USA U-23s 2, FC Dallas 1: Match Highlights

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21 Responses to USA U-23s 2, FC Dallas 1: Match Highlights

  1. Matt says:

    Who’s that Adu kid?

  2. Mark says:

    what is this, The Artist?

  3. Award says:

    Adu seems to be back on track. Awesome to see him actually played in his natural position. Not only that he went the full 90 a long with Okugo and Valentin. Seems that he will be one of the stars again for the Stars and Stripes. Shea being another, and I forsee, Boyd, Corona and Gyau to be exceptional as well.

  4. Steve in DC says:

    Yeah, terrific video. Well done.

  5. Joe Creighton says:

    Nice finish from Shea.

  6. THomas says:

    The only thing I could tell was that Dallas’ grounds crew sucks.

  7. Bellus Ludas says:

    Hey…don’t go hating. If Brek Shea’s Mom happens to have a video camera and wants to share on Ive’s site we should all appreciate the effort :-)

  8. Jamie Z. says:

    Shouldn’t this be listed under ‘Must-See Highlights’?

    I kid, I kid.

  9. ComoPark says:


  10. mwc says:


  11. mwc says:

    good stuff.

  12. jon says:

    haha. mama’s proud. little brek sure got a ahold of that one.

  13. vik says:

    Opara seems to be a threat on every free/corner kick. He has scored a fair number for SJ too, when he is healthy.

  14. soccerroo says:

    why would you think that?

  15. ilikeit says:

    freddy looking good. nice finish by shea too

  16. bryan says:

    adu looks good. hell of a finish from shea.

  17. Stephen says:

    Adu and Shea in the center of the park. I like, I like.

  18. blaise213 says:

    U-23 team missing 5/6 starters! Good result

  19. jon says:

    now why the hell can’t brek do that for our senior side. cuz jeff larentowicz has been the one trying to pass it to him. please… freddy adu starts in 2014. end of debate.

  20. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Bermuda grass goes dormant in the winter…

  21. WK says:

    think so too, but it looked he misjudged the CK where jacobsen scored- unless he was pushed. but Ike definitely has the fight in him to get to every ball- and he’s good about keeping them low, or at least under the crossbar.