Studio 90: Extra Time with Freddy Adu

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10 Responses to Studio 90: Extra Time with Freddy Adu

  1. Joe Creighton says:

    See fellas, Heather did a fine job.

    Maybe she was just a but nervous last time.

    Good work Heather!

  2. Joe Creighton says:

    But = bit

  3. Joe Creighton says:

    Is the US game at 8ET or 9ET this evening, I’ve seen conflicting information about the start time.

  4. malkin says:

    Ya she’s doing fine. Her first video was a bit strange, probably just nerves as you say.

  5. MemRook says:

    My ticket says 8pm local time (central) so I’m assuming that is 9 ET.

  6. Joe Creighton says:

    That would be correct sir. Thank you.

  7. Ludacris says:

    She doesn’t have to say a word. She can just sit there looking as fine as she is and I’ll be happy.

  8. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    I think she’s not all that hot nor are her interview skills all that great. That dude who use to be the host had trivia tests, and just a lot more fun and less awkward. As for Freedy, seems a little arrogance is back. That’s good for his confidence I hope…

  9. Joe Creighton says:

    Freddy seems super fake.

  10. thaDeuce says:

    Yeah, i miss the quiz.