Olympic Qualifying: USA U-23s vs. El Salvador (Match Night Commentary)


Win or stay home.

That's what the U.S. Under-23 national team faces tonight in a must-win match against El Salvador in CONCACAF World Cup qualifying in Nashville (9pm, Universal Sports Network/mun2/universalsports.com/concacaf.com).

Anything but a win and the Americans will be eliminated from the Olympic Qualifying Tournament, while a win would send the United States through into the semifinals as the winner of Group A (thanks to Cuba's stunning 1-1 draw vs. Canada tonight)

Before the Americans can think about the semifinals, they must contend with a dangerous El Salvador side that has looked sharp in the qualifying tournament. The Central American side has yet to allow a goal in the tournament, and has shown some dangerous qualities in attack.

SBI will be providing live commentary on tonight's crucial Olympic Qualifier, so please feel free to follow along here. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Commentary is after the jump):


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362 Responses to Olympic Qualifying: USA U-23s vs. El Salvador (Match Night Commentary)

  1. Astorian says:

    81st min. Canada 1 Cuba 0. Hoping Cuba can grab a lucky goal.

  2. Bob Bradley says:

    Even if they tie we need to win to advance, so hope for two lucky goals!

  3. Astorian says:

    I was thinking more about avoiding Mexico if we happen to win tonight.

  4. Drew says:

    Cuba. We love you. Let’s go get this group.

  5. fischy says:

    Way to go, CUBA!!!

  6. Astorian says:

    There it is!!!! Cuba 1 Canada 1!!!!!

  7. Neruda says:

    Cuba’s on the board. Bad defending by Canada eh. Go Cuba.

  8. Withdrawn Striker says:

    Cuba just did the U.S. a huge favor by tying with a minute left. U.S. still needs to win tonight, but if they do, they won’t face Mexico in the semis. Phew! Still–need to focus and win tonight.

  9. Seth says:

    Cuba tying Canada obviously helps chances of making the Olympics, but then I had been looking forward to opportunity of epic US-Mex match with Olympic spot on the line….

  10. Jamie Z. says:

    It’s nice we can win the group now, but I was secretly hoping me might knock Mexico out of the Olympics.

  11. Jamie Z. says:

    Er, we.

  12. alabamafutbol says:

    cuba!! that is a huge result. Now its up to us, get the 3 points boys!

  13. Isaac says:

    Credit to Cuba for showing heart despite being mathematically out.

  14. Isaac says:

    Nahhh you got dis 😉

  15. chris says:

    Thank you Cuba now you can defect in style

  16. C C says:

    Well that set things up nicely for the US…

  17. pancholama says:

    I think that Cuba just earned themselves a whole new USA-Cuba trade and immigration policy! Ole Cuba!
    Now if our boys will just take care of business tonight the door to London is wide open.
    Let’s go USA!

  18. chris says:

    On another note, this game shows how much matchups mean in these games

  19. Fidel Harper says:

    Olympic qualifying is such an unpredictable entity. Goes to show that every match counts huge in this format. You can go from being perceptually eliminated to riding on top of the world in 90 minutes.

  20. Isaac says:

    Am I the ONLY one thinking World Cup 2010?

    Regardless, I’m getting my defibrillator ready for the 91st minute.

  21. fieldsy says:

    Thank you Cuba! Now, let’s beat El Salvador!

  22. joel says:

    Cant believe Cuba pulled it off…goes to show that the game has to be played…anything can happen!

  23. Petereater says:

    We will kick Mexico’s *SS. We will not lose at home to Mexico. Not this time around.

  24. Conrad says:

    Wait, does this change the math for the US at all?

  25. Petereater says:

    I wanted Mexico and to knock them out!!!!!!!!!!! Cr*p!!!!!!!

  26. hush says:

    GRACIAS CUBA!!! I’m busting out my ORISHA CD as we speak….

  27. Rob says:

    Any tv for this, or any other of these matches?

  28. DCUPedro says:

    Universal Sports appears mostly to be on Dish network. But Mun2 is available on comcast if you have the right package. Run a program search and that should find it. I have a feeling the english commentary on the concacaf site is going to be excruciating.

  29. Stateside Supporter says:

    AZUCAR!! Gracias a Cuba! Now let’s go beat the pupusa out of El Salvador and book our place in the semis…

  30. The Imperative Voice says:

    Nope. Tie would leave Canada and ES on 5 and us at 4. Win needed to advance with 6, which would also win the group. ES will be motivated because a loss sends them home.

  31. The Imperative Voice says:

    “Cuban midfielder Yosmel de Armas was listed as not present”….and so it begins?

  32. I wish the CONCACAF Commentator would stop saying I am starting.

  33. Goalscorer24 says:

    Cuba did their job, now the US has to do theirs and win!

  34. Chuck says:

    A Charleston Battery assistant coach witha fake moustache picked him up in the parking lot…

  35. Jamie Z. says:


  36. Isaac says:

    1-0!!! Assist by BREK

  37. theraccoun says:

    TERRENCE BOYD!!! Great start!

  38. James says:


  39. Goalscorer24 says:

    That is why you start Boyd over Bunbury!

  40. Amru says:

    GOAL!!!!! but a mexican ref seriously?

  41. deepvalue says:

    El Salvador has given up a goal now!

  42. Petereater says:

    And Ole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Isaac says:


  44. Jamie Z. says:

    And let the flop-fest begin.

  45. Isaac says:

    BAAAAAH…. Okugo’s out for the next match…

  46. Right here! And on Concacaf.com, apparently!
    But really I wish they would just put names on the shirts already!

  47. ThaDeuce says:

    At least the announcer knows it is “Boyd” and not “Body” out there tonight. He must be a big fan of “Clue”

  48. Isaac says:

    Prolly shoulda been 2-0 there from Boyd. Least we’re creating chances…

  49. Kevin says:

    in the side netting, with the candlestick

  50. Jamie Z. says:

    Okugo needs to be careful. He’s on a yellow and can’t afford to be swinging his arms around like that. Off at the half to be safe?

  51. fischy says:

    Idiotic tackle. He’s risking getting a red card now.

  52. Isaac says:

    … So is this game chippy or….

  53. fischy says:

    The announcer on the CONCACAF stream keeps giving these amazing insights, except they’re not so correct. He talked about Shea as if he was always a center back and only recently a winger, which, of course, is nonsense. Shea’s stint in defense was a very brief interlude. .

  54. predicto says:

    what happened to the usa’s inspired midfield play? They don’t seem to have much idea in the final third. Hopefully corona and diskerud will get it going.

  55. Luke says:

    Wow, this team is stinking up the joint! I know they are up 1-0, but they are back to the playing the normal USA soccer kick/run with no creativity and possession. It is somewhat disheartening to see this style of play after such a promising few games against Mexico prior to the Olympic qualifying stage and of course Cuba. They are lost out there and Okugo is going to get a 2nd yellow very soon!

  56. Cam says:

    This game is terrifying, these players don’t have much confidence in each other it seems. All I see when we regain possession is “kick and sprint,” like they’re just blindly kicking it out of danger because the pressure is too high.

  57. Blahhhh says:

    this concacaf announcer is garbagio. just said oshea is a central defender and said adu was 23. He’s 22 seriously pullin facts out the as$

  58. Cam says:

    Is it exhausting to be constantly diving on land?

  59. francois says:

    Wow, i’m kind of surprised by the comments, we don’t look that bad. This referee has been awful, we’re not getting any decisions our way.

  60. Goalscorer24 says:

    We seem slow. I think our guys are tired. We should sub in sooner rather then later.

  61. Goalscorer24 says:

    It was bound to happen. El Salvador is out playing the US! Send in Gyau! Make some subs!!!

  62. fischy says:

    They found Hamid’s hole. For some reason, he doesn’t react well to balls right over him.

  63. Jamie Z. says:


  64. Conrad says:

    Fail. Alas.

  65. AcidBurn says:

    Ok so first they got beat on a corner by someone half a foot shorter than their whole defense…and then that second…wow. Looked like an AYSO tournament.

  66. john says:

    Looks to be no olympics for the USA this year

  67. brad says:

    Fire Klinsmann… lol

  68. Goalscorer24 says:

    This looks like the old US, hoofing the ball. No possession! If we can’t beat El Salvador we deserve to stay home.

  69. predicto says:

    Credit to el salvador. They are playing, and USA seems to have lost all confidence.

  70. Modibo says:

    Thanks, Bill Hamid. If you’re injured, get off the field and get a healthy keeper on before 2 goals go in. Nice job.

  71. MiamiAl says:

    Obviously they should have pulled Hamid before the corner kick… :(

  72. fischy says:

    Oh man, Freddy’s cross was too hard.

  73. Jamie Z. says:

    O’Shea can play anywhere along the back line, as he has for Manchester United and Sunderland.

    I think the commentator said Shea was brought up as a central defender before he was moved up to the attack, which is true.

  74. baldomero123 says:

    1:2. That’s it. We need a miracle now.

  75. chris says:

    We need two forwards im am sick and tried of this sh!t

  76. MiamiAl says:

    Come Captain Freddy, the game is on you now!

  77. Jamie Z. says:

    Really? God, this ridiculous defeatism is getting irksome. We have a lot of time to score a couple goals. I’m glad our players don’t throw in the towel as easily as some of the supporters.

  78. DCUPedro says:

    Fire Bradley.

  79. Joe says:

    how much time is left?

  80. The Imperative Voice says:

    Villefanaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Ideally we’d yank him but we need goals perhaps more than we need to fix the obvious left side leak (particularly after burning one on Johnson).

  81. Spank says:

    Are we playing in El Salvador or the United States? Looks like El Salvador to me.

  82. fischy says:

    Well — why aren’t you at the game?

  83. Blahhhh says:

    Wow. Prepare for frikin bunker ball

  84. Jamie Z. says:

    I think it’s actually possible that I’ve disagreed with everything you’ve ever posted. That’s amazing.

  85. AcidBurn says:

    Get ready for 45 minutes of time wasting in the second half. Drinking game: every time an el Salvador player goes down with an injury, drink. Make sure you have plenty to drink.

  86. Goalscorer24 says:

    The tail end of the half was better, but El Slavador is going to bunker now.

  87. DCUPedro says:

    There are 1.6 million Salvadoran Americans in the US, and that is just the citizens and documented residents. And every one of them loves their football.

    Is this a new observation for you?

  88. chris says:

    I am so mad

  89. wilyboy says:

    Bill Hamid was bad luck. It takes a few minutes to know if a keeper needs to be subbed. In that time, we got massacred.

    Somebody up there does not like us. My guess is Black Pedro.

    In the second half, we need to get Mix off the field. Even his short passes don’t have enough steam. Bring on Gyau and push Freddy inside, might get some shots off and save this thing.

  90. ACS says:

    Can we put in Chandler

  91. Jamie Z. says:

    And Rongen!

  92. theraccoun says:

    Well at the end of the half we looked awesome, let’s hope it can translate into a W

  93. ACS says:

    villafana is starting to look like Bornstein.

  94. Kosh says:

    El Salvador should not bunker if they want to win. The US has no real leadership on the field right and F the 433, we’re not doing the defensive work that it requires so might as well put another striker on the field.

  95. Jort says:

    Hamid at fault for the first and he should have taken himself out if he was that injured.

  96. chivo loco says:

    We have not “Cojones” thats why we always F%$#@. If we are wining then why we go to the back to defend. Keep attacking and keep pushing. Too many video games for the kids.

  97. Benjamin C. says:

    I hope Caleb Porter has the numbers of some college athletic directors in his cell phone, because that may be where he is heading. You HAVE to pull Hamid immediately there; you are paid to make that decision, not to listen to the athlete when he wants to tough it out and clearly looks gimpy. Also, the team looks extremely lazy, and I put that partially on the coach as well; the players have to play, but their work rate ultimately reflects from how the coaching staff has handled them.

  98. chris says:

    I dont give a f*ck

  99. XPK says:

    I turned on the game just in time to watch El Salvador score two…USA still has 45 minutes to get the result.

  100. Modibo says:

    Hamid had the chance to say he was not ok to continue. He clearly told the trainer that he wanted to stay on. Hamid needs to know when to throw in the towel. Johnson would NOT have let in the first goal, and probably the second as well. While the defense had its part to play as well, Hamid has got to show better decision-making skills. This is going to be a big negative mark on his US Nats record.

  101. ThaDeuce says:

    Put me in the Gyau for Mix Camp

  102. Poo says:

    Villafana has been horrendous. you can tell they are just attacking the guy and its working.

  103. the dog has papers says:

    We have not played well, but I can’t see how any of the four goals against us would have been scored with a decent keeper. Is it just me who thinks that?

  104. Hush says:

    Kitchen is garbage. I have said it since they one. The kid fits well in MLS, but against technical teams, he blows.

    Gyau should be on the left. Shea had a good run with the first one, unfortunetly that is all he will be good for. He is to clumsy, and takes too long to release the pass. He’s to predictable. Our back line is garbage… No Morales, no defense, bottom line.

    It’s funny we want to play a technical style Futbol, yet we can’t ever outplayed Salvador, Guatemala, and Hondurans in that category. Even with superior players.

  105. chris says:

    Hes at Akron

  106. Modibo says:

    Hamid needs to know his own limits as well. It’s not all on Porter, though he is the one with the final decision.

  107. marco says:

    As someone who didn’t watch the earlier friendly win over Mexico I can speak from just this tournament. The USA is a poor side. El Salvador is quicker, stronger, and has better skills. Does the coaching staff know that Mix has not cleared the first defender on his last four tries. Hello, anyone home. El Salvador can beat the USA FB’s with speed or strength. Gyau must come in and Adu moved to the middle for Mix. Can’t fix the back four, that was weak at the start.

  108. Mig22 says:

    righto, Jamie. Good point.

    This game is all out there. This US side can score two goals in the second half, no doubt. Will they, who knows. but the game is on.

  109. 2tone says:

    One of the worst defenses I have seen from any level of U.S. mens soccer. Joe Corona absent yet again. Why in the world is Gyau not starting. Seems obvious to me to put Adu in the CAM(where he should have been from the start of this tournament) Porter is getting fail grade as a tactical coach. How many times are we going to see long ball. Anyways who is excited for WC qualifying. Porter also gets a fail grade on player selection. Teh team came out with fire and passion then pissed away possession of the ball. Corona needs ot bew a man and stop going to ground every time he is touched. He has been at fault for most of ball turnover in teh first half.

  110. fischy says:

    Actually, Kitchen doesn’t fit in that well in MLS. He might be a good player someday, but he’s not there yet.

  111. VMan says:

    brutal half … 2 subs left, Gyau for either Corona or Mix is one of them … but Okugo is a red card waiting to happen, especially with this ref. looks bad, but hoping they can put together a great 2nd half. Will be tough against full on bunker mode. Early US goal a must, of course.

  112. fischy says:

    I didn’t even think Mix looked very good in the first match, but it seemed everyone on this site was raving about him. His reactions and decisions are slow, and his first usually is, too.

  113. wilyboy says:

    This is INSANE. Cuba TIED Canada 1-1?!? WTF is up with this group!

  114. ThaDeuce says:

    Makes me really regret all those club coaches holding out on us…. We could have used them, eh.

    Olympics Schmolympics I guess.

  115. Goalscorer24 says:

    This team does not look like the team that beat Mexico three weeks ago. Hamid has been $%it! Someone needs to step up, we need an early 2nd half goal!

  116. Frankly – I don’t care about El Salvador.

    Tonight, we are learning that the Salvadoran league is obviously better than MLS. They have composure, they came to play and they are beating our professional players.

    I think these kids were already eating fish and chips without considering they have to earn their place there.

  117. fischy says:

    Yeah, Gatt would have been a key piece.

  118. wilyboy says:

    Alfredo Morales is the only one we really missed. Suddenly, Mix isn’t looking as much of the MOTM against Mexico.

  119. Blahhhh says:

    Reeeeeeaaaallly?? ES tryin to take it to the corner in the 1st minute

  120. dan says:

    I have to admit I got sucked into thinking that Porter had this team ready to go for this tourney…. NOT!

  121. Chuck says:

    Oh man and to think I expected Mexico to be the one that crashed out ridiculously again :(.

    It seems to be done in turns. US 2004, Mexico 2008, US 2012…

  122. Alex G says:


  123. tom says:

    The officiating is really getting comical now. It would be funny if we weren’t losing.

  124. Jamie Z. says:

    I wouldn’t mind those goals sooner than later, though. It’s starting to get nervy.

  125. If this keeps up, I know 11 guys who aren’t going to be getting any extra time with Heather Soltis anymore

  126. The Imperative Voice says:

    My two cents Gyau or some of the backup attackers could probably play better defense than what we’re using.

    Porter is starting to push my comfort zone for two-goal changes. Why bother with 4 backs why bother with Villafana. That he prefers Adu and Mix this deep over Gyau suggests we need to do a crack pipe sweep of the dugout.

    My two cents when your team comes out hard but then burns out after 25 minutes he didn’t rotate the squad enough.

  127. Jort says:

    The referee is cheating.

    Hands down the official is cheating.

  128. Silversurfer says:

    Terrible. Amateur. We look like a bunch of club soccer players in the final game of a weekend tournament. No leadership, no spark, no life. Hey it’s all good if we look good and get free swag. This is what is wrong with US soccer

  129. brad says:

    Adu has been terrible for two games…get him out….

  130. Goalscorer24 says:

    Big El Salvadoran crowd is pumping their team up!

  131. Jamie Z. says:

    GAME ON!

  132. robert daniels says:

    Goal! One more baby…

  133. brad says:

    1 more…

    BTW where has Shea been..

  134. fischy says:

    Jozy Who?

  135. DanO says:

    GAME ON!

  136. The Imperative Voice says:

    Habeus corpus!

  137. Joe Gyau right nyau!

  138. Patrick says:


  139. fischy says:

    Now, they have to defend

  140. Jamie Z. says:

    There we go! Thank God our players don’t give up as easily as some of the people who comment on this website.

  141. DanO says:


  142. markandrew says:

    Freddy is carrying this game

  143. Dave says:

    3-2 on Corona’s goal after another beauty of a pass from Adu!!

  144. adub says:

    only in the usa……. this is why i love and hate soccer 3-2 USA up on El Salvador now…. and would avoid mexico in the next game.

  145. brad says:

    Pack it in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. The Imperative Voice says:

    Da me una Corona!

  147. brad says:

    I think Adu has not looked good at all.. good work rate, but terrible in the final 1/3….

  148. predicto says:

    USA gotta keep attacking. Don’t backpass, stay on the front foot.

  149. Blahhhh says:

    Fffffffff yesssss!!! Freakin love it. Thanks for time wasting ES! Little effers

  150. ThaDeuce says:

    JUST FYI: It was Mix to Adu to Corona on the last goal. What would have happened if Caleb had subbed off Corona or Mixx by now like many including me had said he should? The pass from Mixx setting up Adu for the cross was terrific so don’t discount it.

  151. Goalscorer24 says:

    Can we please sub now!

  152. adub says:

    the talent level of these teams isnt even close… the USA should be owning ES but i do have respect for their team…. they are playing with alot of heart and almost tied the game on a wicked strike…. brilliant save by sean johnson, this guy shouldve started from the begining!!!!

  153. Joamiq says:

    Yellow for Adu?? That wasn’t even a foul!

  154. Jamie Z. says:

    I get it, just in case you were wondering if anybody did.

  155. jmadsen says:

    let’s see if we can’t get 4 guys rolling around on the ground…new record…

  156. adub says:

    stay down joe…. my my my salvador how the tables have changed????

  157. TomG says:

    Another typically clueless/possibly biased CONCACAF refereeing “job” tonight. People diving all over the field like the pitch is under machine gun barrage.

  158. Jamie Z. says:

    Mixx just flopped like a fish. At least Boyd had the blood to back it up.

  159. Jamie Z. says:

    Geez, what a beast that guy is.

  160. Sticky says:

    Count on the Salvadorans to pull out the dirty tricks when they’re down.

  161. Jeb says:

    don’t they know those sorts of cheap shots only make us play harder??

  162. chg says:

    Use sub in 90+ with instructions to break El Salvadoran’s nose.

  163. marco says:

    Adu and Boyd are saving the USA, but CONCACAF refs can take it away.

  164. brad says:

    Straight Red

  165. Jamie Z. says:

    Johnson looking confident, for sure.

  166. robert daniels says:

    Fing el Salvador that’s a straight red

  167. Jort says:


  168. brad says:

    Michael Stephens?????!!! I think that guy commented on this post in the first half…


  169. Jort says:

    Cheaters. All of them and the official.

  170. adub says:

    im real happy with sean johnson right now… if he can hold on hes my man of the match.

  171. EmorySoccer says:

    I’m sorry, but some things never change. Their national team plays dirty, cheap. Now their U-23s. Soccer has to clean up this fouling & faking sh*t. Hats off to the Nats for not lowering themselves to the level of El Salvador at the end of the game so far (I post as of 90th minute).

  172. eric says:

    Terrence Boyd looks like Glen “Big Baby” Davis

  173. Jamie Z. says:

    Cue SBI meltdown…

  174. brad says:

    omg.. see you later folks..goodnight


  175. Kevin says:

    WTF! … Are you serious… well over the 4min mark…

  176. DanO says:

    you have got to be kidding… Unreal

  177. adub says:

    20 secs extra… complete bs i saw it coming…. it was well after 4 + mins utter screw job

  178. Never trust a Mexican referee

  179. Blahhhh says:

    Have to be joking

  180. adub says:

    brek shea could have cleared the ball and it woulda been game over…. saw it coming

  181. Jamie Z. says:

    But what do I know?

  182. wilyboy says:

    Anybody still think Sean Johnson is better than a healthy Hamid?

  183. VADCUfan says:

    You were saying…

  184. Joamiq says:

    This disgraceful El Salvador team does not deserve to advance.

  185. The Imperative Voice says:

    Why you don’t take your foot off the gas.

  186. Blahhhh says:

    Wow fuc& my night up. USA you’ve done it again!!! God damnitttttt. Unbelievable

  187. Ricky B. Free says:

    So long Porter dont let the door hit you on your overhyped behind. We had the lead and instead of playing keep away, we gave them the dam ball.

  188. steveo says:

    trying to breathe…

  189. Ben says:

    First, the people commenting on this page are hilarious. Despair, elation based on a few goals. Second, El Sal is a dirty, dirty team and a red card would have made a difference. Concacaf continues to be embarrassing.

  190. SilverRey says:


  191. Kevin says:

    but congrats to them… London here they come…

  192. Dane96 says:

    One day, CONCACAF will fix putrid reffing. That said, we deserved to lose.

  193. Chivo loco says:

    I said it!
    we went back to bunker and we deserve to lose.
    When are we (USA) going to learn. Please get coach from abroad. We should go back to baseball. This game is for people with brain and cojones. We don’t have either.

  194. Ricky B. Free says:

    Both keepers suck balls. Howard´s job is safe for 10 more years.

  195. Goalscorer24 says:

    Wow the U20’s all over again!

  196. fischy says:

    It was after the 4 minutes, but the USA had made 2 additional subs. What was ridiculous was that they had added 4 minutes to begin with.

  197. Isaac says:

    I can’t believe this… I cannot believe this… I refuse to…

    I’m gonna go to bed… I’m gonna try to forget about this whole ordeal… but I never will…

    This completely just destroyed the Italy win in my mind… It’s got nothing to do with Juergen, tactics, selecitonlkjas;j;dsmfl;k….

    I just….

  198. Chupacabra says:

    America’s youth – kings of choke. It’s going to be a long time before we see a good US side again. There is no credible talent coming up through the ranks. No new Donovan, Dempsey, or McBride, just scrubs. Thanks magic mouth breather Johnson.

  199. Kevin says:


  200. Brett says:

    What a match. It wouldn’t be CONCACAF without some horrid officiating.

    As soon as both our center mids lunged forward to pressure the same pass I knew it was going to end in a shot on goal. I can’t believe he didn’t save that shot.


  201. bryan says:

    Fail. Utter crap. Terrible. Johnson fail. Defense fail. Coach fail. Idiots. No U20 WC and no Olympics. US is getting better????

  202. VMan says:

    or not

  203. brad says:

    We can’t beat El Salvador? In the USA with Adu, Shea, Corona, Boyd…

    what a joke… these guys should be disgraced… I hope they have their popcorn ready, because they will be watching the Olympics with the rest of us…

  204. Brett says:

    Why would a senior team victory against a top team on European soil be marred by a draw to El Salvador?

  205. Chupacabra says:

    We’ve never gotten a break from CONCACAF refs, but smart players and a smart coach would overcome this by playing smarter.

  206. abc says:


  207. chuck says:

    I’m a Chicago Fire fine and always urge patience with Johnson. He’s young and keepers ripen with age. Still, he can’t keep making these gaffs–he makes way to many.

  208. Neal says:


  209. Mark says:

    I’m pissed off. Congrats to ES for advancing, and I may feel differently after I cool down, but I want people fired for this result.

  210. James says:

    This is one of the most ridiculous reffed games I have ever seen. The punch to the face to boyd, the pulling down of mix, and the constant diving….and nothing is called against El Salvador.

  211. abc says:

    US is going downhill… Well done boys

  212. hush says:

    Fu*^&^&% unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How is it that a $4Mill sub-23 lose to a $200k team???!!!! Please someone explain to me!! PAPA PAPA!!! How?? Bunkering for 20+ doesn’t work 90% time. I’m in disgust.

  213. vik says:

    so many mini breakdowns on that final sequence. But still, very saveable shot; terrible mistake by johnson.
    USA deserved the win.

  214. nick says:

    I cannot believe it, this is a devastating result for US Soccer, it is a great humiliation. How can a US Soccer fan hold his head up now?

  215. Ricky B. Free says:

    Porter please stay at the college level, where the other coaches have no clue. WTF are you doing by giving them the ball?

    Keep the ucking ball you idiot. Porter would get eaten alive if he faced some decent MLS coaches.

  216. YO says:

    That was all on the coach for not managing the last two sub in a timely manner. He needs to go back to college where he belongs.

  217. Dr Rosenrosen says:

    johnson pussed out. its like he was hoping that shot never reached him. goalies are supposed to be psychotic, reckless, im getting everything people. he flopped down like a vagina. same with hamid.

    timmy has heart, these punks do not

  218. Neal says:

    Had the same feelimg.

  219. Francois says:

    I have no reason to watch the Olympics now, thank you Caleb Porter for making horrible line-up decisions. Thank you defense for playing like you’re a JV high school team instead of first-round draft picks, and thank you Sean Johnson for failing to save a shot that, any intramural goalkeeper that I have ever played with, could have stopped. Gut-wrenching, absolutely gut wrenching.

  220. Tyler says:

    I dont even know what to say…. Disappointing. We played bad, the refs sucked as usual… EFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

  221. USAmr says:

    Wow. Poor goal keeping last 2 games sends us home.
    Coaching decisions? Pulling Corona and Adu who both were controlling the ball and tracking back on defense seemed odd. We paid for it.
    This is just awful after fighting back and having the game in hand and the Olympics in sight.

  222. chuck says:

    Sadly. Has Joe Machnik lost his touch?

  223. marco says:

    Great win for El Salvador. Adu, Boyd and Shea gave it a good shot. In the end El Salvador was running through the mid-field, sub Stephens didn’t help stop the advance.Bad mistake by Johnson not to clear that ball.

    Good news for the pro sides as they’ll have their players back all year. Most IVES posters warned of the poor defensive selections before the start and they were right.

    Adu and Boyd were MOTM.

  224. BamaMan says:

    Well, I hope that is the end of the Porter bandwagon. I loved the way that we looked against Mexico in the friendly and against Cuba. Then we looked like an early 80s squad against Canada and tonight against El Salvador. What really irritated me was a guarantee that this squad would win. Maybe that kind of motivational tactic works on grown men, but not an U23 squad. This was an epic crapshow of a US tournament. No tourney is easy, but there is no excuse for the way the US looked tonight in a CONCACAF tourney. We are not always going to win the big international tourneys but there is no excuse for us to lose meaningful games against the likes of El Salvador.

  225. Ben says:

    Also, I always see a lot of hate for Jen Chang from fans, but I think he calls it pretty good. Shea, Adu, etc all have miles to go. Gyau the closest we have to a real thing and he sits on the bench. Bunbury, I just have no idea what coaches continue to see in him.

  226. Ricky B. Free says:

    Stop ucking crying and man up. The US gifted the game, we can only blame our team.

  227. Tyler says:

    The backline was absolutely shambolic.

  228. pancholama says:

    Too much long ball, too much boot and run – not enough possession play. Too much ball watching, not enough coming to the ball and holding it up in the middle third, not enough movement off of the ball – they needed to frustrate the El Salvador team with possession and a goal or two more – they just kept giving possession away, way too cheaply – they needed to have iced the game away but they didn’t have the composure to do it.
    Sadly an El Salvadoran defender who punched Boyd in the nose right at the top of the area should have been red carded out of the game and the US awarded a penalty but the Mexican ref was not watching.
    That’s it the Fat Lady sang, and she sang the El Salvadoran national anthem, not the Star Spangled Banner.

  229. Goalscorer24 says:

    Usually our goalkeeping is one of our most solid positions. This tournament our goalkeeping was weak!

  230. Ricky B. Free says:

    Good team always find a way to win. Remember at the World Cup final the De Jonk karate kick on ALonso? They kept playing and won.

  231. adub says:

    the ref was busy watching the ball get kicked around at midfield he figured hed give ES one more chance even though time was clearly expired….. he gave them that win, look at your watch bozo moron ref

  232. Mike says:

    Absolutely speechless, I cannot believe that just happened.

  233. Judging Amy says:

    Obvious bad on Sean John on the last shot, but Okugo’s (or whoever it was) desperation giveaway in the midfield when he had plenty of time and space to either chuck it upfield or make the pass was pretty bad as well and too typical of this game.

    This loss leaves an especially bad taste thanks to ES’ dirty play.

  234. pancholama says:


  235. fischy says:

    Notice how you didn’t mention any of the defenders (or the goalies). Hopefully these guys learn from this and get better.

  236. Ricky B. Free says:

    I LOL when at the end of the game there was a shot of POrter almost crying and Corona was looking at him with killer eyes.

  237. Jeff says:

    Yeah, we get to avoid Mexico in the second round…and everyone else. pathetic.

  238. Ben says:

    I’d tend to agree with you if it was merely a case of hard tackling going unpunished, but to get punched in the face? I don’t know how you “outsmart” that.

  239. dan says:

    not the end of the world…. many countries don’t care about this tourney. US losing wont make the front sports section in this country or any other country!

  240. Cory says:

    Wow, I’m completely shocked…

    Incredibly disappointed.

  241. mr coolio says:

    #1 We had poor game management! When you are up by a goal you are not supposed to settle and play it safe. KEEP AT ATTACKING! The best defense is a good offense. We did the exact same thing in the COnfed Cup against Brazil.
    #2 FIFA or who ever is in charge needs to do something about in game replays or adding a referee behind the goal. Our player got PUNCHED in the face! Blood was drawn and El-Salvador didnt get a player ejected. That is pathetic.

  242. john says:


  243. Josh From GA says:

    someone better be fired

  244. fischy says:

    Not sure I’d agree the USA deserved the win. The first goal was scored because Shea shoved a defender to the ground. Our defense stunk. If El Salvador had come out pressing in the second half, they would have blown us out.

  245. thaDeuce says:

    Cuba, the anti-donut.

  246. Eric says:

    Dumb dumb dumb. Brek you are so dumb .

  247. Polo says:

    I’m done with all matches involving one of those dirty, steroid taking, urine drinking pieces of sh*t from central america.

    Rot in hell you cheating f*($)*#Q($.

  248. MJC-DC says:

    Easy, look straight ahead and don’t blink.

    This sucks, but these boys will be alright.

  249. chuck says:

    Exactly. Why press so high and dive it? Just keep the guy from facing goal and contain.

  250. fischy says:

    They were time-wasting decisions, but those never work, because the ref just adds the time back in.

  251. bryan says:

    Idiots. Morons. Adu off??? Rookie move coach. So was waiting that late to sub. Stupid.

  252. Ricky B. Free says:

    Keep having that mediocre mentality I am sure you will get very far in life lol.

  253. thaDeuce says:

    the player who punched boyd in the face needs to be punished. does he really get to play in the semis and maybe olympics now? and boyd doesn’t and got a yellow. disgusting mexican refereeing.

  254. fischy says:

    We didn’t look that great against Cuba. We were playing a man up almost the whole game, and the Cubans still looked dangerous.

  255. Neal says:

    Come on Canada.
    Please knock out Mexico…

  256. thaDeuce says:

    yeah, corona and adu might could have stayed on, no?

  257. Polo says:

    Oh, and let’s wait until almost the 90th minute to make our first sub during teh THIRD FREAKING GAME IN FIVE DAYS.

    Go back to college, you can’t manage a game to save your life. Take out your keeper when he’s injured.

  258. Tyler says:

    Unfortunately we all know thats not going to happen :/

  259. Eric says:

    Your an idiot. Truly mind numbing. Just go away.

  260. brad says:

    Fischy- They all lost… better?

    But the leadership of the players named above, was not there for big gaps in this game, and vs. Canada…

  261. thaDeuce says:


  262. ACS says:

    Anybody want my tickets to the semifinals

  263. 2tone says:

    First of all it was way over 4 minutes effin Mexican referee. Second why in the world are we not just clearing the hell out of the ball. Thirdly, why in the world is Opara just backing up on that goal you know the guy is just going to rip the ball pressure the hell out of the ball. And finally, the Goal keepers have been horrible. What a crappy two years for U.S. soccer. What an utter disgrace. Well all I can say is I look forward to WC qualifying. I don’t want to see Opara, Kitchen, Sarkodie, amongst many more of these players anywhere near the national team for a couple of years. Shea played all right, and Boyd was a beast. I have never liked the idea of late subbing because refs will just add on time now. Oh well. Porter shopuld have sat Stephens and Okugo deep at teh end of the game. Boyd should have been the only player in an advanced position. Well suffice it to say that this group of players are not the future maybe a couple. Heres to looking fwd to seeing Salgado, Gil, Anthony Brooks, Bijev, Keisewetter, Packwood, Cunningham etc.. Really could have used Gatt and Morales.

  264. thaDeuce says:

    maybe bob was right to play strong defense first and counter attack second?

  265. hush says:

    Not the end of the world?? Guy, spare me that bull crap. This is sports we are talking about… in this great nation of ours, SPORTS is a RELIGION!

    Front sport section?? I don’t give a flying sausage if isn’t important enough for everyone, IT’S IMPORTANT TO ME!! I bleed U.S Futbol… I care. I bet most people on this board feel the same way.

    We all know it isn’t the end of the world “literally”… SMFH

  266. mr coolio says:

    Hopefully they suspend him for the rest of the tournament that play was awful.

  267. thaDeuce says:

    ditto on the boon-boon-rey. he must train hard and do well at practice.

  268. marco says:

    Goal keepers used to be a USA strength.

  269. John says:

    It was ES with the lucky goal, and we stay home. What a disaster

  270. adub says:

    +1 well said lets never take timmy for granted

  271. Kojo says:

    No excuses. Caleb Porter did a horrible job of not using his bench during this tournament. Having a goalie start who is clearly nursing an injury is inexcusable. Who’s the coach here! The player Hamid or Porter? Playing three games in 5 days he should have used more of his bench on the Saturday game against Canada. Porter is not as great as all of the posters make him out to be. He stated himself on the Canada game he was surprised to see the Christmas tree formation and that Canada played 7 new players. Well you are supposed to adjust your tactics knowing that the midfield was going to be packed but not Porter in his arrogance he plays only two new players and sticks to his tactics knowing that wing play is important to counter a Canadian packed midfield. This tournament was lost on Saturday.

  272. Goalscorer24 says:

    The truth is we may not have beaten Honduras to qualify anyway. Not the way this team was playing. They never fully had it going. So much supposed talent, and they can’t get it done. It is mystifying!

  273. J0R says:

    Nice. Always letting things happen at the last second. Goodness we got eliminated. Because we would have been a joke at the Olympics.

  274. Ricky B. Free says:

    Porter waited till minute 93 to bring in the player that could close the game (Gyau) and subed off the players that can keep the ball moving (Corona, Adu. Some guys on this blog said that Porter should be coaching the mens NT LOL at you clowns.

  275. Dennis says:

    Fire Rongen! Fire Bradley! Fire Cabrera!

    Oh, Already did that.

    Fire the new guys!

  276. Ben says:

    Eh, I still like Porter, like the guys said, he should still have a bright future. My questions to others, does anyone else think he should just leave Akron already and get a pro job somewhere, even as an assistant?

  277. Cory says:

    Totally agree. Gyau’s the one of that group. You’d think Porter would put him on earlier than 1 minute for time was up – Shea looked very tired.

  278. Neumannator says:

    Looks like the Klinsi boys ain’t so hot. Poor player selection? Poor player preparation? This is a problem at the upper levels. Disgrace.

  279. Eric says:

    Really? Congrats to diving, faking injuries, and elbows to faces?

  280. mr coolio says:

    The coach should have taken Boyd out and replaced him with Gyau. And the never should have stop attacking we lost the Confed Cup the same way. We go up and decide to play it safe. WTF? Why not continue the attack? I hope Klinsman is paying attention to this.

  281. Ben says:

    whoa there. Dirty, yeah, can’t dispute the punches, but steroids and urine?

  282. Goalscorer24 says:

    Positives? Adu & Boyd!

  283. Tyler says:

    Maybe Caleb does need to get into the pro ranks so he will actually have some idea how to better manage a game.

  284. J0R says:

    What’s so hard about keeping possession during the final seconds? What’s up with that goalie not playing like a goalie? DAMN! I’m pissed! Like I said, goodness we got eliminated. Because we would have been a joke at the Olympics.

  285. MemphisRogues says:

    I’m in the parking lot at LP field Nashville. Can’t get out. SLV fans are celebrating in the stadium…still. Crushing.

  286. JrX says:

    HAHA! Not this time!

  287. 2tone says:

    What are you alking about the Klinsi boys. thsi was Porters selection. Klinsi boys I.E. Shea and Boyd were outstanding tonight.

  288. adub says:

    this cannot be real…. i mean what just happend? we lost to guatemala now El Salvador? i cant watch this anymore man…. these dude are trying to give people heart attacks man….. reffing was horrible both way in this game….. clearly tacked on more time to give them one more chance….. complete utter robbery

  289. JrX says:

    HAHA! Yankee go home.

  290. Silversurfer says:

    Devastating. This debacle is on Porter. We did not have the personnel to play the 433 and yet Porter remained wedded to it to the very end. Subbing out Corona two games in a row(?) replacing him with Michael Stephens a defensive MF in a 442 system. Keeping Willams on the bench when an extra defender could have helped? I could go on and on. Klinsmann is brilliant, thank goodness he’s here to turn US Soccer on its head. Absolutely shockng

  291. Ricky B. Free says:

    Idiot.. VIllafana had nothing to do with the loss.

  292. thaDeuce says:



    good point as well. {}#^^*++= b.s.

  293. Ricky B. Free says:

    Are you seriously blaming the ref for the loss?

    To all you US fans, MAN UP. Our players and coach lost that game.

  294. john says:

    Taking of Freddy was the worst decision I have ever seen. He was playing with some nuts. He was the smallest guy on the field and managed to win just about every header. This was the most complete performance Freddy has ever shown, physical, technical, and most importantly his leadership. I want to take the credit for being the first one to again proclaim Freddy Adu as the next great American superstar.

  295. thaDeuce says:

    a$$ whole!

  296. 2tone says:

    Well on the bright side. Boyd looks like a gamer. Definitely will be exciting to follow his career path. Gyau exciting. Shea played really well at times. Adu should have been the CAM not a winger. Corona dissapeared to much. Diskerud still needs to grow. WC qualifying in May can’t wait. The US still hasn’t found the next Donovan or Dempsey. I will be looking FWD to seeing Gatt in the future. Still way to much boot the ball FWD. Thats all Kitchen did all night.

  297. thaDeuce says:


  298. Ricky B. Free says:

    These idiots have no clue lol. He is actually blaming Klinsman for the failure.

  299. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    Ref blew. But Johnson swallowed.

  300. thaDeuce says:

    not much! (i was thinking the same thing though)

  301. Kent says:

    This one hurts. That’s all that can be said.

  302. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    Adu never should have been subbed. That’s all on Porter. Why coaches think it’s OK to disrupt team chemistry the last three minutes of a game I’ll never know.

  303. Ben says:

    Eh, regarding John B’s comment, usually I won’t blame refs, especially when it a matter of deciding if a tackle is a yellow or a red or whatever, but when you have a player punch another player in the face, I think you can make the case. That isn’t soccer and you are sending the message to a team that you are even going to try and protect them, and you can tell me that doesn’t affect players psychologically. Actually, in basketball, football whatever, I never blame refs, even after my Orange lose an elite 8 game with terrible officials. Because I’m pretty sure those are always honest mistakes. In soccer? No way. There have been too many shady results and outright corruption in too many leagues around the world.

  304. thaDeuce says:


  305. Slim says:

    So, Did Porter just get himself fired????? Man that was lousy coaching. Can’t wait for qualifying now. I just wish Agudelo was playing.

  306. chuck says:

    The Academy in Bradenton is a TOTAL flop. It’s been downhill since the first class. US Soccer has dumped millions into it, delusional parents get ripped off, and year after year it fails to produce top talent. What a waste.

  307. Ben says:

    you aren’t going to protect

  308. 2tone says:

    Good god as many people have pointed out why on earth do you take out your captain. Who by the way just led on a epic comeback. Adu was all over the place, btu Porter pulls him. Not a fan of late subbing. Refs will just add more time in teh end.

  309. slowreno says:

    Cannot even describe my disappointment.

  310. Ben says:

    well said and succinct

  311. thaDeuce says:

    I am a canadian fan as of this moment. Oh Canada!

  312. thaDeuce says:

    sh:t sux. sorry

  313. baldomero123 says:

    There is a positive side to all this. Olympics will be a purer joy watching. I will spare my nerves over a disorganized bunch of clowns and their immature coach.

  314. thaDeuce says:

    drive home safe, long pissed off journey to memphis.

  315. Ricky B. Free says:

    The Porter Face of Doom was priceless.

  316. Ben says:

    someone needs to gif that

  317. thaDeuce says:

    sorry, but morales, chandler, and jozy were three that come to mind. glad boyd got his shot hough, obviously should have against canada. hindsight and all.

  318. BBB says:

    I hope TB & Co gave that cheap shot artist punk btch a blanket party in the tunnel.

  319. thaDeuce says:

    how right u were!

  320. Bham Chuck says:

    …i threw up in my mouth (twice)

  321. thaDeuce says:


  322. Goalscorer24 says:

    I guess in hindsight it was a mistake hiring a college coach. We had a coach that had no international experience!

  323. thaDeuce says:

    what next match… bahhhhhhhhh

  324. Ricky B. Free says:


  325. dan says:

    I was wrong….. US losing made the front sports page of USATODAY. Wow…. the press does care!

  326. JrX says:

    Yes it is right now!

    link to diez.hn

  327. 2tone says:

    This teams downfall: Atrociuos defending. Atrocious game mangement and player management by Porter and Claudio Reyna. Astounded by all of the goal keeping errors. Ryan Meara may have just catapultated himself above both Johnson and Hamid. Atrociuos player selection. Anhtony Brooks should have been on this team. Luis Gil should have been on this team. Why was Dominique-Fennel not even thought about for DCM who by the way plays that position not CB where the coaches put him on the U-23 team. This team crumbled under the pressure. Porter never secured the defense. that is your first area to solidify period.

  328. Daniel says:

    How is this Porter’s fault?

  329. 2tone says:

    Maybe Klinsmann should have taken the U-23 Job as well.

  330. Daniel says:

    How is this Porter’s fault?

  331. Eric says:

    Wow look it’s Ben the politically correct post

  332. JrX says:

    A little more respect for tiny countries that owns your team!


  333. irishapple21 says:

    Congratulations to all the people who bash soccer. They are the big winners tonight.

  334. Eric says:

    Plus one

  335. beachbum says:

    Stephens is your post? joke as usual from you. he was fine. Shea screwed things up there tho had a good game

  336. Ben says:

    because zebras aren’t native to Mexico. rimshot, please.

  337. DCUPedro says:

    I don’t see what Bradenton has to do with this team.

    This is a U-23 team bro. These guys are pros and have been for at least a couple of years in most cases. In others, some guys who actually played great tonight (Adu) did spend time in Bradenton.

    The Klinsman/Porter focus on playing beautiful football in the 4-3-3 is really taking all of the grit and focus out of U.S. football. The hallmark of U.S. teams was always their defensive concentration, furious work-rate, and piss-and-vinegar determination. I hope this is not a preview of WCQ (not saying it will be).

  338. EmorySoccer says:

    +1 (but the players have to take blame as well)

  339. Goalscorer24 says:

    Strange that Sheanon Williams never saw the field.

  340. Eric says:

    Shea was not outstanding. He is dumb.

  341. beachbum says:


    suck in the air on set pieces.

    and more than anything, unfortunately, as Americans, our goalkeeping let things down

    most Atypical for USA soccer btw

  342. Ben says:

    One: you’re an idiot. Two: see one.

  343. beachbum says:

    spot on, and a bummer indeed

    hampered more so by the lack dominant ball winners in the area on defense

  344. Bham Chuck says:

    Taking Adu off was a tactical decision and maybe given the flow of the game, that was a mistake. I don’t know — sometimes that’s a roll of the dice, whether to hunker down for the last 4 min or keep the high pressure.

    More importantly, where are the next GK’s coming from? Both keepers really were terrible.

  345. dannyk says:

    well said. the thing that frustrates me is the mentality that we’re up, so we’re not going to play sharp, aggressive soccer anymore. why? it just felt like a mental thing, and entitlement or something. that’s what bothered me the most about this team.

  346. beachbum says:

    agree with you here to a degree. GK still is a USA strength, but not displayed here

    typical wide stroke spin attempt

  347. beachbum says:

    ha ha ha!!!

    that was funny, thanks

  348. Bham Chuck says:

    Clearly, we saw EXACTLY why he kept started Hamid. Johnson was no where near match ready.

  349. Bham Chuck says:

    sorry man. i was SERIOUSLY going to go to the game tonight as a bday present to myself. (sigh)

  350. beachbum says:


    hope it’s not a preview either

  351. EmorySoccer says:

    Was this loss as bad as:

    A) USA 2nd Round loss to Ghana (2010 World Cup)
    B) USA blowing 2-0 lead to Brazil to lose 2009 Confederations Cup (3-2, final)
    C) Steve Sampson, 1998 World Cup (and/or Mike Burns, 1998 WC as well)

  352. Judging Amy says:

    well said.

  353. Eric says:

    Ha ha! Im really thinking about stepping away from US soccer for a while. All this stress ain’t worth it.

  354. dannyk says:

    Judging from the amount of disbelief, devastation, and vitriol bordering on hatred in these posts (which, btw, I share), one thing I can say is that collectively we as a group seem to feel ripped off. If we had played hard and aggressively the WHOLE game, with intensity and purpose, and still lost, I don’t think I’d be so upset. But its the mixture of complacency, spotty effort, head scratching decisions, and unforgivable gaffes (see goalkeeping) that make this one so tough to swallow. Why, in Olympic qualifying, we couldn’t get an all-in, 100% consistent effort is beyond me.

  355. Judging Amy says:

    yeah. more concerning to me was the general play of the team. they really struggled (even more so against canada) to possess the ball and meaningfully build up play for significant chunks of the game. as far as the much hyped caleb porter goes, he’s getting a lot of criticism. the question is how well-deserved is it?

    he’s still young and can grow, but what’s concerning to me, is that for a coach lauded for possession oriented “pretty” play, his team- against “on paper” inferior opposition- had a lot of trouble with possession and build up in two consecutive games. in addition, the team wasn’t particularly well-organized or defensively strong.

    as an aside i hadn’t necessarily been buying into the boyd hype but the kid played really well today. he’s good.

  356. Kevin_Amold says:

    So Netherlands wasn’t good?

  357. Judging Amy says:

    altho i feel caleb and jurgen shouldn’t be lumped in together. from what i’ve seen of the coaches (and i’ve seen much less of caleb) jk is another class.

  358. Little Pea says:

    The United States choked? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA? LOL Mexico and hell, El Salvador are going to the Olympics. AT THE EXPENSE OF THE USA AKA BARCELONA JR. HAW HAW HAW HAW. ME-XI-COOOOO.

  359. bryan says:

    this is just as much his fault as the players. instead of taking Hamid out when he got injured (who already had a bad game against Canada), he leaves him on and Hamid lets two goals in.

    after we do a great job coming back and going up 3-2, instead of using a second sub, he does nothing until the last 5 minutes. 3 games in 5 days and he thinks it’s ok to not make subs when you are only up by 1?!

    THEN, when he does make a sub, he takes out Adu and Corona. Adu should have never come out, it’s simple. and Corona, who didn’t start having a good game until right before and then after he scored, should have stayed. Mixx, Boyd and Shea looked GASED, and yet Porter leaves them in. further, he lets Gyau sit on the bench when he is the type of player who could EASILY kill a game with his speed.

    poor time management and team management.

  360. bryan says: