USA U23s January camp: A Look Back


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The U.S. Under-23 men's national team has just over a month left before Olympic qualifying takes place, and Caleb Porter's side wrapped up its penultimate camp last week in Costa Rica with a pair of friendlies.

After playing two friendlies against the senior U.S. side in California and missing some of its top players, the U-23 team played to a scoreless draw with the Saprissa reserves before concluding camp with a 1-0 win over Alajuelense's reserves courtesy of a goal from Tony Taylor.

The camp served as the latest chance for players like Freddy Adu, Mikkel Diskerud and Andrew Wenger to convince Porter of their ability to contribute to the Olympic qualifying team. It was also Porter's second camp with the team, and one in which he saw progress made.

Here are highlights from both scrimmages as well as words from Porter and some of his players on the games and the camp:




What do you think of the the U.S. U-23 team's January camp? Who do you see making it to the Olympic qualifying team? Impressed by Taylor's goal?

Share your thoughts below?

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39 Responses to USA U23s January camp: A Look Back

  1. jon says:

    nice use of “penultimate”

  2. Citronomics says:

    O/T – Bradley with a nice corner leading to a chance and as I type Pellisier scores putting Chievo up 1-0.

    Wonder if he’ll be considered for an overage spot on the Olympic team?

  3. wyofan says:

    The diving in the Chievo game is driving me nuts.

  4. abc says:

    Originally I thought he would make a good captain for the Olympic team, but we don’t need to use one of the three overage spots on a defensive midfielder when we have Danny Williams backed up by someone competent like Okugo.

    I predict Fabian Johnson for the versatility, plus at least one CB and possibly two (it’s the weakest position by far).

  5. Sam says:

    Italy…’nuff said

  6. Award says:

    Some tough choices ahead for the coaches on who to select. Since The U.S will be allowed more players for the qualifying tournament VS. the Olympic Tournament then I am going to go with 21 players for the qualifying tournament.
    GK: Johnson, Hamid
    Defense: Agbossoumonde, Opara, Ibeagha, Fennel, Valentin, S.Williams, Sarkodie
    Middies: Diskerud, Duka, Corona, Jeffrey, Okugo, Lletget
    FWDS/Attackers: Shea, Boyd, Adu, Wooten, Gyau, Taylor.

    Alternates: GK: MacMath, Defense: Wenger, Villafana, Anthony Brooks, Middies: Acuna, Gatt, Kitchen, FWDS: Jann George, McInerney, Salgado, Bruin.

    I am not going to even attempt an Olympic team roster until the U.S. has qualified for the tournament.

    Players that will not be avialable for the qualifying tournament: Morales, D.Williams, Altidore.

    Players that may not be available for the qualifying tournament due to club not allowing them to leave for the tournament: Boyd, Wooten, Corona, Gyau, Taylor, and Diskerud(now that he is with Gent.)

  7. louis z says:

    I think in Porter’s speech he hinted that this was the final game for some of the players. I wonder how much of a full team he is going to have for the final camp.

    Taylor’s goal was quality but I’m not sure if he is going to make it, I guess it all depends how Porter feels about Teal’s performance or lack of.

  8. Charlie G. says:

    Would love the see Jose Torres as an overage player for the Olympics.

  9. Award says:

    No replace Bruin and Salgado with Wooten and Bunbury, and Replace Wooten with Agudelo. My bad wasn’t thinking clearly. Agudelo will definitely be on the qualifying team.

  10. Nick says:

    Is fabian hurzeler lost to Germany?? Wouldn’t be surprising considering he is on Bayern’s U-23 team and he’s only 18..

  11. abc says:

    He did accept a call into a German U-? camp. I still think he’ll end up with the US though.

  12. pd says:

    While I know that it’s always smart to use every advantage offered (and the overage players are just that) would there be an upside to NOT using overage players?

    Do folks think Porter will figure out where his strengths are in the squad and use the overage to plug holes or will he simply go for the most talented players he can find to fill those spots?

  13. beachbum says:

    psyched for this team and qualifying

    perhaps a CB as an overage player, and would like to see Michael Bradley captain this team…great idea

  14. louis z says:

    the only upside to NOT use over-age players is team chimistry. As to getting the best player available, I don’t think porter will go that route, he will use over-age player(s) to strength his weak positions which I believe is CBs

  15. matt c in tampa says:

    oye. thanks for the spoiler….

  16. alf says:

    Nice to see someone of Claudio Reyna’s experience and quality hanging around this young and talented bunch of players.

  17. ikid says:

    Ochocinco and Steve Nash

  18. pd says:

    cool. thanks!

  19. Andrew says:

    when are people going to realize jose torres is a decent passer who doesn’t tackle well? people act as if he’s xavi. the overage players should be CBs (a position we actually need) and howard.

  20. GW says:

    What is the upside to NOT using them?

  21. GW says:

    Isn’t that his job?

  22. pancholama says:


  23. pancholama says:

    Nice tight, close ball control and dribbling in the box by Taylor, followed by a quality finish.

    Eso! Muy bien!

    That’s how to make the little pass to the net! Ole!

  24. Yaznasty says:

    Caleb Porter is great. He kept his wife from having their baby until a couple days ago so he could be there. What a beast!

  25. Ryan in NY from NC says:

    Porter’s cadence reminds me of BB.

  26. Drew says:

    Unfortunately for US Soccer, Nash is Canadian.

  27. Pete says:

    If they select 3 overage players instead of filling the 3 slots with true u23’s, are they working on development or they just do not want to risk losing?

  28. abc says:

    He is not cap tied.

  29. abc says:

    No need for Howard when we have Bill Hamid and Sean Johnson. Fabian Johnson can play LB, midfield, winger…

  30. louis z says:

    team chimistry

  31. abc says:

    Can you get cap tied across sports? Or can you play for different countries in different sports? I wonder if this has ever come up…

  32. louis z says:

    I believe all coaches JK, porter etc. that entering the Olys is to win, not just to give someone some experience.

  33. GW says:

    Team chemistry is developed by winning. Losing teams rarely have team chemistry.

    If the overage players can get in a game or two and some practice with the larger group,it’s not as if there is a lot of chemistry to disrupt.

  34. GW says:

    Under 23 teams don’t develop players. Porter is not going to teach these guys how to bend a free kick around the wall.

    He will introduce them to his attacking 4-3-3 and they will hopefully get some understanding of his attacking philosophy which is suppposedly consistent with Klinsmann’s.

    But players do not develop with national teams. There is no time for that. Porter’s job is to take them and assemble them into a winning unit.

  35. jayrig5 says:

    Might be a good spot for DeMerit.

  36. Will says:

    Who takes the bike in the second video at :52??

  37. Michael F says:

    Not for nothing bit Porter isn’t very inspiring a d in fact quite boring.