Impact use top spot in allocation order on Johnson, trade him to Seattle


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The Montreal Impact tried their hand at picking a forward and getting trade value in return once again.

After picking Brian Ching from Houston in the expansion draft only to deal him back to the Dynamo for a draft pick, the Impact used their place atop the MLS allocation order to select Eddie Johnson before promptly dealing him to the Seattle Sounders.

In return, the Impact received forward Mike Fucito and winger Lamar Neagle, while Johnson's latest attempt to resurrect his career will take place at CenturyLink Field as a complement to Fredy Montero. The last two players to have gone through the allocation process have both wound up in Seattle, as the Sounders traded up to snag Sammy Ochoa last August.

The Colorado Rapids had publicly expressed their interest in acquiring Johnson, but they sat in 14th in the allocation order, needing Johnson to be passed over by 13 teams if they were to select him. Seattle sat in 15th position but instead swung the trade to land the one-time U.S. national team striker.

Montreal, meanwhile, used its spot and moves to No. 19 for the next allocation order process in hopes that Fucito and Neagle, two attack-minded players who showed flashes of effectiveness in spurts last season and were extremely popular among Sounders fans, make the deal worthwhile.

The Vancouver Whitecaps are now in pole position in the allocation order, followed in order by the New England Revolution, Toronto FC, Chivas USA and San Jose Earthquakes. The entire order entering today's proceedings can be found here, with every team moving up a spot while Montreal goes to the back of the line.


What do you think of Montreal using its allocation spot to pick Johnson? Do you see Johnson reclaiming success in MLS? Think Johnson and Montero can form an effective strike tandem? Which team got the better end of the deal?

Share your thoughts below.

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125 Responses to Impact use top spot in allocation order on Johnson, trade him to Seattle

  1. jonk says:

    Interesting. Bring on the Sounder fan disappointment. Personally, I think this might turn out to be a shrewd move for Seattle.

  2. Troll says:

    Sounders fans commenting on the greatness of Eddie Johnson in 5…4…3…2…

  3. jonk says:

    Oh, but Seattle might rue giving up the depth that Neagle and Fucito provided when they are playing in a million games this season.

  4. OneLegged says:


  5. Andy says:

    This is a great deal for Montreal. Not exactly sure what Seattle was thinking. Lamar Neagle is young and on the rise. (A USMNT fringer if he keeps it up). Mike Fucito is also a good player from what I’ve seen. He didn’t get a ton of chances in Seattle, but I think he can play.

  6. A Coach says:

    Sounder fan here. Crap. Might not have anything left. But he fits the need for someone to compliment montero up top – and the main need is speed.

    But still. Sigh….

    “And it looks like Johnson is just standing around…and he botches a pass – needs to work on his touch…and Johnson, flitting behind the defense is, is, offsides…”

  7. jonk says:

    I don’t get the “might not have anything left” comment. He has what he always had. His game was always about speed and just enough finishing ability to get by in MLS or CONCACAF opposition. He’s only 27 and has no injury history so he should still be fast.

  8. adub says:

    how is New England Rev at the top of the list when they picked up US Int Benny Feilhaber last year?? how the hell is FC Dallas so low on the list? they have never picked up any USNMT players returning. i was hoping EJ would come back to Dallas

  9. jonk says:

    It resets every year based on performance.

  10. chris says:

    This is a hit or miss trade. Johnson could tear it up and Seattle relieves some cap room or he blows and they lose solid depth

  11. fan of football says:

    I feel little woozy.

  12. A wise man once said says:


  13. hij says:

    WHY WHY WHY WHY!?!?!?!?!?! GOD NO!!!!!!!! They just handed the LA Galaxy the 2011-12 CCL Championship and the 2012 MLS Cup. It’s a sad day to be a Sounder, we lost our hometown boy and are hardest worker

  14. The Imperative Voice says:

    Montreal’s accumulating a bunch of OK talent. So this is an OK move, although you gotta snag some stars sometime if you want the team to elevate. I think the team is set up to build over time but I could see them getting their tails kicked in the interim.

    The odd thing though is Marsch talking like Fucito is the next big thing and Neagle the throw-in, I think it’s the reverse. A goal every 200 mins. is a solid MLS strike rate and Neagle’s even scored in the postseason.

    Bad pickup for Seattle. I kind of think they need to go either real fast or reach technical to succeed on the turf and I don’t see this helping either goal. I also don’t see him being technical enough to be a good pair for Montero. I think Seattle could have used a Ching-type back to goal holdup forward to work with Montero and let the Colombian slash.

  15. Edwin in LA says:

    Not sure what to think of this….

    If Zakuani is ready to go on the right wing I suppose Alvaro Fernandez and Alonso could play central with Rosales out wide on the right?

    Does that make sense?

    Although I don’t know why Zakuani doesn’t play on the right, isn’t he naturally right footed? And that would put Flaco on the left with Alonso and Rosales central almost like a perfect 4-1-3-2….with Alonso directly behind Rosales and Flaco/Zakuani manning the wings

  16. A Coach says:

    Not quite the response I’m seeing at Sounder at Heart. More like, dumbfoundedness and anger.

  17. A Coach says:

    Jonk – yeah, I wasn’t talking physical – he’s always had that. I guess what I really meant is he may not have the heart, fight, gritt, determination to make a big difference.

  18. peterjh says:

    I realize you are trying to be funny, but you really don’t know Sounders fans if you honestly think they like seeing Fucito and Neagle traded…

    Usually humor has to have some basis in reality to be funny.

  19. chris says:

    I dont think it is that bad. Seattle signed Cato and he has been good in preseason at RM add that to Zakuani coming back and the stacked midfield it makes Neagle dispensable. Fucito is an ok player but EJ could become great. I wouldnt question the FO they havent done Seattle wrong yet. Dont sleep on Johnson he could tear it up, gotta represent Florida

  20. jonk says:

    Gotcha. Well, for your sake, hopefully he’ll play with a chip on his shoulder after struggling to find a team for a while and taking a serious pay cut. And joining a team in contention for trophies and having to fight for his place should help him, too.

  21. The Imperative Voice says:

    Added thought: TFC was once Trader Joes too but the deal is all these individual cutesy Princeton-educated moves don’t mean squat if the resulting team is ho-hum. Lot of effort on trading three decent forwards back out of town and for their effort they have two picks, a depth player (Fucito), and maybe one diamond in the rough (Neagle). Would you maybe rather have Barbara, Ching, and EJ? Are they “too clever by half?”

    Also, it strikes me a tad odd that you have Marsch from the epic Fire expansion side of 1998 (coached by Marsch mentor Bradley) that won in their first year taking an approach that feels more like Chivas USA’s first year incrementalism, which got Ronger fired before spring 2005 was over.

  22. sammysounder says:

    6 months from now this is going to be genius or idiotic. I can’t see a middle ground

  23. chris says:

    Just want to add hes been training at IMG where Seattle is now so they must have seen something they liked in person

  24. Fresh says:

    I agree

    Sounders had a complete team except for that 2nd Forward….This fills the hole. Eddie doesn’t have to do it all like he with with Kansas a few years back. The league has drastically changed since then, but he should find his groove in a few months.

    They must be high on Sodade and Cato to let Fucito go. They finally has some size up top.

    Dealing Neagle must mean that Steve Z is making good progress. Sanyang is another young winger with promise.

    This team is ready for a CCL run. Adding a reinforcement during the summer transfer window, and multiple titles will be within reach.

  25. Viro says:

    They get good depth at a couple of spots, but they still need to bring in that big name. My guess is that Ballack is on his way to Montreal.

  26. joe says:

    WHy does this happen every time…a guy has a decent season and they start calling him MNT worthy…like wtf..stop putting all these labels on players that only scored like 5 goals in their first actual season where they got PT. If he scored 10+ goals for three straight seasons then maybe id start calling him potential MNT player..5 goals in one season doesn’t translate into the international game esp when other wingers from top countries are producing 15+ goals a season with top clubs.

  27. joe says:

    wow sammy sounder…so insightful from you..”its either gonna be a good move or a bad move” moron

  28. cajun says:

    Absolutely AWEFUL trade for Seattle!!! Eddie Johnson has done nothing of significance for over 5 years! He is also a locker room cancer!!!….I’m gutted!!! Fucito and Naegle were up and comers that worked hard. Johnson epitomizes LAZINESS!!!!

  29. 100% agreed with your second sentence. I am a big fan of these two and hate to see them gone. I can’t imagine how stunned they are either; I’m gutted.

  30. Joaquin says:

    Where does the new signing Sivabaek fit in?

  31. A wise man once said says:

    Actually, at the MLS site there are plenty of Sounders fans saying it was a great deal…

  32. Spot on, peterjh. I am STUNNED that Sounders management gave these two promising youngsters away for another aging forward. I sincerely hope Johnson proves me wrong, but I am absolutely gutted by this. Both of these guys became a big part of the heart of our beloved Sounders.

  33. Jackson says:

    So we got bounced in the playoffs and I’m watching it thinking, “Where’s the heart?” Then we trade one of the few players we have with huge heart for a guy who hasn’t scored since 2010 and has always been criticized for having no heart (as well as being lazy, distracted, unmotivated…). Oh well, maybe we can make a go at another US Open Cup and call it a day.

  34. Tim says:

    1 goal in the case of Agudelo….slow down ppl

  35. LandLin Donovan says:

    They gave up the first priority in the allocation list for who? Mike Fucito and winger Lamar Neagle?

    /sigh Canadian clubs, get your act together or create your own league please.

  36. aitchpat says:

    He said “I can’t see a middle ground”. Like when somebody says something will be “hit or miss”. Or “black and white”. Or “I think he will either be very good or very bad, but I am certain he won’t be average”. I wouldn’t throw that “moron” word around so easily.

  37. Matt says:

    Aging? He is in his prime for a striker. If he doesnt get it together now, he never will.

  38. Dax says:

    They don’t lose any depth. Johnson is a straight swap for Fucito in terms of depth. Christian Sivebaek and the return of Steve Zakuani more than make up for losing Neagle.

    Deeper and better in 2012.

  39. Samson says:

    Vancouver has a squad that appears to be in a league of their own…have you noticed what they have been up to? Toronto isn’t doing so bad either.

    I wouldn’t be suprised if they throw these young guys around Michael Ballack…Not a bad strategy, especially with Donovan Ricketts in goal.

  40. chris says:

    Who has criticized him for not having heart? You are making this sh!t up. Fans at every team he has been to says he is a hard worker but it just didnt work out. Hes unmotivated? Why because he didnt sign with MLS intially? Lazy? Are you basing this off the Puebla thing because if you are dont buy that bullsh!t. He has been training at the IMG academy ever since he returned to the states. Puebla didnt have the money to pay him so they and Eddies agent backed out considering their stadium has been siezed by the Mexican Governement and they cant even pay the players they have now. Guess who else was said to be out of shape while trialing in Mexico? Mauro Rosales and look how that turned out for you. You should educcate yourself before you hate on EJ

  41. Fair enough – 28 years old. Still… it hurts.

  42. JoeW says:

    I think it’s a very good move by Seattle.

    1. Yep, Neagle and Fucito were popular, young and had potential. But let’s be realistic, unless something REALLY bizarre happened, those guys were at best, depth. If the Sounders were going to have to count on either player to win them games, then they’d be in trouble.

    2. Forget what EJ has done lately. If he’d done anything lately then Seattle wouldn’t be picking him b/c he’d have signed for DP money. What you get is a very fast player who once tore up MLS with a nose for goals at only $100k. Correct me if I’m wrong but EJ’s cap hit might be about the same as Fucito and Neagle.

    3. I think Seattle’s biggest problem has always been that they count on Montero as their scorer and he’s streaky. If EJ comes through, even though he’s streaky, it gives them more firepower.


  43. marco says:

    As a Sounder fan I don’t understand this trade. Unless Sigi has some good information about EJ’s conditioning and attitude that nobody else has, I think it will be a disaster. Neagle and Fucito were very strong back-ups and good in cup games. I hope its not just a checkmate on Galaxy’s Buddle buy.

  44. marco says:

    “He has been training at the IMG academy ever since he returned to the states.”

    Not what EJ said. He said he was idle for months then went to Mexico with just a couple weeks conditioning.

  45. marco says:

    Death in the family was one reason he gave for idleness.

  46. fish says:

    Joe I think you might be the moron

  47. chris says:

    He wasnt out months

  48. Andy says:

    Where the hell did I say he was MNT worthy? I said if he keeps it up he could be a fringer at best. Do you understand what that means? It means a Camp Cupcake call once or twice if he’s lucky. I never said he was ready to play with the big boys.

  49. Atletico Union City says:

    Today’s MLS is much improved over MLS circa 2007 when EJ was last in the league. Has he improved? Has he regressed? Count me in as skeptical, very very skeptical.

  50. Andy says:

    That would be a pretty cool deal for Montreal and the MLS. Is there any substance to that or just a prediction?

  51. ImaGoalMan says:

    GAM!!!!!! 😀

  52. Watched the Sounders all last season and liked both Neagle and Fucito. EJ was good in the qualifiers in 2005. That’s the extent of it. I don’t know how a guy who should be smart like Sigi could make a move like this.

  53. Twin Peak says:

    They don’t make it to the CCL KO rounds without Neagle and Fucito…

  54. Ca says:

    EJ just did an interview on a Seattle sports radio station. He said Beasley called him on his cell phone and sold him on the idea of Puebla, and said the coach was very interested. Ej goes down there, he’s promised a contract, but the team technical director over-ruled the coach, insisting on a Mexican striker. Ej insists he’s in shape and that he NEVER even took a fitness test. Interesting stuff.

  55. Mario says:

    I agree. Either this doesnt work and Sigi gets blamed for letting young talent go or it does work and it takes Seattle over the hump.

  56. steve says:

    any issues this talented player has should be helped greatly by sigi schmid and the wonderful fans of seattle sounders fc

  57. MensreaJim says:

    Lolz. If you “” someone, it’s best to actually quote them instead of saying something with an entirely different meaning.

    I agree with Sammysounder. He will either kill it or they will rue the trade.

  58. swoopy says:

    Considering EJ said he’s been training at Bradenton for the past two months–and the Sounders just happen to be at Bradenton for a week, they obviously know whether or not he’s in shape. Game shape, maybe not, but I doubt Sigi & Co. would have signed him if he looked porky.

    The other thing people are not considering is the possibility that one or both of these players has been surpassed in preseason training.

  59. De Jong says:

    Yes, but this team is also much more talented than the Kansas City team he was with. He is going to get more chances with the players they have around him.

  60. CarnivalFc says:

    As a Sounders fan, I really like this trade. I was a fan of Fucito and Neagle, but I like the idea of Eddie surrounded by this talent and coached by Sigi.

    Geez, am I the only one who likes this trade! ha ha

  61. slowreno says:

    That’s why you’re not Sigi Schmid, or coaching an MLS team for that matter.

  62. Yeah, I said "Cracking" says:

    in the big picture, can sounders fan really be at the upset, your club is 3 years old..

  63. WileyJ says:

    WoW! This totally stunned me…I like it! SSFC

  64. terryethio says:

    He had an interview on Seattle sports radio and said he was training for two months before the Pueblo situation.

  65. Charles says:

    Joe is a moron or an idiot….I dont see any middle ground

  66. Charles says:

    Another guy riping on Seattle fans. Glad you guys keep yourself amused.
    Most of Seattle is pretty upset actually, butdont let the truthget in the way.

  67. chris says:

    like i said plenty of time to get fit

  68. troy says:

    one of my favorite national team players in my younger years, i hope he can turn his career back around, just hope he doesn’t score against the quakes!

  69. Dennis says:

    I hope Edie revives his career.

    Marsch might be right, just not here.

  70. stevie says:

    I’m glad someone can look at it objectively. I love Fucito but he is the kind of player that works really hard but doesn’t have that high of a ceiling. Johnson was never really good enough to cut it in England but hes proven himself as a prolific scorer in MLS. All the coaching staff need to do is get him playing anywhere near the level that he was playing at before he left MLS, and the trade will be worth it.

  71. fischy says:

    Absolutely crazy! WHY would you give up that first allocation slot, when ROBBIE FINDLEY will probably return in a few months?? Or, possibly, just maybe even CHRIS ROLFE???

    WHY?? WHY???

  72. fischy says:

    I can’t understand why Montreal would give up that first slot so easily, when there’s still a chance Robbie FIndley might return after the season in Europe…

  73. CarnivalFc says:

    After the season is over, the allocation spots will change anyways so it doesn’t matter.

  74. Hopper says:

    As a hardcore Sounders fan from Day One … I’m fine with it. If nothing else, EJ will make this season interesting if nothing else.

    Fucito and Neagle have loads of potential. Good luck to them both.

  75. Barry says:

    Findley’s rights are owned by the Timbers from when they drafted him in the 2010 expansion draft.

  76. Chazz4444 says:

    Try since 1974, Google can be your friend.

  77. 1-5's Best says:

    The guy has a lot to prove..

    Good Gamble

    SSFC baby!!!!

  78. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    you sound scurrrrrd

  79. WileyJ says:

    I’m not rippin’ , I’m a Seattle fan that really
    likes this trade. I thought that was pretty clear in my post. This being the intronet everybody is assumed to be a smarta** : Neither of those two showed in their opportunities that they we’re going to be “special” players, depth at best IMO, & EJ has the potential to make a big “impact” for the Sounders :)

  80. Kejsare says:

    Truth be told, the vast majority of fans have been following for 3 years.

  81. Crunch Crunch says:

    Probably because the Timbers own his rights…or do you not know anything?

  82. Crunch Crunch says:

    It’s true. Most have no idea what the NASL or USL was.

  83. Crunch Crunch says:

    Probably because the Timbers own his rights. Thanks for paying attention to MLS.

  84. Vibor says:

    Seems a sound move on both sides. There was enough interest in Johnson around the league to make it a good pick-up for Montreal. Montreal needs some depth and is on a 3+ year plan. Getting two young players who are certainly not out of place in the league is a good way to go about building depth. Seattle gets someone who has had success in this league in the past, and, on a very good team, should find more this season.

    Rumours in the Canadian media are that a fairly significant DP (forward) will be on board, if not for the start of the season, then in the next European transfer window. One hears names like the aforementioned Ballack, and a string of aging Italians. No one really knows.

    I think, that if you compare Montreal’s roster to the rosters of the other recent expansion sides, it compares favorably to the better ones. I’ll be surprised if they finish last in the east.

    On the other hand, I suppose that giving up the allocation order spot is a bit of a gamble, because who really knows who will be coming through next. Nevetheless, it is not in any way a “bad” move on the part of Montreal.

    By the way, it looks like Montreal will sell out the worst stadium in North America for their home opener, and apparently they have sold significant numbers of tickets for rest of the games at the Big Owe before they move to the expanded Saputo Stadium. There is a good chance Montreal makes the hoopla that one heard about Toronto’s attendance in their first year much ado about nothing!

  85. Fan of football says:

    It’s taken me 12 hours to stew and come back with a rational post.
    Both my wife and I really like fucito, he’s got the heart of 5 men as you can see by the effort he puts out – it is fun to watch. I’ll miss having him on the team.
    Neagle, on the other hand, I’m having an easier time coming to terms with. He has some talent, but I never felt like he was going to be a true impact player for the sounders, more so just good depth. Hopefully this move indicates they feel good about zakuani’s progress.
    At the end of the day, I am a bit excited to see Eddie Johnson’s progress. Hopefully he developed some skills to go along with his speed during his European experience. If he scores 8 goals in year 1 I’ll be happy. Soundes management has does a good job for us I the past, no reason to expect different this time. At the very least, it will be fun to watch up close and personal.
    Best of luck to mike and Lamar, we’ll miss you! And Eddie, we’ll be behind you.

  86. ak48 says:

    EJ is a very emotional player. If the Sounders fans welcome him the way I expect them to, this could turn out to be a great love story.

  87. wilyboy says:

    Two serviceable players for one streaky head case? Absolutely.

    If Sounders think Eddie will be their solution, our prayers are with you.

  88. marco says:

    I can understand why he wouldn’t want Findley or EJ.

  89. marco says:

    Its a gamble, a roll of the dice.

  90. Cairo says:

    Another Sounders fan here (get used to it, there are a lot of us). I have no problem at all with this deal. I like Fucito, but there’s no way the Sounders get past the Galaxy with Fucito next to Montero. Johnson is a gamble, but IF it works out it fills the one problem spot for the Sounders and allows them to compete with LA. I’m excited to see him with service from Rosales and Montero (who comes back to midfield a lot). Neagle is the bigger loss in terms of future potential. But the Sounders midfield is stacked.
    Good trade

  91. marco says:

    Why Sounder fans should be worried.

    2008–2011 Fulham 18 (0)
    2008–2009 Cardiff City 30 (2)
    2010 Aris 16 (5)
    2011 Preston North End 16 (0)
    2011–2012 Puebla 0 (0)

    A very Adu type wandering.

  92. fischy says:

    First, I wrote “after the season in Europe”. That ends in May. Our MLS allocation does not reset then. So, it does matter.

    Second, I mentioned Robbie Findley, That should be a cue to anyone with half a brain that I was being snarky. NO team is holding on to its allocation in hopes that Findley will make a never-awaited return to MLS.

  93. fischy says:

    You are clearly not Jewish, because you have absolutely no sense of humor. Not even enough to detect humor when you run across it.

    Thanks for being a jerk…

  94. Miguel says:

    For Impact fans, if I’m not mistaken, Fucito assisted Neagle on the first goal v Crew in the 6-2 win last year…

    Neagle has more upside IMO.

    Sounders have so much firepower, needed roster spots for more young talent. Won’t be surprised if FO saw more upside in Rose, Duran, Sodade.

    Impact now have five former Sounders, they must be doing something right!

  95. fischy says:

    I couldn’t care less, and either could anyone else. He’s not really a soccer player. None of the other teams are wishing that they had a shot at him.

    You’re not only a pompous soccer dork, you have no sarcasm detector.

  96. wildchild says:

    Wrong. Maybe only three yeaars in the MLS, but the club has been around since the late seventies.

  97. 1-5's Best says:

    As a longtime Sounders fan I like this move because it flies in the face of how other Sports teams have been run in this town. Too many feel good players have been kept on here as an attraction for the fanbase. Fucito seemed as tho he was reaching this status. I knew early on there was going to be a move. We need a different dynamic. I will miss Neagle.. the guy’s got skill

  98. JJ says:

    Sanyang is not a winger, nor does he have promise.

  99. Ceez says:

    I agree with Dax. I don’t think Eddie Johnson was worth trading FOR. However, as Dax pointed out, EJ for Fucito (a good player, yes) is a one-for-one swap while losing Neagle *IS* made up for with Zakuani’s return…which I’m VERY excited about even though I’m a RBNY fan. I love watching Zakuani play. Good for him.

  100. evan says:


  101. Olly says:

    And how are the season ticket sales going?

  102. ThaDeuce says:

    The Impact seem to be really bad at this.

  103. Andy in Atlanta says:


    Where in the world are you coming up with Eddie Johnson is a locker room cancer? Also where are you getting that he is lazy? Because he is black? Because the Puebla manager did not want him but the GM signed him anyway so the only way to save face was to say he was not fit (despite Eddie being at IMG the entire month prior working on fitness every day)…hmmmmm

    Eddie has been praised by every manager he played under in Europe as being a hard worker in training.. He had moderate success at Aris but was just not good enough for the top levels of Europe.. He was adequate to if not somewhat valuable to teams at his level…

    You people that spew this rehashed BS that he was is lazy or has a bad attitude is like the most idiotic game of telephone ever…

    Eddie can do just fine in MLS but because he was not Clint Dempsey at Fulham he must BLOW..

    Get a clue people… Not everyone is Clint… You all do the same thing to Robbie Findley as well… not everyone has to be the next coming to hold value to a football club…

    If someone would have offered to swap a Mike Fucito like player for Eddie back in 2007..not one person on here would spew this crap…

    Eddie certainly did not get any worse by training under managers in Europe…

  104. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Played on the wing at Preston and did in fact score but they called it own goal… also had multiple assists… Started 10 straight games where Preston picked up their most points in that span all season…

    Most of the apps listed were last 5 minute subs apps so it is not like he was getting major runs in the teams… When he did at Aris and did very well..

    People also forget that he actually started a few prem games for Fulham just last season… he was just never good enough.

  105. pd says:

    This was a really clever move. I expected them to either keep him or pass, wasn’t expecting to use him in this manner. citizens of the emerald City might grouse, but this has the potential to be a monster move. Only downside if the spotlight: I would have preferred to see EJ in a club where he could find his form, he will be expected to produce from day 1 in Seattle.

  106. cajun says:

    Fair enough Andy, I’ve settled down since my initial shock at this deal. Spare the racist comment though, tasteless is the only G rated comment I can think of for that garbage. No matter how much you or anyone else try to spin his accomplishments since 2008 (I’m being nice with that estimate) with the “positive” locker room influence and the such. His track record is minimal to non existant and he ultimately ended up riding the pine for bottom feeder 2nd tier Preston North End. I’m gonna give the Sounders FO the benefit of the doubt that they see something in him that has been missing for many years now, and let it all unfold on the pitch when he dons the rave green. I wish the best for Naegle and Fucito in Montreal, where both of them will undoubtedly get more PT and hope Eddie Johnson pans out.

  107. hogatroge says:

    Well, the order resets every year, and there aren’t any big USMNT names anticipated to be coming back to MLS this summer. Maybe Bedoya or Bocanegra with Rangers entering administration (Edu’s as good as gone to France or elsewhere). Not that the other two wouldn’t stay in Europe, though.

  108. hogatroge says:

    Ahh… I forgot about Findley and Rolfe.

  109. marco says:

    The numbers stand as is, without interpretation or spin.

  110. P Dantic says:


    Forgive me for being picky but the two terms are a little too close:

    A moron is a term for a person with a mental age between 8 and 12, and a common insult for a person considered stupid

    An idiot, dolt, or dullard is a mentally deficient person, or someone who acts in a self-defeating or significantly counterproductive way.

    What you really want to say is “Joe is either an idiot/moron or a genius”.

    Of course it’s clear he is an idiot/moron.

  111. GW says:


    You’ve had to explain that you were being sarcastic about Findley twice on this thread.

    If you have to explain you are being snarky and sarcastic that much about the same topic, then either no one else is as cool and tuned in as you or sarcasm in general is a hit or miss proposition in this medium.

    It’s like calling people who don’t get your jokes stupid because they don’t get just how wonderfully smart, charming and funny you really are.

    It must be lonely to be at such a high intellectual level. That is just the price you pay though for breathing such rarefied air. It’s just tough that the world is missing out your snarky, insightful commentary.

  112. GW says:

    “A very Adu type wandering”

    Would the Sounders want Adu on their team?

  113. Eddie J says:

    I hate when my 2 Dads fight!!!

  114. Me says:

    Leave it to Kejsare to troll as many sites as possible to make this post. It’s been, what, 3 years? This has played out; come up with some new taunts.

  115. i love how much people are undervaluing eddie and i beleive i can fairly say that no one here has seen him play in game for a few years so how can you make harsh judgements based on wild speculation…btw this is the same guy who tore up mls a few years back with kc

  116. marco says:

    May to December, no team.

  117. marco says:

    Soccer America,
    “Released by Fulham last May after being loaned out several times, Johnson, 27, began training with Puebla on Friday.

    “He arrived under the condition that we would take a look at the player, as he hadn’t played for a long time,” Puebla spokesperson Hugo Fernandez said in a statement released to several media outlets. “He didn’t pass the test in three training sessions … and he’s not staying.”

  118. marco says:

    If only performance could be based on what you did as a teenager and not as an adult 8 years later, I might be sleeping with a hottie tonight. Sports are cruel, you are only as good as your last game has a kernel of truth. Certainly the record of the past 4 years has more weight than the 6 year old MLS record, and is not wild speculation, but data and facts.

    I’m guessing Sounders front office felt they needed to keep up with Vancouver, Portland, and LA. They took a flyer on EJ, it may work, pass the dice.

  119. Adam says:

    I said this last summer, and I’ll say it again, as a Timbers fan, EJ going to Seattle is great news.

  120. Skeeter says:

    As long as he crushes Portland..

  121. Kris says:

    His skin color has nothing to do with it, so stop be such a liberal turd. What has he done in the last 5 years?….NOTHING is the answer. His poor attitude has been well noted for years and just recently he came into camp well over weight, which is disrespectful to any professional athlete or club to have to deal with. Manager’s don’t pass on you, unless you are just too much of a risk or that position is not needed. Montreal needed a striker bad, so clearly as like what every person on here is writing about…Eddie is worthless. Stop getting your information from ESPN Sports Center for your soccer updates.

  122. Frank says:

    EJ to Seattle is a perfect fit. They are both more style than substance.

  123. Kasey says:

    Portland would be off better just playing at their own level. NASL