Report: USA to play Canada in friendly


photo by Rick Osentoski/

It appears U.S. men's national team head coach Jurgen Klinsmann is making a concentrated effort to get to know CONCACAF teams prior to World Cup qualifying.

According to a report, the United States will travel to Canada to take on its northern rival in a friendly before World Cup qualifying begins in June. The official date and location of the game is expected to be announced soon.

Should it happen, the game would mark the U.S. team's fifth match against CONCACAF opposition since Klinsmann was appoined head coach last summer. The U.S. team has already played Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras and Panama under Klinsmann.

The United States last played Canada in the Gold Cup last June, with the Americans prevailing, 2-0, off goals from Jozy Altidore and Clint Dempsey in the tournament opener for both teams at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan.

The Americans are also rumored to be playing friendlies against Brazil and Scotland in the United States prior to their first World Cup qualifier against Antigua and Barbuda on June 8.

What do you think of a potential friendly against Canada? Would you make the trip up north? See it as a good test before qualifying?

Share your thoughts below.

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78 Responses to Report: USA to play Canada in friendly

  1. adam says:

    #5 has a tiny head…

  2. DingDong says:

    I look forward to Canada becoming a decent team.

  3. Joe Creighton says:

    Haha. Thats what his girl or boyfriend said as well. I can’t judge just from looking at him.

    This post is far off topic, but nonetheless relevant.

  4. isaf says:

    i don’t even see Canada as a rival. I see them as my baby brother who Mom says I have to watch and keep safe.

  5. isaf says:

    what star players does Canada have?

  6. pd says:

    OMG was that photoshopped?

  7. pd says:


    Um, that’s about it.

    BTW Teal Bunbury is their Giuseppi Rossi/Neven Subotic. Hope he gets a call-up for the game.

  8. Dinho says:

    DeRo…. That’s it? Right?

  9. pd says:

    there are a few guys playing abroad in Bundesliga and in the Dutch league and the English Championchip, and older dude in Turkey

  10. Dinho says:

    Hahaha. Same page, pd.

  11. isaf says:

    Seriously DeRo is their best player? whatever happened to Guzman and his brother? damn. Canada needs to ease up on the hockey and put some funds into training them boys

  12. Siberian says:

    Canada plays smart. Never take them lightly.

  13. Karsten says:

    I hope the games played in Vancouver, Then I’ll go.

  14. willie says:

    I think the canadians are building the team around Atiba hutchison (PSV) for this roudn of qualifyiing… dero and deguz are the old vets now. Rumour has that younger deguzman brother might play for Canada after years of fialing to crack the dutch lineup. Anybody know if that hoillet kid a Blackburn has decided between Canada or Jamaica?

  15. Shane says:

    Uhhmm that would be Junior Hoilett

  16. jgdurl says:

    I root for Canada as a second team. They’ve got some good young talent, hopefully Hoilett and little Guzman will get call-ups soon. Nice attacking potential between those two.

  17. Canuck says:

    Atiba Hutchinson of PSV is probably Canadas best player. Simeon Jackson of Norwich as well. Talk that Jonathan de Guzman (Villareal) and Junior Hoilett (Blackburn) will finally play for Canada.

    Dont sleep on these guys.

  18. RK says:

    de Guzmans?

  19. Streffsoccer says:

    Must not be many MLS supporters in here if #5 cannot be identified as Andre Hainault.

  20. Chris says:

    Simeon Jackson (Norwich City, ENG-1)
    Olivier Occean (Greuther Furth, GER-2)
    Josh Simpson (BSC Young Boys, SWI-1)
    Rob Friend (Eintracht Frankfurt, GER-2)
    Atiba Hutchinson (PSV Eindhoven, NED-1)
    Will Johnson (Real Salt Lake)
    Dwayne De Rosario (DC United)
    Patrice Bernier (Montreal Impact)
    Julian de Guzman (Toronto FC)
    Kevin McKenna (FC Koln, GER-1)
    Marcel De Jong (FC Augsburg, GER-1)
    Mike Klukowski (Manisaspor, TUR-1)
    David Edgar (Burnley FC, ENG-2)
    Andrew Hainault (Houston Dynamo)
    Milan Borjan (Sivasspor, TUR-1)
    Lars Hirschfeld (Valerenga, NOR-1)

  21. GSScasual says:

    cool story, bro.

  22. AC/DC says:

    yes we should all fear our great and powerful enemy Canada……BAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  23. Felix says:

    They actually have two good wingers in Jonathan de Guzman and Junior Hoilett, the problem is the former is considered a Dutch player at the moment (even though he is born and raised in Canada) and the latter hasn’t declared for anybody.

    If those two decided to play for Canada, they’d have enough talent to at least make a serious push for the 3rd and 4th spots.

  24. Dudinho says:

    Bunbury should have really though about playing for Canada like his Father did. He isnt going to crack our Lineup Fringe at best. Sapong is clearly Better than he is

  25. malkin says:


  26. Mingjai says:

    I don’t know if Teal Bunbury has done enough for club or country to be considered their Rossi/Subotic.

    Maybe Calgary-native Owen Hargreaves?

  27. Gnarls says:

    Canada needs to tackle their uniform problem. Simply fugly.

  28. GSScasual says:

    Im sure he will be thinking that over while he is in brazil.

  29. BetaMale says:

    Hope you were born a patient person

  30. Air Jordanz says:

    Simeon Jackson’s a striker in good form for Norwich City right now.

  31. Air Jordanz says:

    Canada gave the USMNT a real scare and dubious victory in the 2007 Gold Cup.

  32. Air Jordanz says:

    Based on what I saw in the January fixtures, I would agree. Sapong demonstrated better hold up play in 30 min than Bunbury did in 150+.

    Teal will get leapfrogged by other U-23 players with better skills. I’m thinking Tony Taylor, Terrence Boyd (if he doesn’t go w/ Germany before 2014), Agudelo (if he gets some PT)

  33. Joel says:

    I believe he’s the young Dynamo defender that they refused to trade to Montreal to get Ching back.

  34. sose says:

    he will be watching the world cup on TV in 2014. He won’t crack the USMNT

  35. nato says:

    Yeah Bunbury might actually be starting with Canada had he picked them.

    whatever happened to Rob Friend?

  36. mlser says:

    ya horrible compared to the white t-shirts the US are wearing above…

  37. CdnGuy says:

    A lot of Americans aren’t aware of the corruption the Canadian Soccer Association has endured over the years…

  38. William the Terror says:

    the tiny head must be especially difficult for a Canadian, since their heads flop up and down like trash-can lids when they talk. wait, everything you see on “South Park” is true, isn’t it?

  39. Gnarls says:

    The white-t is timeless. Canada’s look straight out of the 70s.

  40. isaf says:

    preach father, preach

  41. Myles B says:

    Game will be in Toronto: players like it there, it’s grass, and a decent home following always shows up for Les Rouges.

  42. Casey says:

    Whatever happened to Michael Bradley’s twin on the Canadian team? The one who elbowed people and always got away with it.

  43. Ian says:

    it is, and it’s horrifying

  44. ld says:

    is this a joke? If it is Id like to crack your skull in…

  45. Oranje Mike says:

    Rossi and Subotic are not in the same boat…at all.

  46. Jorge says:

    Owen Hargreaves plays for Englnad.

  47. OhBrother says:

    when was the last time Canada even made the Hexagonal? France 1998? When the USA qualified by beating them 3-0 in a 6,000-seater in British Columbia?

  48. Olly says:

    Apparently new ones are on their way tonight. Stay tuned….although I actually don’t mind the V’s. Better than anything addidas at least.

  49. jgdurl says:

    That seems like an awfully strong overreaction.

  50. mlser says:

    In a perfect world, every country would have the white t’s i guess then…how exciting!

  51. mlser says:

    bet its white lol

  52. matt C in tampa says:

    clearly can’t have big ego either.

  53. cajun says:

    If I’m not mistaken, didn’t Canada (already eliminated) come 1 home win vs Mexico last WC cycle, from eliminating them from the hex? And barely lost in controversy?

  54. Jahinho_Guerro says:

    and got disallowed a goal to have the almighty “USA v Mexio” bs.

  55. Jahinho_Guerro says:

    Should be a great game, Canada vs. 2. Germany

  56. Casey says:

    Is what a joke? There was a shaved head guy who played for Canada in the 2007 Gold Cup. Got away with elbowing and late tackles.
    You must be from Vancouver.

  57. Allen23 says:

    Canada lost 1:2 to Mexico, but they were not out at that point. They did tie Mexico 2:2 on match day 5, and if they (Mexico) had lost that game they would have had to get a result against Honduras to advance. Since they (MEX) tied, they had 3 points and goal dif. of 6 over Jamaica going into MD 6., so they were pretty much assured a spot. A loss to Canada and they would have approached the final game a little differently, I think.

    But you are correct.

  58. Casey says:

    Yeah the player who should have been sent off got his karma by being called offsides.

  59. abc says:

    Nope, turf.

  60. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Hoilett is a player…that would be a good matchup down the wings.

  61. Green76 says:

    Wasn’t he in Beatlejuice too?

  62. Fish says:

    Casey – you’re referring to Iain Hume. ld thought you were having a go, hence the reaction. Hume had a horrendous injury due to an elbow which left his life in danger and leaving a gigantic question mark shaped scar on his head. His combeback was quite inspirational to Cdn fans.

  63. ld says:

    Iain Hume was the one who came on as a sub and scored on Keller. Also he doesnt elbow people nearly as much as your golden boy Clint, or hack people like cement foot Bocanegra

  64. Casey says:

    Like how you admit that he did though. He should have been gone earlier in the game. His little cheap shots and late tackles. It’s called karma and which is why the call didn’t go their way.

  65. Jahinho_Guerro says:

    link to

    same ol usa, always cheating

  66. Casey says:

    Yeah we paid the official to get the call right…

  67. ld says:

    Did you forget when de guzman beat bocanegra on the dribble and so bocanegra took out his legs and got no ball at all as he tackled de guzman so hard that de guzman flipped end over end and could have broken his neck? He only got a yellow card. It should have been a red and suspension. karma?

  68. Casey says:

    Apparently you don’t know the definition of karma. And its one interpretation over another with what warrants a yellow versus a red.
    But keep going away from the original topic while you’re at it.

  69. mthead14 says:

    head-pound for head-pound they are one of the world’s best

  70. tjones says:

    Oh burned!!!!!
    Seriously dude are you 13 or something?

  71. LD says:

    Hume scored a goal in that game, Bocanegra committed a horrendous foul, watch it on youtube and if you dont think thats a red card you are out to lunch. Bradley got a red in that game, USA won the game on a blown call. Dempsey has sharpened elbows and gets away with it all the time. WTF does karma have to do with what I am talking about?

  72. troy says:

    de rosario is the best canadian ever, and my favorite ever MLS player. him, donovan, and ching all on the quakes was just unfair. best attacking trio in mls history without a doubt

  73. Casey says:

    Karma has to do with Hume should have not been playing in that game. He should have been done much earlier in that game.

    I am out to lunch? WTF does that mean?

    And it wasn’t a blown call. A deflection off a defender does not make a player in an offside position onside.

  74. ld says:

    Hume didnt sub into the game until the 64th minute and scored 12 min later in the 76th minute, so what you just said makes no sense. How many bad fouls could he have made in 12 minutes? Bocanegras foul was in the 29th minute. It was almost 5 years ago so maybe you forget, or maybe you never even watched the game, or more likely you dont know a damn thing about this sport.

  75. Casey says:

    Or maybe you’re just a homer. Hume got away with a lot of cheap shots as small guys usually do. 12 minutes is a lot of time to get a red. Look at Mario Balotelli and his quick reds.

    Canadian fans just love complain. Sorry about your cheating Sedin twins too.

  76. Joseph says:

    Just like how the officials gave USA all the calls in the last World Cup