Sounders vs. Dynamo: Your Running Commentary

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The high-powered offense of the Seattle Sounders takes on the stingy defense of the Houston Dynamo in the week's top match-up in MLS (10pm, NBC Sports Network).

The Dynamo come in 2-0, having won a pair of road games via shutout, but Seattle will present the toughest toughest test Houston has seen to date.

The Sounders shook off their CONCACAF Champions League disappointment last week with an impressive thrashing of Toronto FC, and will look to keep their outstanding home form going by unleashing that high-octane offense on the Dynamo defense.

If you will be watching tonight's match, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.

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54 Responses to Sounders vs. Dynamo: Your Running Commentary

  1. JrLaing23 says:

    The crowd singing our national anthem still brings chills to me. The Chicago Blackhawk fans cheering through it at the Old Chicago Stadium was the only thing better,

  2. Blahhhh says:

    Damn I love that crowd. How long til the whole place is opened for every game?

  3. Blahhhh says:

    Houston lookin good so far. Some good
    Breaks for Seattle down the left as well

  4. malkin says:

    The dude randomly pulling away the mic and facing it to the crowd was a bust, that’s for sure.

  5. JrLaing23 says:

    Portland and Union fans both did better the last few weeks.

  6. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Fun game so far. Seattle’s ball movement is great to watch. A lucky on the goal, though

  7. Tony in Quakeland says:

    And a little lucky on the PK call, but I can;t say they haven’t been the better team

  8. Zach says:

    Kinnear has every right to be mad. This officiating is piss poor and Seattle is being rewarded for constant diving. Not to mention a very weak penalty.

    And as long as I’m on Seattle, that field is a joke. The ball just bounces everywhere..

    Houston bench yelling at the officials now. This is sad to watch. You don’t reward gamesmanship, you punish it.

  9. timmytwoshoezzz says:

    weak penalty? When you try to get to the ball by going straight over the opponent, you’re gonna get called for it ever time, even if contact is light. His poor positioning induced the call, not the forse with which he hit the offensive player. Very poor defense

  10. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Ching’s pathetic dives were getting the calls earlier. I don’t know that Houston has more right to complain than Seattle

  11. Travis says:

    enough is enough with the pitch complaints. we all (including seattle fans) would vastly prefer to see a grass pitch, it isnt happening right now, hopefully it will in the future. this is nearly brand new field turf, it isnt that bad to play on. stop using it as a crutch.

  12. Doug says:

    Amazing that it took the entire first half for NBC to get the sound mix right.

  13. marco says:

    No one complained about the penalty because the defender ran right through the player.

  14. Kishan Jeter says:

    LOL! He didn’t “run right through” the player. He did, however, foul him though. There was light contact but it was a foul so the penalty kick was justified. But the lucky deflection goal is what’s really brutal. There’s no way to defend against something like that. I do feel that Houston is giving up a lot of bad passes, mainly because of Watson, but he is trying hard. The turf is in good shape but the bottom line is, Houston has never played well on Turf. At the same time, maybe that’s why Seattle hasn’t won the cup because everyone else has natural grass?

  15. Steve Trittschuh says:

    It was a foul in the box, plain and simple. Cameron didn’t need to foul him yet he did. Penalty needed to be called. Cameron having a terrible game thus far.

  16. Jort says:

    Another pathetic dive and attempt to get a Houston player sent off. The commentators are actively voicing their distain for Seattle’s diving, it’s that bad.

  17. Blahhhh says:

    After that flop by Fernandez I wish Houston what would’ve won. What a weak dive trying to get davis out of the game.

  18. ericJ says:

    *Fernandez’s diving. Mature commenting is more than one can ask for, I realize, but at least hold off on the hyperbole.

  19. William says:

    Ughhhh. Dynamo showed that they have the best D in mls. Final score Dynamo: 0 Sounders: 0 Ref: 2

  20. ericJ says:

    LOL, whatever makes you sleep at night.

  21. cajun says:

    Haha, I guess the ref was responsible for the deflected goal, right? The PK was kind of a weak call but legit none the less and no real argument from Houston. Bottom line, Houston played a great game until the final third where they really had no chance for whatever reason. The dives? As pathetic as they were (yes El Flaco) they were all in the middle of the field and had little to no affect of the outcome of this game.

  22. Me says:

    Several other teams do not have natural grass, such as Portland or (currently) Montreal. The new synthetic in CLink is the top of the line – better than Portland or Montreal’s. As said above, most Sounders fans prefer natural grass as well, but the way the stadium is situated prevents this from being an option.

  23. Me says:

    Fernandez’s diving is disgraceful. You would think that he’d discontinue the games after two years in the league. He’s likely to be traded this season (his contract is up next year) so you won’t have to worry about it too much longer.

  24. marco says:

    Alonso dominated the mid-field. I was surprised Houston didn’t abuse the Sounder FBs more. Burch and Scott are weak defenders. Davis got in a few crosses but no one got on the end of them.

  25. alex says:

    lol at the “weak pk”

    Clear push, no attempt to play the ball.

    Time for the MLS defenders to wipe away the tears and actually learn how to defend properly.

  26. kajagoogoo says:

    I feel for Houston..

    Whitney maybe

  27. asimismo says:

    It’s not as noticeable when you’re there since you hear the people around you. That’s how they always do the anthem.

  28. sammysounder74 says:

    Grass would be great, but it’s not an option. Our choice is between turf or mud.

  29. sammysounder74 says:

    Whatever. Houston played dirty. They couldn’t stop Fernandez, so hacked him.

    Accident or not, Moffat came in with a cleat up into Ozzie’s leg. That’s a leg breaker and should have been red. To top it off, the amount of elbows thrown at guys running off-ball were rediculous.

    Martino’s parroting of Kinnear is terrible. Both of them were saying, “don’t believe the Latinos!”

  30. sammysounder74 says:

    He got hit. I could hear the pop at the match. Don’t worry though, we’ll assume the Latino is guilty.

  31. Max says:

    otherwise a very professional telecast…so much better than FSC

  32. H P says:

    Davis out the game? It was over at that point. This is a time-wasting tactic.

  33. Bart says:

    Houston is not a team built to come from behind.

    Where is the DP, AEG???

  34. sammysounder74 says:

    Whatever! Look at the play again, Flaco played the ball wide, then Davis lowers his shoulder and hits him AFTER THE BALL IS GONE. There’s no intent to play the ball, nothing other than throwing a shoulder into Flaco.

    Davis deserved a yellow yet Martino accuses Flaco of embellishing while assigning no blame to Davis, who instigated the situation. Martino’s a joke.

  35. sammysounder74 says:

    Then my favorite pare, “oh, look, he barely hit him,” says Martino. . . while watching a slow-motion replay.

  36. Max says:

    Seattle’s version was pretty unique

  37. Garico says:

    Why doesn’t Seattle use Sivabaek more? It looks like the kid can play

  38. Gingko Balboa says:

    It doesn’t seem far away, they are maybe a big name DP away.

  39. Tre says:

    Now I see why Seattle was able to let Fucito go…Estrada and Carrasco are quality

  40. Sharlie Cheen says:

    Despite the scoreline, this game was a lot closer than I personally expected. Houston fans shouldn’t be too down… Another night that’s a 0-0 draw, even in the Seattle atmosphere. Plus, Houston won out in a lot of the statistical categories, even without Camargo for the first 70′.

  41. Sharlie Cheen says:

    I guess Houston fans should be worried about what they’ve been worried about, and that’s where goals are gonna come from.

  42. The Imperative Voice says:

    Well then let me voice a “statistical category” that perhaps actually matters harrumph harrumph Seattle is tied for top of the West 5 GF 1 GA SJ and Chivas are the 8th and 9th best West teams with a combined 1 GF and 1 win between them grumble grumble perhaps the opening wins reflected lowhanging fruit on the schedule cough cough maybe we need to actually score goals…..

    Basically IMO the team as presently staffed is unable to keep up with opposing scoring efforts. I see us with a chance at Chicago and DC because they’re not scoring in bushels but be glad the pre-home opener scheduling is not killer because this unit needs another summer re-work.

  43. beachbum says:

    disagree. Moffat got all ball, and his leg/foot rolled up over it in to Alonso’s leg…not even a foul

  44. Lassidawg says:

    When you go in studs up and go over the top of the ball into an opponents leg it is a red for a studs up tackle. If you expose your studs you are open to getting a red.
    Houston always plays thug ball.

  45. marco says:

    Yes, he got it wrong gain. Going over the ball studs up is a card.

  46. marco says:

    Martino was very poor, his inaccuracies were clearly identified during replays.

  47. beachbum says:

    I know the rules, and I’ve watched that play many times. Not a red card to me

    we disagree

  48. beachbum says:

    if this was whistled all the time, I’d agree more with you, but history has shown plays like that very rarely get whistled as a PK

    clear push or not

  49. bcoug says:

    Possibly not a red, but certainly a foul and certainly worthy of yellow – he was either out of control or a hack.

  50. bcoug says:

    Some embellishment by Alvaro, but how dumb is Davis (who I normally think of as a smart player) to needlessly clip Fernandez and put himself in the position of possibly getting his second yellow? He needs to keep his head in the game.

  51. sammysounder74 says:

    Then, he marches over to the 4th official and yells at the forth official, then he confronts the opposing coach! Finally, Fernandez is booked for complaining.

    Why aren’t more Mexican Americans watching MLS again?

  52. sammysounder74 says:

    Honestly, I was expecting him to start. Now I’m thinking Sigi’s keeping him hidden from the league and fresh.

    I bet Sivebaek starts getting more minutes mid-season. Sigi’s playing his cards close to his chest.

  53. beachbum says:

    OK bcoug, maybe a foul. Did Alonso get there late tho?

    and I dig Alonso btw