Egypt thrashes Kenya in first international since Port Said disaster

Egypt reuters

Egyptian soccer received some much-needed good news this afternoon as manager Bob Bradley led The Pharaohs to a 5-0 victory against Kenya, Bradley's first victory in charge of Egypt.

Monday's match was the first game against a senior international side since the tragic death of 74 fans in Port Said earlier this month. A moment of silence was observed ahead of kickoff.

Both sides were missing several European and domestic players which allowed Mohamed Salah to make an impressive debut for his national side. The Arab Contractors striker scored a goal and drew a penalty. The other goals were courtesy of Ahmed Hassan, Ahmed Eid Abdel-Malek, Ahmed Khairi and Ahmed Abdel-Zaher. Kenya failed to offer much in the way of offense.

This is the first of three games Egypt will play in Doha in preparation for World Cup qualifying. They face off against Niger on Wednesday and Congo on March 2.

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29 Responses to Egypt thrashes Kenya in first international since Port Said disaster

  1. downintexas says:

    Hope to see Bob in 2014 advancing out of the group stage.

  2. jon says:

    Go Bob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. fifawitz1313 says:

    Congrats to Bob!!

  4. Rageman says:

    Looks like Dero(#22) is Egyptian now.

  5. Modibo says:

    Thought the same thing myself.

  6. Sobe Travis says:

    In Bob I Trust!

  7. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    But in all seriousness….congrats to Egypt, I’ll be cheering hard for them to advance, Coach Bradley deserves it for representing the U.S. so well.

  8. joel says:

    good job bob!

  9. Polo says:

    Bob is so good that he managed FIFA to allow DeRosario to switch national teams to join him.

  10. al17 says:

    Expected this result. Kenya’s pretty lousy. The tougher tests should come later this week againtst Congo & Niger. Can’t wait to watch highlights from this match later today.

  11. PD says:

    DFEZ… I mean CAP HIM!!!!

  12. 23 says:

    Yeah Kenya is quite a minnow when it comes to football. Same with the other East African nations. Now if Egypt can beat Ghana or Cameroon or Ivory Coast 5-0 than they’re going to the WC.

  13. GSScasual says:


  14. pgloerse says:

    This was against the Kenya U-23 Side. link to

  15. Isaac says:

    Good to see Bob continue to represent the USA well overseas. The guy really is a class act.

  16. RLW2020 says:

    haha thought the same thing.

  17. gigi says:

    To bad Treka retired

  18. malkin says:

    Bob must be a Republican. Okay, nevermind, that made no sense.

  19. Spike says:

    As did I!

  20. Todd says:

    Good for Bob!!!

  21. Felix says:

    Good for BB.

    I hope he finds success for Eygpt.

  22. Sunil_Gulati says:

    Klinnsman would’ve won 10-0 with beautiful, attacking soccer.

  23. GW says:

    Dynamo Orange shoelaces

  24. marco says:

    Will Alexi and Twellman use this result as a hammer if Klinsmann doesn’t get a result? I believe they hate Klinsmann more than Zimmerman does.

  25. soccerhorn says:

    Thanks Sunil. That made me LOL. Keep up the great work out there in Chicago. Hopefully we’ll nudge our ranking up to #32 thanks to your guidance!

  26. Dennis says:

    An interview of Bob Bradleyu by the PU daily paper.It includes interviews from people who have know Bob for Decades. Ithink it is good and pretty accurately captures his demeanor.

    link to

  27. Biebs says:

    I think he’ll be a hero if he makes it TO the group stage, since Egypt hasn’t been to the WC since 1990.

  28. ThaDeuce says:

    me too!