AC Milan 0, Barcelona 0: Match Highlights

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3 Responses to AC Milan 0, Barcelona 0: Match Highlights

  1. PaulTheOctopus says:

    Is that an ad for steroids that half of the time appears to the left?

  2. mitchitized says:

    “We’re sorry, this video cannot be played from your current location.”

    Enjoy your ‘roids Paul 😛

    Would be nice to only include videos that can be seen internationally, being that this is, you know, the Internet and all.

  3. Smacking says:

    The Fox Sports/MSN videos rarely load for me here in the states. I get to see the ad and then the video just ends. When I try to replay the video, it may load a few seconds, but then again it just ends. Don’t even get me started on trying to click on the more videos link