Juninho returns on loan to Galaxy


The Los Angeles Galaxy's search for Juninho's replacement has ended with Juninho himself.

The Sao Paulo central midfielder is on his way back to Los Angeles for another loan spell with the Galaxy. Multiple reports out of Brazil say that Sao Paulo manager Emerson Leao had no plans to use the 23-year-old Juninho, who signed a new three-year deal with Sao Paulo during the MLS offseason. According to a team release, the loan will span the 2012 MLS season.

In addition to Juninho returning, the Galaxy also announced that they've acquired the full rights to former Sao Paulo centerback Leonardo, who is still on the comeback trail from a torn ACL and LCL, on a free transfer.

After initially losing Juninho, the Galaxy added Marcelo Sarvas from Alajuelense and acquired Kyle Nakazawa from the Philadelphia Union. Now that his return is completed, they'll both provide backup depth for the Brazilian and David Beckham, as the Galaxy will return their entire starting midfield from their 2011 MLS Cup run.

Aside from losing centerback Omar Gonzalez to a torn ACL, the Galaxy's offseason has gone about as smoothly as possible. The team re-signed Beckham and Sean Franklin and had Edson Buddle return from Germany before welcoming back Juninho, who will rejoin the club next week according to a Galaxy team release.

In addition to maintaining their status as favorites to repeat as MLS Cup champions, the Galaxy's chances during the knockout stage of the CONCACAF Champions League also improve with Juninho's return. The first leg of the club's quarterfinal tie with Toronto FC is set for a month from today.


What's your reaction to Juninho's return?

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143 Responses to Juninho returns on loan to Galaxy

  1. Felix says:

    this is a good move by the Galaxy, if they find someone to step in for the injured Omar Gonzalez – they should do well in MLS and the CCL.

  2. prizby says:

    cant wait until the player union releases the player salary data..

  3. jamesey says:

    Where can I wager money on L.A. winning the league again?

  4. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Holy crap. Triple crown if they want it – league, US Cup, champions league

  5. shelsilverstein says:

    I would sure like to know how they’re going to pay for all this… oh wait, it’s LA! “In the league’s best interest” – say no more.

  6. Award says:

    By far the most talented team in MLS for the 2012 season. This will furhter help the Galaxy to winning the CCL. Should be a very good season for MLS this year. Tons of new talented players from all teams will be on dislplay this year. MLS will continue it’s meteroic rise in the American sports landscape.

  7. Mark says:


  8. Scuba Steve says:

    ^^^THIS^^^^ How in the world are they able to afford all these guys??? 3 DP’s, Juninho, Omar, Buddle….

  9. Colin says:

    So stoked!

  10. Colin says:

    They had $$$ tied up in Ricketts/Hejduk/Berhalter/Kirovski/Birchall/Lopez. Renegotiated Beckham, traded for allocation money, DONE.

  11. I apologize for my team drafting some very talented players over the past 5 years(aj,Franklin,Stephens,Omar) I would also like to apologize for having our players retire and free up cap space (berhalter kirovski) we had a few misses with some loans (cazumba) but our agreement with Sao Paulo is really bearing fruit. Our owner cares enough about the franchise to spend wisely on DPs. We freed some more space up with ricketts and over the years picked up players no one thought twice about getting rid of (magee and dunivant and buddle) with all that said…. You are blind to the fact that this team is one of the best run in the league and your bitterness is rediculous

  12. fifawitz1313 says:

    Who you taking, Galaxy or the field?

  13. fischy says:

    Arena did say they had a boatload of allocation money. Does seem ridiculous.

  14. BetaMale says:

    Nice. we’re winning the Shield three years in a row. Suck it, rest of the league

  15. Colin says:

    ^ THIS.

  16. CSD says:

    School nights still holding back super club status.

    “Only 7,500 tickets will be available for the March 14 CONCACAF Champions League second leg against Toronto FC at Home Depot Center,…”

  17. shelsilverstein says:

    cool story bros

  18. dan says:

    does LA have to pay Juninho’s salary while he is on loan??

  19. nam says:

    How dare people trying to get an education interfere with a pastime.

  20. sean says:

    best MLS team ever?

  21. CACuzcatlan says:

    Depends on the terms. I’m guessing they’ll have to pay at least part of it.

  22. pd says:

    yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyou sneaky MOOOOOOOOOM!

    what next, a John Terry loan?

  23. timmytwoshoezzz says:

    Maybe we should let them play a few games before we crown ’em?

  24. dan says:

    if LA only pays a portion of his salary, then LA is sitting pretty! now if they can find a CD to replace Omar G…. WOW! they should be everyone’s preseason #1.

  25. dan says:

    Could be in the works already :)

  26. shelsilverstein says:

    but, like, I don’t believe jerks on the internet have access to LA’s accounting… unfortunately none of us do

    but nice reactionary posting, you might convince those of lesser intellect

  27. Colin says:

    Jerks? Really? Relax dude.

    Since there’s a salary cap and the salaries are made public every year through the union, it’s pretty easy to see how the Galaxy went from worst to first. Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t make it any less the truth.

  28. Jya says:

    I don’t know about Champions league.

  29. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    Here is the understatement of the year…that is huge. Hand them all the silverware. Good on you, Galaxy. I’m glad I left the NYRB and joined up with some winners. And I don’t want to hear the hate, what have the NYRB ever done for me except disappoint? I know that true fans are supposed to persevere, but I used to live in LA. I’ll leave it at that.

  30. Jya says:

    I don;t think he has a problem with the school doing what is best for the students but its hard to call them a “super club” with those restrictions.

  31. Luke says:

    “centerback Leonardo, who is still on the comeback trail from a torn ACL and LCL”

  32. dan says:


  33. AK says:

    How in the hell are they paying for all of these players? Loopholes galore.

  34. malkin says:

    Getting worked up over the use of jerks? Really? Relax dude.

  35. Dax says:

    I disagree with Ives. Sarvas has a good left foot and I believe he’ll start on the left instead of Magee. The assumption that he was a defensive midfielder has always been incorrect.

    I still expect Bruce to bring in another center half (joining Leonardo, Boyans, Meyer), or a fullback that can play both sides. Having De La Garza as a full-time center half leaves no depth at fullback at all.

    Lost in all the financial analysis is that Omar Gonzalez will be put on IR, and that provides LAG with cap relief as well.

  36. Dax says:

    I disagree with Ives. Sarvas has a good left foot and I believe he’ll start on the left instead of Magee. The assumption that he was a defensive midfielder has always been incorrect.

    I still expect Bruce to bring in another center half (joining Leonardo, Boyans, Meyer), or a fullback that can play both sides. Having De La Garza as a full-time center half leaves no depth at fullback at all.

    Lost in all the financial analysis is that Omar Gonzalez will be put on IR, and that provides LAG with cap relief as well.

  37. wilyboy says:

    Bruce, you are a dark sorcerer.

  38. John.q says:

    The definition of a fair weather fan. Aka glory chaser.

  39. Charles says:

    Wow, are they taking Houstons salary cap money too ?

    If they had Gonz. it would be game over, a month before the season starts. Go Toronto, I don’t want the Sounders to have to face LA next round of Champions League.

  40. Charles says:

    let me guess, after the injury, you jumped to Seattle and now you are back…..

    If you don’t want to hear the hate, quit front running.

  41. Dimidri says:

    “Lost in all the financial analysis is that Omar Gonzalez will be put on IR, and that provides LAG with cap relief as well.”

    Don’t allow facts to get in the way of irrational assertions that LA is having loopholes created weekly for them…

  42. abc says:

    Not surprising that a glory hunter “used to live in LA”
    Go Yankees and Lakers!

  43. abc says:

    Omar makes like no money.

  44. Gord Downie says:

    Not as worried as others about the loss of Omar.. of course he’s a big loss but I don’t see the need to go out and splurge on a DP center back. Who (whom?) ever they slide in next to DeLaGarza won’t have too much pressure to deal with since LA has an incredible supporting cast, which won’t put much stress on the back line. Rotating less than stellar-yet servicable guys like Boyens, and a recovering Leonardo should be enough to fill the void. Sliding Franklin over from RB for the time being is also an option.. Also wouldn’t be shocked if Bruce went with a DeLaGarza- Sarvas pairing.

    Picking up another depth guy like Andy Iro might not be a bad idea either.. Could probably get him for peanuts too.

    Just my 2 cents

  45. the special one says:

    Great moves by LA but they still have a big hole in their defence with Gonzales out. Gonna be tuff year for LA in the golas against category.

  46. Benny Dargle says:

    In addition to the replacement of the relatively high priced veterans with lower priced players, teams get extra allocation money when they are in the CCL in recognition of the fact that they need more roster depth. With Keane gone to Euro 2012, Beckham (and possibly Stephens) most likely to the Olympics, and Donovan and possibly Buddle to USMNT call-ups for world cup qualifying and pre-qualifying friendly games, the Galaxy will need all of the depth they can get.

  47. Colin says:

    Pretty sure I’m not worked up. Just think it’s silly to throw insults around a soccer blog.

  48. Scuba Steve says:

    Sweet you and Hans Backe can go party brah!!!

  49. abc says:

    It’s crazy that so many teams have made great roster moves over the last few months, and the Galaxy can bring back Buddle and Juninho and pretty much cancel them all out.
    I don’t think it’s a foregone conclusion, though. The league is getting better by the year, There could be up to 6-8 really talented teams challenging all year and in the playoffs anything can happen.

  50. bottlcaps says:

    Yes a 6’4″ hole!. But the Galaxy’s 1st round draft choice was a 6’2″ central defender Tommy Meyer who was the last pick of the 1st round of the Super Draft. Arena is pretty confident in this guy. And before you say :He’s a rookie”, so was Omar Gonzales when he got his first start. The plan is to bring him along by letting him learn the system and get him some playing time i the Open Cup., etc. It sees the rich get richer, Not only do the Galaxxy get back Juninho, but add BUDDLE and Sarvas.

    The Galaxy need it as they will have 2 Concacaf series (the tail end of this year AND the next Concacaf that starts soon after the last years ends,) plus the Open CUP, friendlies AND of course League Play.

    But it’s good to have a “SuperTeam” in the League enough of this “parity”

  51. John says:

    The LA Galaxy are basically an old age mental institution for Euro and South American players.

  52. rory says:

    Let’s see… salary cap of what, 2.4 million. The first two DP’s each count as 400,000 or so, the third counts at 350,000 with the team paying some money to the league… that leaves 1.3 million for the rest of the team. I don’t think any of the regular players are Gen Adidas or homegrown, which wouldn’t count against the cap, so yeah, even though I’m probably wrong in my numbers I’d say it’s a good bet something’s a bit fishy here that they can put together a team with some decent talent for under 1.5 million.

  53. Ted in MN says:

    They’ve got as good a chance as any team in United States history.

  54. DCLee says:

    As a DCU fan I completely agree with you and feel that most on here are only jealous especially the ones that are criticizing. I wish most of the teams in the league showed the type of commitment that AEG and Galaxy show year in and year out. It helps to have deep pockets but there are other owners in this league(Colorado, New England) that are owned by people/companies that have plenty of money and could go after these type of DP players and this type of roster but chose not to. The league would take a giant step forward if every owner showed this type of commitment and you could still have the salary cap. I am very happy with United’s off season moves and their 2 DPs while not as popular as Beckham, Keane or Donovan are very good players that will help DC and impact the league in a positive way! I like that teams like United, Seattle with Fernandez and Montero and even FC Dallas with the young kid Fabian Castillo have spent money to improve their final on the field product even if they are not the big names like NY & LA bring in. There are other teams to like Vancouver with Hassli and TFC with their 3 DPs. The fans all know the ones that are trying to improve their quality while the others sit by the side just using their cap space:( I’m excited for the 2012 season and wish LA, TFC and Seattle luck in the Champions League.

  55. Rory says:

    Going by this

    link to mlsplayers.org

    I count over 2.5 million in garanteed salaries without counting the DP’s, including Keane who wasn’t there yet as this is the May numbers.

    I’m sure some of those guys are Gen Adidas and Homegrown, but I don’t think it’s a lot of them. I guess they just happened to have a TON of allocation money last year and this year… hmph.

  56. Rory says:

    Wasn’t the whole point of owning a SSS that you were to be able to control your own facilities and such?

    Move the Galaxy to Saint Louis!!!

  57. shelsilverstein says:

    careful, you’ll offend the galaxy fans

  58. DCLee says:

    Yeah. Juninho is huge for you guys. He almost single handly won the group stage for the Galaxy in CCL. Very happy about this from a league perspective but this sure does make the Galaxy a very tough team for sure! I’m still curious to see what gets sorted out at the back though. that could be a potential pit fall for them especially if Saunders gets injured.

  59. Angel of LA says:

    same as Red Bull, Seattle Sounders, Toronto and other teams. Why the Galaxy have to be the exception?

  60. gandhi says:

    it’ll be like the decreasing unemployment numbers released by the Obama administration- all cooked up. Have you ever heard of having too much fire power? Everyone aiming to be the star means there wont be team cohesion. I kid…they’ll rip everyone else up including the mexicans in ccl

  61. gandhi says:

    they stopped taking bets on that one…its too obvious

  62. dan says:

    Really??? how do you explain LD and Keane doing so well in the EPL? still very productive players in their prime.

  63. Let me guess, you also support Barcelona and Manchester United. Tool.

  64. gandhi says:

    amen to that. I feel like I need to up my game day experience too, like buying a better quality pasta (fav dish while watching Gals) a newer Galaxy shirt and better quality stream (usually the illegal ones on justin dot whatever…watching in person is out of the question…n.cal).

  65. LA signs Drogba, Ballack, Raul, and Del Piero. Arena replies to questions of salary cap, International spots: “We had a lot of allocation money.”

  66. Urawinner says:

    Name calling because some disagrees with you, while simultaneously feigning superiority and victimization — only a liberal would be that intellectually insecure.

  67. rory says:

    Okay, so all three dp’s count as 335K, so that’s one million of the 2.8 cap for this season.

    Buddle will probably be in the 200k range, maybe more but I’m sure that will be offset by ditching Barrett and his 225K salary. If they don’t have to count Gonzalez for him going on IR (and what is with that, can IR players come back at some point because everyone keeps saying he will be back for the playoffs) then that’s another 200k.

    In any case, I hope they win the CCL then the injury bug gets them and their lack of depth is completely exposed.

  68. Angel of LA says:

    I like all this heater asking how the Galaxy can afford to pay all this player, Well I don’t care cause now the Galaxy will have a good team that can compete with a Mexican Team in the Concacaf Champion League. wow.


    Sub at top we have: Nooman, Chrimas, Cardozo, Lopez, Stephen, Nakasawa, Hejduk Sarvas (Can’t play in the CCL because he already play with Alejuelense)

  69. Rory says:

    Why would the Rapids ever spend that kind of money now that they’ve proved you don’t have to spend to win?

    Besides, Arsenal and the Rams are his focus.

  70. hey man, facts our facts. We draft very very well.. out two rookie of the year award winners is proof of that. We pick up role players no one wanted and they produce under bruce. (it rhymes because i rap) On top of that we scout well. These aren’t reactionary statements those are facts. If you can drop some knowledge on me that is more then just hey dude..im gonna call you names cuz you know hating on the galaxy is cool.. then by all means man we can have a civil convo about soccer in this country. Until then..

  71. Will-yo says:

    Salary cap in 2012 is 2.81 mil

  72. Ricky says:

    Donovan should stay in England. Otherwise, Friedel was right about him.

  73. AES says:

    Given that every other team in the league takes the full salary cap hit for players on IR, please keep talking.

  74. Neruda says:

    Talk about luck. Buddle happens to flame put in Europe. Junhino happens to not factor into his Brazilian club after that club signed him to a new thee year deal.

    This team is stacked. No excuses for la to not win CCL. This is bad news for RSL fans. RSL just had a good draft but buddle and juninho add instant offense and results.

  75. Ricky B. Free says:

    Sarvas is an AM, not Junhino a DM.

    Galaxy are taking MLS to the next level.

  76. Jya says:

    RSL made the final I wouldn’t give that distinction to the Galaxy yet

  77. Ricky B. Free says:

    Sarvas is an Attacking mid or two way mid and is not a Def Mid like Juninho.

  78. marco says:

    If everyone stays healthy and Landon and Keane return they should have the best attack in MLS. Teams will need to out-scored them. Will Arena play Keane and Buddle together?

  79. Eurosnob says:

    It’s so true that, while LA will be one of the top contenders, it is premature to crown as the next season’s champions. LA players will face the grind of several different competitions (MLS season, CCL, US Open Cup, MLS Cup, national team call ups) and the unpredictability of the playoff format. Some folks forget that one of their key defenders, Gonzalez, will be out for the whole season and many of their key players at other positions will be on the wrong side of 30: Beckham (37), Keane (32), Buddle (31), Donovan (30). Yes, players can continue to play well after 30, but normally there is a downward curve in performance and potential for injuries is greater. Beckham will still have his crossing, long range passing and free kick ability, but things will be harder for him on the defensive end, where he would have to chase younger and faster players.

  80. bryan says:

    i mean, it’s basically the same team as last year…and they won SS and MLS Cup.

  81. bryan says:

    if it’s a loophole, then anyone can do it. not just LA. if they are breaking the rules and MLS is letting them, that is a different story. my money says they are not breaking any rules.

    the truth is, until allocation money totals for each team is released on a regular basis, we don’t really know anything.

  82. bryan says:

    this is wonderful news! i’m a DC fan first, but i’m from LA (LAG weren’t around back then) and support CA teams (dodgers, raiders, etc.). so when DC isn’t playing the Galaxy, i’m rooting for them.

  83. David St. Hubbins says:

    collective groan from the entire western conference about the salary cap after seeing this news.

    even kyle beckerman tweeting asking how LA manages to stay under the cap with all these players.

  84. dan says:

    after getting kicked 4-1 by the Timbers this afternoon (yeah, it is preseason), LA MUST consider fortifying there defense…. looks porous right now.

  85. HoBo says:

    As a Galaxy fan, this is great news! truly should be a solid and exciting team. We still need a replacement for Omar………

  86. tjones says:

    Non-sequitur much?

  87. malkin says:

    I suppose only a liberal could be that “intellectually insecure” because that would require the prerequisite of actually having intellect?

    Regardless, you fail for 1) simply throwing around an insult based on political ideology and 2) bring in politics in the first place.

  88. zaggy says:

    Might very well be a rule change this year. Timbers FO is saying Valencia won’t count against the cap for Timbers this year, either the loan deal has been arranged so the cost is 0, or an IR player doesn’t count for 2012.

  89. Poo says:

    And lovely that I get to see my home team play new england an extra time and miss out on this game. BOOOO.

  90. Seattle Coug says:

    IR still counts against the salary cap, just doesn’t take up an active roster spot.

  91. Vic says:

    Its not up to Donovan, its up to an EPL team willing to pay what Galaxy want.

  92. Kosh says:

    Now that’s a pathetic, unnecessary and totally irrelevant swipe if I’ve ever read/seen one.

  93. AK says:

    Saw that.

    Even the players are going wtf.

  94. AK says:

    How are the unemployment numbers cooked up? They are calculated algorithmically and are always created using the same statistics.

  95. Adam M. says:

    If you want to know how good MLS really is overall, a good mark is to note that a player of Juninho’s obvious quality couldn’t crack a fairly mediocre version of a Sao Paulo side and that David Ferriera, who was MVP, had been just a pretty good mid for a mid-level Atletico Paranaense. In other words, two of MLS’ best players were fairly typical players in Brazilian league. I don’t mean to knock MLS here, as the quality on the field has obviously improved in recent years and there are undboutedly a handful of players that could be playing in better leagues. Overall, though, MLS has a long way to go.

  96. Kosh says:

    Now this is a post. I am also a DC fan and agree with everything you stated. This is going to be one heck of a season indeed.

  97. Powderhorn Pops says:

    Kid- knocked it out of the park!

    Looking forward to watching this team CL action. The supporters shield is really a just a head nod of an award (ok, getting into CL is nice). But if I were the Galaxy I would focus solely on CL the first part of the season. Beyond the sporting aspect of the winning it, there would be an insane amount of growth in brand recognition (for LA and MLS) by making it to the Club World Cup – with Beckham in tow

  98. Chupacabra says:

    To nullify the arguments of anyone who claims that money buys success in MLS, I present exhibit A: the New York Red Bulls

  99. jamesey says:

    US Open Cup doesn’t really matter. Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s important.

  100. ViperLAG says:

    Bryan, not sure I understand what you mean that LAG wasn’t around back then – they were one of the original clubs back in 1996 along with DC United. If you remember your DC club beat the Galaxy in the 1st MLS Cup.

  101. Air Jordanz says:

    No excuses. The Galaxy’s/HDC’s agreement with CSDH is weak sauce.

  102. ViperLAG says:

    Angel, you might need to reconfigure your starting 11. Birchall is not with the Galaxy anymore as he is in search for other prospects in Europe. Hejduk’s option was not picked up and thus he is no longer on the squad. Also, Lopez loan deal was terminated and thus Miguel Lopez went back to Argentina. Thus your strike subs would be Barrett, Cristman, Noonan and McBean. Mids would be Cardoza, Nakazawa, Stephens, Magee, Keat, Jiminez, etc. Backline subs would be Boyens, Leonardo, Meyer, Jordan, etc. Although this is more than the 18 that can actually suit up for a match.

  103. Kosh says:

    MLS does have a way to go, I’m with you there and I am sure most here agree with that sentiment. However, I find your argument a bit lacking using the two players you base your measurements on. You see I can present two players also – Donovan (off a plane and staring in a top BPL side and making a huge impact) and Keane (strikes for two spectacular goals in his first loan start) – to counter the two in your argument.

    I do not make mention of my selected players to overstate MLS’ progress (as there is room to grow). No it’s more to counter the basis of your assessment of the league using your selected players.

    I would rather rate the league by measuring it’s best clubs against the best from other leagues – CCL and perhaps if we are so lucky the Club World Cup. However, if we are to do it by players I choose to look at the average player, which, with the Colombian influx and most teams picking up/retaining very talent players and your promising prospects, I’d venture to say maybe MLS is not as looong a way off as we may think (within reason of course – anyone hoping for MLS to be like to top European leagues is going to have to wait for a while, but for it to become one of the top league in the Americas – I can see that happening pretty soon.)

  104. Air Jordanz says:

    No loopholes. Marquee players would just rather live in LA than KC, Houston, Columbus or Toronto.

    It’s somewhat unfortunate for those of us that support one of the clubs in a less shiny location.

    Nevertheless, it is funny how Galaxy fans like to take personal credit for all of their teams good fortunes and success.

  105. Air Jordanz says:


  106. Air Jordanz says:

    You failed to consider the possibility that he’s been in DC since before the league started up?

    Everyone’s so quick to hate on these boards. It’s comical.

  107. Air Jordanz says:

    but but but but but D-D-D-Donov-v-van and Omar and and Juninho weren’t th-th-there!!!1

  108. Air Jordanz says:

    Well, mismanagement can go a long way toward counteracting what money can buy.

  109. Edwin in LA says:

    120K seems like a lot to say is nothing on the salary cap, that easily covers Sarvas and possibly half of Nakazawa’s salary!

    They got a nice chunk of cash for Ricketts, about 150-200K from what I remember that is helping them big time and dumping guys like Hedjuk, Kirovski, Berhalter retiring and also Birchall’s 150K+ coming off the books as well as Rickett’s near 200K.

    Some of the guys like Perk and maybe Meyer won’t count to the cap as development contracts and McBean is a homegrown guys so is Villarreal

  110. ben in el cajon says:

    I sometimes suspect that the memories of most posters here only go back to about 2000, and they can’t imagine anyone living before the 1994 World Cup. I’m so old all of a sudden.

  111. Angel of LA says:

    ohh well is been a while thanks for the info. back to the board and reconfigure

  112. Scott says:

    Add in money for the Keane and Donovan loans. See how it all adds up here: link to socceramerica.com

  113. Dimidri says:

    you’re an idiot-unemployment in general may be a somewhat flawed metric of economic growth because it only counts those who are actively seeking work as ‘unemployed'(those who have given up but also do not have employment are called ‘discouraged workers’), but the notion that Obama distorts those statistics is truly, truly stupid.

  114. coop says:

    Such bullsh*t the difference between the AEG clubs in terms of signings. Houston was in the finals too but no signings. We are the orange-headed step children.

  115. mark says:

    I love that the Galaxy are putting together a great team, but you know the best way to increase the growing number of soccer fans in LA?……GET RID OF CHIVAS USA!

  116. ViperLAG says:

    Air, not sure why you would assume my post would be considered a part of the “hate” postings. Far from the truth. It was only in reference to MLS. Obviously, the gent has been around before 1996 based on his posting as have I. Hell, I remember the Dave’s of watching the LA Lazers indoor club at the Forum. Let alone being take to watch the LA Aztecs as a child. I’ve been around for awhile myself.

  117. PetedeLA says:

    I’m with you. Free Donovan. Buy out Juninho’s contract. Find a young talent for the future like Najar.

  118. PetedeLA says:

    Wow. The Lazers. Talk about a flashback.

  119. PetedeLA says:

    Keep in mind Brazil is also a feeder league.

    Some teams may just be looking for the biggest possible transfer fee.

    If you have to choose between Juninho and another player of equal quality who is much younger, you choose the younger player because he has more potential to yield a huge transfer fee should Europe come calling.

    Just thought I’d put that out there.

  120. PetedeLA says:

    So stoked about Juninho coming back!


  121. Gazza says:

    How come nobody posting comments on a soccer blog can spell ridiculous?

    It’s really quite ridiculous!!!!

  122. Hackmas says:

    Birchall blows. PLease remove him from your lineup…lol

  123. X Man says:

    Sarvas didn’t come to provide depth. He is a natural left winger with a deadly left foot.

    Magee moves to the bench as a “super sub” on th wing or at forward.

  124. Frank says:

    Dax, you are correct my friend. Sarvas will be dangerous on the left and Magee is the perfect guy to bring off of the bench or use as a spot starter.

    Maybe this Meyer kid is the real deal. LA always seems to find good defenders in the draft….Omar, DLG, Franklin

  125. Z 50 says:

    How could Donovan not want to come back to this? Everton is going nowhere.

  126. Pocky says:

    Sarvas should play the left.

  127. Bud says:

    dorky league comparison again…some players are better fits for other teams

  128. Sims says:

    who in the crap is cardoza???

  129. Nev says:

    NY better counter these Galaxy moves or they will be left in the dust.

  130. Jon Mccain says:

    at least somebody was watching the republican debates…lol

  131. Allen23 says:

    I am sure they are working within the MLS rules relating to the salary cap, but the Galaxy must have the best accountants in the league to be able to put together this roster.

    Kind of reminds me of the 49ers back int eh ’80’s. They were the class of the NFL, because they were the first to figure out how to move money around.

    Hopefully, the rest of MLS catches up at some point.

  132. bryan says:

    haha i lived in LA before ’96.

  133. bryan says:

    i will say though, in ’96 i was in san francisco. but everyone loved the clash during that time and as a LA sports fan, i couldn’t bring myself to cheer for a bay area club. then i moved to guam. then DC. and in DC is where i REALLY got into it.

    another way to look at it. i’ve never been to an LAG home game but i’ve been to a ton of DCU home games.

  134. Thisguy says:

    South Americans? Who is old and South American on the team? Sarvas is thirty. That’s one guy. Juninho is 22-23 and is far more important. Leonardo is 24.

  135. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    Not really, I just want to cheer a team I have a connection to and a team that has a front office that actually knows what it’s doing and doesn’t screw it all up year after year. It that so bad?

  136. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    I never heard that term, front running. Love it. I just want to cheer a team I have a connection to and a team that has a front office that actually knows what it’s doing and doesn’t screw it all up year after year. It that so bad?

  137. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    Wait…are you a tool for wanting to watch beautiful soccer? I have no connection to Spain, so yeah I like Barca. As for Man U I started watching them when T. Ho. got there so yeah I’m a fan but I support Everton too and would like to see them win.

  138. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    I hate the Yankees. I have the Lakers. Phillies and Knicks.