MLS Week 1: Match Night Commentary

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The seventeenth season of Major League Soccer kicks off today as teams from Vancouver to Washington D.C. begin their new campaigns.

The Montreal Impact will make their debut as the league's 19th team, taking on Canadian rival in Vancouver. Meanwhile in LA, the Galaxy kick off defending their MLS Cup championship by facing fellow Western Conference power Real Salt Lake in the day's best match-up.

Here is a rundown of today's MLS matches:

6pm- Colorado Rapids vs. Columbus Crew

6pm- Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Montreal Impact

7:30pm- D.C. United vs. Sporting Kansas City

10:30pm- San Jose Earthquakes vs. New England Revolution

10:30pm- Los Angeles Galaxy vs. Real Salt Lake


SBI will be providing live commentary on tonight's matches so please feel free to follow all the action here. As always, you are welcome to share your own thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Commentary is after the jump):

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36 Responses to MLS Week 1: Match Night Commentary

  1. diablo says:

    anyone have a live stream link for Vancouver vs Montreal

  2. Nick says:

    Everything is free this weekend, link to

  3. abc says:

    MLS Live is free this weekend. And after that you should buy it, it’s a good deal.

  4. ... says:

    I can’t figure out how to turn on picture in picture in MLS Live! Am I missing something really obvious?

  5. mikebsiu says:

    Is direct kick showing the Montreal Vancouver game? I can’t find it

  6. jose says:

    it wont let me sign on ! idk whats up with it am i doing something wrong ?

  7. Jamie Z. says:

    I almost didn’t do Fantasy MLS because I feel like I don’t know the league well enough to make wise decisions. But Le Toux as my captain is starting to look like a lucky choice so far.

    Montreal also looking sharp in those blue kits.

  8. Naboo says:

    ugh…i had Kimura and Moor at one point but transfer them…fakk

  9. This Guy says:

    In Chrome; open a new tab and you can watch all the games.

  10. This Guy says:

    Why no CJ Sapong in the KC lineup?

  11. RB says:

    Too bad for you! The two of them just made sweet work of it there!

  12. Jamie Z. says:

    I think I actually enjoy the game less since I was goaded into playing fantasy football, but I can’t stop. Instead of appreciating strong performances and supporting whichever team, I agonize over nearly-made or poorly-made transfers, bad lineup choices, bad captain choices, etc., etc.

  13. RB says:

    LOL I have the same problem only it’s from paying attention to the refereeing.

  14. dan says:

    Free MLS Live is pretty awesome. Sadly John Harkes is the color man on the DC vs KC broadcast. I can’t quit you Harkes!

  15. This Guy says:

    This Julio Cesar guy for KC is horrible. Wonder why they can’t have Bunbury and Sapong up top with Cesar on the bench?

  16. Brian says:

    Why do I have to give my credit card to do the MLS Live Free Trial?

  17. dan says:

    You don’t–click on the button for free trial and you just have to enter name/address/etc.

  18. Dylan B T says:

    Montreal look like they are really gonna struggle to create good scoring opportunities while Vancouver look like they will be one of the most entertaining teams in the league. Gotta wonder what’s gonna happen with Omar Salgado though. He needs minutes.

  19. tjones says:

    Yeah they really have mishandled him. What is the point of selecting a strikers as the first pick of the draft and then going out and buying 7 other strikers that you rate higher than him? Not only have they harmed Salgado’s career but they completely wasted a highly valuable draft pick. Same thing could happen with Maddox this year as well.

  20. dan says:

    It sounds like he had some maturity issues last year and has some growing up to do.

  21. tjones says:

    I get that but the kid’s like 19 and these are the most crucial years for his development as a pro and just benching him behind two teams worth of strikers doesn’t really come off as an expresion of confidence. It seems at this point that they have no intention of playing Omar and are instead just squatting on him as a trade/transfer asset which shows a lot about what the priorities of the organization are.

  22. Big Chil says:

    Pretty dominant performance by the Rapids! Look out West!

  23. John says:

    +1 on the maturity issues

  24. UCanStudyBuzzed says:

    SKC vs. DC one of the most boring, sloppy, games I’ve seen in a long time. SKC finally started to pick it up towards the end, DC looked horrible tho outside of pontius.

  25. predicto says:

    LA looking very casual. They’re gonna get beat playing like this.

  26. Powderhorn Pops says:

    that bicycle kick was none too casual

  27. predicto says:

    Yeah, that was nice wasn’t it. But they’re passing is horrible, it looks like they are step behind.

  28. Powderhorn Pops says:

    Keene’s playing with a chip on his shoulder. But yes…their passing hasn’t been up to standards.

  29. predicto says:

    Evenly played first half – LA vs RSL. But lookin for LA to dominate when (if) they connect passes in 2nd half.

  30. dougs says:

    That was fun! RSL looked more focused than LA and deserved the result.

  31. Oog says:

    Great job RSL! I think both sides were worried. Lucky deflected goal got RSL onto the right path.

  32. Neruda says:

    Believe RSL. Kries’s team concept overcomes LA’s individual stars. Sebastian Velasquez may have that wonky rat tail but he’s going to be a handful all year for the opposition. And to think he was a late round draft pick out of a JC. Great game, great result.

  33. Shounen Bat says:

    Huge win for Real. I get that LA played a game earlier in the week, and probably got gassed,but that is no excuse for a big team like them. Looking forward th RSL putting the hurt on red bulls next week at rio tinto!

  34. marco says:

    Galaxy’s defense is suspect. Pundits who picked them to win it all, glossed over their back line. If Keene and others weren’t so wasteful/unfortunate they could easily have had 4 goals. They might need three goals a game to win the West.

  35. Just got back from the la real game. We looked unfocused and gave up way to many balls up. I don’t know how it looked on tv but from the stands it seemed like the ref had a terrible game. 2 handballs, numerous fouls that weren’t called on buth sides. Was that stott out there?

  36. ShaggyReAL says:

    you’re joking right? They played Cbus, enough said.