U.S. Under-23s vs. Mexico: Match Night Commentary

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The U.S. Men's Under-23 national team will play its finaly exhibition match before Olympic Qualifying kicks off in a month in Nashville with a match agianst arch-rival Mexico in Frisco, Texas tonight (10pm, Telefutura).

 Head coach Caleb Porter will be trotting out a strong team against Mexico tonight, with Bill Hamid and Juan Agudelo leading a squad that will make up most of the team that will take part in CONCACAF Olympic Qualifying in Nashville and Kansas City.

Tonight's match should help offer some insight into the players Porter plans on using when qualifying begins, and which players have the best chance of being part of the Olympic Team this summer in London.

SBI will be providing live commentary on tonight's match so please feel free to follow along here. As always, you are welcome to share your own thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Tonight's Commentary is after the jump):

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116 Responses to U.S. Under-23s vs. Mexico: Match Night Commentary

  1. Not Soony Saad says:


  2. TomG says:

    VeRy interesting lineup w both Mixx and Adu, there’s a lot of playmaking on the field for the Nats, and a lot of speed on the other side with Gyau and Corona. This should a fun game.

  3. MC Pharaoh says:

    Did I just see Agudelo with the Neymar-esque hair? Making a statement?

  4. vivavilla says:

    desperate for this as well…

  5. Vic says:

    Very excited about this skillful line-up. It may be the first time we have as much possession as Mexico.

  6. jakub says:

    Did this game switch from univision to telefutura. Because I totally thought this would be on univision. damn

  7. UMN says:

    idk if this is allowed pull it if not,but firstrowsports eu has it

  8. TomG says:

    He is hoping Barca will get confused and sign him for $40M.

  9. Trent Hill says:

    Im excited to see Mix and Corona in action. Adu/Agudelo/Gyau should be fun too. Wishing Josh Gatt and Conor Doyle were in the squad too.

  10. Not Soony Saad says:

    Awesome, thank you!

  11. jakub says:

    life saver. thanks

  12. pancholama says:

    There is a live feed internet link at:

    link to firstrowsports.eu

  13. Trent Hill says:

    Streams at firstrowsports dot eu and sportlemon dot tv.

  14. pat says:

    Game is on telefutura

  15. Corey says:

    Would this be considered Mexico’s “A” U23 team?

  16. wilyboy says:

    Anyone who doesn’t think the olympics are important needs to think about how badly the senior side could use attacking options.

  17. aolsh says:

    US attack looks goood. gyau, agudelo, etc. very dangerous looking. US dominating early.

  18. J-sizzle!! says:

    Is Adu fat? or is he just gettin stronger? … maybe it’s my tv.

  19. Aquaman says:

    Anyone think that Mix playing in a defensive type midfield role will silence some of the “He’s too soft” chatter?

  20. JD in FL says:

    Is anyone else impressed by the confidence that the US has on the ball? It’s entertaining to watch. I’m not familiar with all of these guys but I plan on paying more attention.

  21. Francois says:

    Mexican NT fans get on my last nerve, we’ve been controlling possession for 20 minutes, and they finally string together more than 3 passes and they break out the ‘Ole” chants.

  22. USA_A_OK says:

    Let me be the first to say, Gyau has wheels.

  23. Dane96 says:

    I dunno, to me, Aguedelo has been off with his first touch (reminding me of Jozy) a lot. Can’t seem to trap the ball in flight down to his feet.

    Otherwise, I think the US looks pretty solid.

  24. Vic says:

    Klinnsmann, we can play with skill and possession. Its just a matter of calling in the right players. Look at my post at 10:08. I predicted we would have possession when I saw the line-up.

  25. hogatroge says:

    Gotta give the Mexican announcers credit… they celebrate every GOOOOOOOOOOL no matter which teams puts it in!

  26. Rob says:

    Estados Unidos!

  27. Francois says:


  28. Dane96 says:

    And, on the poor non-pk call…leads to a corner, and Agudelo makes me eat my words.

    Crow…tastes great when it’s against Mexico.

  29. Rob says:

    Holy Cow!

  30. Francois says:


  31. iheartscotch says:

    What great timing by me…Just turned it to the game and right after we score two goals… With that said can someone list the starting line-up for me if you can remember? Thanks.

  32. RS says:

    I wonder how Colombians watching the game feel when Agudelo scores and the Telefutura announcer says “desgraciadamente” (unfortunately).

    When will these Mexican announcers realize that the US team has Latinos from several countries, and that 19 other countries other than Mexico speak Spanish. Will they say its unfortunate when Corona scores too?

    Oh and Adu scores a nice one!

  33. USAmr says:

    I am loving our style of play!

  34. MB says:

    Hamid; Sarkodie, Opara (c), Kitchen, Valentin; Morales, Diskerud, Corona; Adu, Agudelo, Gyau

  35. Shane says:

    It is Caleb Porters influence. All his teams play/look this way

  36. Chupacabra says:

    I don’t where you’re watching but here in NJ the goddamn channel cut to commercials before and while the goals were scored, bastards.

  37. Phlub says:

    Telefutura is still American even though it’s in Spanish.

  38. Rob says:

    10 dollars says that this game gets “chippy.”

  39. Aquaman says:

    That’s what I’m saying. He doesn’t even look like he’s trying and he’s just burning people.

  40. J-sizzle!! says:


  41. wilyboy says:

    Mexico furious at the Americans ability to keep the ball.

  42. Brett says:

    They are missing a few talented players.

  43. Brett says:

    He definitely looks like he’s been on a Mexican chicken diet.

  44. Eric says:

    Wow- what a half!! This has been a great day for USA soccer so far. Keep it up in the 2nd half!!

  45. TomG says:

    By chippy you mean, “looks like a luchadore match is breaking out.”

  46. TomG says:

    Great half. Best possession game I’ve ever seen a US team play on any level.

  47. TADevil says:

    link to wii-cast.eu

    It’s a bit fuzzy but I could see our two goals just fine! Go USA!!!!!

  48. PurpleGold says:

    my computer goes into sleep mode with the score at 0-0. I get it back on and its 2-0. Nice.

  49. Judging Amy says:

    Who else is eligible for this Olympic team? Jozy, Boyd, Shea? Anyone else? Appears to be a nice little squad.

  50. dhines says:

    funny how 2 goals can shut them up.

  51. predicto says:

    Makings for the best USA performances in one night – ever!

  52. TADevil says:

    Forget my link. The links posted above are better quality. Thanks guys!

  53. Jake says:

    Anyone excited to see how some of the usmnt players fit into the u-23 team? It’s gonna be a fight for playing time on this team, ton of great players

  54. abc says:

    Porter already silenced it in his interview with the ExtraTime podcast. Plus he’s not in Norway anymore, he’s now in Belgium and playing regularly so far.

  55. HAAA says:

    Colombia 2 Mexico 0

    USA 2 Mexico 0


  56. wilyboy says:

    This might be the first Olympic Team I actually think doesn’t need over-age players. Maybe toss Cameron or George John in there, but overall, damn.

  57. hogatroge says:

    Happy to see Mix looking scrappy on D, contrary to previous reports on his lackadaisical defending.

  58. sammysounder74 says:

    Player of the Match . . . Adam Johannson!

  59. steveo says:

    Are my eyes deceiving me? I’m watching US-Mexico, with one team passing with confidence in tight spaces and keeping possession, while the other is on its heels, unable to get out of its own end-awhich team is which? I’m confused…

  60. Luke says:

    Hands down, the best possession team I have ever seen the US put out there at any level! I am more excited about these guys than any other US group! They are actually out-possessing Mexico by a wide margin, and they play some attractive soccer! Caleb Porter for National Team coach!

  61. Sam says:

    Totally agree. I’ve only been watching the second half…us controlling Mexico like this, at any level, is fun to watch.

  62. HAAA says:

    Where are all of you Mexican fans? You guys are hiding under your beds. HHAAAAAAA!!!!

  63. Joe Creighton says:

    I’m loving this.

    We look great. Joe Wowis fast.

    Great save from Johnson. Only one he’s had to make tonight.

    Bye Juan. Good game.

  64. Joe Creighton says:

    Is Hamid in goal?

  65. HAAA says:

    U-23 looking good. Great night of soccer. USMNT wins, Mexico’s national team gets spanked (As* kicked, (HHAAAAA!!!!!!) and the U-23 is spanking the PICANTE out of the little Mexicans u-23 side.

  66. Dank says:

    Mix has been bossing this game. I hope he begins contributing to the senior team soon.

  67. Cornejo says:

    He still too soft for the big team, but he is still young

  68. Clayton says:

    Johnson took over the second half.

  69. Chuck says:

    Why is Will Wheaton goalkeeping for Mexico???

  70. Marcus says:

    This team is more fun to watch than the senior squad

  71. Francois says:

    Wow, these Telefutura announcers are so biased it’s unbelievable haha

  72. bs says:

    Wow! Totally a penalty!

  73. bs says:

    Mexico U23’s still have better talent but we have the better team like always.

  74. steve says:

    Kitchen owns the final 3rd!

  75. Vic says:

    By what standards USA U-23s have more players in Europe?

  76. Chuck says:

    5-2 Vs Atlante…I would say they are ready for Santos

  77. Paul says:


  78. This Guy says:

    MOTM could be Valentin.

  79. This Guy says:

    Mexico’s U23 team came up a lil’ “short” on this one.

  80. bs says:

    Cmon Ives. Thoroughly dominating Mexico for the full 90? I know you are a homer but I though Mexico dominated the second half, but did not have the end product.

    (SBI-Meant over the course of the full 90 minutes USA was better. Mexico played better in the 2nd half but dominated? Don’t think so. They were never really that threatening.)

  81. Alex G says:

    GO USA, BYE BYE MEXAS, great day 4 us.

  82. beachbum says:

    agree…was going to post the same thing. Got to believe Porter will get his chance

    what a performance tonight. Hopefully just the beginning!

  83. Francois says:

    They had useless possession in the middle third of the pitch for the last 30 minutes, the U.S. could have made it 3 or 4 nil a few times early in the second half.

  84. Joe Creighton says:

    Mexico dominated the 2nd half???


    You can’t be serious?

  85. Ben says:

    that was one of the better on the ball performances I’ve seen from the US against good competition in a very long time.

  86. ACS says:

    That should have been a lot worse….Gyau and Mixx in beast mode with Adu and Corona not far behind.

  87. Amru says:

    Probably one of the most dominant performances I have ever seen from any US team. My MOTM has to be mix he was everywhere tonight

  88. Luis Bueno says:

    Very impressive performance, though it must be said that this Mexican u23 is no possession orientated like the senior squad.

    I was also surprised how clean the match was, the Ives Jinx continues

  89. abc says:

    Don’t you post here all the time? You seriously don’t know who is eligible for the Olympics? Chandler and Danny Williams, plus those guys.

  90. pancholama says:

    Mexican commentators, towards the end of the game, praised Mixx Diskerud as one of the best all around American players throughout the whole game. They also regularly commented on how opportune and solid his defending was.
    Gyau gave the right side of the Mexican defense nightmares. With Agudelo and Adu on the attack Mexico was really backed into their own end.
    A lot of promising football from the US in this one.

  91. abc says:

    With Opara we might only need one over-age CB. I’d take Cameron or Ream (John has done nothing since his failed move to Blackburn). Fabian Johnson as LB. Then our defense will be solid enough that we can take someone like Dempsey or Donovan even though our midfield is already stacked.

  92. abc says:

    Actually that’s pretty relevant here…

  93. abc says:

    Half a dozen guys could have been MOTM tonight, Kitchen, Valentin, Morales, Opara, Gyau, Agudelo, Adu… but I’d have to go with Diskerud.

  94. ThaDeuce says:

    Whatever happened to gale ag-something? Is he not fit yet? Still going to make the team?

  95. blargh says:

    We dominated pretty much every aspect of the game for the first 60 minutes. Mexico controlled possession for the last 30 minutes (after we started subbing players out) without creating much. It was a pretty dominant performance overall for the US.

  96. Polo says:


  97. blargh says:

    Fantastic combination of attractive possession soccer and high defensive pressure from the US tonight. It proved hard to maintain over 90 minutes, but for a while there it looked like there was only one team on the field.

  98. Murs says:

    If Opara plays like this for San Jose, they are going to have a very strong team.

  99. Guy says:

    Concacaf is getting stronger….no doubt

  100. Saul says:

    who is Mixx?

  101. fischy says:

    The first half was a different affair. The USA had more of the possession, but Mexico looked more skilled in their play. Aside from sending balls down the wing to Gyau, the USA struggled to look threatening. I won’t say the goals came against the run of play, but they were surprising…and a better goalie would have stopped both.

  102. fischy says:

    By the standard of watching how comfortable they are with the ball at their feet? Some of those USA Euro players — Morales especially, looked slow and awkward.

  103. Judging Amy says:

    Just seeing if I left anyone out. And very lazy.

  104. 2tone says:

    Great day. well all I have to say is look out world because the U.S. has some damn good U-23 players. And they were still missing Shea, Agbossoumonde, Boyd, and Gatt. Morales and Diskerud were very good. I still think Adu should be the #10. Corona was decent, btu Adu is better. I think Corona should be on the wing. I bet he is happy he decided to represent the U.S. over Mexico.

  105. Judging Amy says:

    I thought Morales was dreadful. And as someone born in Peru I wish I didn’t think that. Hopefully I got my player mixed up or something.

  106. Cyrus says:

    This Mexican team is just as possession oriented as the senior squad, they just played a better, more skilled, more athletic, and all around more talented team. This is a new generation of national team players we saw tonight. Sit back and enjoy the show.

  107. Neruda says:

    Great day for US Soccer. Senior team, womeans and olympic all winning!

    Sounds like Mexico was missing a few key players but so was the US. I wonder what impact Brek Shea would have had in this match? Also think of Boyd and Altidore among others on this team. The US may be stronger at this level than Mexico.

  108. abc says:

    Teal Bunbury is crap even at the U-23 level. This guy shouldn’t be called up to the US team at any level for like five years. In the meantime maybe he can join a local AYSO team and learn how to play soccer properly.

  109. abc says:

    He has no shot to make the team. He is now with the Carolina Railhawks. He’s still young with a lot of upside and may eventually figure things out, but right now he is a walking disaster who makes awful career decisions off the field and boneheaded mistakes on the field.

  110. beachbum says:

    I almost always agree with you, but not here. At first I wasn’t impresses with Morales, but as the game wore on, his physicality in there was nice, and he did not seem to tire like some of the other Americans imo

    Mixx, Morales and Corona did some good things in the middle of the field as a group I thought

  111. Eurosnob says:

    Mexico’s U23 team might draw from deeper pool of talented young players, but in terms of the individual top quality talent they are behind our U23. Gyau torched them all night even when they double and tripple teamed him, and he is only 19 years old (i.e., younger than most players in that U23 game). Did you see anyone on Mexican U23 team put together a similar performance? Mexican star players mostly did their ticki-tacka and hopeful long distance shots. And I am not even talking about goalkeepers, our U23 back up goalkeeper is significantly better than any keeper in Mexico’s youth system.

  112. Eurosnob says:

    And that happened only after, the coach subed out his starters (Gyau, Agudelo and Adu) and put the subs in. The first 20 minutes or so of the second half, the US dominstated possession. This was not one of those victories when the team sat back and defended and was lucky to catch an opponent on the counter – they played a very attractive, attacking soccer. I am very optimistic about this team. They outplayed, outpossessed, and outscored one of the best Mexican youth teams and did it with class and flare. In additional, several first team players like Altidore, Shea, Chander are still eligible to play for this U23 team.

  113. Eurosnob says:

    Mikkel Diskerud