mig22 says:

    Whitbread is starting again for Norwich. We can hope he plays as well as did vs. Chelsea last week.

  22. Tim M. says:

    Anderlecht and Kljestan vs G. Beerschot at 11:00 CT

  23. Tim M. says:

    Edu w/ a shot just over the bar.

    Bedoya not on the bench.

  24. Jamie Z. says:

    Agreed. So is Kuyt.

  25. biff says:

    Hey, Biff111, not unrelated at all. That is HUGE news!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for that link. And fantastic that Dempsey has finally stated publicly loud and clear that he is dissatisfied at Fulham and wants more. It seemed that Demps last night against Everton was being ignored by some of his teammates, who failed to pass to him on a few good opportunities. Playing for Martin Jol cannot be a barrel of laughs. He looked way beyond unhappy, I mean clinically speaking, if you know what I mean. Got my fingers crossed for Dempsey. Four days to go. Hope he gets his wish.

  26. biff says:

    Yeah, on the second goal Williams did not look too good, left the passing lane wide open. But I like Williams, just don’t think he is cut out to be a defender.

  27. Tim M. says:

    Yeah their stacked at the top with talent. And now with the addition of Reus from Gladbach they even richer.

  28. Tim M. says:

    I agree

  29. Mig22 says:

    Grant Holt for Norwich may be slow but he is a damn big handful. He scored today and when I watched him vs. Chelsea last week, he really makes good (lumbering) runs and physically is more than a match for a lot of defenders. Underrated.

  30. Tim M. says:

    Babel and some blond headed dude had two consecutive chances to score for hoffenheim but nothing going for them.

  31. Tim M. says:

    Fabian Johnson with a great goal from the top of the 6 yard box.

  32. Tim M. says:

    Danny Williams with some great defense on Lewandowski to deny him a goal on a breakaway.

  33. Tim M. says:

    Fabian Johnson comes off in the 80th

  34. Tim M. says:

    Not much left in the Dortmund Hoffenheim game.

    Guess I’ll be watching Sascha nxt.

  35. Mig22 says:

    Amazing that you can find a feed for the Belgian league. It’s a good thing though. Klestjan is playing well for them now, yeah?

  36. jfc says:

    Its been a long time since brian clough. Poor derby fans

  37. jfc says:

    After my personal expirence with goldwaithe i dont typically trust kevins but let me tell you i agree with that statement . Park is pretty clutch i bought him on fifa cant complain

  38. Rob says:

    ESPN says that Mo went out with an injury for Rangers. Anybody have details?

  39. Tim M. says:

    yeah he’s a key cog for them for the kljestan game and more.


  40. fischy says:

    “Could have had”. Or, “could’ve had.”

    I feel like I’m correcting someone on this point every week on this site. Are soccer fans especially ignorant when it comes to speaking English? Instead of worrying about making English the official language, we should focus more on making sure native-english speakers know the language better.

  41. fischy says:

    Actually, he’s said it over and over again during the last year.

  42. fischy says:

    Based on Gyau’s tweet earlier in the week, it seemed he was expecting to play.

  43. ACS says:

    Ok, I was going on 3 hours of sleep, sorry I’m an engineer not an English major

  44. ACS says:

    Watcha talkin bout Willis

  45. ACS says:

    I guess you should change your name to the English Language Nazi. Here is a sticker for you.

  46. UKSubs says:

    The Europa League still counts as silverware.

  47. fischy says:

    By “they”, do you mean Manchester City?

  48. fischy says:

    We should also curtail ridiculous use of the label “Nazi”. It’s neither cute nor funny.

  49. abc says:

    No, he made the 18 again, that’s what he means, I doubt they told him “you’re going to play”…

  50. need2 know says:

    dude chill out. How about you correct your attitude before the grammar of online soccer enthusiasts?

  51. need2 know says:

    Homeboy is leaving this summer. Arsenal or Liverpool if you ask me

  52. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    Yeah, people have been saying that for several years now during every transfer window. I’ll believe it when I see it. And biff, nowhere in that article does Dempsey say he is “dissatisfied” at Fulham. I’ve made the analogy before, but it’s apt: all baseball players want to play in the World Series, but they don’t all sign with the Yankees.

  53. PurpleGold says:

    srsly brah? ur on the internet complainin bout some grammer.

    U got a long job ahead of u brah if ur gonna teach er-one on tha internet how 2 spel.

  54. biff says:

    Well, technically speaking, you’re right. And if I had written that in a news article and Dempsey complained, we’d probably have to run a correction. That said, Dempsey does say: “You should never get content.” And that, in my mind, signals some dissatisfaction with his current situation, i.e. the lower half of the Premier League table and not playing the Champions League.

    As for Dempsey saying this over and over again, I don’t remember him ever coming out with such a strong statement during a transfer window that he would like to move on. This time it seems that he is telling Fulham management categorically that he wants out and they should let him go. I think this is a whole new ballgame with Clint and and a transfer and he is 28 and the clock is ticking. Sort of a now or never situation the day after he played against his MLS-based buddy — and 1-year older- Landon.

  55. hogatroge says:

    Dortmund was in control early, but their first goal is 10%/90% between their GK and their other CB (not Danny) respectively.

  56. hogatroge says:

    *”their” being Hoffenheim’s GK and CB

  57. EvertonBrian says:

    Bummed that AZ are down 2-nil at half, but glad that it is happening with Jozy on the bench. Hopefully their coach learns his lesson.

    Is Jozy just never gonna get it together or what? It just seems like he can’t stay on any coach’s good side…

  58. biff says:

    Yeah, Hoffenheim not looking good at all these days. So definitely disappointing for USMNT fans, as we have several good prospects on the team I imagaine that the coach, Holger Stanislawski, is on very thin ice right now, will not be surprised to see him let go at some point in coming weeks unless, of course, Hoffenheim starts winning. There was a news article yesterday quoting a clearly discouraged Stanislawski, who until he moved last summer to rural small-town Hoffenheim had spent most of his playing career and all of his coaching career at big-city cult-club St. Pauli in Hamburg. This is the link to the story:

    “Es ist eine Katastrophe, was hier passiert”

    link to

  59. What are you talking about? Jozy has been a consisten starter for AZ. I wouldn’t read too much into the coach not starting him today.

  60. fischy says:

    I guess I read too much into it. “Traveling to play Dortmund in front of 80,000 fans” — I guess he meant the team was playing.

  61. Mig22 says:

    True. Then again, no guarantee they’ll win that either but you make a good point.

  62. Mig22 says:

    I thought we were talking about Champions League? :)

  63. ACS says:

    When you stop being fascist, maybe I will

  64. EvertonBrian says:

    No Serg, I’m pretty sure this is the 3rd consecutive game he’s started on the bench.

  65. marco says:

    I believe Jozy missed two clear chances, probably why he’s on the bench.

  66. Edwin in LA says:

    Beasley with an early goal

  67. GW says:

    fischy is not a facist.

    Facists get things done by force.

    He can’t force ignorant people to learn how to read or write, though my best friend claims he actually saw the Marines frighten a recruit in to learnng how to read better.

    But don’t worry, fischy can’t make you do anything.

  68. ACS says:

    If we gave him any sort of power I’m sure he would

  69. ACS says:

    Ignorant people funny.