CCL Quarterfinals: Match Night Commentary


The Seattle Sounders, LA Galaxy and Toronto FC look to move into the CONCACAF Champions League semifinals with victories tonight in second-leg quarterfinal action.

The Galaxy take on TFC at Home Depot Center tonight (10pm, Fox Soccer Channel) needing a win or a low-scoring draw to advance after posting a 2-2 draw in the opening leg in Toronto.

Seattle's path to the semifinals is tougher, with a match in Torreon, Mexico against Santos Laguna (8pm, Fox Soccer Channel). The Sounders were impressive in handing the first-place team in Mexico a 2-1 defeat in Seattle last week, but will face a much tougher challenge south of the border.

SBI will be providing live commentary on tonight's matches so please feel free to follow along here. As always, feel free to share your own thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Commentary is after the jump):


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140 Responses to CCL Quarterfinals: Match Night Commentary

  1. T says:

    Seattle died.

  2. Gnarls says:

    Ouch. Yup.

  3. NE Matt says:

    Welp, I hope LA wins and keeps my hope of an MLS champ alive

  4. T says:

    game over

  5. T says:

    Game over, Seatlle is done they totally S**T their pants.

  6. Chris says:

    WOW guys…there is a lot of game left to play here.

  7. T says:

    Our only hope is LA as I expected and their defense is crap, MLS needs to allow more roster depth.

  8. T says:

    This is Mexico, you fall behind especially an MLS team your a** is grass. LA is going to have to win it for us.

  9. Jay says:

    True, but with Seattle having to attack now it will leave them open to the counter all night. It could get ugly.

  10. T says:

    Not a Seattle hater, but all the crap talking before the game rings hollow now.

  11. Dimidri says:

    If Santos end up winning it all, has an American ever participated in the Club World Cup?(yes, this fatalistic now)

  12. Polo says:

    Nice job showing up Seattle.

  13. a says:

    everyone giving up in the 10th minute. here we go. another away goal would be huge

  14. Reality says:

    You mean this game between relatively even squads wasn’t open and shut after 10 minutes. SHOCKING!!!

  15. Chris says:

    Look who was right so far…

  16. slowreno says:

    spoke too soon!

  17. CA says:

    I like Sounders chances in the second half. Possession is getting much better, and they’re making more and more chances. Defense has to get better though.

  18. T says:

    I’m still upset the defense was pathetic on those two goals, pick up the pace next half!!

  19. CA says:

    Estrada hasn’t done anything. EJ should come on somewhere around minute 65.

  20. 2tone says:

    I think it’s EJ time. Estrada hasn’t done much anyways.

  21. 2tone says:

    HAHHAHA- looks like you spoke way to soon. You like eating that crow.

  22. T says:

    It’s delicious, I like to marinate mine after roasting it in my fire in the back woodland areas of my home in Seattle. I was upset with my fellow supporters who were talking like we already won.

  23. Gnarls says:

    Currently 3-1. Another away goal will win it for Seattle. Come on, you soggy mofos.

  24. JGD says:

    Disappointing thus far. Why can’t MLS teams beat Mexican squads? You can’t tell me Mexican Primera is all that much better as a league.

    We’re not going to be taken seriously if we can’t even be the best league of 2 on the continent.

  25. Polo says:

    Blown the f out.

  26. NE Matt says:

    Herculez Gomez is a BEAST!

    Hope he is alright though after that collision.

  27. bs says:

    Dude. Even if somehow an MLS team wins the CCL the Mexican League is still a notch better from top to bottom.

  28. Joe Quake says:

    Torres did with Pachuca and I think Herc Gomez was on that team too.

  29. drewcore says:

    Wish I had known about the Christopher Sullivan “Benjamin Galindo” drinking game. I’d be in the hospital by now…

  30. Topher says:

    Well their average salary is about 3x the MLS, I’m pretty sure. And I disagree, they kinda do seem to be THAT much better (and I love the MLS).

    Remember also that this Santos team is at the top of the table.

    Their passing just seems so much better than what you see in the MLS. Its like every player has “court-vision” if you will and knows where his teammate is going to make the run. I just don’t see that much in the MLS save RSL maybe. I think that is why Gomez fits better in this league, its because he makes a living off of being in the right place at the end of the kind of steady buildup that is rare in our league unfortunately.

    (side note: Hurtado is having a stinker of a game which is a notable part of the scoreline, IMO)

  31. Citronomics says:

    Make that a double Herculez. Damn he makes good slashing runs.

    Sounders getting the ball into dangerous areas but final touch is not there tonight.

    And another Santos break and score. Suarez with a laser to the far post. Knife now being twisted in the gut.

  32. Topher says:

    This could go down as a pretty bad night for American soccer I’m afraid….

    As a US soccer fan…go Galaxy!

  33. Snare says:

    It’s sometimes really hard to be an MLS fan…

  34. Kosh says:

    I thought MLS teams were past getting destroyed like this. This is very, very disheartening. That D has sucked something unnatural tonight, but then again the whole team looks just really, really slow. This hurts to watch.

  35. KevDC says:

    This is embarrassing!

    So are the Sounders’ kits.

  36. dougs says:

    Leo gonzalez is so bad with his positioning. And Johanson is not the answer on the right. Looks pretty scary for Seattle’s chances this season. I don’t want to hear one thing about this being pre-season for the Sounders as an excuse. They just aren’t good enough and part of that is the failure to improve personnel at key spots.

  37. Kosh says:

    What the HECK were they doing with their freakin’ week off anyways?!?!

  38. Jay says:

    OK, forget could it did get ugly. Seattle’s attack was good but man their left on defence got torched all night.

  39. Gnarls says:

    Wow. Hurtado is a toolbox.

  40. Kosh says:


  41. Gnarls says:

    This game went from hopeful to dreadful to hopeful to dreadful to downright painful.

  42. Kosh says:

    The only team left standing that is mature enough to compete this year is the Galaxy. This is embarrassing and becoming outright infuriating! I wish someone could get fired for this!!

  43. Snare says:

    I hope Seattle has a really crappy season, because if they tear it up this year it won’t look good for MLS.

  44. Brian H says:

    Relatively even you say? There is nothing even about this game.

  45. 2tone says:

    Could Hurtado and Gonzales be any worse. Hurtado one of the worst CB’s I have seen. Horrible positioning all night long. Seattle better get that backline straitened out for the MLS season. LA and Seattle may have a plethora of attacking options, but they may also have two of the weakest backlines in MLS this year.

  46. Gnarls says:

    6 minutes left. I foresee another Santos goal.

  47. wilyboy says:

    “One of the richest clubs in Mexico.”

    That’s the sad difference. MLS is designed for parity. Unless that parity is raised considerably, MLS clubs will have a hard time advancing against the most successful Mexican clubs.

    Plus the atmosphere. It’s like you can hear “screw you, gringos” every time the ball hits the net.

  48. Chupacabra says:

    Nice showing by SBI’s #2 ranked MLS team!

  49. 2tone says:

    Oh and don’t get me started about there lack of a true striker as well. Heres to seeing RSL dominant this season. Who in my book is the best squad in MLS.

  50. eddie says:

    Seattle looks pretty bad. Defense went to sh….t.

  51. 2tone says:

    Thats kind of an ignorant post.

  52. Victor says:

    I think someone needs to get fired for this. Seattle sets up so many expectations and then looks bad. first Man U now against Santos. poor, poor poor stuff. just when I thought we made progress as a league……this happens tonight. geez

  53. Kosh says:

    The whole team was stretched, too slow physically and mentally and just outright lethargic. This is really unacceptable – preseason or not – you can’t be getting blown out like this, even by a team with better resources. Not like this!

  54. Snare says:

    I know it was. I’m just really upset with how they’re playing. I’ll feel better tomorrow.

  55. Gnarls says:


  56. TomG says:

    Sad. Seattle completely dominated the first leg and the just didnt come to play tonight. Yes, the altitude and atmosphere are tough, but they made it too easy tonight.

  57. 2tone says:

    Looks like LA will be the last standing. Seattle’s defenders i.e. Gonzales and Hurtado should be ashamed of themselves tonight. Seattle should be in th market for a LB, CB, and a true striker.

  58. KC says:

    Men Vs. Boys

  59. Kosh says:

    as a DC United fan, it kills me to the core to say this, but for the good of the league I’ll swallow this nasty bile…Nah, I can’t say the words, so “echo” is going to have to do for now. For the good of the league. LOL 😉

  60. Kosh says:

    There were Boys out there tonight?

  61. James says:

    Hopefully this makes some of those “The MLS is a great league guys!!!” sit down and shut up. The MLS has a long way to go, for many many reasons.
    Just because we’re America doesn’t mean we get everything we throw at the wall is good. Seattle is supposed to be a top 5 MLS team and they got completely wiped out.

  62. T says:


  63. T says:


  64. EARL says:

    who would you fire and what would it accomplish? THIS IS THEIR SECOND GAME OF THE SEASON. sounds like you’re the one who set up so many expectations.

    oh, and the man u game was worth zero points.

  65. T says:

    OWNED top 5 MLS team my arse, RSL is and still is the only team in MLS that can play possession soccer.

  66. Kosh says:

    Dude I am pissed too but perhaps you should consider some…perspective, before you go out and execute the whole league because some anointed top 5 team that has yet to play a game this year got annihilated.

    Did this one instance suck? Yes, it sure did. But results like this do happen in sports. I believe Man United did something like this to Roma a few years back. Chillax, dude.

  67. T says:

    It is time to raise the “cap”, we can’t compete financially with the big guns down south. Hate to say it but you can get better quality with better salary. Parity is good for our league, but not at the international level.

  68. Gnarls says:

    Don’t know if you’re a self-critical MLS fan or a just a eurosnob, but no one is saying “Derpa derrr, MLS is awesome…” Most of us are positive about the future of our league. We want soccer to succeed in this country, therefore we’re fans AND proponents of the league. So relax, honeychild.

  69. Big Chil says:

    Watching via a stream at a Dazbog in Capitol Hill, Denver.

  70. Big Chil says:

    Watch the Rapids this year :)

  71. marco says:

    Great game by Santos, speed, energy, and efficiency. I’m not sure what Sigi had in mind with the high line, cause I don’t remember any off-side traps working. With the Sounder FBs up high the Santos attackers took off from deep positions and won every race. Poor Leo was abused but he can’t defend and recover from the center stripe. The entire back line lacks the speed and quickness to play that high. EJ injured? The Sounders management gambled on an out of condition, traveled vet. If he doesn’t come around, they could be out. This is the year when the fans can vote Sounder management out.

  72. Big Chil says:

    Agreed. It’s a slow process, but I think MLS/Garber gets an A+ for its growth/management the last 10 years.

    The next step is national tv contracts being the biggest revenue driver, like the other (American) leagues, THEN we start boosting the salaries.

  73. marco says:

    If they intend to use the same back four in MLS games, they’ll need to hold the wingers back and s*** can the trap.

  74. T says:

    Forgot about them, possession oriented coaches

    I like. Oscar and Jason doing great things in the rockies.

  75. JGD says:

    The Soccer Don said it best on the MiB pod today: the number one goal of MLS should be to win the CCL.

    It’s also mighty unfair that this round of CCL starts while Mexico is mid-season and MLS is just starting.

  76. Ricky B. Free says:

    What altitude? They dindt play in mexico city.

  77. predicto says:

    Toronto playing the high line and doing well. Galaxy offside seems every time they attack. LA gotta find those cutting mids.

  78. YO says:

    I really dislike the stripe across the Galaxy’s shirt.

  79. predicto says:

    wow, toronto great goal against the run of play!

  80. #1 Jozy fan says:

    AGAIN, LAs back line looks awful without Gonzalez.

  81. predicto says:

    I wish concacaf TV included elapsed time and score.

  82. T says:

    No hope for MLS teams this year, Bruce Arena sucks terribly and his teams cant play possession soccer. Seattle was a let down, no American teams will make it and Toronto will be raped by Santos Laguna barring major injuries from them. Garber has work to do.

  83. Casey says:

    Magee with a M. Bradley type attempt to block a cross.

  84. predicto says:

    wow, pretty dismal picture.

  85. Kosh says:

    I dunno about this outlook. TFC look like they are earning this one and with the speed they are showing tonight, they may be the better team to face Santos. I still think TFC needs to learn how to close out a game, but they seem better…or could it be that LA is worse? I dunno. I need a more data – let’s watch the 2nd half.

  86. 2tone says:

    LA yet again poor defense. Really I don’t expect either LA or Toronto to beat Santos in the next round.

  87. marco says:

    fb and striker for one

  88. 2tone says:

    Yes I ate some crow. It was delicious, but I wasn’t spouting off that Seattle was going to win either. So really there was no crow to eat( even though I put some salt and pepper, adn some Lousiana hot sauce on mine, quite good.)

  89. Casey says:

    Galaxy controlled possession and had a lapse. And TFC is better? Right.

  90. 2tone says:

    Can’t wait to see RSl back in the CCl this upcoming summer. Only real team that compete with most of the Mexican teams

  91. marco says:

    Klinsmann did you see that USA striker on Santos, call him in, please.

  92. 2tone says:

    Oh Donovan is still non existent for LA. SOmeone with his talent needs to be around the ball at all times. Expect more of the same from Arena’s LA team in the second half. Long ball, no possession, and hope Keane can nick a couple goals.

  93. T says:

    Kreis is the only coach who can get teams to play the correct style in MLS, not always perfect but pretty consistent. RSL hung tough with Mexican Champs Monterrey and thoroughly dominated their 2nd Leg with them, RSL would we CCL Champs if it weren’t for one bad defensive breakdown.

  94. Kasey says:

    disgruntled SSFC fan looking for LA blood

  95. predicto says:

    the chances are still coming for LA. at least one of them must go in….

  96. T says:

    LA will not repeat this year with their play, finishing is a mess as well as the defense.

  97. predicto says:

    even if toronto makes one for them

  98. Francois says:

    Mike Magee, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! A wide open header from 5 yards out, and he balloons it over the top.

  99. g-dub says:

    So LAG. Just enough to win. Bare minimum

  100. dude says:

    Dear Seattle and all MLS teams can you study the past ten years of results and try to learn something.

    Jesus what an embarrassment and with the Way LA is looking this tournament is a foregone conclusion

    Santos v Monterrey

  101. ericJ says:

    Not being argumentative, but what would you have them study exactly? They have better attackers than we had defenders.

  102. SilverRey says:

    I enjoy the minimal production value off concacaftv, you can always hear everyone in the stands on their feeds. I did have to come here to check out where we were in the game though. Far cry from UEFA CL coverage, though…

  103. predicto says:

    wow, toronto don’t get many chances, but they do put them awaw

  104. Kasey says:

    lol LA

  105. g-dub says:

    I’d have them study how not to have a disgusting uniform. Sounders should never wear that again after tonight’s hot mess. When you suck you can’t wear brash things like that.

  106. Nick says:

    I agree that the TEAMS are relatively even. This game is obviously not relatively even, but that is different then saying the teams aren’t. Its preseason vs. midseason form

  107. BamaMan says:

    Whose fault is that JGD? MLS has decided to kick their season off in March and finish in December. Brazilian clubs don’t whine about the schedule of the Copa Libertadores; they just go out and win it. If an MLS team was going to make a run in the CCL this season, I really wanted it to be Seattle, not LA. I wanted to see what it would look like to have a CCL Final in CenturyLink.

    But Seattle embarrassed themselves and they embarrassed MLS tonight. It doesn’t get any worse than what they did.

  108. ericJ says:

    Okay, still looking for an answer from someone who isnt a teenager (read: grow up).

  109. Francois says:

    Juninho has been horrible so far this season.

  110. g-dub says:

    Ok eric, just upset and messing around (but the uniforms are bad). One thing they could consider seriously is how to manage a game in a defensive posture Ina hostile environment.

  111. Fischy says:

    Weird after LA got their goal, Kocic kicked the post and then it looked as if he spat out his own name….Meee-loses Ko-cic!

  112. Fischy says:

    …or something like that.

  113. ericJ says:

    Sorry, I was pissed too being a longtime fan of the team. AT any rate you are right. Sigi is proud of trying to attack even on the road, but that might (…might lol) have been a mistake. We did this all last year too; we gave up sooo many cheap goals. The thing is, Hurtado was to blame then too… not much has changed. We have Ianni… but who else??

  114. predicto says:

    agree. In fact, all midfield passing has been horrible this season. seems they only attack with the long ball

  115. fischy says:

    Good thing Donovan decided to stay to win CCL

  116. predicto says:

    looked more to me like ‘***k me’

  117. SammyD says:

    Juninho sucks about as bad as you Fischy-fish head.

  118. boosted335 says:

    LA I thought yall was good baby… wha happen??

  119. 2tone says:

    People better get behind Toronto. last MLS team in it. But I forsee Gomez and Santos putiing a pasting on Toronto unfortunately. I find my self rooting for Santos here on out because of Hercules.

  120. d says:

    LA look like crap so far this year. I really had high hopes for them in CCL this year.
    The galaxy defense looks absolutely awful, and that “high powered’ offense couldn’t muster a goal against a team who’s season goal is to make the playoffs. Pretty terrible start for LA.

  121. marco says:

    Tale of Two Losses
    Both sides had to repair or improve known weaknesses during the off-season/pre-season and neither team has accomplished this. The western conference is wide open.

  122. ericJ says:

    Especially considering how stacked the conference is. Should be interesting!

  123. 2tone says:

    I will Support Santos Laguna form here on out. Would love to see Hercules Gomez playing in the Club World Cup next year. Klinsmann if you didn’t hear about or see Gomez well now you have. His movemnet was exceptional tonight and he always looked like he was going to score a couple goals. My guess Santos and Monterrey in the CCL final.

  124. Rick says:

    MLS needs teams that don’t quit.

  125. T says:

    No MLS “franchise” will win the Concacaf Trophy (which looks like melted down s**t), Santos realistically speaking will rape and then cum all over the “Red Patch Boys”. What a let down MLS, the only good side worthy of this competition is RSL, and half their squad are foreigners.

  126. Rick says:

    Nope, just a bad night for Sounders.

  127. T says:

    Half to admit, watching the Mexican league is entertaining, the teams are really technical and have alot of intelligent forward movement. Monterrey will still beat Santos in the final though.

  128. 2tone says:

    Most Mexican squads are foreigners as well.

  129. Rick says:

    Sounders. Not MLS. This everyone root for another team stuff is garbage.

  130. T says:

    We need ALOT more foreigners to compete.

  131. 2tone says:

    Looking FWD to seeing RSL back in the competition this summer. LA looks like pooh. Actually all of the so called big teams LA, Seattle, and NY look like pooh. RSL is truly the elite and the media better stop coming to this realization.

  132. 2tone says:

    No way I am putting my lot in with Santos. Only because of Hercules and a few young Americans that play for Santos youth teams.

  133. Rick says:

    TFC will show more heart than Seattle, win or lose.

  134. Rick says:

    Herc and Santos are very popular in Portland tonight, probably the only place where MLS fans aren’t upset.

  135. Pd says:

    And yet he hasn’t gotten a NATS callup under JK… Why is that I wonder?

  136. Indigo Montoya says:

    Umm, yeah, that guy that scores goals…yeah, goals, lots o’ them for his club team. And, he was a member of the 2010 WC squad – no, it isn’t Mr. Buddle, and he doesn’t ply his trade in Germany, but he does play for Santos, Der Kommissar. It’s in Mexico. Su nombre es Gomez. Es verdad.

  137. John says:

    To say that RSL “dominated” the 2nd leg of last year’s CCL final is a stretch to say the least.

    Stringing numerous passes together while creating little danger aside from the first ten minutes is not domination.

    Need I remind you that Monterrey went into that game with a bunch of injuries and still controlled the tempo of the game and most importantly, WON it?

    It’s like some of you guys love moral victories.