USA to play Brazil in May friendly


photo by Howard C. Smith/

Before the U.S. men's national team begins its World Cup qualifying campaign this summer, it will be tested against one of the world's best.

The United States will host Brazil in a friendly on May 30 or 31, the Brazilian federation (CBF) announced on its website on Thursday. No location for the game has been finalized, though it has been reported that it could be played in Foxborough, Mass. or Washington, D.C.

The match against Brazil falls on a FIFA international fixture date, meaning the Selecao should bring in its top players. The game will take place just over a week prior to the U.S. team's World Cup qualifying opener against Antigua and Barbuda on June 8

The game against the Brazilians will mark the Americans' fifth match against them since 2007. In the teams' previous four meetings the United States has gone 0-4-0, allowing 12 goals while scoring four. 

The last meeting came in August 2010, when the United States lost 2-0 in front of a near-capacity crowd in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

What do you think of the United States playing Brazil in a friendly before qualifying begins? Would you have like to seen them schedule a different team?

Share your thoughts below.

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59 Responses to USA to play Brazil in May friendly

  1. boosted335 says:

    ‘go head Klinnsman

  2. JesseMT says:

    Yawn. Another East Coast US National Team friendly. Must be because of that beautiful natural grass at Foxborough.

  3. Eric says:

    Considering the way that Robert Kraft treats his team like an neglected child, part of me thinks that Foxborough shouldn’t be allowed to host USMNT games.

  4. 20 says:

    I don’t know what the turf has to do with anything since they always put down grass for this type of game..

  5. Jerome says:

    Bradley always seems to be the player in these USMNT pictures. Franco, does Ives instruct you to do that?

  6. 20 says:

    it’s all about money.. there is a huge Brazilian population in nearby cities like Framingham, this would be the third time in the last few years Brazil has played in Foxborough. Personally I’d rather this game was somewhere we may have a pro-USA crowd, but if it is Foxborough I’ll probably go..

  7. Jerome says:

    I think the game needs to be in DC. think of the buzz soccer will have with Neymar and Ronaldinho coming to town. Get that United stadium going.

  8. Dan says:

    No, Bob instructs him to do that

  9. CRR says:

    I hate playing Brazil. I get the whole “good test” and how much money it brings in, but we’re averaging a 3-1 loss, and we play them all the time.

  10. If by “all the time” you mean four times in nine years and not at all in in nearly two years by time this game comes around then I guess you are right.

  11. THomas says:

    You realize it would be at FedEx Field not RFK? RFK sucks…

    …on a side note it would be nice to see some international soccer in Chicago that doesn’t involve Mehico. Will probably happen for qualifying…I hope.

  12. Jamie Z. says:

    Demographics. Bingo.

  13. ProudMasshole says:

    100% of me thinks this, and i grew up 5 miles from Gillette

  14. hogatroge says:

    He’s referring to getting DCU a new stadium by creating buzz.

  15. hogatroge says:

    This will be a good test and, regardless of result, should get the squad in the right mindset for WCQ.

  16. Julio Cesar says:

    haha this happens when you have Sunil on the payroll. Im excited and would go BUT because still feel ripped of on the Spain game last year. 60K people paid a lot of money only to see Bradley roll out the B-C team.

    Wont get fooled again. As soon as it looks like it will be the A team for both… Im there with the outlaws

  17. CRR says:

    Four times in the past four years for a non Concacaf team is pretty high

  18. I would play Brazil four teams a year if it was possible. You don’t get better by playing bad opponents. Only by attempting to play at the top levels can your players improve and be pushed out of their comfort zone.

    Doesn’t change the fact that we won’t have played Brazil for nearly two years when this game happens. That’s “all the time” in your book?

  19. bryan says:

    I hope to god this game is in DC. in may, the weather should be perfect.

  20. FootballTalk says:

    I think it’ll be a big test and a good one to really see if the Klinsmann regime is working.
    Hope all goes well.

  21. Shane says:

    Klinsmann has repeatedly favored Beckerman over Bradley. Can you imagine rat faced dread locked Beckerman dominating Brazil the way Bradley is in that picture. I’m pretty sure he owned Ronaldinho the first time he faced him too

  22. T says:

    He didn’t exactly dominate, I remember many times he turned the ball over in the Brazil gsme (even the Mexico GC Game, although not as bad as “Bornstein”) had the Brazilians forwards not been to busy trying to do tricks, the game could’ve at least 7-0 based on quality opportunities missed. I will say that Bradley is only slightly much better than Beckerman though, and younger.

  23. T says:

    Ah, stupid computer! I meant to say game, and could’ve been 7-0 if the Brazilians weren’t playing around with their chances.

  24. Freegle says:

    I’m a little leery because it sounds like another moneygrab match. Not that I dont enjoy watching Brazil play, but I wouldnt mind seeing our boys play against a midlevel-good South American or European team that didnt qualify for Euro like the Swiss or Uruguay. It wouldnt have the cache but I think could prepare us just as well for qualifying (the primary goal) and allow us to not be chasing shadows for 90 minutes.

  25. goeaux tigers says:

    amen on some Chicago games, I’ve had enough of Me-hi-co here-they play here more than Aztec Stadium

  26. louis z says:

    didn’t we played them right after the WC? has it being that long ago?

  27. yo says:

    I would have prefered, we play some we can actually beat and start the qualifiers with a little confidence.

  28. UKSubs says:

    Uruguay is the best team in South America right now.

    Suarez-Cavani-Forlan would destroy the US backline.

  29. pd says:

    at the same time being the washington generals to the harlem globetrotters gets old after awhile. not saying it’s quite that wide a margin but the boys were taken to the shed last time out.

  30. pd says:

    what, you mean pissed and eager to prove something? right on.

  31. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    I disagree. Thyere’s nowhere in the country that Brazil wouldn’t draw a huge crowd, and I doubt there’s a market that would be pro-US.

  32. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    Did Beckerman steal your lunch money as a kid or something? Why the insults?

  33. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    We start qualifying against Antigua and Barbuda. Confidence really shouldn’t be a concern.

  34. pd says:

    Don’t get me wrong, there’s great value to these friendlies, and the cash and cahe of playing top-flite teams is awesome, but I also wish there was an opponent on the docket before qualifying where the opportunity to impose tempo, possession, and style of play for extended periods of time by our First Team was in the offing. As it is, France in France, Italy in Italy, Brasil anywhere (and the flying purple people eaters at Narnia) for First Team are good tests, but I fear we’re still going to be looking at the first few matches of qualifying being a matter of “finding our form”. But maybe I’m giving Jamaica and Honduras too much credit?

  35. pd says:

    what he/she said.

  36. pd says:

    unless they come out flat and everyone starts bishing…

  37. Indigo Montoya says:

    Give Dempsey the armband.

  38. vik says:

    Kinda wished there were more of these semi-meaningful “final tuneup” friendlies on the west coast…
    I think the Bay Area got China half a decade ago.

  39. Ryan in NY by way of NC says:

    Can someone please tell me what’s wrong with the Pacific NW????

    You can’t tell me the gate for US vs. Brazil at CenturyLink wouldn’t rival the gate at Foxboro.

    The weather would be great and it’ll be a pro-US crowd. What am I missing here? I’m eastcoast born and bred but i can still see other regions gettin shafted.

  40. Edwin in LA says:

    I would of gone just to see Spain play…lol

    But if I’m not mistaken that Spain game was too close to the US’s 1st Gold Cup game.

    There’s at least a week in between this game and the 1st game of qualifying, and this is against Antigua & Barbuda not Canada.

  41. Dennis says:

    I think in general it is good to play the best teams available to push things along. If that means we lose 4-1 so be it, at least the players and all those paying attention will learn something about the USA’s shortcomings. OTOH, this game will look so different compared to the A-B game that it might not be of much value as preparation for qualifying. We should handle A-B well enough in any case, but it may be pretty much whiplash going from one to the other.

    It will be interesting to see how different Klinsmann’s approaches to the two games might be both in terms of personnel and formation.

  42. Ted says:

    so many negative comments on here, just no pleasing some people

  43. Wm. says:

    Lots of BRA 1:0 USA games in there before the last ten years. Maybe that’s because in the old days we used to bunker and try to hit them on the counter?

    You can check it out for yourselves if you go to FIFA and check out the head to head statistics.

  44. Warren says:

    Re why Foxboro or DC, blame the Brazilians – they are also playing Argentina in a match during the same window at the Meadowlands, I think do one or two more (East Coast) gigs, then the squad flies off to Europe or Brazil, and the national team coffers are refueled.

    Meaning USSF gets a chance to play Brazil, but does not get choice take the Euro-based Brazilians across more time zones to West Coast.

    I strongly suspect.

    But those of us on the East Coast aren’t complaining : )

  45. Colonel Forbin says:


  46. abc says:

    tinfoil hat time!

  47. abc says:

    1) far from Europe
    2) fake grass

  48. Jake says:

    this is the biggest head in soccer

  49. Drew says:

    Yessss Flying Purple People Eaters of Narnia. Please let this become the SBI meme a la Adu Time!

  50. biff says:

    Man, I agree with that. I hate comments like that, focusing on the appearance of a player. And especially a good solid player like Beckerman who is a leader that captains his club team and is finally getting a fair shot at winning a spot on the USMNT. If the so-called Michael Bradley haters, who actually, believe it are not, have the right to question his skills, would express such a rude, disgusting and mean-spirited comment about his appearance or that of his father, his supporters would be screaming. By the way, my opinion is that Beckerman is a better holding midfielder (number six) than Bradley, who I think is weak on defense.

  51. John.q says:

    Welcome to the sbi comments section!

  52. Annelid Gustator says:

    Can’t knock a moneygrabbing match. The stuff USSOCCER is doing right now is *expensive*: multiple age-group big camps, gearing up for quals and olympics, hiring more and (maybe) better full-time age-group coaches. I’ve looked at the financials before and will again soon, but my sense is that we’ve got to do *more* of these, not less.

  53. Laszlo says:

    Yes, Freegle – this match is a money grab! You do realize that the USSF is paying Klinsy $2.5M per year in salary? The Federation needs to raise this $ somehow. Hence, expect to see more friendlies versus the likes of Mexico and Brazil.

  54. Award says:

    You do know they lay real grass over the turf. This game is at the end of May; all of the European leagues are done by the time this game will be scheduled. Seattle deserves a USMNT game. It’s because USSF caters to other federation demands. There is a big presence of Brasilians in this area, so therefore they get better support than the USMNT. If it was held in Seattle there would be over 50,000 USMNT fans. And the brasilians would be mad that no one is suporting them. I am sick and tired of seeing AMerican stadiums filled up with the opposing fanbase. One day that will change when the U.S. is actually a force in international soccer, but right now it’s a disgrace to see only 20,000 USMNT fans in a 60,000 plus stadium.

  55. Andy says:

    Agreed. Bring ’em South to Texas or out West to Portland or Seattle. There are US soccer fans outside of LA and the East Coast.

  56. Andy says:

    +1 He deserves it for sure, and plus, it will make for an easier move away from Bocanegra since his time is clearly coming to an end with the team.

  57. Andy says:

    Amen to that. I went to the Gold Cup games in Houston, and we were some of the only USA fans there. It was all Mexican fans (there for the Mehico v. Honduras) and we got harassed all night. Which I love, because I love talking smack and being rowdy at games, but it’s still pretty embarrassing when we are in the minority for home games.

  58. Andy says:

    Even though I would rather it be in a different location, I am still very excited for this game. I hope Agudelo keeps his hair for when him and Neymar get together. That would be tight.

  59. EA says:

    Safe to assume there will be another match along the East that weekend as well? FIFA recognized international dates are June 1-June 5 and June 8-June 10.

    Perhaps a game on Wednesday May 30, and then another on Saturday, June 2?

    Seem plausible to anyone else?