UEFA Champions League: Your Running Commentary


The UEFA Champions League is back in action, as defending champion Barcelona looks to take its first step toward a quarterfinal berth against an upstart but capable Bayer Leverkusen side in the opening match of the knockout stage. Barcelona is a bit shorthanded for the match, as an injured Xavi has been left out of the lineup, and Gerard Pique is out as well.

In the day's other match, tournament Cinderella APOEL Nicosia travels to France to take on Lyon, a team that is fortunate to be in the knockout round after overcoming long odds on the final day of group play to stay alive. 

Here is the viewing schedule for Tuesday's matches:

2:45 p.m. – Fox Soccer Channel – Bayer Leverkusen vs. Barcelona

2:45 p.m. – Fox Soccer Plus/FoxSoccer.tv – Lyon vs. APOEL Nicosia

If you will be watching any of Tuesday's UCL action, please feel free to share any thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below. Enjoy the games.

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34 Responses to UEFA Champions League: Your Running Commentary

  1. BB says:

    So Eric Wynalda lost the main host slot on all FSC broadcasts? He’s better at color in my opinion.

  2. Brian says:

    why no xavi?

  3. Cisco2k says:

    Nursing a calf injury

  4. chris says:

    and nursing a calf

  5. emman says:

    He’s an animal doctor?!?!

  6. emman says:

    all at the same time

    wuttuh pro

    and i can’t get no damn stream on campus womp

  7. AK says:

    Leverkusen has parked not just one, but many buses.

  8. Dos says:

    This Barca game is tough to watch . . . a little like FIFA when one person puts down the controller.

  9. AK says:

    78 percent possession is simply incredible against a Champions League caliber team.

  10. beachbum says:

    forced to do so imo

  11. Mua'Dweeb says:

    Let’s all kiss the barcelona ring! Yay!

    I can’t wait until a team either figures out how to play these guys or Barca just loses their mojo. They are 50% why the Spanish league is so boring to watch.

  12. AK says:

    Figures out how to play them? They are simply better than everyone. There is no secret way to play them.

  13. CroCajun says:

    Secret to beating Barca:

    Step 1: Blow up their youth academy.

    Step 2: Wait for their current players to retire.

    Yes, it’s a long term strategy, but I think it would work.

  14. beachbum says:

    or not…how about that


  15. CroCajun says:

    Holy Hell. They tied it up.

  16. beachbum says:

    attack them in the air from the flanks…not their strength

  17. CroCajun says:

    Well timed comment.

  18. Spectra says:

    Yeah this is turning into a real game here. Hopefully they don’t park it again

  19. CroCajun says:

    So much for that.

  20. AK says:

    That pass from Fabregas was filthy.

  21. beachbum says:

    yeah, that guy Messi is fun to watch :)

  22. AK says:

    OMG Messi, so close to an unspeakably incredible goal.

  23. beachbum says:

    ridiculous whistle there, and the yellow? for what?

  24. CroCajun says:

    I didn’t get to see Pele or Maradona, but it’s hard to imagine anyone being better than this guy.

  25. AK says:

    Pulling him down, he yanked him by the jersey on the left arm. It’s why he fell.

  26. chris says:

    You need to tone down the barcelona d!ck riding Adrian

  27. AK says:

    Games like this really show how amazing Messi is without Xavi and Iniesta.

    Dude just beasts games by himself.

  28. AK says:

    Grow up, kid. That’s why he was given a yellow card. Sorry you have a problem with reality.

  29. beachbum says:

    and another weak whistle shoulder to shoulder w/ Mascherano

    and the yellow was not earned imo

  30. AK says:

    Case in point. Beast.

  31. AK says:

    I didn’t think it was much of a tug either, but that’s why the Lever player was given a card.

  32. pd says:


  33. marco says:

    Messi and Alexis looked good.
    Cesc is no Xavi, not even close.
    My guess is that possession has been down as has been scoring from the flanks.
    Opponents now have more of the ball and Barcelona has to defend more. Most coaches see this. The Special One was wrong to bunker against this weakened Barcelona, and since he may be the last to change, that makes him not so special. Pep is doing a good job with what he has.

  34. AK says:

    Possession is actually up, in fact Barcelona had 78% in the first half of this game and more than 70% in the second half against a great Leverkusen squad.