Henry hat-trick leads Red Bulls romp over Montreal




The New York Red Bulls didn't exactly start their match on Saturday looking like a team capable of demolishing the expansion Montreal Impact, but an outstanding second half and another stellar performance from Thierry Henry showed just how dangerous this Red Bulls team can be.

The Red Bulls broke open a match tied 2-2 at halftime with three second half goals, as Henry delivered the club's first hat-trick in almost six years to lead New York to a 5-2 victory over the Impact.

Henry was the star of the show yet again, delivering three goals and an assist just a week after an MLS Player of the Week performance that saw him notch two goals and an assist.

"I didn’t think I was going to score even one goal today," Henry said in his postgame interview.  "That was my mindset at the beginning of the game.  I tried to do it because that’s my position, that’s what I try to do, but I just want to win. 

"Obviously, when you score goals, people always talk about you a bit more, but as I said to you – it was a great team effort in the second half.  Not just one guy, or two or three.  We need to play well as a team, and we did it today in the second half, not in the first one."

Coach Hans Backe labeled it "a very strange first half."  New York was surprised by the expansion side, who pressured the Red Bulls defense early.  "All the games so far, Montreal have sit back," Backe noted.  "They don’t press up that much, but they get their shape very very quick.  They are aggressive in their own half when they defend, but when we take that much time in our build up, it would be very difficult to create chances."

After a slow start to the encounter, the Impact opened up the scoring in the 19th minute.  Sanna Nyassi jumped on a misplayed ball by Markus Holgersson and slotted his attempt past rookie keeper Ryan Meara for the lead.  Ten minutes later, Thierry Henry nodded home the equalizer on a Rafa Marquez feed to tie the game up. 

Montreal didn’t let the goal faze them.  Minutes after the score, Justin Mapp sent a low, hopeful shot towards the near post that beat a surprised Meara for the go ahead notch in the 38th minute.  Just when the half looked to be over, an onrushing Dax McCarty was taken down in the box by Montreal defender, Mateo Ferrari.  Kenny Cooper lined up the penalty shot and put away the game tying goal to end the half.

"I told the players at halftime that we were quite lucky to have the tie after the first 45 minutes," Backe stated.  "They came out very strong in the second half, players responded very well.  Huge difference."

New York started the second half the more composed, attacking side.  The halftime substitution of Teemu Tainio for Rafa Marquez was also key, as Tainio was able to provide more midfield energy than Marquez, who left the match with a groin injury.

The Red Bulls eventually took the lead for good in the second half when Dax McCarty laid a neat pass at the foot of Henry, who was at the top of the box.  The Red Bull captain turned on the ball and beat Ricketts to the near post for the go-ahead goal. 

The attack continued minutes later as goal bound Cooper attempt was cleared off the line by Montreal.

Mehdi Ballouchy came on as a late match substitute for Joel Lindpere.  With Jan Gunnar Solli pressing from the flank, a feed found Henry in the box, who took a light touch on the ball, finding his Morrocan teammate open on the other end.  Ballouchy put his foot on the ball, sending the deflection passed the out-stretched keeper for the Red Bulls fourth goal of the match.

Henry rounded out a dominant performance with a beautiful chip that made it's way past Donovan Ricketts for the teams fifth and final goal of the night.

"Already in the preseason when he arrived to our training camp in Arizona, I think the two, three months in England made him good," Backe said of his captain's hat-trick performance.  "He works very hard when he starts picking up goals like this.  He’s hungry, he wants to win.  I am impressed with this guy every training session.  He wants to win everything and he is still very very hungry."

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55 Responses to Henry hat-trick leads Red Bulls romp over Montreal

  1. jonk says:

    Was Henry in an offside position when Cooper took the shot that led to Henry’s 3rd goal?

    Anyway, nice offensive explosion by RBNY after a first half in which they looked rather mediocre.

  2. poo says:

    dont think so, the shot to a bit to get to the GK, the a moment to bounce up…dont think he was when Cooper took the shot.

  3. GSScasual says:

    The best player to ever play in MLS… This league is so lucky to have him.

  4. BrianK says:

    9 goals in two home games,…nice for home supporters.

    Kudos to Montreal fans,…loud and proud.

    Henry looks sharp. Meara is holding up nicely.

  5. Ricky B. Free says:

    Its too bad that Ny and Jersey football fans dont apreciate it.

  6. Polo says:

    Easily the best player in the league.

    Dude is en fuego.

  7. jonk says:

    Also, 13,415 attendance is pretty solid for a small market like Harrison, NJ. That is just shy of the 13,620 people that live there as of the last census. That’s nearly 97% of residents in attendance. Way to go guys!

  8. vivalosburros says:

    Yeah he was offside. Pretty clear on the replay. Not a terrible call, but should have been called nonetheless.

  9. cajun says:

    Why don’t they call them the Harrison(NJ) Red Bulls then?

  10. GSScasual says:

    we average near 20k.. aside from the cold and rain, its all about the supporters section… and ours is always packed and loud.

  11. pancholama says:

    Three for TT, formidable!
    Allez les Red Bulls!

  12. Bs says:

    20k is bs.

  13. GSScasual says:

    2011: 19,691…. sorry.. i rounded up.

  14. ToasT says:

    They used to be called the NY/NJ Metrostars. I still refer to them as such, not the walking advertisement they are.

  15. boosted335 says:

    Holgerson looking like Ream out there

  16. Dan H says:

    Just got back from the game. Freezing! Henry was a monster out there. Just completely dominant. Our backline — particularly Holgerson — though looked shaky against this cr*ppy team. I’d actually be much happier having Keel back there instead of the Swede. Why not?; he had a great 2nd half of the season last year. COYRB!

  17. Sabella says:

    The difference in this game was Tainio coming in for Marquez at half time which seemed to materially increase the energy level of the team. Tainio has a high work rate and when coupled with Dax, they really controlled the midfield.

  18. atd says:

    Tainio’s always been the lynchpin of that team. I think they would have bounced LA from the playoffs last year if they hadn’t lost him early in the second leg.

  19. A wise man once says:

    Yeah, he was way off. Thank goodness it didn’t really have an impact on the game. (no pun intended)

  20. Quen47 says:

    Good thing you added that asterisk, or I might think you were trying to say “crappy”

  21. A wise man once says:

    Am I the only one who thought Ricketts was pretty awful?

  22. ernj says:

    He definitely did a poor job on the 1st and last goals by Henry. Can’t fault him for the others too much. Henry’s 2nd had Ricketts going the wrong way and he couldn’t get down fast enough.

  23. JSA says:

    That picture doesn’t exactly help your cause, GSS.

  24. JSA says:

    Cant tell if serious or….

  25. 19691 says:

    Ricketts must be thinking I would love to be playing for the Red Bulls this year.
    Not a big Tainio fan but quite a good game today.

  26. inkedAG says:

    No, I think so too.

  27. shweazy says:

    every season in NY starts like this, haters just want something to say. its still pretty cold here and most people in the area are not taking the train to RBA in the rain and cold. as the spring gets warmer the stadium will full up trust me.

  28. Eugene says:

    I don’t believe so. I’m not perfect on the off-side rule, but I think he was on-side when he passed to Cooper and continued his run. Cooper took a shot, not a pass, which rebounded off the goalkeeper and Henry was in a position to pick it up — therefore on-side. I think its pretty clear from the replays that he just kept running while everyone stopped, which allowed him to pick up the rebound.

  29. Eugene says:

    Vuolo should get his shot, Meara is bleeding goals. Vuolo should get the opportunity to come in and see if he can do better while Meara has to win the spot back.

    Same with Roy Miller — needs to get replaced with Connor Lade. Strange that Lindpere and Richards just don’t look sharp. Particularly Lindpere.

    I agree with switching Keel for Holgerson until Holgerson can show better.

  30. Sabo C says:

    Those empty seats you are referring to in the picture are in the corner. Those are rarely filled unless it is a sell out. They only account for maybe a couple hundred. Multiply that by 4 and you get maybe a 1,000 seats. You can still average over 20k without filling out the top corners of the arena. Don’t talk $hit unless you know what you are talking about.

  31. abc says:

    “9 goals in two home games,…nice for home supporters.”

    All seven of them. Seriously, given their great new stadium, talented team filled with stars like Henry and Marquez, and highest salary in the league, New York soccer fans are the worst in the country. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

  32. abc says:

    …most subtle/clever troll in months?

  33. abc says:


  34. Scott A says:

    You really think that a few great players and a stadium make up for being the only original MLS team without a trophy, years of mismanagement, and the team being rebranded after an energy drink? You are a f’ing joke. How about DC having worse attendance even though they have a team with a ton of trophies, stadium right in the city, and management that’s in it for the soccer? Every teams’ fans get free passes but NY’s fans. Go f yourself.

  35. Scott A says:

    Every time I see Lade play, he looks excellent, even in warmups.

  36. JSA says:

    Best stadium in the league (well, second best when you consider LSP) and clearly the best player in the league….scoring hat tricks, etc.

    Not talking “$hit”, your fans suck bro.

  37. JSA says:

    my thoughts exactly.

  38. Scott A says:

    Why is it that NY fans suck when they’ve won less than anyone else and have had worse management (apparently 2 wins in row is supposed to fix that), and New England/DC/Toronto fans get condolences, when the first two get worst attendance, and the third has been in the league for a third as long? Quality analysis.

  39. JSA says:

    While it wasn’t your intention, thanks for verifying my opinion.

  40. Scott A says:

    I take the opinion of those who say “bro” to heart :)

  41. Scott A says:

    And thanks for ignoring any of the facts that I present bromeister fratboy.

  42. pd says:

    All this hydrant pissing makes for riveting soccer analysis.

  43. matt says:

    Ummm Tim Ream playing solid in the premiere league week in week out now. His team has gone from 20th 16th now that he has joined. You do the math.

    Dont see George John in Championship and certainly never saw ACL whiner anywhere in Germany. Do see Tim Ream defending Drogba, Aguero Balotelli and other top flight players every week.

  44. Jay Walk says:

    Most of the goals Meara has ‘allowed’ in weren’t helped by the ineptitude of his teammates in front of him. It is still early in the season and frankly we don’t need it to be a repeat of last year where they kept rotating Sutton/Bouna/Horwath/Konopka.

  45. JSA says:

    I think the word you were looking to use was “justification”, not fact, and it was in a response to my comment…of which you’ve clarified to be true.

    Fratboy, when not drunk and broing it up, appear to be capable of noticing the obvious. Glad you can too.

  46. Brain Guy says:

    Holgersson is good for one defensive howler per game. In that sense, he’s like Ream was last year, but without the distribution skills. Is it time to give Keel a start?

    RBNY fans, let’s just not respond to the critics about attendance. No way to win that argument. Just go to the games, get your friends to go, and watch the numbers go up as the weathr gets better.

  47. Conrad says:

    Can we start a special board for this stupid recurring argument? If it doesn’t happen on the field, who cares?


  48. Conrad says:

    Do you have an app that trots out received knowledge about all soccer players or just Tim Ream?

    I mean, except for one terrible intercepted back pass and one terrible USMNT game, I can’t name a SINGLE defensive howler. Can you?

    Such a bizarre trope that has so much life….

  49. Scott A says:

    Word. My calling out of your inconsistency positively proves that I’m a disloyal fan of RBNY, and thus indicts the rest of the fans too.

  50. Scott A says:

    And you’re talking to someone who makes it to road games and goes to games in any weather, no matter the record. And I have been for years, with no reward of trophies. So, tell me again, how did I clarify your inane point?

  51. Brain Guy says:

    Really just making a little joke, and actually trying to make Ream look better by comparison. I can understand if you don’t like the term “howler,” but I think it’s fair to say that Ream made more errors last year than RBNY would have liked. My larger point, though, was about Holgersson.

  52. Conrad says:

    Right, and a valid point about Holgersson.
    I feel like I’ve become this Ream defender somehow. I feel like there’s a kind of fan out there that unless he attacks like Dani Alves and simultaneously defends like Vidic, Ream has failed again….

  53. Brain Guy says:

    Thanks for your reply. I’m actually a big Tim Ream fan too. He may have become a victim of the expectations that grew out of his superb rookie year. He’s all class, and with few more good results at Bolton, he’ll be assured of another year in the EPL.

  54. Luke says:

    He was offside. Henry is clearly ahead of the 2nd to the last defender when Cooper shoots. Whether it’s a shot or pass is irrelevant. The shot rebounds off the keeper and Henry is the first to touch it. The only way this is not an offside is if the defender or goalie controls the ball and deliberately misplays the ball.