Boyd to train with Dortmund’s first team

Terrence Boyd 1

The departure of Mohamed Zidan from Borussia Dortmund has opened the door of opportunity for U.S. Under-23 national team forward Terrence Boyd.

With Zidan having moved to Mainz during the transfer window, Boyd and fellow youngster Marvin Duksch have been summoned from their respective reserve teams by head coach Jurgen Klopp. The pair of strikers will train with Dortmund's first team and could see time in upcoming games if needed.

Boyd's promotion to the first team should not come as much of a surprise given that he already dressed for a league match earlier this season. It is, however, a sign of growth for one of the brightest forward prospects in the American pipeline, one who enjoyed a strong December camp with the U.S. U-23 team.

Borussia Dortmund's next game is on Friday against FC Nurnberg.

What do you make of this development?

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48 Responses to Boyd to train with Dortmund’s first team

  1. pd says:

    ya-VOH-luh !

    how do you say “cap him Klinsi” in german?

  2. Dune Man says:

    Please tell Timmy C to go easy on his ACL if they meet up in the box.

  3. Jamie Z. says:

    Preston Zimmerman must be spinning in his grave.

  4. NE Matt says:

    That news just made my morning!

  5. Salgado says:

    USSOCCER needs to do EVERYTHING possible to keep him in the US fold. I think he’ll make the 2014 WC team and possibly be a starter.

  6. Davethedopefiend says:


  7. Jon says:

    Good news.

    Looking forward to seeing him in qualifying next month. Any idea when we might get a roster release for those matches?

  8. Topher says:

    Must be uncomfortable in there considering he’s a living person….

  9. patrick says:

    Haven’t seen much of him, but in that picture dude makes Jozy look like Freddy Adu

  10. Jamie Z. says:

    All the more reason for him to be spinning.

  11. Jamie Z. says:

    Seriously. The guy’s a beast.

  12. AC/DC says:

    what can USSoccer do? Kidnap his parents and hold them hostage to make him commit to us? HE said it himself that if Germany comes knocking on his door he probably will not refuse. How could we stop him?

  13. M says:

    I never heard that. i thought he was pretty much commited to the US of A

  14. chris says:

    I have read he would accept a Germany call up somewhere too

  15. Poo says:

    All the more reason to cap him when we play a minnow this summer.

    85th minute sub against antiqua and he’s locked up!

  16. Stephen says:

    Let’s hope he’s ok for now, we cap him, and then he really takes off.

  17. Stephen says:

    I kind of doubt he’s that stupid, but I kind of hope he is. Is that wrong?

  18. kimi says:

    Gotta love his attitude. Head down, no complaints, paying his dues and simply working hard every day. It’s rare these days considering how petulant youngsters can be.

  19. KEV says:

    So does a WC qualifying match cap-tie a player?

    I forget.

    If he stays with the first team until the end of the season, I wonder if he will get a call-up for the USMNT.

    Even so, I think it will be more likely that he is continuing to be involved with the u23’s until the olympics.

    If we can qualify for the games, having him represent will go long ways in committing to the USMNT.

    I cant wait to see this guy play. Crossing my fingers this does not turn into another Subotic situation.

  20. Neruda says:

    Let’s have start against Jamaica in qualifying.

    If nothing else his allegiance to the star and stripes may grow if he also represents the US at the Olympics too.

    Klinsmann will not let this kid slip away easily. Germany has a lot of great old and young strikers. Hopefully the German FA doesn’t give him a ring.

  21. Vic says:

    I don’t see Germany capping him anytimes soon. They have too many forwards scoring regularly in the Bundesliga to play someone that hasn’t made his Bundesliga debut yet.

  22. PetedeLA says:

    If he’s training with Dortmund’s first team, and he’s a true striker then we DEFINITELY need to bring him in.

    After Jozy there’s a huge drop off as far as talent goes.

    I just see Jozy, Agudelo, and Buddle right now. And neither Agudelo or Buddle have a chance of knocking Jozy off his perch.

    I have never seen this boy Boyd play. But I have faith in Klopp.

  23. Judging Amy says:

    Anyone seen him play?

  24. PetedeLA says:

    Whoops. Forgot about Gomez. He also deserves more chances, I think. He looks to be a better finisher than Buddle.

  25. wilyboy says:

    His meteoric rise has to be slow enough that the idea of playing in Brazil for the US is a tempting prospect. The bar for a player like Boyd to be called in is very high, and he’s just now getting a look with the first team. If he develops, we have a chance; if he explodes onto the scene, we’re screwed.

  26. malkin says:

    “So does a WC qualifying match cap-tie a player?”


  27. Bolt says:

    If he’d rather play for Germany, I hope he does.

    I don’t really care if a player is born American, dual-citizen or naturalized, but I want to be represented by people like me, who would consider it an honor, not a back-up plan.

  28. b says:

    Nice, if he starts to get in games, even as a sub, does that catapult him to the top of our forward depth chart? Altidore has been on the bench recently, and Agudelo most likely will be the #4 forward behind Henry, Rodgers, and Cooper. I believe Boyd is currently #4. And that’s for Dortmund not AZ or Red Bulls.

    Also Joe Gyau is training with the Hoffenheim first team as of a week ago, did that get its own thread?

  29. Mike says:

    Here’s a link to an interview he gave in which he said his heart does not belong to Germany:

    link to

  30. b says:

    He will make the Olympic roster based purely on MERIT. He is, at worst, the #3 forward in the U23 pool behind Altidore and Agudelo. That’s good enough to make an 18 man roster. Teal Bunbury looks terrible, of Porter picks him as one of the three based on the Akron connection he should be fired. And I have a feeling as soon as they start seeing game time both Gyau and Boyd will start getting called up regularly (see Alfredo Morales).

  31. PetedeLA says:


    (But for the record I don’t think that applies to JJ. I really think he didn’t feel comfortable with German National Team Set Up. Too many yes-men).

    I am German-American, (well actually German/Austrian-African American) and even I have a problem with this “new” flurry of Germans in the team.

    But what is the criteria? That’s the hard part.

    Jermaine was abandoned by his father, and you would think that would make him pretty German. But at the same time, he grew up in a ghetto in Frankfurt where EVERYONE was a “foreigner” and thus, he always probably felt American, because people told him he was (or wasn’t ein echter Deutscher).

    But these younger guys have luckily been able to grow up in a time where having brown skin does not instantly brand you and “Auslaender”. And these guys are growing up in a more globalized world where they should know full well how to contact the US federation and see about getting into the American national team youth set up.

    I really like what I’ve seen from Timmy Chandler and Fabian Johnson, but I also have the feeling they see the team as a back up plan because their not on Yogi Loew’s Christmas list.

    In their defense, it’s not like we have a huge staff of American scouts in Germany trying to recruit these guys for the U-17’s. But maybe we should because I’d feel a lot better about these guys if they had made up their minds to play for us sooner.

  32. abc says:

    Actually he has said he would rather play for the US. But that he would play for Germany if called up. He definitely doesn’t seem to consider the US a back up plan. If he did, he probably would be avoiding the US right now, given his young age, with some excuse about focusing on his club. But don’t let the facts keep you from speculating wildly and accusing him of not considering the US team an honor.

    How come people don’t say this sort of shht about everyone from Omar Gonzalez to Chris Wondolowski, who have all at one time or the other made similar statements about playing for other national teams?

  33. abc says:

    Alfredo Morales will be playing for Hertha Berlin due to someone else being suspended. That means in the next few weeks we could see Morales play regularly, and Boyd and Gyau make appearances. An exciting time for Americans in Germany.

  34. Ricky B. Free says:

    You should watch his interview for ussoccer. Instead of just assuming things. The guy speaks decent english and he said that the german americans that were at camp loved coming to america.

  35. Bolt says:

    What part of the word “if” do you not understand?

    Dictionaries; they do a reactionary good.

  36. Ricky B. Free says:

    Havent you heard? Omar Gonzales gets a free pass because he is the second coming of Paolo Maldini.

    Well some of the posters make it seem like that.

  37. Ricky B. Free says:

    Stop assuming. Go watch the video and then come to a conclusion.

  38. PetedeLA says:

    Who’s calling the kettle black?

    I’m assuming nothing.

    I’m talking about the German based players in general.

    It’s a fact that some of them are torn between playing for Germany and playing for the US. That’s completely normal.

    What I don’t like is having the feeling that we’re just taking sloppy seconds.

    To be specific, there was a story that Yogi Loew wanted to meet Chandler. I don’t mind hearing stories like that. But I’d feel a lot better if the story ended with, “Chandler turned the meeting down. He told Loew’s representatives that he felt fully committed to the US set up”.

    As far as him speaking English, eh….most people in Germany (especially those under 40) speak decent English.

    But I’ll check out the interview. Thanx for the info.

  39. Dillon says:

    I wish Germany had more good forwards to displace Boyd. Unfortunately their riches are mostly in the mid-field and still rely heavily on Klose.

  40. Bolt says:

    Maybe you can borrow the dictionary after “abc” is done with it.

    “If” Boyd desires to play first and foremost for the US, I hope he earns a shot. “If” not, I hope he doesn’t.

    Get it?

  41. abc says:

    And IF you are an a-hole… [long rant].

    The fact that you felt the need to post your previous comment is enough. You’re not just posting it in every thread. George John scores for West Ham… here’s Bolt’s dual-citizen bulls*** again. Nope, just the Boyd thread.

  42. Judging Amy says:

    What has he done in terms of production that grants him that spot? Honest question.

  43. Judging Amy says:

    Are you serious? I get that dude is only 20, but this is crazy talk.

    Pedigree does not equal high level production. Lee Nguyen, Kenny Cooper and countless other prospects of all nationalities prove that.

  44. abc says:

    He scored pretty much a goal per game at U23 camp. And he scores around 2/3 goal per game for Dortmund’s second team. He’s joining the first team at Dortmund. All of that puts him ahead of Bunbury, who is just plain bad.

  45. GW says:

    Have you actually seen Boyd play? I haven’t.

    It’s interesting that you don’t want the USA to be Boyd’s sloppy seconds yet Boyd has yet to actually pay a first team game for Dortmund(and may never). He is already 20 and unless his career suddenly takes a quantum leap it seems unlikely he will ever be a major German star.

    You want Geramny’s sloppy seconds locked up for our national team. Don’t you want to wait for him to prove he actually can play?

    Right now he is the equivalent of a .400 hitter at the AAA level waiting to break into the majors. There are no guarantees he will ever be worth a cap.

  46. Mike says:

    Hopefully we cap him soon in a World Cup qualifying match. I don’t think Germany is interested in his services, but you never know.

  47. PetedeLA says:

    As I said in an earlier post, I trust Juergen Klopp.

    He’s a TOP coach, and he’s done a great job of cultivating talent. Subotic is one of his boys, and I assume you’ve watched his value skyrocket.

    I can imagine he may not be good enough to stay at Dortmund over the long term. But there’s no shame in that. Next year they should be in the top 20 in Europe.

    They also play with only one center forward. And they’ve got Levandowski and Barrios.

    The mere fact that he’s playing with the first team means a TON. But if you disagree, just check back in with me at season end.

  48. GW says:

    Klopp is a fine manager. But fine managers have lots of players who never quite work out.

    And should Boyd play for Dortmund, if he does not get regular PT, JK will not bring him in, nor should he.

    Boyd will probably be a good player but until he becomes a regular for Dortmund’s first team (or elsewhere should he have to move) I see no reason to cap him prematurely.