Buddle returning to Galaxy


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For the other 18 teams in MLS, knocking the Los Angeles Galaxy off their perch atop the league just became a bit more difficult.

U.S. national team forward Edson Buddle is rejoining the Galaxy after being released from his contract with FC Ingolstadt 04 on Tuesday, sources told SBI. Los Angeles maintained his MLS rights following his free transfer to Ingolstadt last January, and the club will welcome him back into the fold for what is shaping up to be the league's most potent attack. In 2010, his last season in MLS, Buddle scored 17 goals, finishing second to Chris Wondolowski for the league's golden boot.

With Buddle starting alongside Robbie Keane and Landon Donovan and David Beckham occupying spots in the midfield behind them, the Galaxy will have a wealth of All-Star-caliber attacking talent. Buddle also provides more than ample cover for when Keane has to leave the club for Republic of Ireland duty at Euro 2012.  

Despite all of the star power on the roster, the Galaxy are able to afford Buddle by shedding a good chunk of salary from the books this offseason with the losses of players like Juninho, Donovan Ricketts, Jovan Kirovski and Gregg Berhalter. Los Angeles also received allocation money from Montreal in exchange for Ricketts to boost its financial flexibility, something that helped facilitate bringing Buddle back to the Home Depot Center.

Buddle played for the Galaxy from 2007-2010 before heading overseas to Ingolstadt last winter when his MLS contract expired, joining the 2. Bundesliga club midseason. He helped Ingolstadt stave off relegation and was tied for the team's lead in goals this season with six before being sent away from the club for unspecified reasons prior to the league's winter break.

While in club limbo, Buddle trained with West Ham and was on trial with Everton and Belgian side Westerlo before ultimately returning to MLS.


What do you make of Buddle's return? Think the Galaxy are a lock to repeat as MLS Cup champions?

Share your thoughts below.

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133 Responses to Buddle returning to Galaxy

  1. the special one says:

    How does LA get him under the cap?

  2. werner says:

    back to back champs.

  3. Francois says:


  4. Dimidri says:

    “Despite all of the star power on the roster, the Galaxy are able to afford Buddle by shedding a good chunk of salary from the books this offseason with the losses of players like Juninho, Donovan Ricketts, Jovan Kirovski and Gregg Berhalter. Los Angeles also received allocation money from Montreal in exchange for Ricketts to boost its financial flexibility, something that helped facilitate brining Buddle back to the Home Depot Center.”

  5. Isaak says:

    “Lock to repeat”? Jump the gun much? IT’S FEBRUARY…and Buddle doesn’t make anybody a lock at this point

  6. Jamie says:

    Why you no read?

  7. Poo says:

    the article explains this pretty well.

  8. Reynaldo says:

    Great move by LA to bring a proven scorer back in the fold.

    They aren’t a lock for MLS Cup because other teams have improved as well.

    The big question is if he is he is cup-tied for CCL. They will need all the firepower they can get to win. The next round will be no cakewalk with a much-improved TFC, especially up north.

  9. Poo says:

    the opposite of how bruce likes his teams…lots of ability to score, but what might be a shaky d.

  10. Paula says:

    Niiiiiiiiice. :)

  11. Topher says:

    Considering that Ingolstadt hasn’t been a part of CONCACAF for years now. I don’t think there will be a “cap tied” issue….

  12. NateinSF says:

    Is there any possibility that Donovan stays at Everton? i assume not but wanted to ask the forum here…

  13. ml says:

    hahaha +1

  14. I was hoping Everton would sign him. Oh well, this is good for the Galaxy. I’m interested to see him and Keane together.

  15. Steve-O says:

    “Buddle and the rest of the LA Galaxy will play their first official game of 2012 on Wednesday, March 7 when they face Toronto FC in the first leg of their 2011/12 CONCACAF Champions League Quarterfinal, which will be played at Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.”

  16. Goalscorer24 says:

    I was wondering if a return to the Galaxy might be possible. I guess so. If the Galaxy can shore up their defense and midfield, they will be dangerous.

  17. Mitch says:

    Everton can suck it…

  18. Patrick says:

    Well, he hasn’t played in any champions league, let alone concacaf champions league, so that won’t be an issue

  19. Felix says:

    I’m a Fire fan, but I want LA (and the other MLS clubs) to do well in CCL – so this should help them. But they still need to replace Omar Gonzalez – their defense is going to remain shaky until they do that.

  20. The Imperative Voice says:

    The article points out their personnel turnover, which opens cap space. However if you blow 4-5 players’ cap space on a DM and Buddle, that has to affect the quality of the remaining 2-3 guys you sign to fill the roster. They need to avoid the situation of old (Gullit era) where they had way too much money tied up in too few players.

    I think Buddle’s overrated and his single season stats from his breakout year were a figment of a good LA team…..but he’s back with LA, so perhaps that criticism is less meaningful. If he was back with TFC or off in Vancouver or something, I think we might be back talking about the old, “Buddle …… nooooooo ….. how do you miss that.”

    Personally I don’t think he’s the guy to help the Nats but he had dropped down Klinsi’s pecking order, and this sticks him right back under his nose. If he produces he will be able to argue he deserves his chances.

  21. Luke says:

    Winter transfer window is closed. So no chance they can workout a deal now. Summer is another story.

  22. Patrick says:

    With the way Donovan has been playing, there’s no question they’d love to keep him, but everton has virtually no money, which is why they were trialing huddle. I’m sure in an ideal world mls and everton could work something out, but its not, and they won’t. What’s interesting though, is that Donovan has never said one way or another where hed like to play.

  23. Remy says:

    Their midfield is stacked, but they will be weaker defensively through the middle without Omar, Juninho, and Ricketts in defense.

    They can’t think Andrew Boyens will replace Gonzalez. What happened to Alex Bruce from Leeds?

  24. Giggsy says:

    if i were LAG i’d just dump Chad Barrett and his $225K plus salary cap hit and you’d be more than halfway to paying Buddle even the max $400K.

    Barrett is about as useless as tits on a boar … and the Galaxy already have Cristman to be their useless can’t finish worth a darn striker but for much much less.

  25. Powderhorn Pops says:

    I don’t know the answer to your question but have you seen LD’s FB page? The Everton fans are literally begging him to stay…

  26. Annelid Gustator says:

    “brining Buddle”

    Oh, is that to keep him juicy?

  27. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    I’m surprised he didn’t land somewhere in Europe. His performance on the field wasn’t the problem, it seems a second-division club needing a few goals to win promotion could have used him.

  28. The Imperative Voice says:

    I don’t know if he has the sort of Magee/ Keane/ Becks/ Donovan-type crispness that got them the MLS Cup winning goal and the silverware. He scored plenty of goals but the team didn’t win the big ones when he was there.

    Personally, I’d start Landon and Keane up top and sub in Buddle.

  29. A wise man once says:

    We still need a defender… and a Juninho replacement.

  30. A wise man once says:

    You know what? You’re absolutely right.

  31. Bernstein says:

    This is a better situation then when he left LA. He will get even more chances now. If he gets hot like he did in 2010, he is a guy that can help score some desperately-needed goals for the US.

  32. Giggsy says:

    and salty!

  33. MC Pharaoh says:

    Sarvas is the Juninho replacement.

  34. David St. Hubbins says:

    This is going to be 2008 LA Galaxy all over again… score the most goals in the league and concede the most.

  35. RK says:

    At this rate, DCU will bring in Eddie Johnson.

  36. Air Jordanz says:

    Gonna be hard this year. A LOT of teams are seriously upgrading.

    Unfortunately, my Dynamo doesn’t seem to be one of them…

  37. Oliver says:

    Agree about the defender, but Marcelo Sarvas is a better attacker than Juninho. The Galaxy will miss Juninho’s big goals though. Without him, they aren’t the champs or in the KO rounds of Champions League.

  38. Jose says:

    No, Landon is best on the wing for every team he plays on. His pace is needed in midfield, but I’m sure there will be times when they push him up.

    Let’s not forget, Buddle/Donovan was a deadly duo in 2010.

  39. Air Jordanz says:

    I wouldn’t think that’s an issue since he was with the team on loan before the transfer window, but I’m no expert on the minutiae of FIFA rules.

  40. NateinSF says:

    They can extend the loan until the summer and then buy him. Somehow they can get around the transfer window issue, i do know that much.

  41. Joey says:

    Barrett wasn’t as terrible as Cristman was last season, but he is still injured. And why is Pat Noonan on the squad?

  42. Dax says:

    Senior roster out: 6 players at $728,125
    Berhalter ($96,000)
    Birchall ($157,125)
    Hejduk ($96,000)
    Juninho ($100,000)
    Kirovski ($84,000)
    Ricketts ($195,000)

    Senior roster in: 4 players

  43. AES says:

    LA Galaxy was third in the league in goals scored last year. It’s hard to see how Buddle would necessarily take them to first. KC and Seattle haven’t gotten any less potent on the attack.

  44. Tim Dog says:

    At least they are shooting for a DP…They should have made a serious run at Gio Dos Santos, he would have been a perfect fit for the new stadium.

  45. Dax says:

    Based on what Bruce has said…

    Beckham is the Juninho replacement and will play deeper to get more of the ball and start the team going forward. While, Sarvas will play higher up the field replacing Beckham’s role from 2011.

  46. fischy says:

    Houston is doing it differently. Two good Superdraft picks, a crazy big and good Supplemental draft haul, plus trialist Darryl Roberts. Also Sturgis.

    Plus, they did take a run at Boyd. They’ll find another target. Kinnear is the best in the league at this.

  47. Sriracha Jo says:

    …and teams like Vancouver, TFC, and Chicago have seriously upgraded their talent. IF NY gets that 3rd DP, they will be in the mix also.

  48. fischy says:

    That was red meat for those who pounce on dumb posts.

  49. Luc says:

    Beckham’s defensive pressure is still underrated…When he is fired-up, he is a ball-winner

  50. kev says:

    LA won’t spend more than 300 K on him. He could have made half a million even playing in Denmark or Norway. Why no Belgian or Turkish interest? But good to have u back

  51. Luke says:

    And if he is injured on loan prior to the summer, the Galaxy would get nothing for him. They would just get an injured Donovan back just like they got Gonzalez back with his ACL injury. I believe FC Nurenberg was interested in buying Gonzalez in the summer. I think his injury has pretty much squashed that. LA has zero incentive to loan him out during their season, especially because they are the defending champs.

  52. fischy says:

    You mock, but they are surely interested. He was their first choice last year, before they moved on to getting Davies. I would guess that the team has been in touch with EJ.

  53. fischy says:

    LA is going after the triple. I guess I’m OK with their getting a Supporters Shield/CCL double…while they get shocked by a brace by DeRosario and goals by Pontius andSantos in the MLS Cup final.

  54. The Imperative Voice says:

    Concacaf is lenient about bringing players in during the competition. I think their big hangup tends to be that you have a 30 man preliminary roster and he has to fit on it. But most teams don’t name 30 players for precisely this scenario.

    Even if we ruled out players whose teams were in European (or other regional) tournaments, that’s giving Ingolstadt way too much credit, the whole deal is the coach got fired and they’re near bottom of the B.2. FCI 04 is lucky to make the early rounds of German cups, much less think about Europe.

  55. Dax says:

    Buddle will be awesome for Keane, who excels more as a second striker behind a center forward.

    The great news is that Franklin or Stephens can play in the midfield and Landon push up top when those guys need to be replaced. Hence, Barrett drops two levels, while Noonan and Cristman are emergency only players.

  56. The Imperative Voice says:

    Right but they won the title in 2011, not 2010. I felt like this was a crisper passing side, as shown on the cup winner. And IMO tournaments like MLS Cup tend to expose the limits of your offense and defense, like whether a particular forward is a little sloppy on the ball and finishing. I think in the key games Buddle rather than Magee or Donovan would be a downgrade.

    Kind of like I think the Sapong/ Kamara/ Bunbury attack of KC, so potent in the regular season, looked toothless versus Houston. I think you make subtle changes that drop the finesse level and teams can become more ordinary fast.

  57. jamesey says:

    i think buddle can score big goals.

    link to youtube.com

  58. The Imperative Voice says:

    I should say looked toothless without Bravo vs. Houston…..

  59. Giggsy says:

    are you planning on sharing that crack or are you just going to bogart all of it? 😀

  60. USA says:

    This is good for the fans.

    It looks like LA is is focused on playing an attractive brand of soccer. The first couple of Arena years had way to many 1-0, 0-0, 1-1 games. They had the talent to play more open games. More 3-1 games will bring more excitement and support. LA’s stellar D is still mostly intact also.

  61. Rendon says:

    +1…The lack of playmaking was an issue and I dont think they have addressed that this season yet either.

  62. RSLfan says:

    Good for the league in general, and good for Buddle to hopefully get some regular playing time and maybe work his way into a spot in WCQ.

  63. RK says:

    Who, me, mock? Nooooooooo….

  64. Charles says:

    I would be shocked if DC did that much scoring against LA for the season, including Cups and playoffs.

  65. gandhi says:

    the rich get richer. hopefully this will vault LA into a serious run at CCL and on to the world club cup. that would be nice to see Galaxy w/their star power in Japan or Dubhai. That would attract some attention. I wish other MLS had done better in their trade this offseason. It looks like only LA and the Canadians did anything of note. So yes, except for LA, NY (and port) the rest of the league is an embarassment. MLS has too many cheap owners

  66. Butch O says:

    Dont underestimate the De Ro

  67. Dave says:

    But looked killer up until that game. Don’t forget that SKC didn’t play the whole season with Bravo due to a couple different injuries.

  68. Rick says:

    “Maintained his MLS rights”?

    Nice loophole around the re-entry process. More MLS roster ambiguity to help LA. BS.

  69. Randy says:

    And Vancouver sign Camilo, a budding young star. My guess is that he will have to play the midfield.

  70. Sam Nishi says:


    Potentially > This is the best LAG strikeforce in club history .. ..

    Kind of beats the days of ALAN GORDON, et al, huh???

  71. ArsenFan says:

    If you look at it like this – Buddle is a slightly expensive replacement for Barret/Cristman – then this makes perfect sense and is a good move.

  72. Vic says:

    It was reported that Dos Santos turned down a move to MLS.

  73. Gnarls says:

    That’s a true statement. Those claiming “championship repeat” are getting ahead of themselves, obviously. And I’m a Galaxy fan. Several MLS teams have made shrewd moves this off season, including Portland and Vancouver most recently. Boyens and Le Toux are at least as valuable as Buddle, in my opinion.

  74. Gnarls says:

    You’re so bitter it’s funny.

  75. Gnarls says:

    Hells yeah, Cristman and Barret = unstoppable force.

  76. Willy says:

    Klopas is quietly building a heckuva team in Chi-town.

    I’m surprised Seattle hasn’t gone for a bigger name.

  77. David St. Hubbins says:

    Alan Gordon had a 50% strike rate last season playing with a torn rectus abdominis muscle and tears to both his hip abductors. The guy is a freaking marine.

  78. bryan says:

    read the #$%@ article!

  79. tim says:

    have you not noticed the moves by dallas this year? blas perez, one of the top scorers in concacaf is now in the mls. the are getting david fererria (2010 mvp) back from injury, brek shea out wide along with fabian castillo (missed a better part of 2011 playing for his u20 nat team in their wc). defensively they have lost george john, who’ll be replaced by the panamanian international player or the reportedly “best defender” in the draft.

    head over to the mls site and look at all the movement this year, the overall level of mls has risen for sure.

  80. bryan says:

    “The big question is if he is he is cup-tied for CCL.”

    is this a joke????

  81. Benny Dargle says:

    Boyens was signed too, but likely at a low rate because he came through the re-entry draft.

  82. Oliver says:

    The West is stacked

  83. Ricky says:

    No, it’s a legitimate question.

    If teams can just “retain the MLS rights” of players then what’s the point to the allocation order and re-entry process?

  84. CK1 says:

    Also have to add that Sarvas is cup-tied and cannot play in the Champions League, so there is still no Juninho replacement for that competition.

  85. Gnarls says:

    It’s a quirky MLS rule, not an imaginary “pro-LA” double standard. Since Buddle was signed on a free transfer at the end of his contract – LA received no transfer fee – they maintained the right of refusal in the case he chose to return to MLS. Remember, MLS owns players’ contracts, not teams.

  86. Ed says:

    major diffrerence…the defense just has to be average with this lineup that wil control the action.

    Also gone are the days of Ely Allen and Buffalo Pires in midfield and Craig Vanney and Eddie Lewis in defense…

  87. CK1 says:

    What about Toronto and Seattle. Those teams spend money too.

  88. jtd says:

    maybe LA will let landon stay with everton until the season ends. his salary is cut in half (plus they would recieve some type of compenstion) then and they’d be able to shore up their D with the extra cash flow.

    or maybe someone already said this.

  89. Sully says:

    He’s more than that…You have to respect his attck, so things open up for others to do more damage.

  90. Mark says:

    I refuse to comment on this move until Soccer Guy has weighed in. His insight about Donovan’s performance at Everton yesterday was stunningly brilliant …

  91. biff says:

    I predict Donovan surprises us and stays at Everton. Despite all the talk to the contrary, Everton does have a few pounds to spend, paid £7m to buy the striker from the Rangers and if Donovan gives a green light, I bet they could come up with the money. It appears to me that Donovan is having a good time and knows that this might be his last chance to make a European move–now or never. Everton has a good coach who also is a mensch and who likes Donovan and Everton has great fans and also his buddy Timmy Howard guarding the goal. Everton is beefing up the team for bigger things and has risen to ninth place with Donovan’s help and is now just a few points away from the European League zone with what should be an easy win this weekend against last place team Wigan Athletic.

    Do it, Landon. Just do it, or you will regret it the rest of your life.

  92. Galarcep Blatter says:

    Isn’t this bad for the league (at least in terms of profile)? A guy who got dropped from a second division German team, and couldn’t get picked up anywhere else in Europe is accepted with open arms here and will just walk onto the starting 11 of the league’s best team. Speaks poorly of the league IMO.

  93. Ricky says:

    Yeah, I get that. MLS is just so weird with this stuff.

  94. fischy says:

    If LA hadn’t made him an offer, or if they had sold him, they would not retain rights.

  95. euroman says:

    Happy for the Galaxy but sad for Buddle. Europe is hard and everyone just doesn’t make no matter how well they do in MLS. Europe is a completely didfferent level where foreigners (see USA) aren’t given much respect, it has to be earned on the field. Welcome back EB

  96. fischy says:

    Funny. I missed that yesterday. You sent me looking for it. I was exhausted after a minute or two of just looking at it. Hard to imagine hanging in their that long to defend one’s comment. I hope I’ve never done that — if I did, I should be on some medication.

    On the other hand, I absolutely agree with Soccer Guy — at least, with his first couple of comments. I have thought the exact same things watching him play this time around in England.

  97. Steve C says:

    What’s crazy is that only 1 of those guys started by the end of the season (Juninho). Obviously the Galaxy had some expendable pieces.

  98. Mark says:

    he initialy sounded like as a sane person, but his insistence that his viewpoint was the only rational one came across like a rabbid chihuahua after his 10th post or so

  99. Tywon says:

    was let go for money reasons.Everton boss said they wouldnt to sign him and so did Lazio. So when you talk do research because Buddle was the leading scorer for his team.

  100. Benny Dargle says:

    He actually turned down a deal with a Belgian club after trialing with them, so it’s not like he couldn’t have been stayed overseas if he wanted. He probably decided European football wasn’t as glamorous as it seemed. He’ll get a lot more worldwide publicity playing for the Galaxy alongside Beckham/Donovan/Keane than for Ingolstadt or any other mid-rate Euro club.

  101. Max says:

    screw everton

  102. 10 Piece says:

    Nope…We have a Champions League cup to shoot for now

  103. Gent says:

    No, this is a legit question. It depends on Concacaf rules, because the CCL could be considered in motion at this time.

    “Cup-tied is an adjective, used primarily in association football, to describe a player who is ineligible to play in a knockout cup competition after transferring from another club during that competition.”

  104. Newcamp says:

    what Benny said…lol

  105. Suga says:

    IMO, he shouldn’t be able to play in CCL. He did nothing in 2011 to help the team get to this point.

  106. Left Said Fred says:

    I’m happy for him.

    He proved he can be a leading scorer in Europe while making a nice salary. He gets to come home where he is a fan favorite. He gets to make more money than he was making before. He gets to play on a championship team where doesn’t have to be the savior. He has titles, another World Cup call-up, and possibly bigger paydays down the road to strive for.

    I wish my career looked this good.

  107. Luis Figo says:

    Galaxy also picks up Kyle Nakazawa from Philadelphia for an international slot.

    He is a nice depth player, but I would have saved the international slot for an experienced foreign defender to pair with De La Garza.

  108. Edwin in LA says:

    Wait, when did Birchall leave the club? I thought he might take over for Juninho? But maybe that’s because I always felt with Juninho in the Center ATTACKING Mid spot being more forward the Galaxy were better off, and putting Beckham in the right wing and pushing Donovan either up top with Keane or to the left where he did all kinds of damage…

    But it makes sense if they are getting Buddle back to play Donovan on the right and Beckham in the middle in front of the D-Mid/Holding mid..

    Always thought Birchall was a good one and for some reason he had about 2 to 3 shots that would go awfully close to goal…but he was a bit of a hot head, and if there’s one thing we have an abundance of in the league and College/youth rank system it’s Defensive oriented players so CBs and Holding mids shouldn’t be scarce and for cheap… so it makes sense to not bring him back…

    But with CCL, both now in the knock out stages and the 2012-13 CCL, and a new more promoted Open Cup I would of liked the depth..

    As for Hedjuk, even with De la Garza probably seeing CB time all year with Gonzo hurt, I am fine with Bryan Jordan or a rookie covering for Franklin at Right back, especially for almost 100K…

    Just between Berhalter and Hedjuk you can cover Buddle’s salary, not to mention the Allocation money they got from Montreal. Juninho is almost a straight swap with our new Brazilian from Alajuelense.

    LA is in good shape, just hope Leonardo can stay healthy all year and that Dasan Robinson can bring some quality minutes

  109. Luke says:

    Robbie Keane only played 4 regular season games and had 2 goals. He played 9 games total in all competitions and had 4 goals. Having him the whole year, with the addition of Buddle and having Donovan and Beckham to set them up…

  110. Ernie says:

    Birchall is no big loss. Mikey Stephens is already a better player…Younger, cheaper, and more versatile. The Brazilian Sarvas is a terrific partner for Beckham in the center.

    My worry for LA is in central defense. Boyens is nice cover as a backup, but he doesn’t have the quickness of Omar G. Leonardo is still recovering from injury, so he won’t be full strength for awhile.

  111. Freddy G says:

    no deal now unless they release him from contract. Does they have anything left to spend though???

  112. RSLfan says:

    What they said below pretty much. He had other options but chose to come back here, and he was playing pretty well for that team and scored in a recent U.S. friendly in Europe w/ something resembling our and Slovenia’s A teams. He obviously isn’t one of the worlds best, but he is very good and helps the quality of our league.

  113. SS says:

    All they need now is for people to show up to their games

  114. pd says:

    I don’t see how that’s relevant.

  115. Galarcep Blatter says:

    Point taken, guys. I just wish that MLS wasn’t everyone’s fall back league. MLS is a tough league. It should therefore be tough to get on a squad. He’s quality, but perhaps he’s lost a step since he left. I just wish there was a little more of a screening process. Same goes for Conde signing with RBNY. Just because you used to tear it up in MLS doesn’t mean you can still do it.

  116. pd says:

    Thanks for that teaser Mark, I just did the same as fischy (and wasted a good hour or so in the process).

    That thread read like The Alamo… unbelievable how he took on all of cyberspace.

    That said, while I can see the “lost condience argument” I think there is something to be said for the “he’s been told to lay back and pick his battles” argument and the “he’s gassed” line of thinking as well. Coupled with the fact that he’ll come back from Everton and dive right into CCL with LA he’s probably also saving his energy and playing to avoid injury.

    Regardless of the reasons for it think it’s refreshing to see a player be able to switch up his style of play so much and still generate the kind of results expected of him.

    As for his leaving it all on the field at the World Cup, well… it’s the World Cup. It’s supposed to be the aren’t for the performance of a lifetime.

    I’m a Philly fan and I reluctantly admit that I think this LA team is as dangerous if not MORE dangerous now than they were last season, even with the loss of Juninho and Gonzalez.

  117. Edwin in LA says:

    He’ll be back soon enough, about a month after the regular season he should be at full 100% and getting minutes to get match fit and in form…

    Dasan Robinson can provide some cover as well, I think Boyens can hold his own. The thing about the Galaxy is that they defend as a team, Donovan and Magee help Franklin and Dunivant a lot and with a more potent offense like I said it will be more difficult for people to attack them.

    I think Leonardo was great, I’m hoping he can start as much as possible

  118. Edwin in LA says:

    But doesn’t it apply to teams that participated in said competition?

    You can bring in someone new midseason, if you are able to do so within the continent why would you not be able to do so at the midway point? Unless the games were tomorrow and the roster had been entered already then I can understand, but there is plenty of time, more than enough if you ask me…

  119. Edwin in LA says:

    I don’t see how it is now or never, he’ll be 30 heading into the LAST year of his contract a year from now, basically the same exact position except now the Galaxy will only have 1 more chance to get something for him next Winter Transfer window. If he is not sold then they won’t get very much for him in Summer of 2013 when in 4 months after that he can be signed for free and you can negotiate a contract even before that.

    I personally agree with 10 piece that he does have something to play for with the late run in the CCL, and after this year I can see him leaving. People always forget MLS AND the LA Galaxy have a say in this, as he is barely halfway thru his 4 year contract, but next year he’ll have 1 left and the league will want to cash in, I think MLS would still want 10 million or more but Everton might not be inclined to pay that much…which I don’t know why, the Rangers guy got a transfer of about 9 million dollars plus, so Landon MUST be worth more, hell the fans that Everton will get alone buying Landon jerseys might be worth it

  120. Edwin in LA says:

    He did let it be known that he wanted to play and stay at Everton the last time around. But people act like he has much of a choice? Sure if he bitches and whines to MLS and DEMANDS a transfer I suppose he could not exactly the best way to leave a good legacy as the face of the league now is it? And it will for sure not set a good example for future stars in a league that already is known for having a rep of making it hard on players to make the move to European teams. I know we want to keep our talents but until the pay, draw, ratings and overall playing level it will be hard since MLS will be behind Europe until it improves vastly. Thus not making a smooth professional transition for players to transfer across the pond is a bad thing….

    How do you sign more guys like Fredy Montero, Fabian Castillo, Andy Najar etc etc if they think that when they reach a peak level at MLS then they’ll be given hell trying to transfer?

  121. Edwin in LA says:

    What makes you say that? Is not like they have no goalkeeper, no Center backs at all and no full time experience Best XI Full backs….

    They lost Omar, but Leonardo will be healthy soon, they got Dasan Robinson at the end of last season and he is at least experienced and can be serviceable and they did get Boyens who was solid for the Goats before getting injured…..

    Franklin & Dunivant are still there. Yes they traded away Ricketts but still have Josh Saunders who played over half a season, all of the playoffs and even in the two seasons before last he backed up Ricketts more than fine giving them shutouts. Last season the Galaxy broke the record for least Goals allowed if I’m not mistaken and tied the shutouts record from what I recall…

    How is this team a repeat of 08? Franklin was a rookie and despite winning Rookie of the Year, he is now 4 year veteran and MLS Best XI type of player, do I need to talk about the best Left back in MLS Dunivant?

    Sarvas should be good enough, I personally think Juninho was as great because he was held back as the D-Mid, when in fact he seemed to me like a great CAM but with Beckham maybe better off central, and no need to slot LD up top it fits better…

    That 08 Galaxy team had guys like Julian Valentin, Gavin, Alan Gordon, Klein in well past his prime etc etc… oh and how can I forget Abel Xavier

  122. Edwin in LA says:

    Vancouver has a lot of forwards now with Le Toux, Hassli who if he repeats his production level but learns to adapt to MLS refs and doesn’t lead the league in cards might actually lead the league in goals, Omar Salgado, the DP guy Jarju unless they cut him, and Atiba Harris. So I’m wondering how they will play? With Camilo as an attacking mid and what about Chuimiento? Wing? Or the other way around with Camilo on the wing and Chuimiento the center attacking mid?

  123. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Adam Christman or Buddle…yeah, I’m thinking he’ll do OK

  124. Edwin in LA says:

    Think about how the Galaxy tied a lot of their games in 1-1 or 0-0 fashion, and they would cut it close with 1-0 or 2-1 close wins both in CCL & MLS play…this gives them more firepower. I thought if Barrett was healthy all year he could score double figures, mainly because he ended with 9 while missing like 3 or months and he did miss a lot in the beginning of the season, but got together even scoring a GOLAZO when he eventually started to score them. I think if he was in the MLS Cup final he puts in at least 1 of the 3 Cristman missed.
    In any case, Keane all year will help much more as was evidence by the 9 games he played in like Luke said below. And Buddle is a big improvement over Barrett, and in any case gives them the depth needed to finish the knock-out rounds of the current CCL and next season’s.

    I kind of hope Cristman gets cut now with Noonan there he is not needed. But I did read Barrett makes 225K, that’s a lot but if he can produce close to what he did last year I’m okay, considering it will be much harder on a 3rd FW in the depth chart.., wouldn’t mind trading Barrett for a high draft pick or good solid athletic CB tho…
    Kind of hard to predict who would be among the last teams with high draft picks tho lol
    But Barrett plus a solid athletic CB and cash plus pick would be good…

  125. Edwin in LA says:

    Notice I said solid, not great or good but ATHLETIC CB, not just a big guy who is an American styled player who is “A good athlete”, by athletic I meant someone like the back up guys RSL had, or maybe a guy like Darrius Barnes, not him specifically but similar to him

  126. Edwin in LA says:

    Apparently they paid Chad Barrett over 200k, like 225 so I don’t see how Buddle can’t get say 400K… they did cut a lot of pay roll with Hedjuk, Berhalter, and then over 150K for both Birchall and Ricketts, hell the latter was almost 200K. Both these last 2 are enough to pay him and they got allocation money from Montreal for Ricketts to supplement his pay to 400K or more, and Juninho’s pay should be very similar to Sarvas, they should be fine paying him a good 400K

  127. Edwin in LA says:

    He’s great but they have Marcos Santos, who on his best seasons he barely matched Charlie Davies output from last season even if you take away his 3 PKs, 1 of which was rightfully awarded btw… and so I don’t know how great they will be but a lot depends on Pontius being healthy and keep improving his play.

    i hope both Najar AND Pontius tear the wings of MLS apart and help DeRo return DC into the premiere levels and give the East some depth and parity…. Last year’s playoff teams should be good except for CLB. Union, Houston, NY, SKC should be good & while CLB may drop DC should rise and Chicago looks poised to be in the playoff hunt all season long. Toronto looks great too so I think we’ll have a more competitive league overall Revs might not be great but I think they may be better, solid at least. Montreal have no idea but could be a challenge

  128. Edwin in LA says:

    I believe it’s only good for 2 years, after that the team no longer holds the player’s rights or the option to refuse them.

    Kind of like when they draft a player, it’s good for 2 years….if that player chooses to go abroad..

    It’s only been barely a year to the date that he left MLS

  129. Rick says:

    agreed…De La Garza is great, but he can’t do it alone.

  130. biff says:

    Hmmm. I can’t argue with your reasoning. Makes sense. I guess, though, that Donovan is the key. I can’t imagine that LA/MLS would stand in the way of a transfer if he told them he truly wants to do it .

  131. CKbren says:

    Time to dust off the hat-trick Buddle T-shirt