Alex Morgan and the SI swimsuit issue

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  1. The Dude says:

    On the one hand, she’s gorgeous. On the other hand, why choose to objectify yourself like this? I want our national team players to be know for their skill and leadership, not their bodies.

  2. boosted335 says:

    very nice

  3. somebody else says:


  4. GSScasual says:

    She is a grown woman, she can make decisions for herself. I find her to be quite beautiful and brave to be open to do this… quit trying to be “that” guy

  5. Zach says:

    Define “objectify” ? So male athletes can be on GQ or Men’s Health showing off their bodies (Clay Matthews and so on) and can be sex symbols, but female athletes can’t? No one held a gun to her head and made her pose. She wanted to!

    Go on Alex, looking great :)

  6. marden08 says:

    the most beautiful and hottest goal scorer ever. And she’s got game.

  7. dave says:

    cough cough becks cough cough

  8. Steve Holt! says:


  9. The Dude says:

    I don’t need to see male or female athletes in their underwear. I guess the question is this: ‘What does she get out of this?’ Answer: money. You have to understand that this a really bad moment for women’s soccer. The domestic league just imploded–again. Now having Morgan do this just reinforces the assumption that women’s soccer isn’t serious.

  10. Jamie says:


  11. Colin says:

    Raises an interesting question… whether this should, or should not be considered objectification. I for one think it is often a hard line to draw, where does the women’s write to express her self and be proud of her body end and her actions become some form of objectification? For me, this however is clearly within bounds. Not only is it completely consensual, but she seems to be having a fun time and doing something different. She is not really naked and even if she was I think that this is more of a celebration of the women’s attractiveness and beauty. Maybe in the end this is just be justification because I think she looks really hot, but I am not sure. I just think it would be wrong to vilify her for her actions and label her as a women who is objectifying herself, such a label may be better used to describe porn stars and like (but even that may be up for debate).

  12. chris says:

    Please buddy this does nothing to hurt womens soccer. If this was the WNBA then photoshoots wouldnt help

  13. Gnarls says:

    They’re already known for their skill and leadership. It may not be right, but sex appeal and women’s sports go hand in hand.

  14. Jahinho_Guerro says:

    shes better than her boyfriend

  15. jonk says:

    On the topic of objectification, listening to/reading the interviews everytime someone does one of these bodypaint shoots, you realize that this is something they all find super cool. Despite the fact that they’re not actually wearing anything, they view it as art as opposed to just some skeevy bathing suit or lingerie thing. And the same goes for ESPN’s Body Issue series.
    Anyway, while she is definitely attractive, I found my self noticing how ripped she is.

  16. Gnarls says:

    domestic women’s soccer league**

  17. shawn says:

    Then according to your arguement none of the leagues or sports that athletes in the ESPN body issue play in are serious. So the NFl, NBA and other leagues aren’t serious. My opinion is that its great that she can do this if she wanted to and she looks great. I’m just glad to live in a society where people have the option of doing something like this.

  18. Brian says:

    Right…because when Onyewu and Howard did the ESPN Body Issue they were also reinforcing the assumption that the USMNT isn’t serious

  19. Bham Chuckie says:

    Alex Morgan is the VERY best thing going for womens soccer right now. Furthermore, THIS may be the very best for for womens soccer right now.
    It cannot and wont survive at the professional level and, for near future, will continue only at the semi/amateur/prof level. Yes, its about money and very good PR. She (and womens soccer) will get both as a result.

    FORZE Alex!

  20. Steve C says:

    While Alex Morgan is one sexy young lady, I just wish she didn’t have the same sounding voice of my Uncle John.

  21. adam says:

    seriously its a male dominated audience what do they expect us to talk about? her two goals against new zealand?

  22. JSmiley says:

    Slightly off-topic: there’s a story on Sky Sports right now about “Win a Date with Tim Howard for Valentine’s Day.” Somewhat the same idea as Alex Morgan in bodypaint. You know, objectification and all that.

  23. LoS says:

    this is what happens when you are good at something you get offered other opportunities. take advantage of them. good job Alex. and dang you look real good im gonna give Servando crap when i see him.

  24. <3alexmorgan says:

    Good Lord. Thank you, Creditor.

  25. Primoone says:

    Well…certainly not going to see anything better than what we just saw on today.

    See you tomorrow.

  26. gorg says:

    would love to see a DD athlete on the NT

  27. Mark says:

    i think her voice may be the best thing about her. wait … is that weird?!?

  28. Rowsdower says:

    blocked here at work :(

  29. Gnarls says:

    Even Hope Solo – ya know, to keep it soccer related.

  30. robert daniels says:

    And I’ll probably wear out this video…If you know what I mean

  31. Taylor says:

    same with men’s sports. just about every girl i know loves watching the world cup to look at the hottest guys. theres websites for girls that rate the hottest teams. rarely do they know the player’s names. how is this different?

    i think alex morgan is a great athlete, she also happens to be beautiful, whats wrong with us admiring that fact?

  32. Steven says:

    Thank you Creditor? How about thank you SI? In fact, no link love back to the site for grabbing content? Bad form guys.

  33. john says:

    Cap her! Oh, wait….

  34. BBB says:

    I’m BBB, and I approve of this photo shoot.

  35. my inner dirty old man says:

    John, you didn’t spell “Tap” correctly.

  36. pd says:

    She has am amazing smile and eyes, everything else is gravy.

  37. Gauche says:

    This is pathetic.

  38. Jamie Z. says:

    I know, right? I hope Alex isn’t reading this. I feel skeevy by association.

  39. Reece says:

    Heterosexual males…

  40. wilyboy says:

    I’m sure many will find issue with this, I think it’s utterly harmless. Is it any worse to objectify Wags or celebrities?

    However, sure we can all agree that WPS would have been better served if this came out BEFORE it suspended 2012 season. If there’s one thing that can save Women’s professional soccer, it’s the right kind of exposure.

    I’m not advocating (ala Sepp Blatter) that the playing outfits be shortened. But it’s not a bad thing to advertise a league starring such a beautiful, strong, and talented woman.

  41. Adam says:

    yeah cause im sure she hasnt been tweeted stuff worse than this

  42. Dan says:

    Reece I guarantee you haven’t hit anything in Alex Morgan’s universe.

  43. Brian says:

    I’m Captain Shephard, and this is my favorite photoshoot on the Citadel. (for those who get this cheesy joke, congrats!)

  44. Jamie Z. says:

    So we’re shooting for the lowest common denominator, then, are we?

  45. blah says:

    I would have to agree with dan…based on the name “Reece” and his comment I can tell exactly the type of girls he has dated

    (im being sarcastic)

  46. Dinho says:

    What part of in the title did you not read?

  47. Reece says:

    Car shopping is fun doesn’t mean I can afford any of the cars I look at. But it’s still fun…

  48. pl says:

    Have you ever been in a team locker room? or even more common a group of guys? this is what they talk about…

  49. I don’t understand why people are hating on Alex Morgan for doing this. She isn’t nude, it’s really no different than if she were in a bikini. She is hot, great body, great player. Just enjoy.

  50. Jeff says:

    I’d rather see Wambach.

  51. Jamie Z. says:

    My friends aren’t scuzzbags and this isn’t a locker room.

  52. Mark says:

    She looks great, she’s probably getting paid, and this will raise her Q score with those outside of soccer commercials. She’s got the opportunity to become the face of women’s soccer in this country for the next 10 years if she can continue to deliver on the field. Sort of like Mia Hamm 2.0…

  53. Mark says:

    Whoops, suppose to read “outside soccer circles”. Clearly my brain and my hands weren’t on the same page there…

  54. ThaDeuce says:


    P.S. Female athetes don’t get near the pay they guys in the MLS get, this is what ya call cashin in baby.

  55. ThaDeuce says:


  56. ThaDeuce says:

    Personally I thought people who studied marketing weren’t always the brightest, the classes seemed pretty basic sometimes. But now I see that there is in fact a need for those classes. Thank you The Dude.

  57. ThaDeuce says:

    Awesome. She is a sweet girl. Judging by how awesome she plays I thought she would be a snoot like L.D. Glad to know she isn’t.

  58. <3Alexmorgan says:

    This is on SI????? I had NO idea!!

    I was simply bringing attention to the fact that this was posted on sbi. Calm down, rookies.

  59. jonk says:

    Yeah, because if only this had come out sooner then there would be more rich guys willing to shell out money for WPS teams and Borislaw wouldn’t have been such a thorn in everyone’s side, and and and…

    Anyway, if your point is that it would have generated some kind of buzz amongst potential fans, I think the WWC and post-WWC publicity and Hope Solo on DWTS should have already done more for that than a single photo shoot.

  60. <3Alexmorgan says:


  61. Kenny_B says:

    It’s a bad moment….to you.

    The girl is a tremendous player and she is beautiful. So what.

    Did the domestic league implode because Marta posed or something? Did I miss that?

    Really please explain how Ms. Morgan’s posing ACTUALLY has a detrimental effect on women’s soccer. I just don’t get it.

  62. wilyboy says:

    Two words: Maria Sharapova.

    You gonna tell me that Women’s Tennis didn’t benefit from having Her as the #1 for a while?

    I didn’t say rich investors, I was referring to broader interest from fans. Chicken and the egg as far as interest and investors. Nevertheless, I understand it’s more fun to snark than understand.

  63. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    ew? What’s wrong with you? This man speaks the truth.

  64. HerthaBerwyn says:

    Because its fun to show off and get positive attention.

    By the way. A soccer player with a Brazilian just makes sense.

  65. beckster says:

    If this site provided on-going coverage of the Woman’s National Team, I would have no issue with this post by Ives. However, it does not and to select this as virtually the only coverage of woman’s soccer is very disappointing and certainly sexist.

  66. Jose Is A Translater says:

    True That! Also, I want to thank her for cashing in.

  67. John says:

    Maria Sahrapova was never #1, she never even won a major tournament. That never hurt her appeal though, and she brought A LOT of attention to women’s tennis.