Behind the Crest: U.S. U-23s’ preparation

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8 Responses to Behind the Crest: U.S. U-23s’ preparation

  1. hush says:

    Nice! I’m glad to have Corona on the U.S side.

    I’m also siked that USSOCCER is doing a better job in regards to team videos. Two thumbs up!

  2. 2tone says:

    Love the behind the crest series. More please. Oh and I also love the music as well.

  3. Brad says:

    Solid video. While we are on the subject of the crest, I think we should change our crest to the real seal of the USA, and not that clipart piece of crap. I wonder what would have to happen to get the ball rolling towards that change.

  4. I’ve noticed that there hasn’t been a Behind the Crest for the senior team ever since Klinsman took over. Bradley’s era had those all the time, even for friendlies. I would have loved to have seen what Klinsman tells his players at the half, especially against Italy.

  5. malkin says:

    Bus driver totally blows that red light at 0:21

  6. Ludacris says:

    This was good. But it would be better with Heather Soltis. Any video with her is automatically better.

  7. bryan says:

    hahahahaha wow, yeah, that was blatant!

  8. JSA says:

    Neymar looks pretty good in a USNT kit.