Sochaux make second bid for Edu


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If at first you don't succeed, try again.

That is the approach Sochaux is taking in terms of Rangers midfielder Maurice Edu.

Having had a previous bid worth an estimated $774,400 turned down, Sochaux has launched a second bid for the U.S. international. The French club, currently home to Charlie Davies, is hopeful that this new bid will be enough to secure Edu's services.

"We've made a second bid for Edu and we've made a bid for one player in the English Championship. We need an answer quickly," Sochaux assistant coach Stephane Gilli told STV. "Our chairman has spoken to Rangers' chairman (Craig Whyte). Obviously we want the player but it's up to Rangers. We think he is a quality player. We need him and we need him quickly."

Rangers manager Ally McCoist said last week that he would prefer for Edu to sign an extension than to let him go elsewhere.

What do you think of Sochaux's continued interest in Edu? Still think Edu should look for greener pastures?

Share your thoughts below.

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56 Responses to Sochaux make second bid for Edu

  1. Air Jordanz says:

    If he could help them stave off relegation, it would definitely be an upgrade from the SPL in terms of competition.

  2. Air Jordanz says:

    That’s a big “if” though…

  3. RevsFan says:

    I wonder how much they bid.

    Considering Glasgow spent 5 million to get him from the MLS you’d have to expect they’d want a significant chunk back. Plu all signs seem to indicate Rangers has some leverage since Edu hasn’t said he was planning on leaving.

  4. GSScasual says:

    I would go if i was him… but purley for experience… I mean, you move to france from scotland, french girls, good food, good exposure, much better league.

  5. Michael F says:

    Is Sochaux a step down?

  6. Michael F says:

    Fench girls aren’t all that. Trust me. I was at the WC ’98. Meh. Tom Petty got it right. (Except for my Brazilian wife of course.)

  7. Jamie Z. says:

    In terms of team quality, maybe. In terms of competition quality, certainly not.

  8. Buddle-icious says:

    That first bid was ridiculously low. It’s insulting to Rangers and to Edu.

    Further, when a club spends so little on you, there’s less need for them to play you.

    Mo shouldn’t go till Sochaux show they value Mo mo’, ya know?

  9. Award says:

    I understand the need for Mo to go to a better league, but going to Sochaux is not the answer. If I was Mo I would wait until the summer and see how many more teams start to bid for him.

  10. NateinSF says:

    Rangers is on the brink of bankruptcy. Word on the street is that teams are low balling them with offers, knowing that the club is desperate for cash.

  11. soccerhorn says:

    Well said

  12. pd says:

    I want to see him make a jump to an new scene, but the big question is how is his Cuba Gooding Jr. impersonation?


  13. soccerhorn says:

    Any American playing for the Teddy Bears is a damned disgrace. Get out of there Mo! You too Carlos. ‘Mon the Hoops!

  14. T says:

    Brazil= Plastic Surgery Capital.

  15. Allouez86 says:

    I’d love to see him in France, just not with a team that goes down. Hold out until summer then evaluate you options.

  16. Cairo says:

    Of course he should go if he gets the chance. What is left to do at Rangers. Win the Scottish title…again? Ligue One is miles ahead of the Scottish league, and I’d guess that the French second division is better than the Scottish league after Celtic and Rangers. Besides, can’t he put a clause in there about getting out if they are demoted? Nothing left to do in Scotland–they aren’t going anywhere in the Champions League in any case…

  17. hogatroge says:

    How long is his contract? If he were a free agent this summer, Sochaux’s would only be buying out 1 season of his contract.

    The transfer fee is irrelevant as long as he personally gets paid, IMO.

  18. hogatroge says:

    Boca’s right where he needs to be. At his age, they’ve guaranteed him multiple years and he is more than capable of playing at that level of competition.

  19. T says:

    Maurice Edu should definently go to Ligue 1, the Scottish League is subpar to most leagues in Europe, and outside of Rangers and Celtics( who aren’t as good as they use to be) there is no real “competition” so to speak. Sochaux, even if relegated, will give him a chance to showcase his abilities to other clubs, and of course challenge him against players of higher calibre footballing capabilities.

  20. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Are you sure it’s your “wife?”

  21. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Yeah, I have to agree. Offering the other team less than a fifth of that player’s value seems kind of scummy.

  22. The Imperative Voice says:

    People are talking about it like it’s Edu weighing a move for competitive reasons….eg, “Sochaux would be a step up” (which I don’t necessarily buy)….but I think the reality is closer to what you suggest. Rangers’ financial issues are can be read about in mainstream, calm press outlets, and Sochaux’s lowball initial offer for Edu, as well as its implied threat of signing their Championship alternative, suggest this is more about financial carrots and sticks towards a shaky Rangers organization than it has a thing to do with where Edu sees himself…..not a whiff of a transfer request has been mentioned.

  23. Freegle says:

    2 words…. transfer request.

  24. B 16 says:

    What’s up with Bedoya these days? Is he seeing anytime after his transfer to Rangers?

  25. Camjam says:

    I’ve wondered that too. Considering how cash poor RangersFC is they paid quite a bit to get Bedoya, what, 6 months early? Only to plant him at the very end of the bench. Injuries? Or bad form?

  26. Yoreau Snaub says:

    OK, Rangers, OK.

    We know our last offer was a little bit low. But this time, we know we are being overly generous. The truth is, after we finally got the owner to watch some film, he felt more inclined to break the bank open. So here it is guys, take it or leave it,

    $10 American bucks for one year.

    We’ll hear from you soon.

  27. hogatroge says:

    Injuries have hampered his match fitness. The one game I saw him start a few weeks ago (after being out injured for a while), he got injured again right after half, played another 5 minutes or so, then got pulled out.

  28. Two Cents says:

    Everyone seems to be very concerned with the relegation issue. Obviously, it is something to think about. However, one win, and Sochaux can move up 6 places. In essence, the last 10 or so teams are within 3-6 points of each other. Not to mention there is still another 19 games to be played. It’s not like Sochaux is 10 points back from everyone else. Ultimately, this would be a great move for Edu, especially if that comes with an in form Davies. Two Americans helping Sochaux move back to a mid table team would be great to see. Is it guaranteed? Of course not, but I could certainly see it happening.

  29. goeaux tigers says:

    throw in a pair of cleats and a whistle and the deal should be done any day now…

  30. wyofan says:

    Doesn’t he personally get a cut of the transfer fee? Sports careers are tenuous, so I think he should get what he can while he still is a commodity.

  31. Peter says:

    He should go to MLS.

  32. V-Bo says:

    How about a final Mock Draft?

  33. Harold says:

    Hometown Galaxy is short of a starting D-Mid after Juninho’s departure.

  34. jpc says:

    I’m not sure why they want a midfielder who has a poor first touch, can’t pass and always finds ways to lose possession in his own half. I hope they make him a centerback, he’s good defensively, and has at least enough skills to play back there.

    Actually, I just hope I’m wrong about him, and that once he gets in an environment unlike the god awful Scottish league, he will play differently.

  35. v says:

    Celtic smoked Rennes at home in the Europa league, and gifted them a draw in France. I’m not saying the SPL is better, but these posters that say the French league is miles ahead of the SPL are full of it. It may be a slight step up, but feels like more of a lateral move for Edu.

  36. RK says:

    It worked out so well for Bakary Soumaré…

  37. RK says:

    Top to bottom, Ligue 1 is better.

  38. Eurosnob says:

    Sochaux is a step up, because he would be playing in a top 5 league. Rangers are a storied club and a big name, but Scottish league is quite mediocre and playing a few games in the Champions or Europa league does not outweigh lack of quality competition in the domestic competition.

  39. v says:

    Agreed, but not “miles ahead,” like some of these guys suggest. Being generous, there’s a lot of mediocrity in the lower half of Ligue One. Everyone on here talks about the SPL like it’s some no-talent rugby league, but I’m guessing most of those same people have never watched teams like Hearts and Motherwell play. Edu would go up against some good teams w/Sochaux, but his new teammates wouldn’t be as good as those on Rangers. And he gets to play in Europe w/Rangers. Granted, they got bounced early this year, but I think that was the exception to the rule.

  40. THomas says:

    I agree…wouldn’t hurt to play meaningful games against top competition instead of Motherwell three times.

    He can also sign a one year deal…it’s not like he’s stuck there for life and can’t ever move.

  41. THomas says:

    This statement certainly sounds like they value him:

    “We think he is a quality player. We need him and we need him quickly.”

    …oh wait, he probably means they need a bench warmer quickly, it’s getting cold in France.

  42. Warren says:

    I agree Sochaux is not the dream Ligue 1 team for Mo to land on; but Ligue 1 is realistically the highest league Mo can aim for. And it’s time to move on and help Rangers out of their cash flow and debt problems.

    Higher-table Ligue 1 teams if suitably impressed by Edu’s contributions this spring in moving Sochaux out of the relegation dogfight and safely to mid-table, then will come calling in another year or two.

  43. The Imperative Voice says:

    But what I am saying is that the career implications of any proposed transfer are not really the impetus behind the idea but rather its consequence. It’s not quite the Gretna firesale but Sochaux seems to think it’s close.

    PSG is oil money, ambitious spending, Parisian living, Parisian women. Sochaux is 19th place, 4 wins this season, fighting against relegation, -13 GD, non-Parisian women, in Montbeliard on the Swiss border, trying to buy talent at garage sale prices. They did not treat Davies well post-injury — hence the DC loan — and if they get relegated in 3 or4 months I think your upgrade argument blows up.

    Personally, I think the most important thing is Edu is playing regularly for a decent team in a decent league. The Gooch Imperative to keep shifting up the ladder seems to eventually end up with the player sitting the bench, which is no good for the Nats.

  44. gtv says:

    Edu seems to be in a good spot. Rangers want him. Another club showing interest. If it were me, I’d let it all play out and see who wants my services most. Ah to be a footballer on the make in Europe. Enjoy the ride man.

  45. Michael F says:

    I just LOL!

  46. edmondo says:

    could not have said it better….

  47. THomas says:

    Actually ‘miles ahead’ is a good way to put it. Considering all of these leagues are between France and Scotland on the league coefficient table:














  48. bryan says:

    how did they not treat davies well? letting him go on loan was a good thing.

  49. bryan says:

    he can’t say people didn’t warn him he would end up injured if he went to the SPL…it’s too bad those people are right.

  50. Rory says:

    Oh lord… you didn’t meet her on a night out with Fat Ronaldo, did you?

  51. Rory says:

    Usually it’s 10%, but I’m sure agents get some cut of that.

  52. v says:

    Lies, damn lies, and statistics. If you want to rely on the UEFA coefficient, then Portugal had the best league in the world last year. Just saying that Scotland is a decent league, and Edu’s current squad is stronger than Sochaux. If he makes the move, great–I hope they don’t get relegated. If not, he’ll still be on a good team with opportunities to play in the Champions League or the Europa League.

  53. Eurosnob says:

    There is a risk with every move, but it’s time for Edu to move if he wants to improve as a player. Edu can insists on a provision in a contract that addresses what happens if the team gets relegated. As for Gooch, he took a risk of competing for a starting spot on one of the top teams in Europe but had a serious injury. It did not work out. However, he recovered from his injury and is a starter at Sporting, Christiano Ronaldo’s former team. He is on a very good team in a very technical league. Edu, on the other hand, is playing in a league that is currently known more for its bone crunching tackles than for skillful players. What competition did Edu face last year? Well, he had a couple games against Celtics, team similar to Rangers in terms of quality. In the Champions league, Rangers had two games (both against Malmo). The top Scottish team, Rangers, was beaten by a Sweedish team which in turn lost to Dynamo Zagreb, the team that lost to French team, Lyon, 1-7 on its home field. An opportunity of playing against teams like Lyon, PSG, etc is worth the risk.

  54. Gardner says:

    Rangers certainly suits his style of play. He would be better served moving to an upper table League Championship side than a mediocre Ligue 1 side.

  55. edmondo says:

    you know that Ligue 1 is better than the Championship, right. This is coming from someone who lives in Europe and sees games when I visit friends in London, Germany and France. their might be an occasional exception, but rare. To say otherwise is just being ill-informed.

    However, if you just saying that’s where his style fits, that’s different. However, if I were him, I would still push myself.

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