Howard scores in Everton’s loss to Bolton

Howard (Getty Images)

It's not all that surprising that an American scored at Goodison Park on Wednesday. After all, Everton's match against Bolton marked Landon Donovan's return to the Toffees. Thing is, Donovan wasn't the one to find the back of the net.

In open play, goalkeeper Tim Howard unleashed a long kick from his own box that took a perfect bounce from about 25 yards out and got carried by a furious wind over Bolton goalkeeper Adam Bogdan into the goal. The tally broke a scoreless draw in the 63rd minute of Everton's 2-1 loss to Bolton.

Howard, who made his 250th Premier League appearance and had come up with a number of clutch saves to that point, was beaten by David Ngog four minutes later and again by Gary Cahill in the 78th minute, with those goals accounting for the final score. Leighton Baines nearly tied the score in stoppage time, but his free kick caromed off the crossbar. With his goal, Howard became the second American goalkeeper to score in the Premier League and the first since Brad Friedel accomplished the feat in 2004.

Donovan, meanwhile, had an active debut — especially in the first half — nearly drawing a penalty toward the end of the first 45 minutes. He played all 90 minutes in the first match of his second loan stint in the Premier League.

Video of Howard's goal is after the jump:


What did you think of Howard's goal? How do you think Donovan played? Disappointed that Everton let the result slip away?

Share your thoughts below.

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53 Responses to Howard scores in Everton’s loss to Bolton

  1. wildchild says:

    hiba a video letoltesekor!

  2. AC says:

    Oh well….perhaps if Donovan takes a shot instead of a dive…

  3. vik says:

    Looks like he lost control of the ball. I thought he got brushed by ricketts; I don’t think he had a chance to shoot after that.

  4. gigi says:


  5. Jeremy says:

    + 1

  6. gigi says:

    Howard officially has more goals than eddie johnson in the premier league XD

  7. PD says:

    Ah Everton, the club that loves to break my heart.
    If you were a woman I’d beat you.
    I’m kidding.

  8. A wise man once says:

    Schau, ich kann in deutscher Sprache zu sprechen!

  9. malkin says:

    No. Not in the least bit disappointed they lost. Definitely want Bolton out of the relegation zone.

  10. malkin says:

    although that’s assuming stu ever actually gets healthy

  11. okifeelthat says:


  12. BlueWhiteLion says:

    lol. first, I like the translator service you used. second, wildchild’s is not German . . .

  13. Khan says:

    Thank you, it was embarrassing.

  14. A wise man once says:


    Nézd tudok beszélni a magyar is!

  15. Lampard in the End Zone says:

    Utterly despicable. Have some class.

  16. Raymon says:

    Hey, the crowd was chanting USA USA USA. Cool. Have they ever done that at FFC when Deuce scored?

  17. anti-khan says:

    no, embarrassing is your consistently hyperbolic comments. It’s like “flopping” every time you post…so actually yeah, you might be the best judge on whether Donovan dove or not.

  18. Mingjai says:

    And if Howard scores one more, he’ll be tied with Landon for Premier League goals.

  19. gigi says:

    nÃ¥gon som bajsat bara pårockar.

  20. gigi says:

    Thats funny- the bounce was perfect- if he played at giant stadium he would be making hat tricks.

  21. Matt says:

    Well both British and Spanish commentators over here in Europe said there was definite contact but that it wasn’t a penalty.

  22. Will says:

    Classy finish

  23. MC Pharaoh says:

    Howard had 2 good saves before the goal that could have made it 3 or 4 goals for Bolton so I’d give him a match rating of 7 & Donovan a 6 who was bright in the 1st half but couldnt really get involved in the 2nd due to Everton’s inability to keep the ball & the loss of Jagielka & Osman. Good return debut for Donovan himself but he’s probably dissapointed as is the rest of the team with the loss..

  24. AC says:

    Not the Spanish commentators I heard. They called it a dive.

  25. Soccer Man says:

    I had a strange feeling that Everton were going to lose Donovan’s debut.

    First I had just read that Everton were hot and had a four game winning streak going, or something like that. That immediately made me think “Oh great, now watch them finally lose when Donovan debuts and everyone will make a connection. Then Moyes kind of jinxed them with his comments. He probably should have kept those feelings about the game to himself.

    Well, no one here has made the connection yet. I bet some people did in England though.

  26. CC says:

    Disgusting. If that’s the way you view a sports team, I pity the women who are unfortunate enough to know you.

  27. Brett says:

    And who cares what people in England think after one game? Everton lost several players to injury in the match, so I doubt anyone is breaking out their Jump to Conclusions mat.

  28. Patrick says:

    At least one american scored!!!

  29. Chuckie in the Ham says:

    – du bist eine dipsheit.

  30. Yoreau Snaub says:

    Who says there is no “I” in “TIM”?

  31. 20 says:

    Dempsey has his own song, but I think I’ve heard USA chants as well

  32. Scott A says:

    Yet another Jersey boy and former Metro.

  33. abc says:

    Everton looked awful, aside from Donovan and Howard and maybe two or three others. Once their players started leaving in droves due to injury, even Bolton were far superior.

  34. MicahK says:

    All of you speak English I cannot understand. -____-

  35. MicahK says:

    What does that mean ?

  36. coop says:


  37. gigi says:

    lol well mine was Sweeish it means someone defecated only on coats.

  38. gigi says:

    Idk but depsheit sounds awesome.

  39. MicahK says:

    I did not watch the game, but a lot of people were saying Saha looked bad today.

  40. beachbum says:

    Excellent post :)

  41. julio says:

    Who needs Jozy.

  42. fischy says:

    Not that anyone cares what I thought, but it looks like Ricketts put his hand on Donovan’s shoulder for an instant…and then Donovan decided to lose his footing and hit the turf. Embarrassing? Nahh. Disappointing, because I would rather have seen him try to score. That would have been epic if he had. Dude needs to have the confidence he can do it rather than looking for the penalty.

    Also, he had one turnover that the English announcer called “wretched.” Nearly led to a Bolton goal.

    Other than that, he was aces.

  43. fischy says:

    Yes — there are two (or three, if you count Reyna) of them.

  44. fischy says:

    Pretty much. A couple of good touches, though.

  45. CA says:

    Sky Sports’ write-up was very positive of Donovan. They ranked him a 7.

    link to,,11065_3458932,00.html

  46. Lil' Zeke says:

    My favorite part was when the commentators said the would-be penalty would surely have been deemed a foul if outside the box — at the exact moment Donovan was getting body-slammed at midfield with no call

  47. biff says:

    Donovan looked good during most of the game, totally confident and creative and outclassing his Everton teammates, especially in the first half. I do not understand why most of Everton’s offensive forays were taking place on the left side instead of on the right-side with Donovan. Everton looked awful most of the game. I had the feeling that Donovan a few times was being ignored by his teammates. On one potential give (from Donovan) and go instead of passing back to Donovan who was racing down the sideline, the player made a poor pass to the center of the field and the play ended up fizzling.

    On what some are calling a diver Donovan was definitely fouled with a hand (and it is possible he was tripped). Outside the box it would have been a free kick.

  48. Sammy says:

    You are a complete, moron!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Pauls Blog says:

    Love the fact everyone’s looking at Donovan for goals and the only goal comes from the keeper. Donovan will be important for Everton in the next couple of months but it’s good to know that if they are struggling they always have Timmy Howard.

  50. bryan says:

    “du bist eine” means “you are a” (roughly). and i only know that because one of the only things i know how to say in german is “du bist eine Scheisskopf” which means “you are a sh!t head”.

    depsheit sounds like “dip sh!t”. haha