Duka, Shea and Agudelo lead U-23s past San Antonio


After a scoreless first half on Friday night, the U.S. Under-23 national team looked like it would be shut down by the San Antonio Scorpions. Things changed dramatically in the second half, as Dilly Duka, Juan Agudelo and Brek Shea helped lead the U-23s to a 3-0 romp.

Duka set up the opening goal and scored his own on a solo run to help the U-23s jump out to a 2-0 lead. Jack McInerney sealed the victory when he converted a Tony Taylor pass to complete the scoring.

Here are the match highlights:

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42 Responses to Duka, Shea and Agudelo lead U-23s past San Antonio

  1. blasie213 says:

    Still would like to see Andrew Wooten called in to replace boyd!

    3-0 is lucky for san antonio since 5/6 starters are still MIA !!!

    Ives gets this #$%^ before USsoccer.com does !!!! WOW

  2. CroCajun says:

    Shea is a class above out there.

  3. CroCajun says:

    You’re like the SBI owl.

    Wooooooooooten. Wooooooooooooooten.

    Why do you feel he’s more deserving than Boyd? Curious.

  4. blasie213 says:

    Wooten has more goals than boyd but I like them both equally. Since boyd got called up to the National team, they should bring him in but Im guessing his club didnt release him…..

    I didnt figure out what “SBI” meant until yesterday and I only come on here when all the nerds flag my posts on ESPN from all the $#%$ talking causing my account to get suspended!

  5. biff says:

    yeah, Shea looks good, like a man who has something to prove and with a very strong desire to have a spot on the USMNT for WCQ after the Olympics. The whole team shows good ball movement, albeit not against the strongest of competition.

  6. Aquaman says:

    I would tend to agree. Since Boyd was called up to the senior team, it would seem logical to want to replace him with Wooten (or Jann George who is also scoring a lot of goals in reserve league). But I know it was probably too short a notice for teams to agree to release them.

  7. GW says:

    Short notice and also has Wooten even been with the Under 23’s before?

    If not that is a long way to go to hang out with a bunch of guys for a day or two and then go back to Germany.

  8. Dan in New York says:

    Sweet pass from Agudelo on the first goal. Is he sporting a blond faux hawk?

  9. GW says:

    By the way, I can see why they suspended you.

    The people who read SBI are not the guys who call the shots in terms of whether or not Wooten gets a call up.

    From what I can tell most people agree with you but you keep blasting us with this Wooten crap as if it was our fault he isn’t getting any love.

    Get on Klinsmann’s facebook page and leave us out of it.

    You love Wooten.

    We get it.

    Move on. You are wasting everyone’s time.

  10. Vic says:

    I’m sure he would like to go to Europe and see his salary increase 10-fold as well.

  11. GSScasual says:

    Brilliant cut by duka to beat the defender… Amazing skill from agudelo… Great alll around from Brek.. Put your sunglasses, on the future looks bright.

  12. Chef says:

    Not gonna lie. I wasn’t too high on Duka before and I understand that it was only against San Antonio (who I’m sure has a few decent players) but he showed really well. Adu/Mix/Corona definitely have some comp.

  13. Joamiq says:

    +1 to all of this

  14. downintexas says:

    hell of a save from the US keeper. Couldn’t tell if it was Hamid or Johnson.

  15. Dominghosa says:

    Duka is on fire and has really, really progressed. Out of all the U-23 MF besides Adu, I think Duka is going to be the guy that will surprise many and become a national team player sooner than the rest. The kid looks to set MLS on fire this coming season for the Crew. Really like how he’s playing. Not many are talking about him or praising him but I think the kid, who was highly thought of at the lower youth levels, has taken his talent to another level.

  16. Rlw2020 says:

    Agreed, Hope this is his year; both at columbus and with the u23 team. He was great at the u-20s a few years ago and has been one of the most consistant players at the u23 camps. I can see him starting over a lot of larger name midfielders; corona, adu, mixx, etc. if he continues his good form thru the rest of spring

  17. Goalscorer24 says:

    Well let’s see how the U23’s do against the Mexican U23’s. That will be a real test.

  18. eman says:

    let’s just hope he stays injury-free

    isn’t that the reason that he’s been out of the spotlight?

    he’s always been highly touted in the past.

  19. GSScasual says:


  20. 2tone says:

    Good showing. really like what I see from this team. Shea has been outstanding so far 2 goals in two games not bad at all. Agudelo definitely should be starting over Bunbury against Mexico. I like Adu slightly more than Duka for the CAM position due to Adu’s vision and wider passing range compared to Duka. Tony Taylor at RF looks really good, but with that being said he will have competition from Corona, Gyau, and Gatt. The defense has looked very solid now that Opara is back there. Valentin and Opara are looking like the best combination right now. With the additions of Gyau, Corona, Morales, and Lletget on Sunday this team will be even better going up against Mexico on Wednesday. So excited for the future of U.S. mens soccer.

  21. 2tone says:

    Oh adn Diskerud too. Who will surely be starting as the #8 against Mexico. Startyign 11 against Mexico.
    Morales, Opara, Valentin, Sarkodie
    There will be wholesale changes probably from both teams in the second half.

  22. H2Oman says:

    Be nice to see a whole game… looks good for those boys, nice, crisp, fast play, but… there won’t likely be anywhere near that kind of space on wednesday. Holy &^%$ can you say room to roam!

  23. Chef says:

    I agree with this lineup 90%. Gyau probably gets the nod over Taylor. It’s really close though.

  24. Goalscorer24 says:

    That over the top pass by Adu in the 1st half to Shea, even though it did not lead to a goal, is what I love about Adu!

  25. CroCajun says:


    I only ask b/c while Wooten has become a super star on this board, there isn’t much info on him else where. I assume we have to same Google so I’m not sure where you’re getting your info.

    The guy doesn’t even have a wikipedia page. In this day & age, that means he is totally off the radar.

    Excuse us for not sharing your outrage that a guy on a reserve Bundesliga team scoring goals isn’t called up to our national team. If he continues playing well, Klinsi has shown that he will bring in new players, but at this point I completely understand his snubbing.

  26. CroCajun says:

    The Mexico game will be televised in some way right?

  27. Goalscorer24 says:

    On Galavision only!

  28. pd says:

    I agree that Shea is a man with something to prove, but in some circumstances that studs up lunge after the ball (0:46) would have gotten him carded, so while the chip is good, the recklessness is unnecessary. Still, this hunger and the hustle is great. Very encouraged by the temp of the game as well, those cats were flying in every play. Speaks volumes about the fitness and the work ethic of these players.

  29. what that guy says:

    yeah, what that guy said.

  30. Cylo says:

    adu fan I bet

  31. Andy says:

    Yeah this is a good roster. I’d put Gyau as well, but both are good options.

  32. Turgid Jacobian says:

    Duka is really getting good. You can see it every single time he steps on the field.

  33. malkin says:

    considering he is stating he loves adu, betting he’s an adu fan isn’t too big of a stretch.

  34. CroCajun says:

    That works. There will be a feed somewhere.

  35. CroCajun says:

    This Summer will be huge for him. He will be showcased in London with the world watching.

    Hope he makes the most of it. I like the way he plays.

  36. 2tone says:

    Adu hater I bet.

  37. Louis Z says:

    glad our boys did well, was there anyone that didn’t play?

  38. Louis Z says:

    Wooten is a good prospect no question about it. most likely logistic came in to play, not enough time for sure. Wooten has been in camp before and has scored in friendlies. Is he better than Boyd? there is a good debate on that, they both play ragional liga I don’t believe they are in the same region. Wooten has a few more goals than Boyd, and he is a bit bigger in size than boyd, speed is about the same. The problem with Wooten is he doesn’t get release as much as Taylor and Tony has used his chances well to impress Porter.

  39. eee says:

    Duka has been improving almost every time I’ve seen him for around the last 18 months.

    He has been great in all the U-23 camps, not just this one.

  40. Andy says:

    Yeah, through my eye balls that will be sitting 10th row on the halfway line.

  41. teddy boy says:

    didn’t really think much of him at first, but he’s really developed in the last year. could end up being a really good player if he keeps it up.