Fantasy MLS: Which game should SBI use?


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With a new MLS season four days away, it's time to start up the SBI Fantasy MLS League yet again. 

We'll have our league set up by Thursday so you can select your teams and vie for SBI Fantasy MLS superiority ahead of First Kick, but before we do that we want your input on which game we should use. For the last few years we've used the MFLS game. Another alternative we are considering is the game. 

Both incorporate picking a squad with a salary cap, but the scoring systems differ considerably. In MFLS, players on top teams are typically better bets, because team goal differential gets taken into account for individual. In the MLSSoccer game, the scoring mimics that of the Fantasy Premier League game – though there are unusual attacking and defending bonuses. Each week you must pick a captain, whose points are worth double, and a vice-captain, whose points will double in the event the captain does not play. Automatic substitutions that provide cover in the event that a starter on your team is a scratch are also in play in the MLSS game, whereas they are not in MFLS.

With all that said, which game do you want to see SBI use for Fantasy MLS this year, MFLS or Cast your vote here:

How did you vote? Which game do you want us to use and why? 

Share your thoughts below and get ready for another season of Fantasy MLS on SBI.

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29 Responses to Fantasy MLS: Which game should SBI use?

  1. kpugs says:

    I love MFLS but would like to give the new official MLS game a shot.

  2. Wes says:

    Mfls is the vastly superior game

  3. two headed coin says:

    Why not do both?

  4. g-dub says:

    MFLS because it appears to be run by a group of genuine soccer fans for fun, and not a corporate or commercial purpose.

  5. abc says:

    Are we in a Portlandia sketch right now? Do you follow MLS, or do you follow your local rec league because MLS is too corporate and commercial?

    I vote for MLS because it’s 10x slicker.

  6. Tim says:

    MLSsoccer game would be better if they knocked salaries down by 0.5 to 1 mil. It’s hard to put a team together

  7. OneLegged says:

    You have to have a Facebook account to use the MLSsoccer one. Lame.

  8. ERic says:

    MFLS. Because it’s been around since MLS started.

  9. mikey says:

    This. We don’t all have Facebook accounts.

    Use the MFLS so you don’t disallow some from playing.

  10. Kirk says:

    MFLS because of the Prediction league Component, and familiarity having used it the past 2 years.

  11. Peter says:

    MLS cause it’s way improved since last year.

  12. kaf-sin-kaf says:


  13. Sam Houston says:

    Lower cap is better. Everyone on mfls had basically the same team.

  14. Header says:

    i really wish there was a head-to-head format fantasy league. It would be way more fun and would be much easier to get my non-hardcore friends to participate (like I participate in fantasy football).

  15. 2ndsnares says:

    this had me rolling

  16. 99 says:

    i think you can go head to head in the mls game.

  17. 99 says:

    also… I’m doing both leagues this year to see which one i like the most. i feel very loyal to mfls- they’ve been doing while nobody else has and have enriched my MLS experience.

    the mls game IS pretty slick and looks like it’ll be fun, even with learning the new scoring system. plus you can play into the playoffs. bonus!

    verdict will be available in November.

  18. Lampard in the End Zone says:

    he forgot to use the term “organic”.

  19. bryan says:

    wow, MLS is crushing the poll. haha

  20. A-Lott says:

    I’d love to play in the SBI Fantasy League again, but I’m not joining Facebook just to play MLS fantasy.

  21. Dudinho says:


  22. Chris H says:

    So glad MLS adopted the same fantasy app as the Premier League. MFLS is not very easy to use/follow and is generally less exciting for me personally. MLSS makes it easy to play.

    Not sure why joining Facebook is such a big deal. Just create a fake account or something. It makes for easy logins to tons of websites and apps.

  23. irant_irave says:

    Agree with most of the posts, don’t want Mark Zuckerberg lifting my team selections.

  24. Joel says:

    I just made my first MLS fantasy team with MLSS… how fun. Pretty tough though, my defense is pretty much a hope and a prayer.

  25. jason says:

    MLS. Slicker, seemingly more genuine, better stats. Plus, the novelty factor of real jerseys is better than the knock-off mfls.

  26. g-dub says:

    Well played, but I stick by the comment. Slick does nothing for me. I’d rather play with the hard core soccer fans on down home site. Same reason why SBI > . I’m an MLS season ticket holder and top 10 MFLS finisher last year

  27. Matt says:

    Use the one at ESPN. link to

    It is far superior than both of those. I did it last year, and though it isn’t fantastic, it is much better than the aforementioned.

  28. Brian says:

    Which ever game you choose, is a great resource for the upcoming season. Loads of analysis and fantasy tips.

  29. Benfica says:

    ESPN FC Manager has been the best game, but it looks like MLS will surpass them this year.