MLS Pre-Season: FC Dallas rolls and TFC cruises at Disney Classic

Disney Pro Soccer Classic

David Ferreira recorded a goal and assist to lead FC Dallas to a 4-0 romp over a ten-man Orlando City side in the Disney Pro Soccer Classic on Tuesday.

A fourth-minute red card to Orlando City goalkeeper Sean Kelley forced the home team to play a man down for most of the night and FC Dallas took full advantage, with four different players scoring goals.

Ferreira opened the scoring before setting up a second by Fabian Castillo. Blas Perez and Andrew Wiedeman rounded out the scoring for the Dallas.

FC Dallas returns to action on Thursday against Toronto FC.

In the tournament's other match in Orlando, TFC posted a 3-1 victory against Swedish side BK Hacken.

Trialist midfielder Moises Orozco scored the game-winning goal in the 85th minute, while Joao Plata added an insurance goal in stoppage time, with Nick Soolsma assisting on both goals. Ryan Johnson opened the scoring for TFC with a first-half goal assisted by rookie Luis Silva, who earned the start for TFC.

The Disney Soccer Classic returns to action on Wednesday, with Sporting Kansas City taking on Vancouver, and the Houston Dynamo playing the Montreal Impact.

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6 Responses to MLS Pre-Season: FC Dallas rolls and TFC cruises at Disney Classic

  1. JoeW says:

    I recall a match in Charleston with DCU where the opposing team went down a man (red card) and Tom Soehn approached referee and asked that the other team be allowed to put an 11th man back on the field. His argument was: this is pre-season, if I’m playing 11 v. 10 my team doesn’t get the kind of game it needs 1-2 games out from the start of the season–we didn’t come here to be guaranteed possession and no high pressure or midfield battle. The referee relented and allowed an 11th player on at half-time.

    For matches like this, the coaches should be able to appeal. The offender gets sent off and can’t play. But the team can add an 11th player (if the opposing team wants it so).

  2. Bobeto says:

    I was thinking the exact same thing, JoeW. Are they that desperate for a win that they forget the reason for playing the match?

  3. RK says:

    Nice logo.

  4. GSScasual says:

    sure lets bend the rules.. My view is, you may very well come across this in the season.. learn to handle it now, rather than later..

  5. Chris says:

    If this were a one-off friendly, sure, allow an 11th man back on the field.

    However, this was in a preseason tournament, that’s going to crown a winner. Playing 11v10 may not prepare your team for the regular season, but during the regular season, you have to follow all of the rules all the time.

  6. otergod says:

    i thought the red was a bit harsh. Not because the foul didnt warrant it but b/c the red card completely changes the game in the 3rd minute in a PRESEASON game. IMO the PK would have been enough.

    And as you point out, i would rather have my team deal with the pressures of a 11v11 game rather then a 10v11 game in preseason.