You Write the Caption: The Donovan Interview Edition

It has been almost a year since SBI's last installment of You Write the Caption, and that one came after a two-year hiatus for one of the site's original and most popular series. We plan on changing that after feedback from readers who told us we should bring the series back.

For those of you unfamiliar, You Write the Caption is when we post a funny photo and allow our readers to take their cracks at writing a caption to go with the photo. You can go to our archives to find some of the past installments and get an idea of how it all works. Ultimately, not all entries have to be captions, they can also be thought bubbles and dialogue, but for the purposes of labeling the series, we'll keep calling it You Write the Caption.

The first YWTC of 2012 features a photo taken during the 2010 World Cup. It shows Landon Donovan after an interview with popular Mexican TV personality Ines Sainz.

Enjoy (Photo is after the jump):


"And all I have to do is score a goal against Algeria? I'll be right back."

That was SBI's caption attempt. Now feel free to send us yours. Try to keep them relatively short, and definitely keep them clean. We will delete any entries that cross the line.

Now let's hear some funny captions. Fire away.

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122 Responses to You Write the Caption: The Donovan Interview Edition

  1. Dannyc58 says:

    What? this is how I unzip my shirt!

  2. The Dude says:

    Man, Donovan looks good in those sweatpants.

  3. get that squirrel out of your shirt…then we’ll talk

  4. john.q says:

    “See this? My dong is on my chest. Impressed?”

  5. andrew says:

    Why are you Mexicans always telling me where to go!

  6. rugbymerv says:

    Also pictured – Landon Donovan

  7. jonk says:

    “But I thought you’d enjoy my armpit farts!?”

  8. Colin says:

    This isn’t a caption, but I’m LOLing at the creepy security guard.

  9. Jay says:

    Who needs a forward with a back like that?

  10. Johnny H. says:

    Can you please put on your deodorant over there, Senor Donovan? I’m trying to do a news segment.

  11. Chris says:

    Landon’s Brain

    “Right, Landon, act like you’re not interested while Bianca watches from afar!”

    “Have you met…” runs away, yelling “I Love you Bianca!”

  12. Skyler says:


  13. Powderhorn Pops says:

    “Seriously? you want me to do THAT right there? Well…ok.”

  14. Donny says:

    “Lando..tell that rent a cop to stop stalking me and I’ll set you up with the Roony’s hair implant doctor.”

  15. Mike says:

    Hey, I’m keeping my shirt on cause I don’t know whether that guard looking at my tookas or yours?

  16. Powderhorn Pops says:


  17. chris says:

    Lol, he must workout.

  18. Pat says:

    Girls are icky

  19. Big Joe says:

    “Ines, I have this strange rash I’d like you to look at..hold on while I unzip”.

  20. dainja says:

    Landon: “Wait, why is it such a pain to keep my mic pack on the front? How are you holding yours up on the back??? ………OHHHHHH!”

  21. Stephen says:

    “Woops, wrong article of clothing to stick my hand down”

  22. BB says:

    Ines: “Blankito! Put the nipple clamps over there! You WON’T be needing them for this interview.”

  23. Indigo Montoya says:

    Nice jeans.

  24. Stephen says:

    Don’t be a creeper (see man in the back right)

  25. Al_OC says:

    Time to see if my Axe deodorant works like the commercials.

  26. Cam says:

    No Landon, you CANNOT be at the top of the nude pyramid. Now get that jacket off and get in position!

  27. wildchild says:

    Listen, Ines, you’re not my coach, but if you want me to go over there and do some squats, then you’ll have to hold my vantriliquist dummy.

  28. Mark says:

    “it puts the lotion in the basket or else it gets the hose again.”

  29. Sabo CM says:

    “These pretzels are making me thirsty”

  30. Dinho says:

    That awkward moment when Landon asks Ines Sainz to do a “mic check,” as tucked it into his pants.

  31. TomG says:

    Excuse me while I whip this out.

  32. 99 says:

    lol! victory.

  33. Brad says:

    That pack of Landycakes has got to be in here somewhere…

  34. Kevin says:

    “So is this the way to Dempsey’s room?”

  35. TGA says:

    Jeans as art!!

  36. Bk says:

    Cop: we’re looking for two missing hams and a bottle of rogaine. You two wouldn’t have seen those, right?

  37. NialQuinn says:

    Oh, I see…This thing I am attaching to my chest communicates with the thing clipped on the back of your pants…very good!

  38. trickhog says:

    Wait, Landon Donovan’s in that picture…?

  39. KungFuSoccer says:

    Am I looking at the right picture? I have looked at this picture again and again. I do not see Landon Donovan.

  40. QueenCity says:

    Ives, what did you just wake up from a coma! You pick a picture from 2010, how absurd.

    Sorry, Ives love your column but you deserve it.

    (SBI-No, no coma, just a picture I’ve been waiting for some time to use and one that screamed out be part of a YWTC. WHo ever said photos have to be timely in a caption contest? What matters is comedy value.)

  41. Gnarls says:


  42. PH says:

    LD: Chicks dig “armpit” farts

  43. Jeff says:

    Wherever you want me; just remember it’s double if your friend wants to watch.

  44. baby, it wasn't me says:

    no sh!t….azz fo daysssssss

  45. pgloerse says:

    I think that guard plays for the Jets – want me to take him out with my ninja skills?

  46. Jonny says:

    “So maybe pulling a Brandi Chastain with this sports bra during an interview was a bad idea….”

  47. QueenCity says:

    Maybe you do not remember but “what did you just wake up from a coma!” was your response to my question in your Live Q&A on Friday. I felt turn about was fair play, and I found it very comical.

    (SBI-Haha, fair enough. Touche then.)

  48. Bobby says:

    “Just got my first chest hair…wanna see?”

  49. marco says:

    Look at the ball Landon.

  50. Mark says:

    Ines: Go pee on that bush over there.

  51. Chris says:

    If I lean awkwardly to the right maybe she won’t see Bianca right behind me.

  52. Mike Vann says:

    Donovan: ” Hey, hold your horses. I know a have a five, ten, or a twenty somewhere in here!”

  53. JJJ says:

    Go over there while I get the donkey for the show.

  54. Wm. says:

    Right! He can’t believe his eyes! That’s the best part of the pic. Well, the second best part…

  55. Jeffrey Morgan says:

    Landon reaches for the yellow card, but it’s too late. He’s been sent off.

  56. Wm. says:

    My pick so far. Well done, Sir.

  57. brad says:

    Your mic looks loose, here, let me help you with that..

  58. Wm. says:

    Re: the security guard. Now that I look closer it looks like Cyclops from the X-Men. Same glasses and everything.

  59. Rory says:

    So I can put your down for one autographed copy of “Wild Soccer Bunch” that has been rubbed against my chest hair.

  60. SS says:

    Ines, this isn’t the New York Jets practice! What are you doing here?!

  61. Seth says:

    A pictures worth 1000 words…

  62. Rory says:

    Ever since the incident with the Jets, all players interviewed by Ines must keep their hands in their jacket at all times.

  63. Artie says:

    Not a caption, but…

    Is there someone standing directly behind Landon, helping him with his mic? It could just be that certain things in the picture are throwing strange shadows.

  64. PetedeLA says:

    My personal favorite, but I can’t imagine this is what Ives was shooting for.

  65. KungFuSoccer says:

    First known photograph of World Cup security testing “anti terrorism” x-ray goggles. The technology was again used extensively at the Women’s World Cup.

  66. Rory says:

    Yeah, you can see their head over his left shoulder. A little different positioning and we could have an awesome “weekend at bernies” caption.

    Here we see Jimmy Conrad using a dead Landon Donovan as a girl catcher.

  67. Wispy says:

    Landon Donovan attempts in vain to show the Mexican media that only the hair on his head has suffered with age.

  68. Rory says:

    Stare as hard as you can, Rental Cop, but those sunglasses aren’t x-ray vision glasses.

  69. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Landon.. “OMG…what the hell was I thinking wearing sweatpants to this interview?”

  70. chris says:

    its gunna cost a little extra for your friend to watch

  71. MikeMagee says:

    You mean to tell me you’re NOT Mike Magee?
    Leave……and send me the REAL Mike Magee!

  72. MyPurpleUnderCracker says:

    In a South African accent- “And as we look on from the bushes we see the elusive Donovan performing a seductive striptease for the pretty lady….it does not appear to be working.”

  73. Gon Darber says:

    Oh Mexico, Oh Mexico,
    God shed his grace on thee
    and crowned they good old sisterhood
    from cheek to shining cheek!

  74. AC says:

    Donovan: “What, I have to sit in time out?! It was just an arm-pit farting noise prank!”

  75. THomas says:

    How am I supposed to train when the soccer balls are in your jeans?

  76. Thor says:

    and they wonder why I won’t leave So Cal for England

  77. Kevin says:

    I see Mexico has one hell of a “back line” …

  78. C Beakington says:

    OK! 5 minutes of time out for arm farting in public.

  79. ManicMessiah says:

    Donovan(thought): ‘At least the copy machine let me get to third base before shutting me down.’

  80. CSD says:

    “You got a player like Landon who chose to stay in the US to get interviews with the hotties…”
    Brad Friedel

  81. JG13 says:

    “Where can I get me one of those?”

    “The mic packs are right over there”

    “Um… that wasn’t exactly what I, eh, nevermind…”

  82. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Donovan: Yeah, my pants seem tighter, too.

  83. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Wrong. Just wrong.

  84. Ok, even I think this is funny — especially with the mostly male readers of this blog.

    (oh, for the good ol’ days when I could wear jeans like that!)

  85. NC Jeff says:

    Two ideas …

    #1) USMNT’s new lineup: A single forward, a great middle, and a goalie with a stone wall in front of him.


    #2) Now, if you could keep your eyes on that ball like this …

  86. Jason says:

    Please tell me we are doing this interview without clothes.

  87. CrazyMike366 says:

    Security Guard: “Suspect is concealing a gun under his sweatsuit. It must be a hit on the reporter. Initiate Protocol Alpha. Take him out.”

  88. Steve says:

    Hey, Ines you like armpit farts?

  89. Big Chil says:

    “Landon, quit squirming. The mike really DOES go THERE. Relax, open your arms, put one hand on your belly and take a deep breath, and it goes in much easier.”

  90. Mike Caramba says:

    Fernando Torres brought in as USMNT consultant

  91. Matt Snyder says:

    ???Landon was IN the photo?? WHERE??? “Something” else must have distratcted me; I obviously missed him.

  92. Tony in Quakeland says:

    “From behind? Isn’t that a red card?”

  93. Buddle-icious says:

    And no matter how tight my jeans were, all Rex Ryan would look at was my feet!

  94. THomas says:

    Male stripper in the security guard ‘uniform’arrived late to his ‘appointment’ and hid from view…

    “Donovan! Not again…”

  95. Suester says:

    Security Guard: “Those jeans are nothing, Damn look at Donovan’s bum in those sweats!”

  96. downintexas says:

    So, you still think Dempsey is a better balla’!

  97. erik says:

    “ask your friend there to be part of the donkey show, I’m Ines Sainz gringo.”

  98. ACS says:

    Landon: “You want me to take my shirt off?”
    Reporter: “No, I’m good, now run along”

  99. BrianK says:

    Ines Sainz – “For the last time,…I do not know who Hiney Moreno is,…now get away from me!”

  100. fischy says:

    When this guy’s done back there, I’ll help you hide your mic….

  101. \ says:

    for sure!

  102. nic d "the distracted 2 stepper" says:

    Where is Donovan?

  103. steveo says:

    “No, the sweatpants don’t look any better on you than on your coach, now get out of here before I call that security guard!”

  104. Gronk says:

    Yo soy fiesta.

  105. Georg says:

    Ya he must work out!!

  106. Will Titus says:

    “The game is called ‘Shadow.’ We have to mirror each other’s actions. Let’s play…I’ll go first.”

  107. CroCajun says:

    I don’t know what to do with my hands…

  108. Mark says:

    Landon Donovan is surprised to see that Bret Michaels is his date.

  109. LAZO says:

    I will show you mine first.

    Then you show me YooRs

  110. Amit says:

    Landon Donovan: Explain this whole purple nurple thing again

  111. Ken says:

    Security Guard (Rafa Marquez in disguise): You won’t score again on my watch Landon

  112. Frank says:

    Landon: “Fine I’ll put my shirt down over there but what are we going to do about yours?”

  113. buff111 says:

    Donovan: “You want me to go over there and beg, with my hand up my shirt?”
    Security guard thinking: “She’s worth it, beg like a dog dude.”

  114. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    “OK, no problem. I’ll just pee over there.”

  115. Tibet2 says:

    Landon, the soccer balls are over there, not in my shirt and stop touching your nipples, your grossing me out.

  116. Mike Caramba says:

    Si se puede?

  117. Goalscorer24 says:

    Donovan: “…the male stripper you invited for your birthday party… uh, yeah that is me.”

    Security Guard/Stripper: “Hey that guy is taking my gig.”

  118. Todd says:

    I like big butts and I cannot lie!!!!

  119. Jamie in VT says:

    Zookeeper Johnson to HQ, el burro is on the loose! I repeat, el burro is on the loose!

  120. Donovan: “Hell yeah, I am buffer than Mark Sanchez. Wanna see?”