Is this the new USMNT away jersey?



There have been a few new U.S. men's national team jersey leaks making their way around the internet on various online shopping sites, but there has been one in particular that carries some legitimate weight.

The jersey pictured above was listed on the online shop for Nike, the official outfitter of the national team, as the new U.S. away kit before being pulled from the website earlier in the day.

The kit is a far cry from some other leaked versions that made it seem like a variation on the starry look from the 1994 World Cup team was making a comeback. This one is considerably simpler, maintains the sash and incorporates white sleeves with an all-blue body and a red-white-and-blue ring around the neck. It would complement the yet-to-be-released home jersey, which is believed to feature red and white hoops.

Are you a fan of the potential new look? 

Share your thoughts below.

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130 Responses to Is this the new USMNT away jersey?

  1. AdamTheRed says:

    The collar reminds me of the Dutch World Cup Jersey…as much as people have complained about it I actually like it!

  2. jonk says:

    I’m hoping it’s just a new training top or something, which would explain why its showing up in shops but never officially revealed as a new kit.

  3. Luke D says:

    Dig it. It’s the business casual of soccer jerseys.

  4. Ben says:

    Looks good to me, and the home kit that I saw is nice as well. I like the hooped look.

  5. swoopy says:

    Prefer this one without the sash.

  6. SS says:

    Much better than the previously leaked “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” edition with the nasty stars and other 4-letter worded descriptions

  7. MrTuktoyaktuk says:

    Will buy. Count me among those relieved that it wasn’t some of those other versions.

  8. I prefer it over the home kit… Not a fan of the hoops

  9. Sam says:

    horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible

  10. phswimmer says:

    My guess is the sash is probably going to stick around for a while. It would certainly feed into Klinsmann’s goal of building an American soccer identity.

  11. Taylor says:

    i do like the collar, but would it kill Nike to keep a little continuity for once. look at all the best teams in the world, they haven’t changed their style more than a few little tweaks in decades, why do we have to change every year? if we are looking to build a unified soccer culture in this country, it would be nice to actually have a little tradition and continuity

  12. Gnarls says:

    U-G-L-Y, you ain’t got no alibi. You ugly…

  13. Dos says:

    Very bad, especially in comparison to the kits that Nike has been and will be rolling out for a lot of European teams, France for example

    It screams late 90’s. The sweatervest look?

  14. Kevin_Amold says:

    Hopefully not….

  15. chris says:

    Get rid of the sash it is so gross

  16. RedLine55 says:

    Unfortunately, with this view we can’t see the messenger bag that comes attached to each shirt!

  17. A wise man once says:

    Way better than the other leaks…

  18. DavidM says:

    I was hoping that it was this one: link to

  19. ac says:

    Not bad, but not great….Digging the collar portion

  20. And agreed with most, we need to keep some style consistent – similar to have Brazil only use plain yellow top, England white top, etc. I don’t mind the sash at all, some historical value – but it’d be nice to keep it going than change it up. Hoops…mehhh.

  21. Felix says:

    I don’t like it.

    I really wish we could develop two different kits, that were consistent in design and color scheme and just run with it. Brazil, Argentina, Netherlands, Italy and Mexico all have consistent kit designs. Especially since our nation only seems to pay attention during World Cups, we should have a particular kit that Americans could identify with.

  22. GSScasual says:

    Like, Like, Like a thousand times, LIKE

  23. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Is that a jersey t-shirt?

  24. Stoop says:

    Yep. I’d like to see a Yankees-level of consistencey when it comes to uniforms. Perhaps US soccer isn’t quite there yet, but that’s what the team should aim for.

  25. WinstonJ says:

    Rick Santorum approves of this design!

    Like all USA kits I feel it’ll grow on me, but I would prefer if the sleeves were also dark blue.

  26. joe says:

    needs to be something on the sleeves to give it less of the sweater vest look. I’d like a stripe running from shoulder down the arm or even just an american flag patch or something, anything. otherwise, I think it is just ok.

  27. kelso says:

    please no more comments about how “the best teams” always have the same jersey, so the US needs to. Who the hell cares that Brasil never changes their jersey.

    Maybe if the US win a world cup we can keep whatever jersey is worn during it.

  28. Kevin_Amold says:

    Speaking of Holland, Nike usually comes up with something good for them, and they didn’t disappoint again. Their away jersey is pretty outstanding.

  29. ac says:

    The supposed red and white home jersey reminds me of Where’s Waldo…

  30. Allan from Pittsburgh says:

    Crazy that both jerseys have been released. Yet both have already grown on me.

  31. BFT says:

    Way too much going on there. The white sleeves, the “sash” and the tricolor collar don’t make sense all thrown together like that. Not a fan.

  32. patrick says:

    looks like a practice shirt to me

  33. TomG says:

    +1. It is so Heeere she is, Miss America. Other than the sash, it’s good.

  34. Lt. Adidas says:

    I like it, we need to stop changing jerseys every 2 years though.. stick with one design and maybe make small adjustments like Brazil and England..

  35. Lake says:

    Can’t we just keep it simple and stick with the white on white, white and blue, and red?

  36. MemRook says:

    Ugh. No. Everything is fine for me except those sleeves (in relation to the rest of the kit). Amature looking. If the sleeves were blue like the rest or even red it’d be better. The white is killing me though. Will not be buying.

  37. john.q says:

    that’s definitely an official shot… and i dig it.

  38. FCD96 says:

    the sleeves look unfinished and the collar looks like it’s from a basketball jersey in the 90s.

  39. WeatherManNX01 says:

    I forget where I saw it, but yesterday someone posted a picture of the jersey actually being available in a store.

  40. primoone says:

    Its FUGLY…

    Wish it were all red longsleeve with a blue-white color scheme sash.

  41. Franksta says:

    I like it wayyyy better than the previously leaked jerseys. Much much better, though, like everyone else, wouldn’t mind a little consistency. And a new badge. The current one is just… tacky..

  42. primoone says:

    soo ugly…looks like a white T under a a cut-off kit.

  43. Beezy says:

    I know Nike has to make some money…My solution keep a constant home kit, and the away or third kit can change with the times. Get a crazy as you want. Just keep the home kit the same…Like in the EPL. Do I like this kit? The neck yes, the sleeves and the solid mid. No. Lame… Try again. I like the all black/red look that the women’s team had in the summer. that was sharp for an away look!

  44. Klink says:

    Great, our team can look like a bunch of pre-teen private school boys.

  45. solles says:

    why dont Nike come out with a couple of options and ask the fans to vote, instead of “leaking” designs to gauge people’s reactions? who’s doing the PR for Nike, the republican party?

  46. Mark says:

    It’s nice! I just don’t like the collar.

  47. solles says:

    except prem teams change their home jerseys all the time.

  48. thurbaluva says:


  49. Alex says:

    I don’t like it. What’s it gonna look like when the guys run out with long sleeves?

  50. EA says:

    I can confirm that it’s the real deal. My local soccer shop had some on the rack last night. (They probably aren’t supposed to be selling them yet.)

    I’d guess that the US wears them tomorrow, and the “release date” is Thursday or Friday.

    And while I do think they’re hideous, they aren’t *that* bad in person. I hated the 2009 charcoal grey and the 2011 blue/sash combo and both grew on me with time.

  51. Joe+G says:

    Consistency doesn’t sell jerseys.

  52. Ian says:

    You find a way that makes it profitable for them, and they’ll consider it.

  53. Nicholas says:

    If this is indeed it, then I’m happy. Probably expectations have been lowered since the shockingly bad “leaked” products have come out, but this is a classy look. Sleeves are reminiscent of Arsenal…maintains the sash which I never found offensive. Put a collar on it and I’d be even more pleased.

  54. Nicholas says:

    Loved the charcoal. Wish that was a permanent 3rd look with red being a primary away.

  55. malkin says:

    it’s a stupid joke. Don’t be so offended, con.

  56. Evan says:

    Ugly as a mud fence.

  57. Nicholas says:

    Henceforth, to be known as “the vest”.

  58. Elliot says:

    I would buy that jersey in a heartbeat.

  59. RLW2020 says:


  60. RLW2020 says:

    i like the idea, every 4 years they wear the same classic kit and between the world cups they can change it up every so often.

  61. RLW2020 says:

    the charcoal was a good look.

  62. 2tone says:

    I like it. I also like the leaked Red and White Hooped home jerseys as well.

  63. Taylor says:

    very true, but thats what makes me angry. Nike doesn’t give a crap about developing a consistent tradition that unites the fan base, they just want money. i know money is obviously what they care about, but they need to find a balance because it turns me off as a fan

  64. RalphLaure says:

    you talking about the retro Denim kit that harkened back to the 94 shirt? that one like this is a hot one. after years of generic oversized american athletic wear dominating men’s fashion, its great to see some color and style coming back. the truth is you obese boring paranoically homophobic american sports fans, the metrosexuals and gays spend a whole lot more then your fashionally-boring fat as$$es. So its great to see clothing made with color where a medium is truly a medium. I’m down for fashionable sportwear

  65. Wispy says:

    I doubt the U.S. will them tomorrow considering Italy will be in their all blue kits.

  66. RLW2020 says:

    not a bad look, for sure temporary but not bad. I am not a fan of the waldo hoops jersey.

    for the future they really should come out with one that they just slightly modify over the years and then 2 others that they can change all the time (beginnings of tournaments/years)

    for the one that stays consistent; no sash, nothing crazy just a simple classic red, white and blue jersey.

  67. PD says:

    anything but the hoops… anything but the G*DD*MN HOOPS.

  68. Jamie Z. says:

    I’ve been dreading it since I saw the leak. That shirt looks like it was assembled from spare parts.

    (No jokes about our national team looking like the same thing.)

  69. ross says:

    if you dont like it and it drives you crazy that the US cant get any consistency then dont buy it.tell your friends not to buy it. keep rocking the 06′ WC jersey like I do. that was by far the best one ever made

  70. Allan from Pittsburgh says:

    Twitter. I saw pic too. Its also in the Eastbay catalog that came to my house last week.

  71. treasure22 says:

    lose the sash!

  72. James H says:

    Thumbs down. Either lose the sash or lose the white sleeves. My god – Nike is in the sporting CLOTHES business – right?

  73. Don’t mind the body of it, but I hate the sleeves…should be blue as well. The white sleeves make it look like some big basketball shirt with a tshirt underneath. Not a good look.

  74. punny says:

    get it, blue ribbon?

  75. mr coolio says:

    Actually if you remove the ribbon. Remove the eagle and olive branch. Place 11 faded stars and you have a perfect jersey.

  76. call it "the Meola" says:

    think we should go all Jersey Shore and rock the sleeveless muscle-shirt look. add some zebra stripe sweats with PINK over the can to seal the deal.

  77. mr coolio says:

    IDK. I’m not really liking this one. I wish this was that actual jersey.
    Ives what do you think about posting pictures on the leaked jerseys and letting us vote on which design we like best?

    link to

  78. mr coolio says:

    I meant to say i wish this was the actual jersey.

    link to

  79. PC says:

    Love the hoops. Can’t wait to see an entire section of supporters wearing hoops

  80. PC says:

    Give me the HOOPS!!!

  81. Drew says:

    As far as uniform continuity in soccer goes (at both the national and club level), the primary jersey is usually fairly consistent each year. For example, England and Germany are always wear white, the Netherlands is always orange with some minor aesthetic changes. The change/away strip whatever you want to call it normally varies quite a bit. For example, England’s alternate was red at the 2010 World Cup, but it’s currently a black shirt. Compared to last year’s blue with white sash look, this secondary kit is fairly continuous within the world of soccer.

  82. fischy says:

    Well, OK then.

  83. hogatroge says:


    Looks like a semi-faithful continuation of the blue away jersey I currently have.

    I like the different sleeve color reminiscent of Ajax or Blackburn.

  84. fischy says:

    Yeah. Just like Arsenal.

  85. hogatroge says:

    Here are a few “sweatervest” designs that don’t look half bad.

    link to

    link to

  86. hogatroge says:

    The sash blue on the arms would be much better.

  87. hogatroge says:

    The NASL league badge makes me think of what could be:

    link to

  88. The Imperative Voice says:

    They need to pick a concept and stick to it. There’s the sash but then there’s also the Arsenal arms. You can make little adjustments in the look every two years without fiddling so much where it becomes hit and miss, it’s nice for 2010 but ugly by 2012.

    I don’t care for it but as Ives suggests, it’s an improvement from the 94 Reunion Tour denim-star idea that made the rounds on the net a few months back. It could be even worse.

  89. The Imperative Voice says:

    Arsenal used to do the red-white sweater vest look and it was fairly nice, but in terms of distinctions they didn’t try and throw a sash and everything else in while they were at it.

    I also think the sash being a similar color blue on blue looks better when that’s the whole shirt and starts to look wierd with white sleeves. Wasn’t the old sash like red on white? So why not have the sash white. It might look less sartorially strange and confused.

  90. bryan says:

    ugly. i don’t like it.

  91. bryan says:

    the hoops one wasn’t terrible though. i miss the ’09 Copa America jersey. i bought one of those. the blue with the vertical pinstripes looked so good!

  92. hogatroge says:

    Coupled with white shorts, this design would look a lot better.

    The “t-shirt” look of the sleeves would be balanced out, a la Arsenal.

    The sash at least provides continuity. The colors are also a lot better than the retro denim kit. I think I’d prefer the denim-esque stars if that pattern used the same blues and red from this design, though.

  93. Tyler says:

    Looks like a 10 buck knock-off of our last jersey.

  94. DJMAN says:

    Somehow my local soccer shop has this in stock. I bought one. Exactly how you see it. The texture is just slightly different than the current jerseys, feels a little softer and lighter. The shirt is cut longer in the rear which gives it a little more style.

  95. Michael says:

    Nike somehow managed to make a shirt that is worse than our crest. I’m impressed.

  96. mark says:

    Can Nike somehow get fan input of the jersey designs beforehand? Please!

    Also, can we vote to re-design the logo. Currently, it’s pretty much a corporate logo who’s design has no meaning whatsoever; the number of stripes, the quantity of stars…nothing!

    I vote to incorporate the Great Seal of the United States.

    I’d rather use a symbol that has some meaning rather than a corporate made logo.

    It’s used as our coat of arms officially and the presidential seal. The USGA uses it as well.

    Check it out here:

    link to

  97. Nic D "the TX 2 Stepper" says:


    I have sent NIKE a series of Jersey Mock Ups and Suggestions starting with the Last World Cup Jersey progressing forward until the Next World Cup. With a change for each Gold Cup 2011/2013 (WCQ)

    Scripted reply below:

    “From Nike: Via Email(Michael) – 07/31/2011 12:11 PM
    Hello Nic,

    It’s great to hear that you have an idea for the US kits.

    It is always great hearing from customers of all ages that have an interest in designing products of all types. I can tell you that Nike employs a full-time team of product designers who works hard to come up with great designs and styles for Nike fans of all ages. Due to our corporate policies, Nike will only review outside ideas that have been patented.



    A STRAIGHT BLOW OFF! There are no NEW patents involved with the designs I submitted. Furthermore NIKE owns the Patents and would only be making “styling modifications” that would not affect the patents standing in any way.

    I was ticked to say the least and just decided that I would buy unofficial merch (AO T9shirts and the like) to show my support because I WILL NOT buy the trite and uninspired jersey from Nike.

  98. MicahK says:

    They need to make the sleeves the same color as the sash. That would make the uniform look a whole lot better. But look at the bright side at lease we are not like Germany who have green away uniforms, lol.

  99. MicahK says:

    Just take the ugly blue ribbon beer logo off and it would be sweet.

  100. MicahK says:

    The eagle and olive branch are part of our country and they are even on US money. Are you serious ? No, leave it on.

  101. MicahK says:

    I like that jersey it is sweet.

  102. Red White & Blue Porker says:

    As always Nike makes the ugliest jerseys. No one with taste would wear anything Nike makes

  103. kobao says:

    yawn. would it kill us to have a bit of style?

  104. kobao says:

    neither do ugly, stale, boring jersey designs

  105. kobao says:

    you really think this is stylish? really? it looks like they phoned this one in to me.

  106. Scott says:

    I like it…just what is that thing on the chest??? Oh, yeah, tacky clip art crest. Maybe we could redesign that next.

  107. Jamie Z. says:

    Those Germany kits are among the best uniforms I have ever seen! Pure class!

  108. Andy says:

    Let’s pick something, and then make it a permanent design only available for small tweaks. Brazil, Holland, England, Italy, etc. all do that and it adds some legacy and tradition to the program.

  109. ChadC says:

    hell yeah, got one of those in 07 at raymond james and love it. donovan beasted that game.

  110. Elliot says:

    You have a WILD imagination.

  111. Elliot says:

    This jersey is really sick in my opinion, but Italy’s home jersey is blue, so we definitely won’t be wearing it tomorrow, right?

  112. marco says:

    Get rid of the sash, too much beauty pageant look.

  113. solles says:

    you have no sense of humor rightie.

  114. solles says:

    I love the hoops… it will actually look like our flag.

  115. Fox, the Reactionary Network says:

    Better than the Fire’s jersey.

  116. afs97209 says:

    Big Blue Bar? Like the big blue bar in the Confederate Flag Big Blue Bar?!

    Someone in graphic design took a complete vacation from thinking that day!

    Get rid of it before anybody notices!!!

  117. Clevelandfc says:

    My son just said it looks like you are about to go golfing

  118. wiger toods says:

    M-0-M-A, we know how you got that way. Yo moma… yo moma…

  119. dan says:

    LOVE IT! as long as they use white shorts it should work out very nicely. white socks would be great too but blue would be ok

  120. mr coolio says:

    I know it’s part of our country but I think it looks tacky on a soccer jersey.

  121. Brian says:

    Just tell him to accept it as a gift from God.

  122. over there says:

    love it. the SASH!

  123. Ryan says:

    are you really that surprised that they didn’t consider your kit. like they said they have a full time staff of designers that im guessing they pay pretty well and if they took the time to look at every mock kit they got they would never get anything done.

  124. Joamiq says:

    If they just started the sash under the shoulder, this wouldn’t be an issue.

  125. Joamiq says:

    This is the first thing I thought when I saw it

  126. Joamiq says:

    Like most of our kits, it’ll probably look better in action than it does in a picture of it by itself on the internet.

  127. atletico man says:

    Like it mostly. Like the sash, the color continuity. Don’t mind the collar at all.

    The contrast sleeve, meh.

  128. Klausey says:

    Bring back the white and gray hoops